Video: How to Wear LifeWave Patches

In this video, I share my personal experience and knowledge about Lifewave patches. These patches revolutionize your health over time. They actually activate new stem cells in your body.

Video: How to Wear LifeWave Patches

In this video, I share my personal experience and knowledge about LifeWave patches. These patches revolutionize your health over time. They actually activate new stem cells in your body.

I explain why I use the Fantastic Five patches and their benefits, as well as the Ice Wave patches for relief of discomfort.

Join me on this journey to discover the life-changing effects of LifeWave patches.

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Want to Try the LifeWave Patches?

Here's how to get started...

  1. Click here to check out this website:  Watch the 2 short videos that explain how it works, then check out the before and after photos, the video testimonials and the studies.
  2. After you're done checking that out, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with LIFEWAVE in the subject line.  I will send you a link to sign up for the next Zoom call with my teammate. She knows a lot more about the patches than I do, and she explains how they work and which ones will be best for you and your specific condition.   I will also attend the zoom call – so I can learn more about you and what you are dealing with, and be of support to you. On the zoom call you can get all your questions answered, and by attending the call, you can get discount pricing.
  3. You can also just use my link to order the patches to try them but you won't get the discount pricing. I also highly recommend attending a Zoom call with me so you can get educated and I can assist you in the process of using the patches.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction and Lifewave Patch Process
02:21 The Cost and Benefits of Using a Berkey
04:20 Understanding the Supportive Role of Lifewave Patches
05:42 Exploring Different Patches and Their Functions
08:49 Personal Experience and Research on Far Infrared Energy
11:24 The Importance of Individual Healing Processes
13:04 Improved Sleep and Relief of Discomfort with Ice Wave Patches
15:25 Wearing Patches at Night and During the Day


This content is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease or medical condition. Always consult with a physician or other qualified health care provider before embarking on a new treatment, product use, diet, or fitness program.

Video Transcript

Hey everyone in this video I'm going to show you how I do my patches with the LifeWave patches. I'm doing things a little differently than I was originally, um, and I'm going to explain why. So if you're interested in learning how to do the patching and starting on the patches, I am going to put my links below.

There's a two step process, well a three step process really. Shouldn't everything be a three step process? Um. Watch a short video. Sorry Number one go to the website below which has some videos before and after pictures science Studies all the things to help you learn Number two email me after you go to that that website and check that out email me with subject line life wave And I will send you the info for the Zoom call.

And the third one is attend the Zoom call. That Zoom call is going to be with our upline Lillian, who has been patching for over a year now. She was hit by a bus and has completely recovered and actually gone above and beyond her cognitive abilities from prior to being hit. Um, after, and had her concussion, um, and brain damage, she, her memory has come back even stronger.

She feels like she's a teenager again in terms of her mental capacities. Um, so she's great to talk to, but, uh, it's not just that she, she's working with so many people for the last year. So she has so many stories and so much information about the patches. So I, I do calls with her with you. So that I can learn what's going on with you and your family members and help you guys get started on these patches.

Now, just to, before I show you how to use the patches, these are not a one shot wonder. It's not like, like, a lot of people will try the pool water that I do. Um, link below to pool water, which is very cheap to get started. Almost cost nothing. Well, you got to get a filter. So it costs something to get a Berkey, but once you have a Berkey, it's very, very, very cheap to do the pool water.

Um, that's why they don't want you to know about it. Um, most people will see results with the pool water almost instantly within a few days or a week. Um, for me, I don't get sick. I got sick this week, this last week because I didn't take the pool water for a few days and I was traveling back from France this last year.

I've only gotten sick one, one time before this. And that was when I was traveling and didn't take enough pool water. So I call it pool water, but. You know, you can click the link and find out what it really is. Anyway, we're not talking about that today, but I'm just saying like that, you'll get a faster response.

If you need something, you want to start something that's really cheap and that you can get more of an instant response. I really recommend making the pool water and my recipes below all the links. Um, I have Amazon links in there, but otherwise I don't make any money off of that. I make very little from Amazon, but I'm sharing all that with you so that you can do it.

So that you can start getting results, whether you have an injury, um, or you have a mem family member or friend who has an injury, um, whether you have a, and I know people make fun of us for doing that, but what do you want us to say? We'll get banned if we tell you the truth. Unreal. Um, whether you have some kind of stuff going on from the shedding, which is real.

