Video: How to Make Chl0rine Di0xide Solution ("Pool Water")

In this video, I show you how to make Chl0rine Di0xide Solution, which is what I call "pool water" (to get around the censors).

Video: How to Make Chl0rine Di0xide Solution ("Pool Water")

In this video, I show you how to make Chl0rine Di0xide Solution, which is what I call "pool water" (to get around the censors).

If you want to detox the vax, or if you are having trouble with "shedders," this is the easiest, cheapest way I have found. You can make this recipe for less than $10/month. I never get sick anymore!

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Recipe: How to Make Chl0rine Di0xide (Pool Water)
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Pool Water Recipe (Chl0rine Di0xide)
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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. In this video I'm gonna show you how to make what I call pool water.

And I don't, this isn't actually pool water. People have asked me is, are you really drinking pool water?

No, that's not what it is. It is something that I can't say the name of because it is so not allowed. And that just tells you about the world that we're living in.

It's not surprising, considering everything we've been through the last few years, it's not surprising that they are not letting us talk about this. I don't know if I will put this on Fluff Tube. I may just put this on Rumble and Bitchute and Twitter because I don't wanna get lose my channel again.

I  lost my last channel. So I'll put it on the alternative channels, and you guys can put this anywhere, share this anywhere.

I have to tell you, I mean, the results people are getting with this are unbelievable and just phenomenal. All kinds of things. I'm gonna put a link below to a documentary that you need to go watch to learn about what you can use this for.

I don't wanna make all kinds of claims on here, and I don't want to, I, I really just wanna make this video to show you how to make it.

But go ahead and watch that video and share that video. With friends and family who have various issues that you think that this could help them with, because I guarantee that most likely it can.

So  I'm gonna show you how to make the pool water the way that I make it in this video. In the next I'll put a link down below to another video that I'm gonna make showing you how to make silica water.

That's a whole 'nother issue. But what I've found, or a whole 'nother thing, it's, it's, it's very easy to do.

It's very easy to make. It's basically like the silica. It's like high silica mineral water that you would get. Like Fiji water, but you can make it at home. Now, some people say you can't really make it at home.

Like Christopher Exley, who's an expert on aluminum detoxification and silica. I love him. But he does say you can't do it.

Dennis Crouse, on the other hand, Dr. Dennis Crouse says You can, and he's the one that I got the recipe from. Well, my experience. Is that it really, really works to make it at home.

And then Dennis has had that same experience with his mother or mother-in-law. I think she had Alzheimer's. She's much better removing all the aluminum, that intake that she had, and then just getting on the silica.

See silica, detoxes aluminum. And aluminum is one of the biggest things threatening us today. It's in. These, especially the new ones, really hide something called graphene oxide. It's in the stuff that they're spraying. We won't get into that. Cause a lot of you people think it's still a conspiracy theory, which it's not.

They are spraying it. It's everywhere. Okay? It's everywhere. It's in a lot of things. Even your Teflon pans.

Now, does pool water detox heavy metals? Yes. Yes it does. So it does detox aluminum and many other heavy metals. So this is like having a filtration inside your body that's going to be. Taking metals out.

Okay, now, if you don't wanna make this, I'll put a link below down to my link for the zeolite that I really recommend.

I'm gonna be making more videos about zeolite and why I think it is a supplement that literally everyone should be on right now.

And I'll make a video talking about the different types of zeolite and why some one is the best. I've looked at all of them. So. Some are better than others and one is really the best.

But anyway, that's another video. If you don't wanna make this water, if you can't right now or you just don't have the whatever, go ahead and order the zeolite, cuz at least you can take the drops of that every day and you're gonna start to be detoxing.

Okay? That said, ideally, ideally you would do all three.

You would do zeolite. Once a day separate from the water, and then you would be doing this. This silica water along with the pool water, all three things. That's the ideal scenario. That's what I've been doing.

