Video: How to Make Silica Water

In this video, I show you how to add silica to your water using a Berkey filter. There are many health benefits of silica, including detoxing heavy metals. it also builds collagen in the body.

Video: How to Make Silica Water

In this video, I show you how to add silica to your water using a Berkey filter. There are many health benefits of silica, including detoxing heavy metals. it also builds collagen in the body.

When combined with "pool water " (chl0rine di0xide,) this is the best thing I have ever done for my health.

I went from sleeping 8 hours a night to only needing 5 hours. But only when I take both the pool water and make the silica water. I also noticed my wrinkles were going away and my gray hair almost completely disappeared.

Use the recipe below and follow along with the video to make silica water at home.

Get the recipe: How to Make Silica Water

Watch the Video: How to Make Silica Water

Recipe: How to Make Silica Water
Recipe: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
Video: How to Make Pool Water (Chl0rine Di0xide)
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Full Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie. In this video I'm gonna show you how to make silica water, which I just made another video, which I'll link below to how to make pool water.

And this combination of these two things have, has been the most life-changing health results I've ever gotten. If you don't know about me, I was able to cure my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. I had all three.

When I was 25 and I was able to cure those with food and supplements going off of gluten going off of sugar for two years and various supplements and chiropractic.

That said, I think what we're facing today is much worse than I did back then. That was in the nineties before any anybody really had a lot of, or we didn't know about these v@ccine injuries. That's what caused all my problems. My college boosters thank you very much.

They're like, oh, just take all these, we're like, I'm like, okay, fine. And then I didn't know, and then a year later I had all this stuff. I was a mess. But we're finding out now, thank God. We're finding out now.

Anyway, in the last year I started it was probably two or three years ago that I started adding silica to my water. Because I read the book by Dennis Crouse and I'll put the link below to his book.

Great book, highly recommend. He had incredible results with his mother-in-law who had Alzheimer's and in the old days I'd be so careful about not saying certain things like that disease.

But now after we've seen how the C D C and all these 3D three letter agencies have completely screwed us over, it's no wonder they wouldn't let us say all this stuff before they, they had a monopoly on the healthcare. Industry, the Medical Industrial Complex.

What a joke. Anyway, his mother-in-law, I think had Alzheimer's and got much better drinking water with added, with silica. Like she got, she went from not knowing couldn't think, couldn't remember anything to being able to cook meals again and, being functional again. Highly functional.

This is not a secret. If you go look up Dr. Christopher Exley, I can put a link to his book below as well. He goes into all the science behind why aluminum is. Such a toxin and why it's so bad for us.

And yeah, it's in all these, including the latest one. It's in all these, and I guess I can, I don't, I'm not gonna put this video on Fluff Tube.

The, v@ccines, right? It's in all of 'em . It is what they use, like a preservative. There are safe preservatives. They could have put safe preservatives in these things, but again, I don't think they're making  for our health. I don't, I think that's pretty clear by now.

So anyway, we won't get into all that, but save that for another video. The point is I started taking silica water after I read Ex-- not Exley's book Crouse and great book.

He connected the dots between all of the  longest living people, the people with the highest rates of longevity, the who lived the longest in what's called the Blue Zones.

And he realized it was all their high intake of silica. Now you can get silica from food. Of course, there's lots of good sources one of the better sources is anything that has skin on it, like potatoes, bananas whole grains have silica.

One of the best you're gonna thank me for this, but yeah, beer is high in silica, so that's cool.So drink a beer with dinner.

But anyway, there are a lot of good sources of silica, but he looked at all these different places where they were eating a lot of silica and they also had a lot of silica in their soil, and he realized that those were the people that were the healthiest. So yeah, he had these incredible results with his mother.

He had a recipe for making silica water at home. So I. Started doing that myself in my Berkey, and that's what I'm gonna show you how to do in this video. Then probably like a year later, I started also making the pool water, which that recipe's below, and I was doing pool water  with the silica water.

Okay. Drinking silica water, cooking with my silica basically using my silica water for everything. So it's just basically my Berkey water, but I'm adding a little bit of silica to it, that's all.

So I call it silica water. So then I started adding the quote unquote pool water. It is not pool water.

