My Experience with Chlorine Dioxide and H. Pylori (Video)

In this video, I share my personal experience with using chlorine dioxide (what I call pool water) and its impact on my health. I discuss how I missed a few days of taking chlorine dioxide and ended up getting sick.

My Experience with Chlorine Dioxide and H. Pylori (Video)

In this video, I share my personal experience with using chlorine dioxide (what I call pool water) and its impact on my health. I discuss how I missed a few days of taking chlorine dioxide and ended up getting sick.

I explain the symptoms I experienced and how I believe chlorine dioxide has helped me stay immune to illnesses – including H. Pylori.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
02:21 The Importance of Chlorine Dioxide
04:21 My Battle with Illness
05:44 Lessons Learned from France
06:07 The Stomach Virus Incident
07:23 The H. Pylori Connection
10:24 The Vomiting Episode
15:13 The Cosmetics Bag Theory


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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, just a quick video. I just wanted to update you about the chlorine dioxide. Um, I haven't missed a day on the chlorine dioxide, the pool water, um, gosh, for over a year. Um, I got sick when I went to Florida last fall, the fall of 2022. And, uh, I did bring chlorine dioxide with me on that trip.

But, we, it took us a really long time to get a rental car. It's a long story, but not worth telling. But, um, I believe my chlorine dioxide got warm. That's when I actually brought it. Pre made. The kind that, you know, the Andreas Kalker method that you have to keep cold. I believe it got warm and it got weakened.

And it lost its, um, power. That's why when I went to France, I decided I'm not gonna go, obviously not going to be making chlorine dioxide the Andreas Kalker way With the hermetically sealed jar.

I'm just gonna make the drops the Jim Humble way and And I did do that and I did do it every day and for three weeks I was fine I was only sleeping five to six hours a night.

I did not get sick at all. So here's what happened. Uh, I got home. Well, you can't bring anything on the plane.

Right, so I can't bring my chlorine dioxide on a plane I can't even bring it. I can't even bring the small bottles that I could make it on the plane. I have to check those so...

I could have I guess I could have made a small batch and carried it on the plane, but whatever I didn't Because of the crazy, I mean it's just insane, the laws on the plane now.

Ever since 9 11 it's been insane. Completely ridiculous in my opinion.

Um, so, but anyways, I didn't have it that day. If I had jumped back on it the next morning, I probably would have been fine. But I didn't. You know, I was, I got back home, I had my son. I was trying to unpack and I was just like, Oh, it's not a big deal.

I just won't make my chlorine dioxide for a couple of days. And you can already guess what happened. Listening to my voice, I got sick. I got really sick.

Um, so let's see, it was Thursday that I flew Friday and Saturday. I did not do my chlorine dioxide. And I wasn't making, I didn't make a new batch from the Andreas Kalkar.

I was just still doing the drops, but I didn't even do that Friday and Saturday. I just didn't do it. Thinking it would be fine. And then on Sunday, we went to church and I started to feel a scratchy throat. You know, like a tickly thing in my throat.

And um, So I did, I did make a A batch on Sunday. I did add the drops the combo way, but I still started to get a scratchy throat.

So today is now Tuesday. On Monday, I got full blown sick. Like I didn't want to get out of bed. I slept 12 hours. I slept most of the day.

I had kids here, but they were just playing video games while I just slept on the couch. Oh, horrible, horrible. And I really do believe. That I've been immune to all of this, um, this whole time.

I probably started picking it up at church. Or it could have been on the plane, I don't know. People are shedding. They are shedding like crazy.

And so I think the whole reason I haven't gotten sick this whole time is because I've been immune. Because I've been taking the chlorine dioxide. I took it again yesterday.

I took a liter with the drops and I woke up this morning feeling better. Still not 100%. I'm about 50% better. Maybe 70%.

I still have, um, mucus and um, I'm tired and I have muscle pains and My teeth are better. I had like really bad sinus headache and my teeth hurt from the sinuses.

So anyway, I just want to say if you've been thinking about trying the chlorine dioxide, that's my testimonial I will not go off of it again, at least until we get through this war People are shedding like crazy.