You guys, I have been doing this for over a year and I, I never get sick. It doesn't even matter if I'm around sick people.

In fact, my friend was over last week and she was, she had a scratchy sore throat and she'd heard that somebody around her had strep throat and I was like, I was like, no, I never get sick from anyone cuz I'm on the pool water in the silica water.

Like I'm not worried about it and I wasn't. The only funny thing is after she came over, I took a one hour nap and I was like, I never take naps.

Why did I take a nap? Why did I need a nap? And I realized, It's because she was getting sick and she got a full on scratchy throat and she was like throwing like essential oils and all this stuff at it.

But like, I was like, yeah, no, I just took one little nap and I was fine. Or I think I took the one hour nap the next day too.

But I never take naps. And with this silica water in the pool water together, I'm having like extreme results. Like I know this is gonna sound crazy and a lot of people don't even believe me, but I only sleep five hours a night now. I don't need eight hours anymore. And like I said, I never take naps, so I have so much energy.

I feel great. I never get sick anyway. I'm not gonna go into all the health benefits. But watch the documentary below and let's get started and I'll show you how to make this.

And then I'll link below to the other video showing you how to make the silica water. But if you start with this you're gonna start to get results at the end of this video.

Also, I will talk about how to take it. How much to take, how to store it, and all that. Okay, let's get started.

Okay, this is what it looks like. It is a jar that you can get. I got mine on Amazon and you can get it also at Whole Foods and other types of stores. But if you click my recipe below when you, can follow along when you're watching this. The recipe has my Amazon affiliate links to all of these products.

It does help me. If you order something, I will get a little bit of a commission, which is nice. Keeps me going. I have been very, had a very fun last few years. Imagine how it's been being a health blogger. We just got destroyed. But yeah, it just so you know, they are affiliate links, but you don't have to buy it that way.

I have friends that have gotten these on at different stores. Now there are different types, and this one, the one that I recommend has a I believe it's a silicone gasket thing inside. That's nice. I think there's other types that are rubber and they don't last as long. They're still good.

You could still get 'em but you might just need to replace them every so often. Okay. Easy to do.

This is a hermetically sealed jar, and the whole point of it is that there's no air that's gonna get in here, and I'll explain why.

Okay. Before I explain about the jar let me explain how this is traditionally done how this got started, and then I can explain to you why we use a jar to make it because it actually works better.

Thank you to Andreas Kalcker who came up with this method. He's a genius. Love him. He is completely.

Like you can't find him anywhere. You have to go to DuckDuckGo to type his name in.

All right. I'll start by showing you, the way that we do it is we have this jar, and inside the jar is a shot glass. So I'm gonna take it out and show you. This is a batch that I just made.

So this is the shot glass that's inside the jar. We fill up the water to about here, almost to the top around the jar, I sorry, around the shot glass in the jar, but not. Filling, not letting it touch and I'll show you why we do this.

So this really should be a amber jar. I just, I need to go find my, amber jars in the garage. This is where I dump my extra and I water this down.

I just add a little filtered water to it, or it depends on what you wanna use it for. You can use it for you wanna use an amber jar because this liquid will break down over time with sun, with light, with air, and with heat.

So I keep it in a cupboard. This I'm gonna use for cleaning. Okay? So I'm not too worried about it.

I just add regular water to it. And I use it for cleaning. You could also use it for baths. You could use it for various other things. I'll put a link below to Andreas Kalcker's book, which has all the protocols that you can use this for. So this, let me explain what this is and then I'll explain how we make it different.

I just keep that in a cupboard. It should be in an amber jar, ideally. But you wanna keep it in glass. You don't want to keep it in plastic.

All right, so what is the stuff that we're making and how do they originally make it? And then how do we make it differently? So basically you're gonna need two things.

You're gonna need part A and part B. Now again, these links are on my blog post for the recipe.

This part A is sodium chlorite. I'm gonna explain what these are. Part B is hydrochloric acid. These are things from nature, so don't listen to anyone who tells you this is bleach.

