MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

In this post, I share why I switched to MONAT hair products in 2017, how they transformed my hair and why I have sworn by them for the past 5 years.

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products
Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Care

In this post, I share why I switched to MONAT hair products in 2017, how they transformed my hair and why I have sworn by them for the past 5 years.

I swear by these products and love to share them. They have totally revolutionized my hair, and I have helped countless others experience great results.

What Are MONAT Hair Products & Why Are They So Special?

MONAT (pronounced “Mo-NAT” — it stands for “Modern Natural”) hair products are free of toxins found in most hair products.

But there’s more… MONAT actually works better than regular hair products. I’ve been using MONAT for 5 years now and I have the best hair in my life.

This is a long post so I’m listing the sections so you can jump down to what interests you...

Why We Need to Avoid Toxic Beauty Products
My Experience with Natural Hair Products
Why I Switched to MONAT
MONAT is One of the Least Toxic Hair Product Lines on the Market
What Makes MONAT Special
Benefits of MONAT
MONAT Testimonials
What About the Cost of MONAT?
How to Save the Most Money Buying MONAT Products
Which MONAT Products Should You Start With?
Order Today: 3 Ways to Order MONAT Products and Save

Why We Need to Avoid Toxic Beauty Products

Most hair care and beauty products are toxic, due to the fact that the beauty industry is not regulated like the food industry.

We know that we absorb toxins via the skin. Think about the nicotine patch — if that works by being absorbed into your skin, why wouldn’t other products do the same thing? It turns out we do absorb these toxins through the pores of our skin, and studies show they cause all kinds of health problems from breast cancer to infertility. They can also lead to hormone disorders like hypothyroidism.

Ingredients like parabens, which are commonly found in beauty and hair care products, have been linked to breast cancer. Parabens have also been linked to infertility. Read more about the dangers of parabens.

Phthalates are also very commonly used in personal care products and are another cause for concern. “In the past few years, researchers have linked phthalates to asthma, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, breast cancer, obesity and type II diabetes, low IQ, neurodevelopmental issues, behavioral issues, autism spectrum disorders, altered reproductive development and male fertility issues.” (Source)

In addtion, phthalates are also one of the top endocrine disruptors. What that means is they screw up your hormones. I have so many readers and friends who are suffering from hormonal disorders. The last thing we need is to make our hormones worse with our personal care products.

My Experience with Natural Hair Products

Because I was concerned about the health hazards of using conventional beauty products, I started using more natural hair products over a decade ago. In this section, I explain why I chose the products I did, and why I ultimately switched to MONAT.

My Experience with Aveda

I started using Aveda a little over 10 years ago. Aveda products smell great and are less toxic than conventional hair products, however, they are not as pure as others.

There is a website run by the Environmental Working Group called Skin Deep. They score personal care products and ingredients. The lower the score, the less toxic the product or ingredient is.

Aveda on SkinDeep

All things considered, Aveda Shampure shampoo is pretty good. It scores a 4 on Skin Deep. A score of 4 is not bad. It means Aveda shampoo is better than most shampoos. Compare, for example this shampoo made by Redken — it scores a 10 which is the worst you can score on Skin Deep.

Why Avoid PEGs and Fragrance?

That being said, Aveda Shaumpure still has a lot of ingredients that are toxic… for example, PEGs and fragrance (parfum).

So, what’s wrong with PEGs? “Perhaps most troubling is that PEG compounds are routinely contaminated with the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane. Surveys of cosmetic raw materials and finished products for the presence of the carcinogen 1,4-dioxane have been conducted by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration since 1979. The carcinogen 1,4-dioxane was found in raw materials at levels up to 1,410 parts per million (ppm), and at levels up to 279 ppm in cosmetic finished products. Levels of 1,4-dioxane in excess of 85 ppm in children’s shampoos indicate that continued monitoring of raw materials and finished products is warranted, according to FDA researchers. In a 1991 study, 48 percent of the total cosmetic products investigated contained 1,4-dioxane at levels from 7.3 ppm to 85.9 ppm. Studies show that 1,4-dioxane readily penetrates human skin. (Source)

Yikes, right? Read more about what’s wrong with PEG.

Okay, so what’s wrong with fragrance (parfum)? Plenty! Read why we should avoid fragrance (parfum).

Bottom line: Aveda’s not the worst and it is a big step up from most conventional hair care lines… but I knew I could do better.