It's a thousand percent real the patches though are more of a support for you. That's ongoing These patches are creating stem cells in your body, so You're activating new stem cells like a newborn baby People will go get stem cell treatment cost 20, 000 to have stem cells injected. These are not stem cells

These are By the way, I did get back on the pool water just so you know, I was off the pool water for three days Got sick was sick one day got back on the pool water Better the next day. This would have lasted me a week. So if you're a doubter about the pool water, I dare you to try it Really works

I'm feeling much better. Like I'm 90% better now. Just a little bit of my voice still, but, uh, okay. These are not these, um, stem cell activation patches do not contain stem cells. What they do is they activate your body to create its own stem cells. Okay. So, that's what's happening. There are other ingredients in these.

Um, like carnosine.

Which are gonna, uh, glutathione. Right? Specific patches for specific things. Again, if you join me on the Zoom call, we go over all the patches and what they do and what patches you really should be starting with. We want you to attend the Zoom call not only because you're gonna get a discount. You're going to get a better discount.

Um, sorry, my hair. I went swimming yesterday. Um, you're going to get a better discount, but you're also going to get educated so that you know how to use the patches, which ones will be best for you to start with, um, et cetera. Okay? But we recommend people start on the patches and stay on the patches for a year.

Because this is something that is going to revolutionize your health over time. I should make a disclaimer right now. We're not making medical claims. Uh, you should not construe anything I say as a medical or health claim. You should go to your doctor and listen to him.

Okay. I'm not going to make any snide remarks. I'm going to keep it to myself. The white coats are coming. Okay. Um, it's really hard not to be sarcastic right now. I know you guys can relate because you're my audience. All right. So I'm going to show you what I do. Well, I'm gonna show you what I started doing and now what I do.

Okay. So originally I did what's called the fantastic five and, um, it's five patches. These are really easy to travel with. This much, okay? now The reason I started with the fantastic five is because I had done enough research on these patches that I knew that they would work I've all I This works on a far infrared energy. You can go to the link below Startx39now.

com and read about it and how it works. I already knew about Far Infrared. I've been, I used to sell a Far Infrared Comforter when I was, when I first started in network marketing in my 20s. So I already knew that this works. Um, I knew about energy medicine. Um, to me, it's a no brainer, but this, the way that they're doing it makes so much sense.

So I, I'd been wanting to start on these for over a year. At least maybe it was a year and a half when I first heard about them so I decided to go full bore and I Went ahead and said I want all five patches

Fantastic five and so You don't have to do that. You could start with just x39 Okay, that's just the foundational patch Again, I really recommend you get on the Zoom call. So follow the steps below and get on the Zoom call and we'll talk to you about what to do. X39, X49 would be the next way to go. Two patches.

These are two foundational patches. They do different things. Again, it's all in the call. You can also read about it on the website. But, I wanted more. I wanted the glutathione. The Eon, which is, they call this the Happy Patch, and the Carnicine, which rebuilds muscle. Okay, but I'm going to talk about that specifically in a minute.

I got one more patch as a bonus patch for myself, because it depends on which, which package you order and we can work with you on that. As far as what you can afford, uh, what you want to invest. And they do have volume discounts, so if you order... If you know that you're going to be on the patches for a year like me, I went ahead and ordered the biggest package because I knew, I knew these were going to work and I knew that I was committed for a year and so I'm like, yeah, I'm going to buy a five month supply.

That's what I did. All right. Um, Alavita is the other one that I got, which is specifically for the pineal gland and it also helps with your skin. So those are two things that were really important to me. So I knew I needed that. So this is. Um, 1, 6 patches that I use regularly. I also did get some Ice Wave.

Ice Wave won't make any system changes. It doesn't, you know, create stem cells or anything like that. It's just going to help with pain. The only reason I got the Ice Wave was, um, in case somebody I know has pain and I could help them. I don't tend to have a lot of pain. Although, when I was in Europe this summer, uh, I did one night fall asleep.

This is my biggest problem.

I fall asleep too easy. No, I fall asleep too fast.