This is not bleach. It is not the same thing as bleach.

Again, watch the video below the documentary that's gonna tell you all the science behind it, all the information behind it. So many people are on this, and we've had so much good results with these with this methodology.

And so this protocol. So you don't do it if you don't wanna do it, but I'm telling you, I've been doing it for over a year.

There is nothing harmful about this whatsoever. And I'm gonna explain to you why in everyday language, okay? What is sodium chloride? Go look it up. Sodium chloride with a D is salt. It's literally table salt. Sodium chlorite with a T is salt sodium that has a current, like an electrical current added to it.

So it's similar to zeolite, which comes from lava. It is a natural thing. It's a natural thing. And if you think about how originally humans would've been eating, we would've been eating food that,  and, water that came from the earth. So this is salt that would've come from the earth, right?

That had a current added to it. An electrical current. It's, a natural thing. All right? Now we combine that with.

Hydrochloric acid. What is hydrochloric acid? It's what's in your stomach. It's what's in your stomach. Are we gonna drink this straight? No. Are we gonna drink th these two things together straight?

No. It's really funny that people that say this is bleach because they're the same people that say that you can put aluminum and mercury. Oh, look at my shirt today. Mercury and aluminum, the, these are the same people who say it doesn't matter if you put mercury and aluminum in vaccines because it's such a small amount, it doesn't hurt you.

Or the same people that say you can put fluoride in toothpaste cause it's such a small amount, it can't hurt you.

But then they say, no, you shouldn't have a little tiny bit of this to purify your water. Even though, guess what guys? Go on Amazon. Look these up this, kit  that you buy. This is sold to purify your water.

So if it's so dangerous, why is it being sold on Amazon? Wouldn't they shut it down? No, because they're lying. They're lying. They don't want you to get healthy. They don't want you to get healthy. That's why they censored us for the last three years of all this craziness. They don't want you to be healthy.

Do your research. I did, just like I did when I first heard about raw milk. I researched for about a month. I read books. I read everything I could find, and I'm like, I am confident that there is nothing wrong with raw milk, and I've been drinking raw milk ever since, and they're lying. Okay, so do your research.

Don't just take my word for it. All right. Now, next we are going, I'm gonna show you how they originally did it. There was a guy named Jim Humble, and he, I believe he was the one that started doing this. He was curing malaria in tropical areas. And they were just like, what is this stuff?

What I have come to realize is, and this isn't really that hard of a stretch to imagine, is that our water is completely contaminated and the water inside of our bodies is completely contaminated.

We're about 60% water, right? And if you think about it, if you have standing water that's contaminated, what's gonna happen to it over time? It's gonna be disgusting. You're gonna get all kinds of bacteria, all kinds of parasites. That's what's inside our bodies. So when president Trump back in 2020, this came up.

He didn't say what it was, but we all knew what it was. I didn't know at the time, but now I know what it was.

This is what he was talking about when he was saying could, is there something that you could use to purify inside of the body? And What's her name? Birx was like acting all weird and that's when everybody said he's telling people to drink bleach.

No, that's not what he was saying. He was saying there is something that can purify the, blood, the water inside the body. It's funny that it's drained the swamp, isn't it? Anyway, so the way that Jim Humble originally did it, was to take a shot glass. And then he would take I have these syringes.

I'll, the link to buy these syringes is on my, recipe. So you take this, you do you could also just use a dropper. If you have a, just a dropper like this, you can get these on Amazon too, and you could do the drops into the shot glass.

So you would do, I think he's five drops. Five or 10 drops of part A and five or 10 drops of part B, and then that goes in the shot glass and you let it activate and you'll see it'll get from like clear to, it'll come become like a dark brown color amber color.

And then you would add that to quite a lot of water. Okay. I think it's A liter, a gallon of water or something. It's, I forget what the, what his recipe is. It's in my recipe. So you can go and look at what the way he does it now, you can do it that way. Okay? You can do it, and I tell you exactly how to do it that way.

