MONAT Natural Haircare & Skincare Products (Unboxing Video)

In this video I open two big boxes of MONAT haircare and skincare products that I got from two of their recent flash sales. I show you all the products I love and why I use them.

MONAT Natural Haircare & Skincare Products (Unboxing Video)

Do you have issues with your hair and/or skin that you'd like to solve? Do you have oily hair? Damaged hair that is breaking? Thinning hair? Do you have wrinkles, sagging, or other signs of aging – or other skin problems like chronic acne or hyperpigmentation?

Would you like to find a natural solution for your hair and skin?

I have been using MONAT natural haircare products since 2017 and MONAT skincare since they launched in 2019. I am in love with this line of products and would never switch back to conventional beauty products.

In this video I open two big boxes of MONAT haircare and skincare products that I got from two of their recent flash sales. I show you all the products I love and why I use them.

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Learn More About MONAT Natural Haircare and Skincare Products

If you're interested in learning more about how MONAT can help you get better hair and skin naturally, just take these 3 simple steps...

  1. Read my original review of MONAT haircare from 2018. This review includes all the reasons I chose MONAT, including the science, the benefits and lots of before and after photos.
  2. After you're done checking that out, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with MONAT in the subject line.
  3. I will send you a short questionnaire to fill out, as well as a link to sign up a free one-hour zoom call consultation with me. On that call, I'll help you determine which products are the best ones to start with for your type of hair and/or skin – and how to save the most money.

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Here's are the 3 ways to order:

1.) Order the products at retail.

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That said, you will save more money signing up as a VIP customer (see #2 below).

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The one-time fee of $19.99 pays for itself the first time you order with most purchases.

To enroll as a VIP, just click the BECOME A VIP (Customer/Become a VIP) button in the top menu bar.

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, it's Ann-Marie, and in this video I am doing a MONAT unboxing. I have not talked about MONAT in a very long time, because, for a number of reasons, which I'm going to talk about.

But, I have to say, this is one of my favorite beauty lines. I've been using their products since 2017. And... I swear by them.

I love their hair products and their skin products, and I use many of them. And I didn't for a few years, mainly because I got completely hosed by big tech. And If you've been following me for a while, you know all about it, but I'm coming back and I'm ready to restart, rebuild my entire career.

I got divorced. My husband divorced me last year and so before that he, I never asked him to pay for anything related to my business. I never asked him to... Pay for anything related to even beauty products that I bought and why I don't know why you know I don't know why he shouldn't have but I just never asked him to and I always considered it a business and It always was in the black

Now You don't have to do MONAT as a business like I do But I'm like, why wouldn't you want the tax write offs?

To me, it's a no brainer like I actually love all of these network marketing businesses that you can join and be able to get products a lot cheaper. And if you refer people, you make money.

To me, I just think we should all be doing it. It's the best thing ever, especially with online media, online marketing now, like all the social media and stuff.

It's just so easy. So to put it out there, right? So that's the way I always did it. But because I spent the last three years. completely buried, like nobody could see me, nobody could find me. I really got started getting wiped out in 2019 and got completely wiped out in 2020. And I'm still hard to find, but I'm, going to start making videos every day and I'm rebuilding.

So I hope you will join me. I hope you will subscribe wherever you're watching this. And I hope that you will be a part of this new community because I think what is coming in the new world of health and wellness and beauty, natural beauty, I am so excited. I am so excited about all the things that are coming.

Anyway I'm, due for a hair touch up. Like this week. So overlook, I've got grays coming in. It's fine.

You know what? On another video, I'll talk to you about, I need to make a whole video about gray hair because I've got solutions. I just started on something this summer that is pretty incredible for gray hair.

It takes a while. It doesn't happen overnight. It could take. Several months, but we'll see what happens. Anyway, stay tuned for that.

I have two huge boxes to open. And so we're going to take our time. I'm going to walk through the different products that I got. Now, like I said, because I was in not a great situation in my marriage. I wasn't and I was completely censored. So it was twofold. It was, I was really buried.

My business got destroyed. I lost 95% of my income in 2019 when Google took me down. They have since taken down my YouTube channel. My original YouTube channel lost 250, 000 followers on Facebook, just on and on.

So they, when that happened, I lost all my income. I had to go on a debt consolidation program, which was great.

If anybody needs that, help with that, I can refer you because those people were amazing. They really, helped me pay down two credit cards. They, helped me settle with two credit cards. My business credit cards.

