Incredible Monat Skincare Sale: Save Up to 76% -- This Weekend Only (Video)

Hey there! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Monat is having an incredible sale on their products, and I just couldn't resist buying some for myself. In this video, I'll walk you through the sale and give you all the details.

Incredible Monat Skincare Sale: Save Up to 76% -- This Weekend Only (Video)

Hey there! I wanted to share some exciting news with you. Monat is having an incredible sale on their products, and I just couldn't resist buying some for myself. In this video, I'll walk you through the sale and give you all the details.

Whether you're a VIP customer or a market partner, this sale is a great opportunity to stock up on your favorite skincare products for just $12 each.

I'll also share some tips on how to save money and even start your own online business with Monat. Don't miss out on this amazing deal -- I am saving 76%!

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Watch the Video: Incredible Monat Skincare Sale: Save Up to 76% (This Weekend Only)

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Order Monat Products & Take Advantage of This Sale

Here's my link to order:

You can go ahead and just order as a VIP Customer or Market Partner. (You can't get in on the sale as a Retail Customer.)

If you want my help ordering, please don't hesitate to contact me: email me ASAP at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com. Put MONAT in the subject line.

I love to help and I have time for you! I can set up your cart for you, or we can do a phone call, zoom call or Facetime and set it up together.

This amazing sale will end this Sunday so don't wait!


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Before and After Photos of Monat Skincare

Here are some before and after photos of real people using Monat skincare. There are tons more on Facebook but I'm banned on there so I can't get on. (Thanks, Zuck – you'll be getting sued soon.)

But feel free to go look around on Facebook or just google "Monat skincare before and after).

Just don't wait too long to contact me to get in on this sale because it ends this Sunday.

Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with MONAT in the subject line and I can answer any questions you have and even help you set up your cart.

Video Transcript

Hey guys, it's Ann-Marie. I just wanted to jump on and let you know, I just got an email about a new sale for MONAT skincare and this is an amazing sale. I have not bought any MONAT products. I just did buy some last week. It was the first time I bought anything in years and I'm gonna explain why, but I'm so excited about this because I've been wanting to buy and I was waiting for a sale and it's here.

This is an incredible sale and I'm gonna walk you through in this video how much you can save on the skincare.

So if you've been wanting to try this skincare now is the time to stock up This skincare is the best that I've ever Had I am NOT a big makeup person. I'm not a big... I don't wear makeup.

Usually just usually a little bit of lipstick or lip gloss just because I don't know. I just don't like... for me personally nothing against other people but for me personally I just don't like a heavily made up face and I just honestly the biggest reason I just don't have the time I'm just not that kind of person to spend time on that.

I just don't think about it. But If you have good skin, you don't need it really. You don't need a lot of makeup.

For 55 I'm looking pretty good, but I know I'm going to look a lot better once I get back on the skincare. Honestly, the reason I wasn't buying it for so long was because of my marriage.

I am now divorced I had a situation where I'll just try to say this in the nicest way that I can. I was not really allowed to buy anything.

Now he would dispute that. He would say that he let me buy anything and he did, but anything that I did had constant criticism. So I only bought makeup and skincare and things that I bought for myself through my business.

But then I got canceled. I got canceled in 2019 when the deep state came after me and completely destroyed my business. I lost 95% of my income that I had worked so hard to build up over the years, part on a part time basis. So that's fine. But that's why I didn't buy anything for a few years.

I ended up having to go into a debt consolidation program because I couldn't pay my credit cards, my business credit cards. These were all business expenses that I had paid for to rebuild my business and suddenly I couldn't pay them. So luckily I did find a good credit consolidation program. They were awesome.

If you need information on that, contact me, I'll send it to you. They really helped me. They saved me a lot of money because I was paying them the minimums on my two business credit cards every single month... Anyway, I got out of it.

Needless to say ...all I'm gonna say is that I was not able to take care of myself in the way that I should... and I got's like those frogs in boiling water where you know... don't realize that you're being boiled to death...