It's easier, okay? To do it that way. Just to drops in here and then put it into water, which is what you would do if you were camping. That's what these, are sold for.

If you're out camping and standing water put it in a little, thing and add the drops to, to your water and then you could drink that water cause it would purify it.

Totally safe. The only I have done it that way. I've tested it for a few weeks to see how I did on doing it that way. And it, is easier in some ways. But I don't think it's necessarily that easier because making a batch of this. It lasts you, I store it in little jars like this in the fridge, and it lasts me for a week or two.

And so it's I, don't know exactly how long it lasts. I just fill it up when I need to. Every I just make it when I need to and it's not a big deal. So I don't find that it's easier really. I would think if you're traveling, you could bring smaller bottles of these. This is four ounce, so you might wanna put 'em in some smaller like bottles like this.

You can get these at Whole Foods or on Amazon if you were traveling. That's probably what I'm gonna do when I travel next month, is to put them into some small things.

But I, the only reason I don't recommend it, people who are sick I'm not sick. I cured myself of my injuries many, years ago. Okay. When I was in my twenties.

You can go read my post. I'll put the link below to my post about rheumatoid arthritis and how I completely cured that. And also my friend Jennifer, who we cured her seizures, migraines, and cysts. Ovarian cysts with diet and supplements. Basically it's all because of this.

I, everything that we were able to cure had to do with metals. Metals, that's why we were sick. Metals and parasites is really what's causing, I'd say probably 80, 90% of the problems people have that and, repressed trauma. So if you If you wanna do it that way, you can. But if you are sick, I don't recommend it.

Now I know that Kerri Rivera who does this and she's having incredible results. You can find her on Telegram. She has a Telegram channel. She also has a website. You might have to find her website on DuckDuckGo 'cause she's quite buried on Google. Kerri Rivera she's working with kids with autism and reversing it.

With this, and a parasite protocol. Amazing results. Amazing results. Thousands and thousands of kids. She is an absolute hero. But that said, she does this, is how she does it with the drops.

So go follow her. Go buy her book. It's on her website, and you can, and if you're interested in doing it that way, the reason I don't recommend it is 'cause I did have a friend who did it with the drops the normal way, and she had more of a detox reaction.

She has more food allergies and stuff. She's sicker. I did not have a d detox reaction. Now you do ramp up, you start slow, and then you increase, you know how much of the water you're drinking every day. I did not have a de detox reaction really. I just had like, where I felt like I had to go to the bathroom, like number two more.

And it was, I felt like I had to go and I then I didn't, and it was a little bit like I wouldn't use as strong of a term as diarrhea, but it was like I. There was something going on. So for me, I'd probably do it traveling 'cause I've traveled before with this in a container. I think I brought like something like this.

But you have to keep it cold and. I'll explain in a minute how to store it. I just keep it in my fridge and, but if you're traveling, yeah, this might be a better solution, but maybe I was taking a little too much when I was doing it. So if you're traveling and you want to do just the drops, take less.

Just take less is more. But I would never ever, travel without this because when you go on a plane right now, people are shedding like a mofo. They are shedding like crazy. And I, the last time I traveled without it, I got sick. And so I will never do that again. Not with things the way they are right now.

Everybody got this and they're all shedding. So I will never travel without it, and I'd rather have a little bit of like feeling like I have to go to the bathroom. If you do ever have any kind of a detox reaction, if you do decide you wanna do the drops or you're traveling, or even, I don't think you're gonna get a detox reaction with this version.

It's very, mild. That's why I recommend it. One of the, one of the reasons But if you do have a detox reaction, there's two things you can do.

Number one, take vitamin C. Just drink a big glass of orange juice or take a vitamin C pill. And everything will go away. Why? Because the thing about this is it's an oxidizer.