My Experience with “No Poo”

Next on my natural hair care journey, I tried the “no poo” method. Around 2007 when I started blogging about health, I was learning that shampoo is actually detergent and you shouldn’t be washing your hair with it. Detergent is not only toxic, but it dries out your hair and damages it.

“No Poo” is a “no shampoo” method in which you don’t use any shampoo or conditioner — you just use baking soda and vinegar and water. However,
“no poo” was a disaster for me. Even though I tried it for 3 months, I could never get it to work. I went through the “detox period” but it never “detoxed”. My hair stayed greasy and nasty.

I guess it’s because here in Southern California, we have very hard water. They say “no poo” won’t work for people with hard water. But besides that, I never liked the process of putting baking soda and apple cider vinegar on my hair. It was ice cold in the shower and my hair smelled like salad. Yuck!

My Experience with Wen

After I had my second baby in 2014, I was at home on the couch, breastfeeding and watching a lot of QVC and HSN. Which is when I first learned about Wen and gave it a try. I liked it a lot. Wen smells as good or even better than Aveda… which is much better than your hair smelling like apple cider vinegar — ha!

Wen on SkinDeep

Wen is also less toxic than Aveda according to the Skin Deep website. While Wen is not listed in SkinDeep, you can look up all the ingredients, which I did. I searched all of the ingredients in the Wen Sweet Almond Cleansing Conditioner. Nothing in Wen is above a 4… although it does contain the toxin PEG — PEG-60 which is a 3 — and Phenoxyethanol which is a 4.

The best thing about Wen is it does not strip and dry out your hair like shampoo does. Wen is not actually a shampoo — it’s a “cleansing conditioner”. Even if you have oily hair, the harsh detergents and chemicals in shampoo (even Aveda) dries out your hair. Wen has all the advantages of “no poo” but you don’t have to go around like a greasy hippie with hair that smells like salad.

I really loved Wen and if I hadn’t found out about MONAT this past fall, I would still be using it. Honestly, I never thought anything would make me switch from Wen. Until I tried MONAT…

Why I Switched to MONAT

A friend sent me some samples of the MONAT shampoo and conditioners in the mail to try. I used the last dregs of what was left in the sample envelopes, squeezing out every last little bit. That’s when I knew I was hooked.

Why did I switch from Wen to MONAT? Because not only is it even less toxic than Wen or Aveda (jump down for more details on the ingredients below), it also just makes my hair look amazing. I’m getting such great results, I don’t want to use anything else.

I’ve only been using MONAT for about a month but I can already tell my hair looks better. My husband has told me on more than one occasion that my hair looks really good. And he never notices my hair — or maybe it just never looked good before. At least he is honest!

My hair feels thicker, softer, shinier, and I have a lot more body and volume than when I was using Wen. I also think my color (I have highlights) looks less brassy. It’s also more manageable — it does what I want it to do with very little styling product.

My MONAT Before and After Photos

After MONAT Hair Products

Check out these pictures of me at the Emmys last fall.. this is after I had been using MONAT shampoo and conditioner for about a week:

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products
MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

That’s me with actor Jason Ritter from the new show, Kevin (Probably) Saves the World — he was also in Parenthood and Gravity Falls, and yes, he’s the late John Ritter’s son.

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

That’s me with my husband and Rhea Seehorn and Patrick Fabian, stars of Better Call Saul.

I don’t know how to describe it but my hair was just fluffy and soft and had a ton more volume — and this was with using very little styling products and I didn’t even blow dry — just let it dry naturally.

Before MONAT Hair Products

When you compare it to what my hair looked like before, it’s like night and day. Here’s a picture of me from the Emmys in 2015 when I was using Wen… (yes, that’s Jon Hamm from Mad Men, and yes, he’s just as handsome in person):

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

You can see how much thinner, flatter and more lifeless my hair was.

Here I am in 2016 at the Emmys with my husband:

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

My hair was pretty short — that was the only way I could get it to look halfway decent. Whenever I try to grow it, I end up with flat/lifeless hair. Here I am a few months later trying to grow it out:

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

See how limp and flat it looks? I ended up cutting it off again because it just started looking crappy.

I’ve always wanted to grow my hair long, but have never been able to pull it off — it never looks good long. I have a weird combination of baby fine hair that is very thick. So in other words, I have a LOT of strands but they are super super fine — like a baby’s hair. So when I try to grow it out, it just looks lifeless and thin.