That's how I like to think of my marriage.

Anyway, I did just go ahead and purchase last week they had a sale and I ordered some of the, I got the kit. I got some of the Rejuvenique really cheap and then I bought the damage kit because during COVID the pandemic I had, you could see my hair's cut short, shorter here. And that's because it was so damaged cause I didn't get my ends cut for years.

Again, it got to such an extreme where I just didn't do anything for myself, which is why I just went to France for three weeks.

I had to like, get myself back into the mindset of, yes, I'm a human being who needs normal things, right?

I don't go out and buy luxury purses. I don't go out and buy, I never hardly buy myself anything.

And it's time. It's time to buy skincare. It's time to get back to taking care of me.

So I'm anyway, that's my I just wanted to share with you why I hadn't bought because it you know... and why I haven't talked about Monat.

I didn't work for so long just because I was taking care of my family.

But I am back and I'm going to be promoting Monet again, so if you're watching this and you're one of my VIP's customers

There's basically three ways to buy in Monat...

So you can sign up, you can buy retail, which you can't take advantage of the sales.

So why would you do that? So I don't even consider buying retail. If you just want to buy one thing and try it fine, but otherwise you need to either become a VIP customer, which you're going to save 20% on all your orders.

Plus on top of that, you're going to save with volume discounts. And then on top of that, you're going to save with that whenever we have a flash sale, which is awesome. And they have them. about twice a month.

We don't never know when they are. So once you get on the email list, once you become a VIP customer, you'll get the emails.

Okay. Number two, to become a market partner.

Why would you become a market partner? Why wouldn't you become a market partner?

Honestly, I've been a market partner with Monat since 2017. I would never buy any other type of shampoo or conditioner or skincare. I haven't found anything better. Number one, it is the most luxurious products I've ever used.

Number two, they're all natural. Okay. These are all natural. I have done deep dives on every ingredient in MONAT. Don't fall for these lies people are telling about their hair falling out or whatever you've heard. I wrote a whole blog post about that. If you go to AnnMarieMichaels. com, go to the search bar at the top and type in Monat Lawsuits.

You can read all about it. There's no evidence to any of that, those things that happened. I believe it was a smear campaign. The third reason why I will never buy any other shampoo, conditioner skincare is because this company.

Monat is privately owned by Christians. This is not one of the deep state corporate entities.

Did you know that it's only five or six companies that own all the beauty companies out there, all the beauty companies, but Monat is privately owned and the products are made in America.

Anyway. All right, let's get into it. I'm going to show you how to do this. Basically what you can do is choose three full size skincare products for only $36.

What that means is these products that are normally a lot more expensive are only $12 right now. $12 now you have to spend 60 when you spend $60, $42 when VIP spend $70, okay, it's different for VIPs.

If you're a market partner, you get the best 30% off discount, okay, of the products.

So you have to spend only you get, you spend $60 and you're going to get your skincare products for $12.

So I am stocking up. I am stocking up. This is the best price.

And I don't even know if they'll do this for what do you call it? Black Friday. I think this is the time to jump on this skincare. If you've been wanting to try it or if you are a user of our skincare. All right, let me pause this and I'm going to go into my account.

Okay. If you are not yet a member in MONAT, if you're not either a VIP or a market partner, all you got to do is go to my link, which is....

It's cheeselave.mymonat. com

And I think, okay, this is where you go. You're going to go join now. And you, like I said, you could join as a retail customer. You don't want to do that because you're not going to get the sale.

You can join as, sorry, VIPs don't get 20% off, they get 15% off plus free shipping when you do flex ship or you always get free shipping with the flash sales.

You also get a, I think they used to do 25 a yearly bonus, like a special prize for your birthday. Let me see, free shipping, VIP points, 15% off everything.

Yeah. Birthday treat. I don't know what it is now. Only for you. Every time you order a flex ship order, which is your. Your flex ship, you're going to get a special bonus flash sales, right?

And then purchase plus that's the volume discounts. Every time you order, you're going to get extra stuff. I highly recommend becoming a VIP.

