What The Nurses Saw

The bestselling book, What the Nurses Saw, is a new collection of interviews with whistleblower nurses who were reporting systemic medical murders that took place during COVID – and are still happening to this day.

What The Nurses Saw

The bestselling book, What the Nurses Saw, is a new collection of interviews with whistleblower nurses who were reporting systemic medical murders that took place during COVID – and are still happening to this day.

Thank you to the very talented cartoonist, Anne Gibbons of Anne Can't Stand It for creating this cartoon and allowing me to republish it.

Cartoon by Anne Gibbons of Anne Can't Stand It

It needs to be seen. So many people still have no idea what really happened – and what is still happening in hospitals, the modern day "killing fields."

Anne's cartoon made me aware of Ken McCarthy's book, What the Nurses Saw, which I just started reading. The stories are horrifying but necessary to understand.

You can also go watch the video interviews with the whistleblower nurses on Ken McCarthy's website, WhatTheNursesSaw.com.

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Order What The Nurses Saw on Amazon.

What The Nurses Saw on Amazon

About The Book: What The Nurses Saw

No human activity can ever be free from error, but to be clear, this book is not about the kind of error all human beings are prone to.

As you will learn from the eye-witness accounts and technical information presented in this book, calling the failed COVID protocols “errors” is not accurate.

What The Nurses Saw — It was Murder

These protocols were explicitly ordered by those who took dictatorial control of the medical system early in the Panic (spring of 2020). Further, when they were shown to be demonstrably failing and harming many thousands of people, experienced healthcare professionals who raised informed concerns were silenced through demotion, firing, and organized campaigns of harassment promoted by the news media and enabled by companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok, in some cases in collaboration with the White House and the Department of Justice’s FBI.

If this sounds very bad, it’s because it is.

What The Nurses Saw is documentation of what happens in the real world when bureaucrats, in this case bureaucrats in Washington DC, take literal dictatorial control over the practice of medicine.

On a pure dollar and cents level, one of every five dollars spent in the U.S. is spent on the products of the medical services industry, as is one of every three tax dollars. The U.S., more than any country in the world, and by a large measure, has been colonized by this industry. As part of this process, the industry and its operatives have corrupted and perverted science, academia, and the news media. Now it’s hard at work to weaken and degrade the last pillar that keeps the system even remotely functioning — the integrity of the nursing profession.

If we fail to support our good nurses, help them hold the line, and start aggressively turning things around, there is no practical limit to how far this totalitarian medical dictatorship which we in fact live under will go in its future abuse and exploitation of human beings.

Featuring in-depth interviews with:

Erin Marie Olszewski,
Kevin Corbett Ph.D.,
Kimberly Overton,
Ashley Grogg,
Kristen Nagle,
Sarah Choujounian,
AJ DePriest,
Mark Bishofsky,
and Katie Spence.

What The Nurses Saw on Amazon

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