Anyway, I had a good living. I was making a good living part time. In 2019 when I got de platformed, so that is why I stopped buying any products. I didn't actually do anything with my hair for 2020. We moved from California to Texas to escape the lockdowns in 2020 and that was a lot of work.

We were renovating our new house. That was an incredible amount of work getting the kids into a new school, and I just didn't do anything I like didn't color my hair didn't use any products I still had you know a lot of MONAT products that I was using but and then we got divorced last year, so it's just been it's just been chaos and When I wasn't making money, I didn't want to ask my ex to buy my products So I didn't so now that I'm restarting rebuilding.

I actually made some money last month more than about quadruple what I was making. So I'm on the track to rebuild and I'm very, excited and very grateful and just can't wait for what the future holds. I'm really, looking forward. Anyway, I'm going to get into the products that I ordered and why.

And these are some of the products that I recommend the most for my hair and my skin. But I'll talk to you about. What you would wanna get if you have different type of hair. Some people have oily hair, some people have dry hair. It just really depends. Some people have fine straight hair like mine.

Some people have curly hair, they need more moisture. So I'll talk about those things. I'm also gonna talk about skin and some of the products that are amazing for skin. I'm really looking forward. My skin is looking pretty rough. I gotta be honest. I look, I think I, I look pretty good for 55. But I wanted to show you guys what my skin looks like so you can see over the coming months.

If you make sure you subscribe to me, make sure you go to my blog and subscribe to the email updates. That's the best way to follow me. 'cause I never know where I'm gonna be. I never know when they're gonna take me down again. , I'm on a specialist. So my skin it's got some discoloration.

Definitely have some sagging here. You can look, at it. There's some discoloration over here. So we're going to see what these products do over time. Plus some of the other products that I'm taking supplements that I'm taking, the patches that I'm wearing, different things that I'm doing.

You're going to be able to see how I look over time and if I, and that's why I wanted to make this baseline video so we can come back to it later. All but the, gray hair, that's going to be a good video. There's a lot of people with their hair completely turning dark. It's very interesting.

That has, that's the patches. That's the patches. Oh, I can't show you. I've got them on. But I can't, they're not in a place where I can show you right now. Okay, so let's get into it. Before I start showing you all the products, I wanted to tell you how to order because you know what, if you're a mom like me, we don't spend money on ourselves.

I never spent enough money on myself when I was married. That's why I'm really looking forward to making money because I'm going to buy myself all the things I didn't buy when I was married. I should have, I was. It's psychological too. It's psychological. That's another reason why I like network marketing, because it's a way for women, mothers who stay at home to work a very part time.

Either when their kids are in school or homeschooling while they're doing their projects, there's time to squeeze it in. It doesn't take a lot of time and it's a way to make extra money. So I do a lot of different, I promote a lot of different products, but this is just one of them now.

So there's two ways to order really. Okay. There's three ways to order. You can order retail. I don't recommend that. Why would you order retail when you're going to have to pay full price? You're not going to get the sales. You're not going to get free shipping. You get free shipping on the sales. It's, and you won't make any commissions if you do decide to become a market partner.

So to me, it's a no brainer. Either become a VIP customer. So retail VIP customer or a market partner. I'm a market partner. Why wouldn't you become a market partner? You're going to save money on your taxes because these are tax deductible expenses. Now talk to an accountant. I'm not an accountant. You need to go through him.

But I've been doing this for a very long time and I've always written off. All my business expenses and I save a lot on my taxes most people in America Are paying way too and in Canada probably too. They're paying way too much in taxes way too much. Why? Because a lot of times I think it's 80% of people have w 2 jobs and they don't have A way to write things off if the mom works from home, or it could be a guy too.

This is not only a women business. Whoever can do this and make extra money and for the first three years you don't have to make any money and you can still take deductions. Did you know that? It's true. The IRS will still allow you to take deductions and there's all kinds of deductions. So I'll make more videos on that in the future.

I'm not gonna get into all of it in this. But if you do decide to become a market partner, it's 50 a year. To renew your subscription, you save money on the products you save more money than that on the product. So it makes it worth it. Not to mention the tax deductions and any income you can earn.

So for me, I say the best choice is to become a market partner, to get these products at the best price and make money and, or also. Get money from your taxes. Now, if you don't want to do that, you can become a VIP customer. It's very easy.