It's so annoying to me That people are these sheep and there's really no other word for them.

And I'm sorry that if that offends anyone, but like I was talking to this woman at the airport and she was like saying how she was fine. She got the vaccine. She was fine.

They're shedding like crazy. They have no idea what the damage that they're doing.

And it's really disgusting, honestly, but we have the tools to protect ourselves. I mean, I didn't get sick at all in three weeks in France. Just bringing those little bottles with me.

So I Learned my lesson. I'm not gonna go without it again. I just wanted to make a quick video and talk about that. Um, Um, you know what I'll add something I did get sick once I think I mentioned this in my other video but you I think I only put it up for my private, for my paid members, so I'll just make, I'll just add this to this video.

I did get sick once when I was in France and that was, um, It was a stomach virus, not a virus, like a, like a stomach bug, okay, of some sort. I started just vomiting one night after dinner. I didn't know what it was. I don't believe it was food poisoning because I've had food poisoning before. It wasn't like that at all.

It didn't feel like that. You know what it felt like? It felt exactly like when I had H. pylori. So I actually, I think I figured out what happened to me. I was, um, I know exactly when I got exposed.

So here's, here's the story. This is important because it just shows you. Um, with the pool water and patches, how I am being protected from pathogens like H. pylori because the way my body reacted this time was completely different to the way it did before. Let me explain.

Um, back in 2017, I fired my son's wikia. He was sleeping through it. I don't want to wake him up.

Okay. Back in 2017, I went with my ex on a trip to, um, Barcelona. And, he had one of those sleep apnea machines and he hadn't cleaned it and he got really sick, he got really sick and I said You know, let's go to the Let's go to the um

Went downstairs he was having really bad stomach pains So we went downstairs and they said go to the pharmacy down the street. So we went to the pharmacy down the street and they said take oregano oil, which was amazing because you would never find that in a US, um, pharmacy. They would never give you oregano oil.

So I was blown away. This was in Barcelona. So I gave him the oregano oil and within an hour he was totally fine. He had, he had been doubled over with pain in his stomach. It was gone. It was totally gone. And um, When we went back to the U. S.

Um, I guess the thing was he didn't clean this sleep machine and that's why there was bacteria on it. I think H. pylori is a kind of bacteria.

Um, And I didn't realize that I got infected, but over the next year I started getting sick. Sicker and sicker. And I started having lots of symptoms like having trouble going up and down the stairs. Um, getting winded, I had really bad GERD or heartburn where I would eat anything especially spicy or eat too much.

If I just ate a little bit more than I, you know, like if I ate a big meal, I'd get this really bad heartburn. So, I didn't know what was wrong with me. I did not connect it to his H. Pylori that I could have gotten. I didn't, you know, and the problem with most doctors today, they don't know how to diagnose anything.

They don't know, they don't connect the dots with things. Right. So anyway, um, I started having an addiction to chewing ice about it. I was almost a year later, and I couldn't stop chewing ice every day It was just like an addiction. I was going buying bags of ice. So a friend of mine said you have pica.

That's a like a need to either eat dirt or chew ice. And I was like, oh Well, what happened was I had to have all my fillings replaced because I chewed ice so much that my fillings got damaged Cost like 5, 000 that was fun

Um Um, but anyway, my friend said, you have pica and, um, that's when we put the pieces together that H. pylori actually eats iron. Iron deficiency causes pica and that's what it was. This H. pylori in my system over the last year had been using up all my iron. I was actually iron deficient and anemic.

So I went to the doctor, they tested me and said, yeah, you're iron. Well, they can't do anything about the H. pylori and they didn't even know about it.

They just, that's all they could test me for. This is a doc in the box place. So I thought to myself, I'm going to take the oregano oil and kill these suckers.

And then I thought, well, what else can I take? And there was also licorice root. So I started taking every day, one capsule of licorice root and one capsule of oregano oil and within 10 days, uh, on the 10th, 11th day, that night I ate dinner and right after dinner, I started vomiting.