I don’t want to jinx it, but with MONAT, I think I just might be able to finally grow my hair long, for the first time in my life.

After MONAT Hair Products

Here is a photo of me just this past month in December, after using MONAT since September:

MONAT Review

This is the best my hair has ever looked — since I was a teenager!

Jump down to more Before & After photos and testimonials below.

MONAT is One of the Least Toxic Hair Product Lines on the Market

OK, so let’s talk about how non-toxic MONAT really is and how non-toxic the ingredients are…

Let’s start with what you WON’T find in MONAT…

MONAT Products Do NOT Contain:

  • NO Parabens – Could be linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Sulfates – Irritating to skin and scalp.
  • NO DEA/MEA – Can be irritating to skin and eyes and could be linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Phthalates – Long-term exposure could be toxic.
  • NO PEG – Can be linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Phenoxyethanol – Can be irritating to the eyes and skin.
  • NO Ethanol – Can be drying to the hair and cause frizz and damage.
  • NO Petrochemicals – Can coat the hair shaft causing moisture loss and suffocation of the shaft.
  • NO Glutens – Can cause allergic reactions to sensitive individuals.
  • NO Sodium Chloride and NO Harsh Salt System – Can build up in tissues and cause dryness and dehydration.
  • NO Harmful Colors – Can be toxic to skin and scalp and linked to chronic disorders.
  • NO Harmful Fragrances – Can be irritating and linked to chronic disease.

MONAT on SkinDeep

You can’t find MONAT on Skin Deep (it’s only been around for a couple years) but I searched all the ingredients in MONAT Renew Shampoo. Like Wen, there is nothing in MONAT that scores above a 4. I put this all into a spreadsheet.

Click here to view the spreadsheet with all the links to the ingredients.

(Note: This spreadsheet is no longer available. At least not currently. When I got buried in the search results by Google in 2019 I lost 90% of my income. I was so mad at Google, I shut down my account. And now I no longer have access to that spreadsheet. I'll rebuild it – I have all the info. But I don't have time right now. Sorry! I promise to do it as soon as I am able.)

Fragrance in MONAT: Why It’s Safe

If you look at the spreadsheet, you’ll notice that Fragrance (parfum) is listed and it scores an 8. That is Skin Deep’s rating for synthetic fragrance, so it doesn’t apply to MONAT. Personal care product companies are not required to list the ingredients in fragrances, and they can be very toxic. However, I got a hold of all the ingredients MONAT uses in their fragrances, and they all score 3 or below.

Also, it should be noted that MONAT uses only R.O. (Reverse Osmosis) USP Pharmacopeia grade water as the base for all of the products. Sixty to eighty percent of most body care products are water (MONAT uses a lot less water — more like 40% I’ve heard).

Using R.O. water assures that the products do not contain contaminants. These contaminants include heavy metals, fluoride, pesticides and other things found in our water today. Because MONAT uses R.O. water, they are able to use fewer preservatives to maintain the integrity of the products. R.O. water acts as a sponge. It contains empty water molecules looking for something to absorb. These molecules absorb the botanical extracts and vitamins that they add in the manufacturing process, which also provides consistency and superior texture.

What Makes MONAT Special

OK, so it should be very clear… MONAT is less toxic than most other hair products, including even natural hare care product lines like Wen and Aveda.

But a less-toxic product is not enough of a reason to make me switch. I am not easily impressed and a less toxic product doesn’t do it for me. I have used other non-toxic hair care products in the past but didn’t stick with them because I didn’t get great results with my hair.

I could tell from the very first shampoo that MONAT made my hair look better than any other product I had ever tried. Now, a month later, my hair just keeps looking better and feeling better. It feels fuller, has more volume, and feels softer and fluffier.

How do they do this? What is in MONAT that makes it different?

MONAT products contain 4 key ingredients that will make all the difference for your hair… these are the ingredients unique to MONAT that will take your hair to the next level.

1. REJUVENIQE™ Oil Intensive

Rejuevniqe Oil Intensive – a blend of 11+ Ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, beta-carotene, and omega-3 fatty acids, this oil is infused in all the products except the dry shampoo and the root lifting spray. This is designed to mimic the oils your body naturally produces. As you age, your body stops producing these oils, which is why your hair gets dryer and more brittle and breaks more easily (split ends) as you age. This is why they call MONAT an “anti-aging” hair care line.