If you have questions, just email me annemarie at It's really easy, but put MONAT in the subject line and say, hey, I need help getting started. And I will connect you to you.

We can do a zoom call. We can talk on the phone. We can just email whatever you want. I can set up a cart for you. And send it to you and really hold your hand through the whole process and help you pick out which products are best for you.

So I love these products. Like I said, I've been using them five years. I would never use anything else on my hair. All the other products out there will strip the oils out of your hair. They are they don't have what these products have and I'll talk about why they're so great.

But anyway, Annmarie at Go ahead and write that down and message. It's easy to remember, isn't it?

And message me send me an email and that way I can help you whether you want to are interested in market partner or a VIP. Now we know that Black Friday is coming up in a few months. We know that Christmas is coming up in a few months, so it's a good time.

To learn about these products, if you don't have time to watch this now, bookmark it. Watch it later. You can listen to it while you're making dinner or doing dishes or whatever going on a jog. And I'm going to walk you through all these different things. Are all of them going to be right for you? No.

But some of them will be and then you can always ask me about other products because I'm pretty well versed on All the MONAT products I've used. I can't say I've used all of them because there's so many but I've used a lot All right, so we're gonna go through this is really exciting.

This is like Christmas in August I'm gonna get to go through all the stuff that I've missed using for so long I haven't even been using their skincare guys.

That's why my That's why I think my skin doesn't look that great. It looks pretty good. But, proof it to five, it looks pretty good. But it's gonna look a lot better. All right, here we go.

Okay. The first thing I got. I don't actually remember what these sales were. That's the other reason why I bought so much.

Because they had two really good sales back to back. Usually, they have their flash sales every Every month and they usually have two a month sometimes three I've seen them have three times in a month, but usually it's two

We never know when they're gonna be so we once you sign up as a VIP Customer then you will get the emails or a market partner You will get the emails and you'll know when they drop they usually drop on Thursdays sometimes Fridays And we find out what the sale is and it, just totally depends, but I do try to take advantage of the sale.

Oh, I should also say, if you become a VIP customer, you don't have to order every month. You don't even have to order every year. You can order, you only have to make three purchases in your whole life as a VIP customer. So the first purchase, and then two more purchases, anytime you can keep pushing it out.

I tell my VIPs every two months. You can keep pushing out your order, just go in the back office. It's very easy to do. You just go to your, login and push it out. Two months. Anyway, I can show you how to do that later, but it's simple and you can, that way you can take advantage of the sales and then just order, make those two orders whenever you get around to it.

So the first one thing that I got was this damage repair system. So I'm gonna show you what this is. We have the Damage Repair Support Shampoo. And I'll tell you why I got this. Bond Fortifying Hair Leave in Cream. Oh, that's a leave in cream. Oh, so it's like a leave in conditioner. And that has Rejuva Beads in it.

Oh, very cool. I'll tell you what Rejuva Beads are. Damage Repair Bond Support Mask. The MONAT masks are awesome.

And then finally, this is a bond building hair treatment. So I don't know how often we're supposed to use all of these. I'm sure it says right on here and also on the website, but it is a four part system and this is for damaged hair.

Now, is my hair really damaged? Not super bad. It looks pretty good. This actually is thanks to the I still am using a mask. Actually, it's I actually use this mask. I had this in my show. No, It was the original one, I think. It's not bond support mask. It was the original damaged one that they had.

And I still had it. So I used it once. I've been using their conditioner. I've been using their shampoo. Now, this is actually more damaged than it looks. It actually is. That's part of the reason why she cut it short, because it had gotten really damaged because I wasn't getting trims for a long time when I was going through all that stress.

It's actually, it actually looks pretty good, but It's gonna look a lot better once I use this. So I'll show you I'll do a before and after. And with the, this damage. If you have damage, this is what you want. This is the system that you want.

Now, can you just order the shampoo and, leave in cream conditioner? Sure. Absolutely. You really want this, though. This is awesome.

So if you have a lot of damage due to coloring, bleaching, and heat tools, That's what you want this system for and I do not normally use heat tools But the reality is my hair looks so much better when I straighten it or blow dry and straighten it now I would never ever Blow dry and straighten my hair

First of all, I do turn that I don't turn them super high and then the other thing is I always use our blowout cream Somebody I don't have any with me, but I've got tons of blowout cream I just, I ended up winning, not winning, but earning a lot of them one time when I sold a lot of shampoo.