Um, it's actually a real benefit and it is from the patches. I noticed I was sleeping better with the pool water and the silica water, but once I started on the patches, it was like The second, the second my head hits my pillow. I used to always have to listen to an, um, audible book to fall asleep and I would fall asleep within five or 10 minutes.

Hmm. I'd say before the water was like 10 or 15 minutes. That's pretty easy sleeper, but it did take a little while to fall asleep because I always set it for 45 minutes. Sometimes it would take longer. Um, I used to wake up in the middle of the night, go to the bathroom always. Before the water I'd always wake up at 3 in the morning Go to the bathroom and go back to sleep and sometimes it would take me 15 minutes to fall back asleep okay, so then I started on the pool water in the silica water and I would fall asleep within five minutes ten minutes, maybe tops and I would

I Would was I waking up in the night? I'm trying to remember Yeah I think I, no, I wasn't. And that's when I only started needing five hours of sleep when I got on the pool water and the silica water. And I wasn't waking up to go to the bathroom, but I was only sleeping five hours. So then I started on the patches and I noticed, and again, your results are going to be different than mine.

Everybody has a different process that their body's going through to heal and recover from whatever it is we've been through. So you're going to have your own things that are happening. Okay. But it's not what I want to stress is that it's not an overnight thing. It's not like, Oh, suddenly you wear the patches for one week or a month and all your wrinkles are gone.

No, you look at the before and afters. There are women who look like they're in their thirties, they're in their fifties or sixties, but they've been wearing the patches for years. Okay, so don't, this is not an overnight thing.

Um, Anyway, I now fall asleep so fast it's within a minute. I'm not kidding. You can ask my son. He's always like, I'm like, I'm going, I'm going to sleep. I lie down, boom. I don't even have to put an audio book on because I know I'm not going to hear any of it. And the only downside is if I'm watching a video.

Before I fall asleep, sometimes I'll have my head in a weird, like not lying down properly. And, um, I did, I will get a crick in my neck. That happened one night when I was in Europe. I was watching an interesting video and, um, I was kind of sitting up, not quite lying down in one hotel room. And, I woke up in the morning and did have a crick in my neck, so I did use the IceWave, uh, one and two, you use two at a time with the IceWave 2, and then I had the X39, uh, and my other patches on, and, uh, by the midday, it was 90% gone, which normally it would take me at least, you know, a few days, a week, uh, or sometimes I would have to actually go to the chiropractor to fix it.

It was gone. By the next day, it was completely gone. So, um, anyway, that's Ice Wave. So these are the patches that I got. So here's what you do. You want to take, okay, let me explain first what I was told to do originally and what I'm doing now and why. Originally, I was going to do the Fantastic Five during the day.

With the patches, you wear them for 12 hours on and 12 hours off. So 12 hours. In the morning, it's almost 11 now, so I will wear them until 11 o'clock tonight. If I make it to 11 o'clock. If I don't make it for a full 12 hours, that's okay. I'll take them off before I go to bed. If I don't, I'll fall asleep, and then I don't take them off till the morning, and that's not good.

They need to be off for half the time because your body, um, I don't remember the reason why. It's something about your body getting used to them or whatever. The aloe vera you want to wear at night while you're sleeping, and they say to wear it over your third eye. You can also wear it. I'm not sure which temple.

I thought they said the right temple. I'm not sure. Um, I've been wearing it. I'll show you how I've been wearing it. I started wearing it on my third eye, just one patch at night, but I made one change. I'm gonna show you that instead of wearing all five of these during the day, I'm gonna show you how I put'em on.

Um, now what I'm doing is the carne scene I'm wearing at night with the albia. And here's what I do. This is what they look like.


They're just like this and you just

peel them, the adhesive off and then you stick them on. So these, these are carnosine. I'm wearing these over my eyes. And then the aloe veda. This is when I sleep and I'll be honest, I haven't done it every single time since I got back. Um, I got sick for a day or two So I didn't do it every time but I am going back to it.

So the aloe vera I've been wearing here Now I Could just wear one But yeah, sometimes I wear one. Sometimes I do too. I kind of was interested in doing it for underneath my eyes You know, that's really what I want to work on in terms of the I Definitely can see my lines It's lessening in my face, but I just figure more aloe vera is better.