Now that said the even better deal is to become a market partner. I'm going to tell you why as a VIP. They do have the flex ship. You only have to order twice, two more times after the first time.

So your first order, which is $84 or more. So say you get in on this sale, you're going to order that first time.

And then going forward, you only have to order two more times and then you don't have to order any more ever again.

Okay. So you just, what you do is you just, every two months you push your VIP Enrollment. Cause you don't – our products are so concentrated.

The MONAT products are so concentrated. You only need half a teaspoon per wash for your hair of the shampoo.

So it's about a teaspoon of wash. Unless you have really long hair, you might use a little bit more, but that bottle of shampoo is going to last you depending on how often you wash your hair.

Three, six months most of my people have long hair that don't wash every day. They're, keeping their bottle for a year.

A year. So it may seem like our shampoo is expensive, but it's really not. It's actually cheaper than any shampoo out there. And you're not going to get anything like this in terms of the natural the ability to get natural, high quality ingredients on your hair.

Okay. So what you do is you just log into your account and Just put a reminder on your calendar every two months, just click a button and you're going to push it out. If you're not ordering anything, you can always take advantage of our flash sales. And like I said, there's no deadline. It's not oh, you have to do those two orders within a year.

No, you can push it out, So there's no rush. Okay. This talks about the flex ship order. The first time you do your VIP, you're going to pay $20, but that's a one time fee. That's all you ever have to pay. And then you're going to schedule an $84 flex ship, but you can push it out.

Okay. You can set it for two months out and put anything in there because it doesn't matter. You can change it later. Okay. If you want my help setting up your VIP just send me an email at AnnMarie at AnnMarieMichaels dot com and put Monat in the subject line. Y

ou can also text me at Oh, I don't have a text message yet. I'll get a text number so you guys can text me.

Go ahead and email me at AnnMarie at AnnMarieMichaels dot com and I will, I'll set up a message, a number for my texts in the future, but for now, email me. I will jump on the phone with you. I can even set up your cart for you and send it to you. I can help you decide what to order.

I can talk to you. I am happy to do that and I can make time anytime just to jump on a zoom call or a phone call. Okay. Okay.

So 30 day money back guarantee. There is no reason not to jump on VIP. Now what about What about if you wanted to become a market partner? So let's take a look at that.

Why would you do this? You're going to save even more.

First of all, you're going to get 30% off everything. But more than that, you're going to get commissions if you tell somebody about MONAT and they start using it.

Honestly, I think this is where everything is heading guys. I think this type of marketing social selling whatever you want to call it, network marketing it's the future.

Most of us have done it but never before have we had so many people online, never before, especially since the plan them have we had so many people knowing how to use zoom? This is it's what we're all doing. It's what we're all doing.

Do you know that I didn't sell Monat for three years because of the pandemic, we had to move from California to Texas and then I was going through divorce.

I didn't. And I was completely canceled on all the social media platforms. Do you know I didn't sell it all and I'm still making money every single month?

I'm still making money every single month because of the part time business that I had built over a couple years. Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Now what do you have?

What are the catch? What's the catch?

There's no catch. It's just $50 a year. It's $50 a year. That is a tax deductible business expense, and I'm going to be teaching a course again starting this fall about how to run a small business part time doing online marketing.

So whether you're selling shampoo, whether you have other things you're promoting, I'm going to be teaching you how to do social media, do a blog, do videos, whatever it is you want to do.

But the IRS doesn't even require you to make an income your first three years in business.

Did you know that you can save money on your taxes by starting an online business and for the first three years you can take a loss? No, I don't recommend that you do. And you probably won't because you're going to be making money.

You earn commissions, like I said, from the people that you introduced this to. So anyway. Whether you do it as a business or you just want to make, pay the 50 a year. You don't have to deal with pushing the flex ship and you're going to make money from anybody you introduce it to. You just click join now and you can set it up now for this.