I love our blowout cream. I don't know if they call it that anymore. They might call it something else. Thermal shield or something, but it's amazing. Somebody did a video once. I'll have to, I'm going to do this. They took a piece of bread and on half of the bread they put the thermal shield the, blowout cream.

And on half of it they left it plain. It got brown on this side and it didn't have any color on this side. It, really does protect your hair. So the longer your hair is, and the more that you bleach it, color it, that kind of stuff, especially bleach, it's going to get damaged. And that is why this that is why you want to always use the blowout cream.

And you don't, I should always, I should preface this whole video by saying all of our products, all of the MONAT products, you only need a tiny, bit. Skincare included. The shampoo... People that I know, my customers, when they buy this, they end up using half a teaspoon. You, end up, you only need half a teaspoon.

Unlike regular shampoo, you need to use more. You're going to wash twice with shampoo. It's rinse and repeat. So you do the first one and first wash and then you rinse and then you suds up again and wash it again. Now you only need... half a teaspoon of our products. Why? Because they're very concentrated.

They leave the water out. There's no point putting all that water into products because it just costs more to ship. If you take the water out, put less water in the products, they're more concentrated. So you put a little in your hand, you, your hands are wet in the shower and then you go like this and it's really in a sense up.

And that way you don't need, you don't need as much. So anyway, my customers, they say some of them, if they wash their hair less frequently, if they don't have oily hair, they can go a year or longer with a bottle of shampoo.

So it's actually cheaper to buy our shampoo, MONAT shampoo. I say our, because I'm part of the family as a market partner.

It is actually cheaper than buying. Shampoo, I would say not drugstore shampoo, but you should never use drugstore shampoo. It is actually detergent. It is actually destroying your hair. The difference with MONAT, you'll see that almost all of our products have something called, Oh, I can show it to you.

In fact I'll show it to you in a second. REJUVENIQUE is the oil. REJUVENIQUE is the oil that is in all, almost all, I shouldn't say all, a lot of our products. And it was really the flagship product that started the whole thing. We, have a natural oil in our skin called sebum, and as we get older, we have less.

People who have dry skin have less. So we want to put this, we want to put something that's similar to sebum on our skin, including our scalp and including our hair. And the closest you can get to that, the better. The problem is most people, most companies out there are not using anything like. Close to sebum and they're not using anything natural.

Our products, a lot of times petroleum based products. It's not good for you. This Rejuveniqe, I think it's 13 different plant based oils and the specific combination of these oils is just amazing. You'll see when you order Rejuvenique, which you can buy in a bottle, I'm going to show in a second.

It goes right into the skin. It goes right into the skin and absorbs. Okay, so let me show you. I think it was the second sale that I ordered that I got Rejuvenique really cheap. Maybe it was this sale, I don't remember, but as soon as I find it I'll show it to you. all right, the next thing I got is four bottles of the champ dry shampoo.

This stuff is the best. I would never use any other dry shampoo. Why? Because there's a lot of things like talc which is carcinogenic. There is butane in other dry shampoos.

This stuff is the best. And my daughter has dark hair and she can use this and it will not leave flakes. It will not lose, leave like a white residue.

You don't need to use very much of this. Again, very concentrated. It doesn't take a lot. And you can see, actually my hair's getting a little greasy. I need to tell you all about how I got my hair to be less greasy, but I'll show you how this works. You just, okay, and then you're just going to blend it in.

I really need a comb here, but I don't have one. Anyway, I can't really show you because I can barely see. I don't have, I don't even have real glasses. These are my reading glasses. So it's I'm hampered. Anyway, you just put a little bit and and then you're going to comb it in. Or if you have curly hair, you're just going to use your fingers. And it takes out that extra oil. So I want to tell you all about how I got my hair to be less oily. Now, I haven't been doing it. I just started again.

But I want to tell you, if you have oily hair, you can actually get your hair to be less oily and have to wash it less frequently.

And have to wash it less frequently. I'm definitely going to have to edit this video because I'm making mistakes.

all right, here it is. This is Rejuvenique. This is the Rejuvenique Oil. And this, it's about 100. It's very concentrated. It will last you a long time. I think it's about 100. I don't remember.

But again, if you're a market partner, I should have said this, you're going to get your products 30% off. Plus add the other discounts, all the other discounts they have volume discounts, they have flash sales free shipping, all that kind of stuff.