2. Capixyl(TM)

Powered with Red Clover Extract, Capixyl is a gentle emollient that helps reduce scalp inflammation and strengthens the hair and same time thickens it. Capixyl also hydrates the scalp to stimulate noticeable hair growth.


  • Outstanding clinical results prove significant decrease in hair loss effect and increase in hair regrowth.
  • Higher proven results than the other leading hair rejuvenation brands.

3. Procataline (TM)

Procataline features Pea Extract — a source of secondary Metabolites which help deliver nutrients to promote hair growth.


  • Helps reduce hair loss
  • Protects against environmental damage.
  • Protects the natural pigment in the hair follicles.
  • Keeps a healthy environment for hair growth.

4. Crodasorb (TM)

Helps to protect from the suns damaging rays and uvb damage. Crodasorb also provide defense against oxidative stress and locks in moisture preserving hairs natural pigmentation.


  • Protects natural and synthetic coloring as well as gray hair.
  • Absorbs high amounts of UVB and UVA light.
  • Penetrates the hair, allowing it to protect both the cuticle and the cortex.
  • Helps to smooth the cuticle for less damage and breakage.

Benefits of MONAT

There are a whole lot of benefits from using MONAT Hair Products…

  • 46% increase in hair growth
  • 48% decrease in DHT hormone that contributes to hair loss
  • 35% increase in hair follicle strength
  • 70% increase in repair effect improving hair anchoring
  • 76% increase in collagen directly increasing follicle size
  • 58% decrease in fiber breakage
  • 88% increased manageability
  • 55% reduced breakage and brittleness
  • 100% increased natural shine

MONAT Testimonials

There are lots of photos online of amazing MONAT before and after testimonials. Here are just a few posted within the past year on Facebook in the MONAT Hair Testimonies group

NOTE: I have had to remove all before and afters showing hair regrowth. We are not allowed to make those claims.

Curly/Kinky Hair

Sequoya’s Artist of Faith Hair Studio

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

Thank you Zhonell for allowing me to service you and your precious baby girl! Product used was sponsored by MONAT Hydration System with a little bit of the Rejuveniqe oil when I was finished! She has NO RELAXER! She is all NATURAL! You guys are missing out on this wonderful product!! — Sequoya’s Artist of Faith Hair Studio


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“Before Monat and After Monat… I have been using Monat for about two and a half months. The products I used in the after pic were renew shampoo, deep smoothing conditioner with 2 drops rejuveniqe, then I towel dried with a microfiber towel and it was still pretty damp. I applied 2 pumps leave in conditioner, curl cream, and mousse. Thank God Monat has tamed my frizz and thick hair. It’s so much more manageable now, and my curls are a lot more defined. Before, my curls only looked defined if my hair was still wet and then by the time it dried, it would look like this before pic!” — Emily


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“So, from seeing other Curly Girls reviews… I was very hesitant on using Monat’s products on my curly hair. I use specific products to help with definition and taming the frizz! So I was unsure how I would have to change that when washing my hair with Monat. I used my curly hair routine and just incorporated how I normally wash my hair.

The products I used were the Renew Shampoo, Replenish Masque with a few drops of the Rejuveniqe Oil. Then after washing, I left in the Restore Leave in Conditioner and added plenty of Cool Water and finger combed my hair. I continued on with my other hair products for styling… and finished off with the Rejuvabeads and the Rejuveniqe Oil. Wrapped my hair in a Cotton T-shirt (plopping my curls instead of twisting them) to reduce frizz.

For my second wash photo, I only used the Replenish Masque to wash and condition my hair. Then I used my regular curly products and topped off my look with Rejuvabeads and Rejuveniqe Oil!