It is something I can't say the name of because they will because I've been so canceled. Okay. But. So is everybody that's talking about it why, are they so canceled? Because it works. Because it works. If it didn't work, they wouldn't cancel them.

Okay. For all kinds of things. So if you go watch my pool water video, you can learn about that.

But the combination of these two things, my gray hair was going away, my wrinkles were going away. I'm 55 years old this year, so it's pretty incredible. You can notice a difference when you start seeing things. Like your wrinkles start to fade. And I went from sleeping eight hours a night to only five hours a night.

Now, here's what's interesting, and I do believe God helped me figure this out. I stopped adding the silica, I was doing the pool water. I thought, oh my gosh, this is the holy grail, this pool water stuff.

This, is it. I don't need to do the silica water anymore. And I believe this was a God thing because after I did that, suddenly I started  over period of of I don't know how many weeks.

Suddenly I started needing to sleep eight hours again. And I thought it was just because of the stress. Because I was going through divorce. Nope.

Because guess what? After I moved, I'm like I'm gonna just try to start adding the silica to the water again in addition to the pool water. I don't, it was some other reason I think because I learned about the benefits of silica, that it wasn't just that it detoxes aluminum, but it also builds collagen.

And I'm like, that's good. I should probably go back to that silica thing because it's not a big deal and to add it to my water and it's, good for me.

So I added it back. What do you know? Within a few days, I was back to only needing five hours of sleep. So there is something about the combination of the silica water with this pool water, the pool water.

Again, you can go watch the other video, but it, is oxygenating your water inside your body and it's causing the silica to get into the cells. I really believe that. So, would it be beneficial for you just to do the silica water? Absolutely. If you only do the silica water, you should. Look at what happened to Krause's mother-in-law.

Absolutely. Because, because you have to keep in mind I'm really healthy. I don't have anything wrong with me at 55.

I have no medications, no nothing. Literally nothing wrong with me, but I cured myself in my twenties way back when It's hard for me to know what kind of benefits you're gonna get just from the silica water alone, right?

Or just from the pool water alone. But if you do the two together, I'm telling you. So now my next step is gonna be adding more supplements. I've got on my supplements page. I'll link that below collagen that I recommend. I've got patches I'm starting. Those will be linked below. I'm about to order those today.

Really excited about those. Recommended from somebody I trust very, highly and she's getting great results. What else? Zeolite.

There's various things that I recommend, so go to that page and you can check that out. You can also go check those out. If, for whatever reason you are not ready to start this whole project of like silica water and pool water, yet you may be like, that sounds really good, but I'm in the middle of moving.

Or I've got stuff going on. I can't start, with some supplements. Okay, here's the bottom line guys.

God has all these ways to help you, but unless you do any of them, nothing's gonna change. If you're experiencing health problems right now, you need to take action. You need to take action.

And I have lots of ways to do it and it's, there's many paths up a mountain, but the only things that I'm gonna recommend are things that I know work, either that I personally experienced results and or people I know have experienced results.

Okay? Every single one. These are not, these are. And also just seeing lots and lots of results in the community.

That I'm in of, health people. Okay. So I'm not a doctor. I always say that I'm not a doctor the doctors didn't have anything for me when I had rheumatoid arthritis from these, they had shots in surgery and those don't help you. They killed my, my my stepmom. She had the same thing, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and she died very young after they gave her all those drugs.

You have to decide to take control of your health and you have to decide that you're gonna do something. So anyway, I always had to say that because it seems a lot of people are like I just don't know how to get started or don't know if, just start somewhere. Start taking some collagen.

Start taking the zeolite, start making this silica water. So let me show you how to do it. It's really, easy. You only need a few things.

The first thing you need is a Berkey. Now you can do it using a Brita. That's how Dennis Crouse does it. I'll put the link to Dennis's recipe below as well, so you can certainly do it his way.

I use a Berkey and I'm gonna tell you why. A Berkey is just way bigger than a Brita And Britas for me are just not, if you're a single person or you only have two people in your family, you could use a, Brita. And I haven't done the research as far as what all it takes out and if it takes the everything out.

I haven't tested the water to see if a Brita as effective as a Berkey. But Yeah if, you have  a Brita, go ahead.

Personally, I would not use a Brita because they're too small. I have two kids and I use a lot of water because I also use my water for cooking. I don't just use it for drinking.

