No More Gray Hair?

No More Gray Hair?

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Wow, guys, I am blown away! My gray hair is disappearing ever since I started this one supplement a few months ago.

I was wishing for a product that would reverse my gray hair years ago when I first started using Monat shampoo.

By the way, I'm still using Monat, still loving it, and intent to be writing more about that in the near future. Here's a link to the Monat review I wrote back in 2018.

But, anyway, let's get back to my gray hair disappearing. It is really happening! I can't believe it... but it seems to be true.

Check Out The Photos

Here are a few photos I snapped yesterday before my appointment at the hair salon.

It has been two and a half months since my last cut and color appointment.  

I was amazed because normally there is a LOT more gray in my roots after two months. I used to go every 6-8 weeks or else it would get too gray.

You can see some strands in the picture below, but not a whole lot.

How Am I Getting Rid of My Gray Hair?

What am I taking to reverse my gray hair?  Pool water.

The only supplements I am taking since the end of February are what I call the pool water, iv3rm3ctin, food-grade diatomaceous earth, and zeolite.  I also took 2 mebendazole pills (dewormer) in March.

I started on pool water only on February 26, and cut out all other supplements. I took the mebendazole in March. I didn't start back on the iv3rm3ctin until about a week or two ago. And I started on the zeolite in April.

What Is All This Stuff & How Does It Work?

I think the pool water is the foundational treatment that is really working for my health. The others are helpful in addition to the pool water, but that is what I believe is making the biggest difference.

The iv3rm3ctin and mebendazole are dewormers which work for intestinal worms. That is the one thing pool water will not kill – however, it does work to break down the biofilm the worms hide in (they can even hide from the iv3rm3ctin and mebendazole).

The zeolite also helps to remove metals and other toxins, like the pool water does, and it helps to work as a binder.

The diatomaceous earth is also a binder. I'll be posting a video soon all about binders and why they help you detox.

Learn More About "Pool Water"

You can go here to read my pool water testimonial and go here to read testimonials from others.

Follow this link to learn more about pool water.

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