You can tell my damaged ends now have curls, and all of my curls have tightened! My hair looks and feels so much softer and healthier.” — Ashton

Oily Hair


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“Just brushed my 3-day-hair. Y’all heard me right!! Day 3. I haven’t done a thing to it (aside from brush it) for THREE DAYS! No additional product either. I’m BLOWN away. (If you knew me before, you knew I was a grease pit within 24 hours before Monat! I’m in lust!)” — Katie


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

Dry shampoo for the win!! — Brittney

Growing Long Hair


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“One year difference: I had my hair straight last year for the 4th of July. I got a haircut last May and haven’t cut it since then. My hair was barely growing from that cut, until I started Monat in November. I only used a blow dryer in the current picture on the right. The products I used were: Intense repair shampoo, replenish masque, rejuvabeads, blow out cream, then finished with rejuveniqe oil for shine and fly aways. I wore the same exact shirt so you can see the length difference.” — Carissa


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“Holy Growth! Guys, I’m a Market Partner and I fully believe in our products but I have to be honest… I did not expect that much growth in 1 month. My routine: 1st wash IRT, 2nd wash Volume and Volumize conditioner and 1 S3 supplement a day.” — Kim


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“Okay so here’s my story: I have been a hairstylist for over 7 years. My hair was always a struggle since high school always loved being blonde and could never trim enough to retain length or health. I have worn extensions for the past 5 years because I hated my hair. Every product I used wouldn’t do as it said they honestly masked the problem not fix it.

The first pic is from May 31st (when I started Monat). The 2nd pic July 31st. And the last pic is today, October 18! I have not added blonde to my hair at all since my first pic….. the color just looks sooo healthy and honestly more blonde.

I used IRT system first. Now I use Renew shampoo and conditioner, masque occasionally, Oil and of course Rejuvabeads.

I now am confident in my hair and I have not put my extensions in since JULY. My clients and friends are noticing my hair transformation and I catch myself doing double takes on my hair. It’s truly changed my hair confidence.” — Brittany

Lack of Volume/Thin or Fine Hair


MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

“I am seriously in love! I have never been able to get growth like this. I usually would be cutting my hair right about now after trying to grow it out all winter and it still now being long enough to put in a pony tail. Since Monat I have a pony tail, my hair holds a curl and I have volume like never before. Been using the Volume System and the thickening spray since the middle of March.” — Stacy

MONAT Review: Why I Switched to MONAT Hair Products

What About the Cost of MONAT?

Cost of Wen

$1.50 to $2.50 per ounce (depending on what scent you buy — $1.55 is the cheapest you can get it during the gallon sales twice a year on QVC)

I used to use about 6 pumps for my short hair (180 pumps per month washing every day). There are 160 pumps in 16 oz (around .20 per pump or $1.20 per wash).

When I was using Wen, I would go through about 180 pumps per month — which is 1-2 16-ounce bottles of Wen per month.

This works out to about $36 per month for Wen.

Cost of Aveda

I used to use at least a tablespoon of Aveda shampoo and a tablespoon of conditioner to wash and condition my hair. That’s about an ounce.

34 ounces of Aveda Shampure shampoo or conditioner for $44 – or $1.29 per ounce — $1.29 per wash.

This works out to about $39 per month for Aveda.

Cost of MONAT

I have heard people say one bottle of MONAT shampoo and conditioner lasts them anywhere from 2-4 months and as long as a year (it depends on how often you shampoo).  I wash 2-3 times per week and my  MONAT lasts me about 6 months.

This is because MONAT is super concentrated, therefore, you only need a tiny amount. They say to use about a dime to a quarter size (1/2 teaspoon) for each wash (and to wash, rinse and repeat).

Head & Shoulders recommends on their website to use 2 full teaspoons of their shampoo.

That's the standard amount necessary for most shampoo brands. Why? Because their shampoo is not concentrated like MONAT.

So if you think you're saving money by buying a "natural salon-brand" (I won't say the name) on Amazon for $59 for the 9-ounce bottle of shampoo, you're actually not saving money...

Here's why... because you need to use 2 teaspoons per wash with other brands. And you only need to use 1 teaspoon of MONAT per wash (half a teaspoon per shampoo, and you wash twice).

So you use half as much. Because MONAT is so much more concentrated.

MONAT volume shampoo is $45 retail, $38 for a VIP customer (15% off), and only $31 when you are a Market Partner (30% off).

MONAT volume conditioner is $52, $44 for a VIP customer (15% off), and $36 for a Market Partner (30% off).

So it costs me, a Market Partner, $67 for shampoo and conditioner every six months. That's $134 per year.

In other words, less than $12 per month.

Guys, I was paying $36/month for Wen and $39/month for Aveda!

So MONAT is 70% cheaper than Wen or Aveda!

This is because with MONAT, I only have to wash my hair 2-3 times per week.  I have oily hair and I used to have to wash daily. However, with MONAT, my hair is less oily and doesn't need as much washing.