It's oxidizing the inside of your body, your blood, your The water. It's it's, like turning a fan on or blowing it on a, flame to get it to a fire to go, okay. Or turning a fan on an engine. It's going to help your body detox.

Now, if you. Or do it if it's too much too fast, if you drank too much or you're just feeling, oh gosh, like maybe you have a headache or you're feeling tired, or some of your old symptoms are coming back.

Cuz again part of getting better is sometimes you, feel a little worse before you do. And that happened to me when I was healing. If that happens, take some vitamin C, take some vitamin C. You can also do an enema. We recommend the enemas for parasite protocol, which I'll put the link below on how to do that.

It's so good for you to do an enema because if you got stuff, if you're, think about it, if you have a lot of toxic stuff inside you. Metals and parasites and you're starting to kill them or detox them. You want to get them out. And the easiest way to do that is an enema. Yes, there's other ways you can do salt baths and hot baths and saunas and all that stuff is all good.

But to me, enemas are the easiest and the best. It's not that big of a deal. Okay. Used to be really common. 50 years ago everybody did. Enemas was not a big deal.

Okay, so now I'm gonna show you, I showed you how you would do it the old way, the new way. It's better. I think it's better because it is instead of you drinking a small, tiny amount of the drops in a big thing of water, you're not going to drink it directly.

What you do is you put the shot glass inside. This hermetically sealed jar. This water I'm about to show you is gonna start clear and then it turns yellow because it is absorbing the gas. Okay?

When you mix these drops into, when you mix these drops into this shot glass and they activate. It's a chemical reaction, which would happen in your stomach normally if you were eating sodium chloride, which we, nor I think if we were in nature, we would be eating that kind of really healthy salt and we would be drinking water from springs so we would have sodium chloride and you would be mix, it would mix in your stomach with the hydrochloric acid.

It would be a natural chemical, cool reaction. So we're doing that. In a test tube. So what you're gonna do is you're gonna put that shot glass in there and the gas is gonna come from that reaction and it's gonna saturate that water.

And we're gonna let that do that for 12 hours. And then we're going to take the shot glass out, dump it in to some kind of container glass container with a plastic.

You don't want any metal. You don't want any metal touching it cuz it's corrosive. But a glass, ideally like an amber jar, like something like this, put it in and that you can save that extra from the shot glass and use it for, like I said, baths or cleaning. Just, dilute it all right. It's very good for you and baths too.

So what what we're gonna do next? Oh, after the first 12 hours, you're gonna take that shot glass again, and you're going to put it in there again for another 12 hours. So I walk you through this in the recipe. I'm gonna show you how to do it right now, and then you'll be able to do it. It's really not more complicated than that.

After I'm done with that, I'll show you how to use it. All right. So first things first. Let me move this.

So, first things first, I'm gonna go ahead and store this to use 'cause this is a fresh batch. I'm gonna show you how I do that.

All you do. It is just poured in to an amber jar. I like this, particular kind, 'cause they're pretty small. They're four ounces.

You don't wanna breathe in the fumes directly. It's not gonna hurt you it's just, don't worry. It's not like it's you just don't want to breathe them in directly. And you don't also just don't wanna leave it sitting open. You wanna go ahead and close the lids and stick them in the fridge.

Again, this is a gas and the gas has saturated the water and it will dissipate. It'll just evaporate if it gets warm or if it gets air, or if it gets light. That's why we keep it in dark jars.

These are plastic lids on top of glass jars. I'm gonna stick these right in the fridge, but before I do, let me show you how to quickly no I'll, show you how to make it first.

And then I'm gonna show you how to use it.

The first thing we're gonna do is, Fill this up with water. We're gonna put our shot glass in and we're gonna fill it up with water almost to the top of the shot glass, but not touching inside the shot glass.

You can see there I've got my shot glass. It's not quite to the top. And this is water that I got from my Berkey; it's filtered. You could use also spring water. You could use distilled water. It just has to be pure water. You don't wanna use tap water. Okay, so next, this is really easy.