Now the reason I'm wearing the carnosina at night is because of my eyes. I heard a guy say that he's been trying it and other people have been trying it and for people that have problems seeing, they're able to stop wearing their glasses. As early as 30 days of wearing these. So I haven't been doing it for 30 days.

It could take two months. It could take three months. I don't know, but I did read, I researched carnicine eyes and, um, there's evidence that carnicine drops, they're doing carnicine drops for people. So why wouldn't this work? Um, my goal is to not have to wear readers right now. If I take these off, it's really blurry.

Um, so my goal is to strengthen these eyes. This is a muscle. Your eye is a muscle. So go ahead and Google carnosine eyes.

Okay. Um, here's what I do during the day. So I'm gonna take my X 39. It doesn't matter how you put these together. Take one X 39. One X 49.

And this is really the maximum. Well, I mean, you could do more. You could always do more. Um, but this is really optimum. Doing these, these four. Uh, plus the carnosine, unless you want to do the carnosine at night like I do. The Aeon Happy Patch. Again, she goes over all of these in depth on the Zoom call, so.

Take an hour of your time, get on that Zoom call, and I'll help you get started. I am on all those calls. If you schedule them with me, I will be there. And that way you can follow up with me. Um, I'm always here. I'm very passionate about this, and I want to help people. So, if you want to get started, you can, um, you can really lean on me, uh, with questions and whatever.

Troubleshooting. Glutathione. This is, this is the best detoxer. So I need that right now, especially because I just got sick. Glutathione. So I've got four. Now you could daisy chain them together. You can do it with all five. Oops. Right, just like that and just put them down the back of your neck. I'll show you the two places where you can put them.

You can put them anywhere on your body. But um, Um, I am going to be putting them, uh, I usually put them below the bump that you have, the top bump, cervical bump that you have at the top of your spine. You want to put them a couple fingers below that or a couple finger widths below your belly button. Two to, I think it's two to three finger widths below your belly button.

Are the two places that they recommend for you to put the patches. That said, you could put them anywhere. If you have an issue somewhere in your body that you want help with, you can put it there. And in fact, today, as an experiment, Uh, I'm gonna put the glutathione right, um, on my chest. Because I have this chest, um, Stuff from being sick.

So I'm gonna put it right here today. All you do is peel it off, and I'm going to put it right there. Okay? So, next, I'm going to take the other three. I don't usually put them in a line, I usually put them, uh, in a triangle. But it's up to you. I may start putting them in a line because I think I'm going to start putting them on my son.

If you have a child, or a pet, Um, you can use the leftovers and put them on them the next day,

which will save you money. Now, you don't want to overlap when you do it. Just overlap the adhesive, not the actual patch, okay? The lattice, the crystal lattice. Okay. So there we go. You can do it like that. And if you had extras, you know, you could make it, can you, I'm gonna be putting this on my son, so I could do it like this and just put this on him the next day.

If he will let me, if he won't let me, I'm gonna put it on the dog. With dogs, you can either use, um, tape, medical tape, or you could tape it to their collar. Um, there's a woman, I just saw her testimonial of her cat was like literally dying and has totally come back to life, regenerated all her hair.

There's so many other stories. A woman I just saw, like, her hair's growing in dark after having gone completely gray. So many great stories. Okay. So this, um, I'm gonna go ahead and put this on my neck.

Okay. That's it. That's how you patch. So I'll wear these till tonight. Don't get hung up on 12 hours exactly. Like, Don't stress. The point is to be wearing them everyday. It's a, it's a, It's a long haul. This is a marathon. This is not a sprint. And, uh, I think, Honestly, I believe between these and the water, Uh, it's absolutely life changing.

I think, I can't wait to see how I look and feel a year from now, two years from now, I think it's going to be incredible. Um, and if you sign up with me, um, this is a business. I, I've been making money online since 20, 2007. You can, you don't even have to have a blog. You don't have to have social media. You can, a friend of mine just started doing this, and she's just, she's just telling her friends about it.

Her local church friends, homeschooling friends. She's having a little party coming up this next week, and she's already making money. Uh, so that can actually pay for your patches, and make a little extra money. So that's something else you might consider. Anyway, if you guys have questions for me, let me know.

I'll put links below and, uh, thanks for watching.