So for me personally, it's just a non-starter. It's too small. The other thing is even a Brita but especially like zero water and these other filters are are very Expensive because you have to replace the filters. I will do a post at some point where I compare the how much you spend on filters.

Basically it's that scam from the, you buy the razors cheap, but then the blades are really expensive where you buy the printer and then the  toners are really expensive. Same thing with filters. You pay a fortune, especially like zero water, the ones at Target. And Bed Bath and Beyond.

Of course, they're really expensive, but if you go, that's why you can only get the Berkey online. They don't have Berkeys at Target. You ever wonder why? Because it really works and it's really cheap. It's the best out there. Now, people have said, some people say, oh, but the Berkey leeches aluminum into your water.

No. That's not true. I, at some point I will find the time to write that whole post and go into detail about that. But I have researched that extensively.

And the water, the specific type of aluminum, they're only talking about the fluoride filters. Okay? And the aluminum that gets into your water, it's not water soluble.

Yeah, there is. So that's a lot of things. They're using this, a lot of the people that are going crazy on YouTube, they're like, oh my gosh, the Berkey's leaching aluminum. It's got all this, shows up, all this numbers on the lab tests. A lot of them are using a TDS not Trump Derangement Syndrome...

It's a Total Dissolved Solids.. Of course, it's gonna show that it has stuff in there because Berkey doesn't take the minerals out.

This is why I also don't recommend a reverse osmosis. Not only because it takes all the minerals out, which you don't want, and you can put minerals back in. So if you have a reverse osmosis, don't freak out.

You can keep using it. Just add, you need to add minerals and you can add you can Google it, but you can add sea salt essential Celtic sea salt into your water. You can add there's something else called concentrate you can get. So you can research how to do that, but go ahead and add your minerals back if you're using reverse osmosis.

To me it's an extra step and you, it's just, I just don't, recommend reverse osmosis. For me, it's just overkill. And because I'm adding silica to my water, because I know how important silica is for so many reasons. I want to, just use the Berkey. It's the biggest, it's the cheapest and it is Keeping all the minerals.

If you did have a reverse osmosis that you're using and you wanna just make this silica water in your, in a Brita, you could do that. I wouldn't recommend the, zero water. Cause it's super expensive for those build it's way. I think it's even more, it's a lot more than the Brita, but if just for short term until you get a Berkey.

I would say that I love the Burkey. I think it's the best product out there. And it enables you to make this silica water. In a very easy, effective way. Eventually, hopefully our water supply will change and we will be able to get clean water, but I don't know how long that's gonna take.

So for now, this is the best solution. All right my link to the recipe is below for the silica water. You wanna go ahead and get a burkey or whatever you're gonna use. If you don't have a Berkey, you can do it the other ways.

Like I said, use Dennis Krause's recipe for the, Brita. But you do need some sort of gravitation filter to make this recipe.

Next, you're gonna need tap water, and then next you're gonna need three ingredients. Just three. Not a big deal.

I keep them in this thing right here, which I have under my sink. It just fits on the door. A cover door under my sink. So the first one is called Sodium Silicate. Sodium silicate. Silicate.

This I got at the chemical store. It's the only kind of weird thing that you have to buy at a special store. But this is gonna last forever. I've had this for a couple years and maybe two or three years. Maybe four. It's so much you barely use any of it. So that'll last you a really long time and it's really cheap.

Next you're gonna get this sodium bisulfate, and this you can get on Amazon, I believe. You can also get it at The Chemical Store too.

But otherwise I don't really know where else to get this. But the link below is to Amazon. I do have affiliate links in my post, so I do, it does help me if you guys order from me.

But you don't have to. You can get 'em the stuff other places. Okay, so finally baking soda. That's it, that's all you need. Then you need measuring spoons and that's all. So I'm gonna show you what to do. Let me move my camera and I will show you.

Okay, so I brought my Berkey over here. Usually keep it over there, but I wanted to be able to show you all we need is one, measuring spoon, the quarter teaspoon. If you're in your, and you're using metric, you're gonna have to do the translation, and I can maybe fix it at some point. But for now, here in America, we are just using this.