You're gonna see how easy is it? This is exactly the same as adding one and then the other part A and part B. I have two syringes.

So the box of syringes that I recommend, it has a whole box. So you'll have extras, which is good. All right, so just take part A and pull it up, and then you're just gonna get. Five ml and put that right into the shot glass.

Okay, let me get my other syringe.

If you don't have another syringe, you could just use the same one and rinse it. But it's not a bad idea to have extra syringes around for this. All right, now we're gonna do part B.

Okay? Same thing, right into the shot glass. And what you're gonna notice is you're gonna start to see that it's starting to turn. Brown. That's what we want. It's going to start the chemical process and see how the water's clear. 12 hours from now, it's going to be yellow. Okay? 12 hours from now, it's gonna be yellow.

After you let this sit, it's gonna saturate the water. What we're gonna do after 12 hours is we're gonna open it up, we're gonna take out the water. This will be yellow and the water will be yellow. Okay. It'll just all be d saturated into the water. So we're gonna take it out, we're gonna dump it into a container that we, that I showed you already.

And then we're gonna do the exact same thing, A and B into the shot glass. Close it again, and let it saturate for another 12 hours. So this way it's saturating for a total of 24 hours, that's it. And then you will have your complete, then you take the shot glass out, get rid of that. You could throw it away, but you might as well use it because it's still medicine.

You can use it for, like I said, cleaning or baths or whatever, cleaning your vegetables. And then this will be the water that you're gonna be using. So I'll show you next how to make it.

And I'm like getting down. I do that in the I just put it in my cupboard on a high shelf, just so you know. My kids or whoever won't get to it. And I just leave it in the dark in a cool area. You don't wanna put it somewhere too hot, but it doesn't need to be refrigerated.

Okay? But this, once it's made and it's already in this thing in these I do keep, you have to keep it in the fridge or else it'll just dissipate within hours. So it'll just go into the air, okay? That's why it has to stay cold. So let me show you how we add this to the water.

Okay I got this container at the drug store, or sorry the grocery store and it has these little lines on it of how much to fill it up. So this is a liter. You want, you'll get to the point where you're drinking a liter a day. I, you start, I've got all the directions in the recipe below.

So you start with I think 200 ml, which is six ounces in a glass with just. I think it's either two or three ml. You start with that once a day, and then you do two times a day the next day, and then three times a day and you work up, and eventually you're gonna get to the point where you're drinking 30 ml of this in a liter.

That's what I do every day. I don't, there's no need to go above that. These are from, these are the protocol from Andreas Kalcker in his book.

Again, the links down below to his book, Forbidden Health. I always use the one that's lower. Cause I always, I have this two jars that I make enough for, two jars, and the one's always lower and there's more air in here.

So I use this one first. I take my liter of filtered water, and this is the silica water that I'm gonna show you how to make in the other video. And I'm gonna take, I've already done most of it, so I'm just doing this last one. If you go all the way to the top, that's about six ml. And so I'm closing it so they don't let it all out.

And you can smell the fumes if you get too close to it. So I'm gonna take that six ml and just shoot it into the water. This is filtered water again. And I'm gonna do that five times and that's 30 ml. So I'm gonna close it and wait. I'll take a sip.

It just tastes like really clean water. I called it pool water cuz you know you, can see how somebody might think it tastes super clean like that. But I just needed something to call it so I didn't have to call it his real name and get censored.

Okay, so I'm gonna put both of these back into the fridge.

So that's it. Really easy to make. It doesn't take a lot of time, but the results that I'm getting just for the fact that I can sleep so little now makes up for everything and just not getting sick.

Before I go I, again, go watch, get the recipe, watch the other videos that I mentioned. But I wanna add to this, for me to only sleep five hours a night, I've tried it both ways.

I've tried only doing pool water and only doing silica water, not adding the silica to my water and just doing the pool water. And I'll tell you, I don't get the same results at all. It's something about the silica water plus. The pool water, which gets the silica. It's getting the silica into your cells, I think cuz of the oxygen oxygenation.