This was in 2018 and I had no idea what was going on. I just thought I got sick, food poisoning, something right? Well, now looking, I looked back on it and I was like, Oh, you know what?

That was me throwing up the dead H. pylori. The dead bacteria because I've never, it was, it was different than any other kind of throwing up I'd ever had. I could feel in my stomach, my upper stomach area, that that's what was, that's where they were coming from. And I don't know how to explain it, but, um, it wasn't vomit.

It was, I mean, I vomited up my food, but. After that, it was just hours and hours of just vomiting up, like, spit, like, just spitting up and, um, mucus, like a mucusy spit. And I, like, just was spitting into a cup, lying down, trying to sleep. That went on for hours.

Finally, when it was all done... I was done and I went to sleep and the next day I woke up and I had no, no more symptoms whatsoever of the H.pylori, the GERD, the, the, you know, chest pains, heart trouble going upstairs, all the things were all gone. So I got rid of it. I was also taking iron at the time to rebuild my iron supply. Um, but yeah, I cured myself.

So now when I was in Europe, I had the same thing happen and I'll tell you exactly what happened because I think, um, This makes sense.

I started vomiting one night and it was exactly the same as that H. pylori night when I was vomiting up the mucus. It was the same. Only it went on all night. I couldn't even go on my morning walk. I was supposed to go on a, um, A walk of the town, a tour guide, but I couldn't go because I was still throwing up, spitting up.

So, um, luckily I had, um, some charcoal toothpaste and I remembered learning about binders, that binders somehow help you excrete something. Um, so I I ate some of the toothpaste. I just, you know, a small amount. I started eating a little bit of it. And within 10 minutes, I stopped. Completely stopped. I was worried.

I didn't know if I was going to be vomiting all day. I didn't know how I was going to drive to my next city. I didn't know if I was going to be able to go to dinner that night. Because I had my big fancy Michelin star dinner that night. It was really horrible. I mean, I was really, really sick.

So, um, I took that Um, a little bit, you know, probably this much, um, charcoal toothpaste and it just completely stopped.

I was able to just feel fine after that within 10 minutes. So I think that how it worked as a binder. Um, anyway, I believe that I was infected by my... Cosmetics bag because I have this cosmetics bag that I haven't used in a while. I haven't traveled at all since 2020

And that was the cosmetics bag that I used in 2017 and it has like plastic covers and I had stuck my toothbrush in there without a cover on it and Of course, I was infected by my husband in 2017 So, I think this H. pylori can live on stuff, you know, it was living on his sleep machine.

So, I think it was living on my, um, on that, in those compartments. It's funny, because before I left, I was like, I really need to clean out this bag. I need to clean the plastic and everything, but I didn't do it. I'm glad that it happened, even though it was disgusting and horrible and I hated it.

Um, I'm glad that it happened because... Now, I know something really amazing, and here's what it is. When I had H. pylori the first time, I, um, it just, it just settled into my body. It just lived in my stomach, and I had it for a year.

And it was using all my iron, and it was basically a parasite. Well, this time, on chlorine dioxide, I don't know if the patches helped too, but I don't know.

I'm taking chlorine dioxide, silica water, and patches. Within... Because I know exactly when the exposure happened. The exposure happened the day before. That day.

So I went to, um, Vézelay was the town that I was in. I'll always remember from my vomiting night. It was so sad too because I had such a great... I was eating this great dinner.

I was just starting to eat the steak. It was so good. And then I started throwing up.

But, um... Um, that morning I was leaving the other town that I was in and I was, um, I remember shoving my toothbrush in there and thinking, you know, I had been shoving it in there and I just remember thinking maybe I should have cleaned this bag.

So I think that's when, um, I've been getting exposed by brushing my teeth with that toothbrush. And, uh, so, you know, it was a very quick exposure, but my body rejected it. That's what's interesting.

Instead of it just living in my body for another year, you know, until I took the oregano oil and the licorice root, it just stayed with me all that time until I took those things.

Well, now because I'm taking chlorine dioxide and, and Um, you know, the patches probably help it injected in immediately, immediately.