And of course, I make money when I refer people who end up buying or selling MONAT… which was something that didn’t happen with Wen.

(Jump down to learn how to make money referring MONAT.)

How to Save the Most Money Buying MONAT Products

I want to explain how to order so that you can save the most money…

I recommend everyone (1) become a VIP customer and (2) order on Flexship.

(Unless you want to become a Market Partner like me… jump down to learn more about how to start a MONAT business and save 30% and earn commissions.)

How to Save as a VIP Customer

Here’s how it works: It’s only $19.99 to become a VIP customer. This is a one-time fee that gives you 15% off all purchases FOR LIFE.

It also allows you to order via Flexship (autoship), which gives you anytime FREE shipping on orders over $84.

Here's the best part: you only have to make 2 more purchases via Flexship to stay a VIP for life.  Unlike other MLM companies that make you order every month via autoshop, MONAT only requires a total of 3 Flexship purchases for VIP Customers – and you get 15% off for life. All you have to do is push your flexship out – and you can push it out 2 months into the future.

So in other words… to save 25-30%:

1. Order one of the systems (instead of individual products) at retail and you will save 10-15%.
2. Become a VIP customer for a one-time fee of $19.99, and order on Flexship (the autoship program — similar to Amazon Subscribe & Save or Costco membership — which you can modify or postpone at any time), and you save an additional 15% plus you get FREE shipping.

MONAT Money Back Guarantee

And yes, you can still get your money back for any reason if you are not satisfied with the 30-day money-back guarantee (with the exception of the $19.99 one-time fee for VIP).

How to Enroll as a VIP

To enroll as a VIP, just click the BECOME A VIP (Customer/Become a VIP) button in the top menu bar.

MONAT Review

If you’re interested in saving even more — 30% on purchases — plus making money referring MONAT products, click here to jump down and learn more about joining me as a Market Partner.

Which MONAT Products Should You Start With?

Ready to get started on your MONAT journey? There are lots of products for your skin and hair... so many that it can be overwhelming trying to decide what to start with.

Please take my MONAT quiz and I will reply back with an email with my personal recommendations for your hair and skin.

After you take the quiz, if you want more guidance, I'll set up a free consultation with you to go over your specific issues and answer all your questions.

Order Today: 3 Ways to Order MONAT Products and Save

If you already know what you want to start with and don't want to wait, go ahead and order today.

1.) Order the products at retail.

If you want to order retail, go right ahead, but you will save more money signing up as a VIP customer (see #2 below).

2.) Become a VIP customer.

If you’re going to buy the products, you should go ahead and sign up as a VIP customer. Why?

For a one-time fee of only $19.99, you get all the products at 15% off, and you can sign up for Flexship (autoship) which gets you free shipping and access to our bi-weekly flash sales.

The one-time fee of $19.99 pays for itself the first time you order with most purchases.

To enroll as a VIP, just click the BECOME A VIP (Customer/Become a VIP) button in the top menu bar.

MONAT Review

3.) Become a MONAT Market Partner.

You will save the most money on MONAT products when you join MONAT as a Market Partner. Not only do you save 30% on the products, you also earn commissions on the products you refer.

You can also write off all your business expenses (from cell phone to internet to computer) as a tax deduction. If you’ve been following me for a while, you know I tell everyone to find a “side hustle business” just for tax reasons alone. See my post on Top 5 Reasons Everyone Should Do a Side Hustle Business.

How to Join as a MONAT Market Partner

Click here to sign up and start your MONAT business now. All you have to do is choose a starter kit and you’re in business. You can start for as little as $99 USD ($125 CAD) — with an annual $50 renewal fee.

However, I recommend getting one of the product packs instead of just the basic $99 starter kit, because you will save so much money.

Not only are these product packs tax deductible as a business expense, but they are discounted 50%+ off the retail price. This is absolutely the most inexpensive way to try the products, and you will also have inventory to sell.

Sign Up Now!

What are you waiting for? If you are ready to start a new chapter in your life, this is your opportunity!

If you change your mind, MONAT offers a 30-day money back guarantee on all the products (including the product packs) so you have literally nothing to lose.

Sign up as MONAT Market Partner today.

Questions About This MONAT Review?

Feel free to comment below or email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com — I’m happy to talk to you and help you get started.

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