If you are a VIP, I believe you save 15%. And then all the other discounts. It's, a really, there's nothing better than this.

There is nothing better than Rejuvenique for your skin, for your hair, for your scalp. Okay? Now, here's the amazing thing. I started doing, they told me. Because I used to have to wash my hair every day because it gets so oily.

And that's why they always tell women to especially if they have long hair, they would always tell them to comb their hair or brush their hair a certain number of times. Because they're, you're, what you're doing is you're redistributing the oils into the rest of your hair. Again, that's why we have things like this.

Oh, I meant to say too, I meant to say, sorry. These have rejuva beads. I'll talk about what rejuva beads are. The other one that I just opened, I believe, this one, The dry shampoo has rejuvenique in it, that's the oil. Okay, there's oil. These probably have rejuvenique in them, too, because a lot of the products do.

Most of the shampoos and conditioners have varying amounts of rejuvenique, because If you have drier hair and the shampoos and conditioners for dry hair have more rejuvenate than the ones for oily hair. Okay, or normal.

So what they told me was if you want to wash your hair less often You can make your hair less be less oily by fighting oil with oil and what they said was these were the women in Monique in MONAT they said Start doing a weekly oil treatment with the Rejuvenique.

So what you do is you just take some, put it in your hands, rub it through all through your scalp, all through your hair, and then I'll just put a baseball hat on or I will sleep with it on and then I wash it the next day. I did that and within about a month I just started doing it again. So my hair still does get greasy on the second day, not as much though.

It's, not as, bad as it used to be. But after I started doing this for about a month, I noticed that I only had to wash my hair every two days. I wash on Sunday, I can, Monday it looks great, Tuesday I'll, wash it. Or I can even go till Wednesday. Especially with the dry shampoo. I, so I am washing my hair, I've been washing my hair two or three times a week now.

Where I used to have to do it every day. So that saves me a lot of money, and I don't have to do my hair as much, which is really great. So I really think, if you have oily hair, definitely invest in some rejuvenique, when you can, so that you can start doing oil treatments. If you have dry hair, then you absolutely also need the rejuvenique, because it will really give you that oil that you need.

Especially if you have ethnic hair. This is just the best. For any kind of ethnic... Is that what they call it? Ethnic hair? I don't really know. Okay, I won't call it ethnic, but I...

So you have curly, curly hair, same thing. The, more Curl pattern your hair has, whether it's coil, curly or has coil, tight coils, the more moisture you need.

Okay, so next advanced hydrating shampoo, so I got this I like to use a variety of shampoos and conditioners. I love almost all, I can use almost all of their shampoos.

And I like to have different ones in my shower and sometimes I'll use one for the first wash and one for the second wash.

And then I'll use a different one the next time I wash. It just depends. The advanced hydrating shampoo is. good because it will give your help your hair get more moisture and not just the conditioner, not just the oil, but actually more moisture.

So I mix that. I keep that one in the mix. This one is a revive volumizing revitalized conditioner. This is one of my favorite products for blondes for anyone that has normal hair or oily hair. Anyone who wants more volume. This is It's, the one I use the most. I always keep it in my rotation.

all right, what else did I get? Dry texturizing spray. Oh! They actually threw this in here because I don't think I ordered this. This was part of, must have been part of the sale. But this is supposed to be really great. Especially if you're doing like the beach waves. So I can't wait to try that. And it's so nice it's in a travel size.

Not always hard to come by those travel sizes. Okay, let's see what else I got. I could talk for hours and hours on these products because there's so much to say. Okay. I got another advanced hydrating shampoo. Again, when they go on sale, sometimes they're really cheap, like 70% off. That's why I buy a bunch at the time.

And I got revitalizing conditioner.

And I got another texturizing spray. So that's fun.

And another Rejuveniqe. I think this might have been the Rejuveniqe sale that they had. They had it really cheap. So whenever I see that the Rejuveniqe is on sale, I stock up.

Okay, exact same thing I ordered. I think these must have all been on sale, and that's why I got them. And I'm buying for my daughter too. So yeah, I got all the same.

Texturizing spray. And you can go on their website and read more about all these different products. And you can go on their YouTube and watch the videos.

And learn more. Okay. What did they give me? This is a special gift, I don't... I think this is like a bonus gift.

Lightweight hair cover. Oh. Oh, cool. You know what? I might give one of these away for my giveaways. This is for people who have curly hair. You can sleep in this. And you keep your curls. I might give these away. Cause I, I don't need it. It's, great. Any, that's why people sleep on satin pillows.