Instead of setting up a card and a VIP, this, you would go ahead and I don't know why it's not clicking. I think I might need to be in the other browser. I'm in brave. I should be in Chrome, but you click. And it's going to let you pick one of the product packs. I think the cheapest ones are like $200 or $300.

You get a basic product pack, pick one that you can get the different products that you want to try. And then you can also take advantage of the skincare with this purchase.

Okay. So again, you've got questions, reach out to me. The sale is probably going to go on through Sunday. Today's Thursday. I'm going to get this video out to you right away.

And you can take advantage of this. So let me, Go back to hold on, here it is. So I'm already logged in to my back office. I'm going to go ahead and do shop. So once you oh, I could do this for you. See, I can enroll you as a VIP and I believe I can send you the cart. I can also enroll you, help you enroll as a market partner.

But again, please just reach out to me if this is something you want to do. Oh, yeah. Here we go. Here's all the product packs for market partners. I don't recommend the starter kit. The only reason is you don't really get full products. You do get samples. So that's good. If you had to go that way, you could it's better to go with one of these cheap.

Oh, they have one $49. It's just one $49, 52% savings. It's amazing. Okay. So that would get you started. That would give you a basic, you can go and look at what all the products are. And then $199, you're going to get more skin essentials. You're going to get more of the skincare. You literally could start with one of these smaller packs and be able to take advantage of the sale.

So let's go ahead and jump into it. I am already a market partner. I'm going to renew. I renew every September for $50 bucks. That's nothing when you factor in the savings that I get. It totally pays for itself.

Plus, I'm making money from my commissions. And the beauty of network marketing is, if you don't already know this, if you sign somebody up and they sign somebody up underneath them, you're still going to make money from the people below, and the people below.

That's what's awesome about it. I love it. I love it. I don't know why people think it's bad. They're crazy. They, don't.

A lot of the people that talk bad about it, they just don't know. Here's what I'm going to do. Okay, the special offers we have right now for skin care, look at this.

Normally $68, $12. Normally $76, $12. Those are moisturizers.

The sunscreen, which is amazing. I love this sunscreen. It smells so good for your face. $40. It's $12.

Okay. I haven't tried the body care yet. So excited to get that today. Face mist. Haven't tried it. Excited. I love every single product that I've ever tried.

Illuminating serum. I'm going to buy that. Eye cream. I'm buying it. The Age Control Nectar. I absolutely love it. I'm buying it. Overnight Night Haven. The most luxurious night cream you're ever going to have. The this I don't even know how to say it. Backach, backachal. I don't even know how to say it.

I'm sorry. This product is basically like a retinol. It's a retinol. I've been, I got this when it first came out. And then, like I said, I wasn't able to buy it. Because of my marriage. I'm going to get that today. I'm so excited. Okay. I'm going to walk you through the body care too. I need that. All right.

So this is all the stuff that's on sale. I'm going to take advantage of everything that I can. So what am I going to buy? I have to spend it's three full size.

They have a wellness sale too, if you're interested in that. I'm not, I'm just buying skincare, $36 MP. So $12 each. Oh, I see. It's $42. VIP. So that is $14 for each skincare item.

That's amazing. When you spend $60 or $70 – $70 as a VIP.

So I'm going to do it as a market partner. I'm telling you, that's the best deal. Sign up for that $150 pack or that $200 pack and then going forward every year. It's only $50. That is the best deal. And then and you don't have to make commissions.

You don't have to sell anything to stay as a market partner. So I don't know why people wouldn't do it. All right. I'm going to start because I need shampoo. It's been so sad. I've been actually just using my, little sample packets, which I don't want to run out of because I use them when I travel.

So I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to get some of my favorite shampoos for me and my daughter. And let's see, I'll add them to my cart. Okay. I love the volume shampoo.

So I'm going to get two of those and that's going to push me over to where it's going to tell me I can start buying skincare because 60 and I can buy three. This is amazing. You guys such a good sale. Before I do this, let me go here and show you the skincare.

Hold on. Pause.