We also need a glass. Measuring cup. You could also just use, it doesn't really matter. You could use a glass. You're just gonna be putting it in the microwave. I like Pyrex, so I just do it in this. Now this is a little bit complicated, but let me explain why I do it the way I do it.

Dennis Crouse on his recipe, which is below for the Brita, he does he's using pinch and dash, I think, or smidgen.

Which is fine, and I actually have measuring spoons for those. You can get those on Amazon, so if you're doing it in Brita certainly do it that way. You can make it smaller amounts. My thing is I like to make it less often. I've got a lot going on, so I wanna make it least three gallons at a time.

When I originally wrote this recipe, I had a four gallon Berkey, which, whatever name that's called, I don't remember the names.

Now I bought a new one and I accidentally bought a slightly smaller one. So mine's 3.25 gallons. It's, there's the big one, the royal one. I don't remember all the names. So whatever.

I'm just still making it the same way with the quarter teaspoon. But because I like simplicity, I don't like things to be complicated because I can't remember especially with all the stress we've had lately.

So what I do is I just do the same recipe. I just eyeball it and do a little bit less. Okay. Let me explain, but this recipe is for four gallons.

So if you have only doing two gallons at a time in a Berkey, for example, you could just cut this recipe in half. And if you, but if you have a four gallon Berkey, make four gallons. If you have a six gallon Berkey, I think there is such a thing. Increasing. Okay. At some point maybe I can put together a spreadsheet with all the different amounts.

I read a while back that the Trump family, when they were in the White House, only drank Fiji water, and I also read that he only sleeps five hours a night. And so I was like, and then he talked about the pool water. He didn't say pool water, but he said there's something you could take to disinfect on the inside.

So we knew what he was talking about. I didn't at the time. I found out later. Put the pieces together. I'm pretty sure he knows about pool water link below to that. But if he's doing both of them, that makes sense.

Why he's only sleeping five hours a night like me. I don't know. I could be wrong, but I think I've  stumbled onto this just because I'm a weird biohacker and it's pretty great.

It's pretty great now again, but just, be patient with me because I don't know everything. I'm just a person. I would love it if Dennis Crouse would make, would try this the, pool water and see what happens for him. I'd love for some of these guys to do it.

And again, like Exley said, you can't do this at home, but, sorry, I know, I can see that when I am doing the pool water and the silica water I'm sleeping five hours a night, so there's no way that I am getting a ton of aluminum.

From the Berkey number one, that's not happening because I would know because I wouldn't get these results.

And there's no way that, that he can say that we can't make this at home. It's happening. Okay. It's like Kerri Rivera and her, what she's doing with the kids with autism and reversing autism with the pool water.

It's people say, oh, that can't be done. Then you just get it outta the way. We're doing it.

All right. So let me show you what to do. This is really easy. It's three steps. You need one spoon. One cup. This is just tap water in here and your Berkey. And let's see, it's gonna be 1, 2, 3.

So we're gonna start with this. And then number two, and then number three. So number one is the sodium silicate, which you get from the chemical store.

And we are gonna add this to this cup of water gets hard, so you have to scratch it off again. You see how it's like a big block of it, like it gets it's minerals it's it's gets hard so you can't measure it.

Exactly. Anyway, so I'm just doing a little bit like a quarter less than my quarter teaspoon. But if you were doing this for one, if you're doing this for One for four gallons. Here's how much you need. Three of these.

So three quarters of a teaspoon. Three quarters of a teaspoon. And we're just gonna dump that in and I'll do it for you cause I'll just use it later. So that's one,

that's two. And I'm just gonna do a little less because I'm only doing it for three. Gallons, and I'm just eyeballing it. So that's three.

Now I'm gonna take this and I'm gonna put it in a microwave for about a minute. It needs to boil for 30 seconds so you can watch and see how long it takes your microwave to boil.

But usually I'll do it for a minute to a minute and a half or just a minute. A minute is fine. It'll boil pretty fast. And you just want it to dissolve. See how it's all solid at the bottom and it's white. That's what you don't want. You wanna put it in the microwave. You can do this on the stove as well if you don't have a microwave.

Okay, next you need a pitcher. This is the only other thing you need is a pitcher and this is a gallon size pitcher. Get 'em anywhere. A gallon.

You can measure it and just fill it up to where a gallon is with tap water. You can actually if you like, you can draw a line with a marker so that you can see where to fill it up to. I just eyeball it.