The oxygenation is what's getting the silica into your cells. And so this combination, and I don't really know of anyone else that's doing this. I, I heard Mike Adams Health Ranger say that he was adding silica to his water. I know Dennis Crouse has had great results adding silica.

His water. Chris Exley highly recommends silica water, like high silica water like Fiji. You can look up, if you wanna look up bottled water that's high in silica, just Google that and you can find all the different levels of silica and water, but Fiji's the highest.

So you, you can certainly buy sil silica water as well, but I'm gonna have the link below to how to make it very cheaply and very easily, and I do it in a Berkey.

That said, I do need to add to this video that the results that I'm getting are based on doing these things together and. Drinking, at least probably. I'm drinking a total of, if you include my liter of pool water a day, I'm probably drinking another one to two liters a day of water. So it's a total of about three liters.

Again, we're Americans, so we don't know what a leader is, but it's about. What is it, like 32 ounces? Okay, so this is a liter, and I'm not drink, I'm not a big water drinker. I don't enjoy drinking water. I'm not like just guzzling water all day and I think you can drink too much water. So I don't believe in that.

But it, I drink this throughout the day. I drink this. The thing is, this only stays in your body for about an hour. And then it's gonna go everywhere. It needs to go in the body to, to fix the different things it needs to fix. Get the stuff out that needs to get out. So you, don't want to drink this all at once.

You want to drink a little bit throughout the day and just keep it in the fridge if you need to go to work. Or traveling, you need to bring a cooler with you or put it in this, in the fridge at work. It just needs to stay cold now. Ideally just drink a little bit throughout the day and, that's the way to do it.

In addition to that, I'm drinking iced tea that I make with my silica water and coffee that I make with my silica water. And then any other, just little bits of silica water throughout the day. But it's probably a total of about three liters  of silica water a day with all of these things included.

I say that because I don't want you to think that you're gonna be, oh, how come I'm not how come I still need eight hours of sleep or nine hours of sleep cuz I'm tired all the time even though I'm doing the pool water? I still needed eight hours of sleep when I was only doing pool water or when I was only doing silica water.

So for me, I think you need a. This is, everyone's different. You're going to, your mileage may vary, but try things and see what works for you. But in my experience, I. Not only did I see not only did I see that I needed less sleep, but I also fall asleep so fast now, it's just absolutely delightful.

I can fall asleep in less than five minutes. I fall asleep faster than my son who's eight. I stay asleep all night. I don't have to get up to go to the bathroom anymore. My gray hair completely went away. It's, it came back once I got LA last year. I went off of this combination of the pool water and the silica water together, and then my gray hair started coming back, but it had almost completely gone away.

My skin was much, much looking really a lot younger. And then I realized rookie biohacking mistake. But I guess I've had a lot of stress this last year. I just got divorced, but and had to move. But I didn't realize cause I had switched burkees that I changed somehow the recipe got changed.

On my silica water. I'm gonna make that video next so I'll link to it. But the, I wasn't using as much silica. I only using a third as much in my water and, oh no a quarter I was using three quarter teaspoons and then it went down to a quarter teaspoon. Somehow it got messed up. And I'm much be, I'm still sleeping five hours a night and I, do feel better.

But now I just increased it like two days ago, up back to where it's supposed to be. So I think I'm gonna be like, over the next couple months, I think it's gonna be amazing how much better I feel, even better than I did. Now I should add, I am doing other supplements, but not that much. Not that much. Mainly because like I said, A lot of stress going on, moving divorce, all the things.

So I'm, I'll be making other videos about some of the supplements and if you go to my shop page, ann marie shop supplements, I think. I'll put the link below that has the different supplements that I recommend that you can do even more with. And I'm going to be really ramping up on all the various different things I'm doing, not only because of what's going on right now but because I wanna feel the best I can feel and I know what kind of results we get.