Okay. Now you don't have to get everything like I am. I'm doing it cause I love them and I would use them if I'd had the money. I would have been using them.

And yeah, I'm a divorced single mom. My business is destroyed, but I believe in myself and you know what? It's funny when my ex husband had no job after we lost our business the first thing he did to set him back onto his path of making money, he went out and leased a BMW convertible because he wanted to feel That feeling of abundance.

And that's, what I'm doing. That's why I'm buying the skincare because first of all, it's just such a good deal, but it makes me feel like I have money. And then what happens? You attract more money.

Anyway, just, that's just my theory. All right. I wanted to show you, there's different skincare. If you go to this page, this will teach you about the different skincare.

So if you've got questions about which ones to order, if you have acne, you want to go with this. The blemish and the testimonials on those, the before and after pictures on all of these are amazing honestly, guys, we have before and after pictures like, I won't say the name, but there's some really well known there's one really well known company out there and I won't say the name cause I don't want to call out our competitors, but their products are not natural.

They're not natural. They do have incredible before and afters, but I can't recommend their products because they're full of toxins. I just can't. I just won't.

Our products have before and afters that are comparable to theirs. And ours are completely natural. So, excited. All right. Oily skin. If you have oily skin, you're going to go for this.

I don't have oily skin. I used to when I was younger, but now mine's more normal combination. So it's really a question, do you have a lot of oil that you're dealing with? It's really oily you're having to blot. Do you have acne? If you have just combination skin where you maybe have a little oil, but you also have dry.

This is the best one. Be balanced is what you want to go with. This is the full kit that the full set. Okay. Which is unbelievably cheap. Even with your discount, your regular discount, even as a VIP or an MP, you're getting it so cheap as opposed to buying skincare at a department store or Sephora or something like that.

And putting money in these, criminal's pocket. I'm not doing it. So you're going to save money anyway, but with this sale, you're going to save so much. So I go with the B balance. That's what I get.

Now, if you have dry skin, which a lot of you do, this is what you want to go with is the be gentle. Okay. So it's the cleanser even on sale.

It may not be. So I might need to buy the cleanser cause I don't think all of the skincare products are on sale. So this, then I would buy the cleanser. As one of my products that I'm buying to get to fulfill my 60 and then I'll buy the rest. I'll get the other stuff discounted. Okay. There's a cleanser.

Let me see if I can go closer.

There's a cleanser. There is a toner that's going to bring your face back to the proper pH. There is, this is what you use at night, which is the serum, the rewind. Anti aging serum. And then finally your daily moisturizer. Now, if you don't get the night Haven, you can use that daily moisturizer morning and night.

And you're going to cleanse in the morning with the cleanser. You are only going to use a pea size. Okay. Of this cleanser. Don't use a lot. It's going to last you for months. Okay. You only use a pea size and then just a tiny splash. of the, toner. Essence, I think they call it. This is really closer to Korean skincare.

It's the closest thing I've seen, but it's much more natural. The rewind you're only going to use when you cleanse at night. After you cleanse at night and take off your makeup, if you wear makeup go ahead and put the rewind on and then. Finally your moisturizer over that you're not going to use the rewind during the day.

Okay. Now if you use the other products let's see, for example okay, this is make vanishing bomb. If you do use makeup, that's, this is, I don't think that one's on sale right now. So I think that'd be one that you could get as a as one of your purchases, the cleanser. Cleanser Oh, the berry refined scrub.

I love it. I'm going to get that too because that's going to exfoliate You don't have to use that every day. You're going to use that maybe once a week...

Here's a charcoal mask. That's awesome. I haven't tried that It came out since I wasn't buying Okay, the essence The nectar, I already talked about that, that C, vitamin C, illuminating serum, serum.

You want to use that at night. Again, every single product, you're only using a small amount, just a small amount and you rub it in and put it all over. Now you're also going to want to put it on your, neck and your, what do they call this? Decolletage? De, whatever it is. I don't know. Put it there.