So I think, you know, it's funny cause I got back from my trip and I'm like, I'm fine. I don't need to take it for a couple of days. Yeah, you do. You need to stay on the chlorine dioxide every day.

I think until I think what's out there right now with all of this shedding is so bad. And I think, um, we all need to be. I'm going to take, I'm actually going to take, I took a little Ivermectin last night as well and I'm going to take a little more. Some people don't like Ivermectin, they think it's bad, whatever.

I don't care, um, that's what I've got and so I'm going to take it, just a little bit. Um, along with a big dose of, I just poured a big thing of a new batch of chlorine dioxide.

So, I'm going to kick this, I'll be fine today. I'll be fine. Now here's what's interesting. If I didn't have these things, it would take me like a week.

Back in twenty, uh, twenty one, after, you know, people started shedding, when I was getting sick, I would get sick for like a week. I remember because my friend Mel brought over some ivermectin from Brazil. That's before I realized you could get it at the tractor supply. So I it just, a bottle of the, it's the kind that you have to stick a needle in, but I just stick a knife into it.

It's liquid, um, cattle ivermectin. It works. It works.

So I'm going to do that. Take a little more of that today. I'm going to continue on with my chlorine dioxide and I should be fine by tomorrow. I actually feel a lot better today than I did. I couldn't even get out of bed. So I wanted to share all that with you because, again, we're learning as we go along, but... the, the things that doctors have been using all this time, and I don't give a shit, sorry. I don't give a crap what they say.

You know, they say, oh, I'm spreading misinformation or whatever. I'm still banned on Twitter, on Facebook. I lost my YouTube channel. For what? For telling you guys the truth. Telling you how to take care of yourself.

Most of them don't know Jack. They don't know Jack. And they can't really help you. You're a lot more intuitive than you realize. You know, like the intuition that I had, like to take that, something made me stick that charcoal toothpaste in my bag.

And then I was like, I think I should take this. We need to be our own advocates, right?

And we need to take care of our own health. We need to, we need to take care of our own food. We need to learn everything about food and health. We don't need to be listening to these white coats telling us what to do because they're not going to help you.

If they had, if I had gone to them when I got vaccine injured in my twenties and I had rheumatoid arthritis, if I had gone to them, they would have told me, you know, you just have to wait and you're going to have to suffer with the pain.

Take, that's what they told me. Take Advil. Um, and then eventually, you know, you'll just have to be able to, eventually you'll get surgery, just drugs and surgery. That's all they had. I cured myself. With diet and supplements.

That's why it's so ridiculous that people will tell me that I'm a conspiracy theorist or that I'm crazy when I actually have proof.

See what I'm saying? Like we, we're healthy. We don't have any issues. My son has never gotten a vaccine. He has no issues. Whatsoever. But I'm the conspiracy theorist because I didn't vaccinate him.

Enough of this. So, that's all. I just wanted to share those two stories with you. Um,

You know, you can even see my voice is better, not completely, but since I started this video. So, I'm sure I'll be better by the end of the day.

And, um, anyway, whatever works is what we need to be doing, and we need to stop listening to these narcissistic sociopaths who think they know what's best for us.

They don't. And it's disgusting that they will continue to promote this, these lies, when they're not even seeing the vaccine injuries. I said that to a woman at the airport.

She's like, well, my vaccine, I got the vaccine and I'm fine. I said, you don't even, I said, you're not seeing the injuries. You're not seeing the deaths because they censored it.

I said to her, um, this is just a stranger, but I don't care anymore. I just speak the truth. People don't like it and they don't like me. And she like, you know, ended the conversation. Fine. I don't care. I don't care if people like me or not. I don't care. If I can reach one person and drop a truth bomb on them, I'm going to do it.

Yeah, but she, uh, she had bad Trump derangement syndrome and obviously really brainwashed.

But she said, um, I said, if there was evidence coming out that these vaccines were killing people, wouldn't you want to know? It's a good question.

Anyway, that's all for now. I just wanted to share that with you.