So I'm gonna put a link below to my supplements page that I recommend. I don't rec recommend a lot of supplements. I just don't. Because I think that what you can do just with these types of water is phenomenal. The only ones I really recommend are zeolite and collagen. Again, silica creates collagen.

So taking collagen with vitamin C, the one that I have is really good. Again, I've researched all of these. I'm very particular about what I recommend, so I'm not the kind of person that thinks you have to take boatloads of vitamins. I don't think it's even realistic or practical with this.

It's literally like just drinking. A liter of the pool water, and then just making iced tea. By the way, I should mention, this is not regular tea. This is herbal tea. I'll talk about this more in the other video, but you should not be drinking a lot of regular tea because it's very high in fluoride. So herbal tea is fine.

I will, I don't recommend black tea, green tea white tea, any kind of tea because of the fluoride. And most of us are overloaded with fluoride. So I would recommend if you're gonna make tea, if you're just not a water drinker like, me use make herbal tea with your silica water. But anyway I, will put the links below to supplements and then once a week I'm gonna start doing ...

It might be after my trip to France cause I'm about to leave. I'm gonna start doing weekly calls where you can ask me questions. And we can just talk. I want people to, try these things and then we talk about it to learn what's working for cuz especially if you're in a group and eventually I know we can't do this kind of stuff on Facebook.

But eventually there'll be a platform where we can have conversations where people can communicate.

But at least for the short term I was thinking, we could do it on Twitter spaces. Once a week. I think that might be the best solution because it's audio and everyone can talk and you don't have to worry about looking good cuz it's just your audio.

It's not like a Zoom call. And and it's recorded. So if we did a Twitter spaces once a week. Maybe after I get back from my trip and it gives you guys time to try this then we'll be able to communicate about people's results, about questions. We, people have problems sometimes when they're making the pool water, where one time my friend was saying that she could smell the fumes when she would open the cupboard.

And I was like, that doesn't sound right. She found out that the the gasket that she had was old and it was not sealing properly, so she had to get a new. Get a new gasket which you can just replace those. People need to, in, in the process of healing, you need to be able to talk to people and, talk about your results and talk about your experiences.

And so we wanna be able to create a, space to do that. So Twitter spaces, I think, is the best place to do that because it's a place that we do have free speech. Thank you Elon Musk so much. So I think that's what we'll be starting when we get back. And then I will also offer you guys you can do a call with me and I'll make that, you have to pay for that because I just can't make the time.

I've got kids, I've got I'm trying to rebuild my business so that I can get money again. They completely destroyed my business. So I'll, make a, small fee for you guys to come on if you wanna speak to me privately and ask questions about anything. Okay. I have to give my disclaimer, I'm not a doctor.

I don't claim to be a doctor. But guess what? I went to the doctors when I was 24, 25 years old and had rheumatoid arthritis and had chronic fatigue syndrome and was so sick and they basically said, you can get surgery or you can do drugs, and that's it. I'm not a doctor. I'm a regular person just like you, but I am a person who has a passion for health and I'm a person who has spent the last 25 years committed to health and has spent the last 15 years making a living as a food blogger.

And I've seen people for 15 years trying to get healthy and, a lot of things do work but some things work better than others. And if I'm this excited about this pool water and this silica and the specific supplements that I recommend, that's because I've spent many, years.

Watching not only myself, but many people with things that didn't work and things that do work. And anyway, I think we are really, once we start doing the Twitter spaces I think we're really gonna see exciting results from lots of people and a lot more whenever people communicate together.

There's a combustion that happens and things start to take off. So I'm really excited about it. And let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. Wherever you're watching this, if you I, don't know where else where, all this might get shared. You can always email me at annmarie @

And you can find me on Twitter. Eventually I'll hopefully get my original Twitter account back. It was called @cheeseslave. But my backup account that I'm using is @cheeseslave2 with the number two. Okay, that's all. Thanks guys.