Eyesmooth. That's just under your eyes. At night. Yeah. Yeah. No, use that in the morning as well. This one, I think it's only at night, but I'm not sure. Let's look. This one is going to be

24 hour hydration. You can use that twice a day, I believe. It's just the vitamin C and the, Okay. A lot of product to fully absorb the the vitamin C and the anti aging rewind serum. You're going to use those only at night. Everything else you can use during the day. Oh, this one, I'm definitely going to get this as well. It is amazing for anywhere you have sagging skin lines. Deep lines, anything like that.

It is amazing that before and afters you can go look on Facebook. I'm not on Facebook anymore, but you can look up before and afters of the 32nd miracle. And again, I don't know if this is on sale, so I might have to buy it just as a purchase. Wow. Okay. Again, another product that I didn't get to try yet.

This is a hydration booster. So this is the Hyaluronic Serum. Plus this is going to lock in moisture. If you have dry skin or just aging skin, like I do. Amazing. Okay. Haven't tried that yet. Oh, this is another thing they just came out with in the last few years, which is the BB cream. I don't use makeup, but this I'm going to actually buy some.

Why? Because I do have spots. I do have spots. I know my skincare, as I've used this skincare, it's going to make my skin look better over time. It's, I know, I've seen the results with people with a month later, six months later, a year later, it's incredible. But it can't hurt. Let's use a BB cream. And that's not like a heavy makeup, okay?

Alright. Face mist, sun veil. That's your skincare. Your sunscreen. All right, let's go ahead and get started. Oh, body care. I, oh my gosh, we're not done yet. Body care. Oh, I hate all the lotions in the store. I can't stand them. I don't like them. So I'm super excited. Body polish, body serum, body lotion, and hand cream.

So I'll see what they have on sale. We'll see what they have on sale. All right. And then they do have stuff from men. All right, let's get started. I don't want to take too long. It's already 30 minutes. I had a lot to cover.

Hold on, let me pause it. Okay. I'm here in my thing. So let me start adding what it is that I want to add. I don't, I definitely want to get an essence.

Okay. And I definitely want to get the berry scrub and a body care, definitely getting that. And I'm probably now a square max out Oh, they're giving us an accessory for 20. Do I have to get an accessory? I don't really want one.

Okay. You may not have to. Let's see if it doesn't make me. Cause I don't really want. Accessory. If you want one, you can get one. All right, back to the drawing board. Now I have, where's my cart? Okay.

You can see in my cart, I've got two revived shampoos and my three skincare products, essence, scrub and body care.

Next, I need some conditioner. So let's go ahead and get that. Let's see, I really love Revitalize Conditioner, I love, and I totally love this oil cream conditioner. Even though I have oily hair, I love this conditioner, it's so good.

So I got those two conditioners, and now... I think I have to buy one more thing.

I'm going to get another, oops. I'm going to get another revive, revive and revitalize. Because those that's going to give to my daughter.

Oops. Hold on. Let's see what I got here. Yeah. Two, two, I'm getting three conditioners to revive. I'm going to get another shampoo as well. These are products like this is going to last me a long time and I won't have to buy shampoo for a while. I really like the anti frizz shampoo as, Oh, I think I need to get this, the violet lights. Okay.

If you're a blonde, that's something you should use every so often. As a MONAT user of shampoo, I like to use a variety of the different shampoos and conditioners and sometimes I'll use one on my first wash and another one on my second wash. Again. Tiny amount for each wash. You wash twice with half a teaspoon.

You're going to put it in your hands with wet hands and it's going to really lather up. So you don't need a lot. It's going to last you a long time. All right, now let's see if it's going to let me order more. Maybe it won't. Maybe I can only get those. Let's see. Okay, I want the eye cream. Good. Okay.

It's letting me add that. Oh my gosh, you guys, that's amazing. Look at this. Oh, we're also getting the volume discount as well. It's adding that on as well. So check this out right now. My retail price is $580 and I'm only paying $200.10. That's amazing. You see why it's worth it to be an MP or a VIP. Okay.

I'm going to add this serum.