Okay. I didn't watch to see how long, but you can see it's not quite broken down yet. So I really think it needs to go in for a minute and a half to two minutes. So I'm gonna put it in for another half a minute and let's see.

Okay. Yeah, it really depends on how much water you use in your measuring cup, if you're using a half a cup or a cup and how much silica you're putting. Because I was only using, like I said, a quarter teaspoon and it would boil faster. So now that I'm using three quarters of a teaspoon, it takes a little longer.

That's why I wasn't doing it right. But I just looked in the microwave when it was going and it only. It wasn't boiling after a minute. It took at least a minute for it to start boiling.

So I did two minutes for a cup. But it, your mileage may vary again. If you want to make extra water to be able to have I just to be ahead of the game because sometimes I don't always refill my Berkey every day.

I'm not one of those people that's I admire those people, but I'm just not, sometimes I forget.  I have a thing that I use that I can use these type of you can either get what is this, three gallons or five gallons, and then you can fill these up from your Berkey and then use this to dispense water while you're making water.

I just like to do it that way because then I always have extra water. That's all.

The other thing I wanna add here is that you should clean your Berkey every so often. Another reason why it's good to have something else that could be dispensing while you're making Berkey, becuse it takes a few hours for you to make Berkey water. Because you're adding minerals to your Berkey, it does slime up the filters a little bit.

It's not a big deal. It's just that. You do need to just clean it. You just can dump it out. Run water through it, put water inside it, and use like a bristle brush to clean it.

You don't need to use any soap or anything like that, but if you notice your, Berkey black filters getting a little slimy from all the minerals, just clean them. That's all.

Okay, so now you can see you can see there's, a lot of powder I can see at the bottom. There's no big chunks of it anymore..

Inside the thing itself, there's like big rocks of it. It's, a mineral, right? Like magnesium or something like that. So you can see if you just put a fork in there, it just all dissolves, and that's all we want.

We just want it to be dissolved. So it did take two minutes for me. Okay, so now I'm just gonna add it to my water

and I'm gonna add this to the Berkey. I literally just made Berkeywater a little while ago, so I can't add it yet, so I'm gonna set it aside. Once it goes down. Cause if you add too much in your Berkey, it will overflow and we don't want that. That'd be not be good.

I will add this to, I will, you know what, let's go ahead and add the other minerals to this and then and then we're gonna add to a four gallon Berkey.

We're gonna add three more gallons of just plain tap water. And that's it. That's all you gotta do. So let's add the other ones. Take your quarter teaspoon. The Sodium Bisulfate, you're gonna take and add just two. Instead of three of these quarter teaspoons, you're gonna add two.

Okay? And I'm gonna edit this part out cuz I have to add two more cause I accidentally screwed up and add two. So again, I'm eyeballing it and adding a little bit less, cuz I'm only making three gallons.

At some point I'll update that recipe and make it so that it has the right amount. Okay. Finally this is a one quarter teaspoon for four gallons of water. This is one quarter teaspoon of baking soda. Now Dennis, in his recipe, he has you add that last after you filter everything. I don't know if you have to do it that way.

I know the Berkey keeps the minerals. I know you do need to do it in a burki because or a Brita because you need to filter out. Stuff that's in this, these silica. But I don't know if it matters if you add the baking soda at the very end. If somebody has any feedback on that, let me know. But for now, I'm just doing it this way just cause it's easier.

And I like my recipes to be easy. If it's too complicated and I have to do another step separately, then it just makes it more complicated. I like to keep things easy.

All right, you can stir this little bit, just get it all combined, and then you're gonna dump this in the Berkey, and then you're gonna add the other gallons of water, and that's it.

That is your silica water, and you just dispense it right outta your Berkey and you're done.

So that's all for this video. If you guys have questions, let me know. I'm gonna start a weekly Q and A probably in August after I get back from France. I will be posting about that.

Make sure you follow me on Twitter and sign up for my email updates because I'll be announcing when I do that Q and A.

I would love to interact with you guys and talk about your results with the pool water, with the silica water and any of the other supplements that we are taking, and let's all biohack together and figure out what's working and see what kind of results people are getting.

Sign up for my email  updates, and I'll put the link below.