I'm going to add the moisturizer. Okay. Now it'll, if you start adding too much and you run out, you need to order more products. It will let you know. I'm going to add a rewind. It's probably going to cut me off in a second here and...

Nope, still letting me. And... I want this one.

Still letting me. Oops. Now let's see. $270. I'm buying $1,000 retail worth of products, and I'm getting it for $270.

Are you kidding me? Are you kidding me?

Such a good sale, you guys. Such a good sale. All right. What else? I got the scrub. Ooh, look at this body butter. Can I buy the essence? I want to buy my daughter also.

So I'm going to get one for her. Okay, now it's telling me no. So I need to figure out what else I need to get. And I think I'm going to buy some more skincare. I might end up spending like 500 bucks, but you know what? It's not a BMW. Is it? Okay. Yes. I'm going to order two of these for me and my daughter.

She doesn't really have acne. She has skin like mine. I'm going to order the things that I can't get on sale. This one. I'm going to get that 32nd miracle.

Now, how much am I spending? I'm sorry.

No, $372. Amazing. I'm... $1,300 worth of stuff. Okay, so I got my daughter the cleanser. I got myself the cleanser. I think I got us both. the essence. No. Let me get the two of those and then I wanna make sure that she gets, I already have a moisturizer unopened that I'm, it's my moisturizer lasts me so long, so I've got her a moisturizer. Good. So that's it. Now what else do I need? What else is not on sale? Did I get, I got the rewind.

The 32nd Miracle to try this hydration booster. It's not on sale and I'd like to get the body care. Let me see if what the body care is on sale. Okay, I think I got that one. I do have sunscreen already that I don't go in the sun a lot. I'm in, I'm working at home mostly, so I don't really need that.

Okay. Overnight. Rewind. Lightweight moisturizer. See radiance. I smooth.

Okay. I'd love a sale. Don't you? Wait, I was going to look to see if I got any body product home. Pause for a second. Yeah, I got the body care serum. This one. So let's see what else they have. Ooh, this body butter.

Okay, and then what else? Body care. I might be tapped out. Let's see. If they'll let me add anything else.

I already have a little moisturizer. Could get the face mist. I think,

I think that's good. But I want to try to see if it'll let me add one more thing. Maybe I have to try again, another eye cream. Ah, it let me. Okay. 420. I'm not even up to 500. I'm going to try one more body lotion. It let me.

Let's try one more. Ah, it let me.

I'm just telling you guys, it's such a good deal. $12. I'll try one of these. Oh, okay. So actually, I'm going to go in and get rid of that other body one. And I'm going to buy a second of the retinol for $12. Here. This one, I'm going to delete that. And I'm going to go in and add... This one.

All right. I really if I was making money right now, I would buy double of everything. I'd spend, Ooh, four, four, four. That's very lucky. Four, four, four is my number. I would spend a thousand dollars easy on this and just have products for the next year. I don't know if it'll last me that long, but this is a great, deal.

I might buy, more if I make money, any money this weekend, I might buy more. This is awesome. Okay. We're doing it 1, 700, 1, 742. We're getting 88 for a purchase discount. We would have been spending, this is what it would have cost retail. It keeps disappearing on me. But we're getting it for, hold on,

we are getting all of this for 450 bucks. This is an outrageously good deal. Okay. And if I can afford this being as canceled as I am, okay, 450, 74 divided by 1742. 75, 76% off. That's how much we're saving. Even with the full price products, guys, 76% off. That's incredible. All right, let's go ahead and check out.

So that's how easy it is. If you want my help, please email me. Annmarie at annemariemichaels. com. I will talk to you about any of the products. I can even make you a little video like this. If you don't have time to get on the phone with me, just send me an email. I'll put Monat. in the subject line.

Tell me I'll, ask you questions. Do you have oily skin? Tell me what you, what your concerns are, and then I can help you make a card and help you take advantage of this awesome sale. I'm so excited.

You guys, that's all for now.

Email me: Annmarie at annmariemichaels. com.