But yeah, that'd be a fun giveaway. I'm always looking for stuff to give away. all right. Let's move on to the next box.

So that was one sale. I think that was actually the Rejuveniqe. Sale that I took advantage of so I don't remember how cheap I got these but they were really inexpensive

At some point I might also do a Rajiv Neek giveaway, so you guys stay tuned and make sure you sign up for my email subscription All right Volumizing shampoo, so this was the this is the this was a skincare sale the next one I took advantage of And I think I had to buy a certain number of products that were regular price, but it's still so cheap for me, 30% off.

And and then I got the skincare was like unbelievably cheap. I think these skincare products were like 12 each.

I'm telling you, that's why you want to become a VIP or a market partner because you will hit on these sales and it's just unreal. And again, Black Friday is coming up. Black Friday is usually pretty good.

But they have sales throughout the year. So this is my favorite shampoo. This is what I use most of the time. If I couldn't use any other shampoo, I would use this.

But again, what I'm going to be doing is sometimes I'm going to use this and sometimes, like I'll use this on the first wash and this on the second wash.

I like to mix it up. And most of the people in Monat, that's what they do. All right. This one is Violet Lights, anti brass shampoo. This is for blondes.

So if you're getting highlights like I do, you want to use something like this every so often to take the brassy tones out. And I haven't been doing that because I, like I said, I haven't ordered in so long.

So I'm excited to have that again. I'm going to have a real Monat bathroom again with all my MONAT stuff.

Okay, this shampoo this conditioner is one of my favorites It's called super nourish oil cream conditioner and it is one of the best conditioners that they have although I love all their conditioners, but this one is so So it's like it turns your hair like literally into a cloud.

Somebody said that once when she first tried it. And it's so true. It gives you so much moisture. So again, coily and curly hair. They need this. They will love this. They have a shampoo too. I might have ordered it. I might not have, but this super nourish oil cream shampoo and conditioner are amazing. Now you'd say how come you're getting that?

Because your hair is oily. It's these products really balance your hair, especially when you use a variety of them.

So I, like to use that conditioner. I might use the and, oh, this is a really good combination with the with the advanced hydrating because the hydrating helps you get the hydration that helps you actually helps your hair absorb the oil.

So this is hydration and this is oil. Good combination. But again, you can't really go wrong. And if you have questions, just ask me. Now I have a boatload of skincare.

Guys, when it's 12, you buy a lot. Because it lasts a long time. You buy a lot. And I have lived without my skincare for 3 years.

I never asked my ex to buy it for me. And he would he, he... I'll just say he just doesn't understand why it's important.

But now I'm gonna buy it for myself, because I'm worth it. We all are. Okay, there there is some stuff under all the skincare, so we'll see what else is at the bottom.

All right, let me see. I'll try to show you the basic skincare products. There are three that you need. Essence.

I'm reading in French. Oh, okay. Foamy cleanser. Now I they, started out with two. There was B balanced and B, I forget what the other one is, but there's one for skin that's like mine. That's just normal. And then there's skin normal to oily, I'd say. And then there's skin that is dry. So if you have dry skin, you want the other one.

I forget what it's called, but it's not, I get Be Balanced. If you have skin like mine combination is what I have. It's dry in parts and it's oily, I have a t zone this is really what you want. Be Balanced. This is a foaming cleanser. You only need a pea size of this. And again, you want to wash twice.

You wash the dirt off the makeup the first time, you can also, we do have a makeup remover as well. I don't wear a lot of makeup. And then a pea size, rub your hands together with the water, put it all, it'll go, it's a little goes a long way.

You'll see this will last a very long time. Then we have our essence, which is I'm not really sure I can't really say I'm not a skin care person or a makeup person really, but I know that these products are important to help.

To help our skin look better as we age and to keep our skin healthy as we age. I want to look as good as long as possible, right? So, be balanced. Cleanser, the essence, and then in addition we have No, that's not it. No, that's not it.

We have a moisturizer and I'm trying to find it. I think I didn't get the moisturizer because I already have Moisturizer. So that's why I didn't order it.

So there's, so you want to get at least those three. Yeah, you need to cleanse and then you need to do the essence, which I think it has something to do with the pH of the skin or something. I'm not really sure. But everybody says that you have to do cleanse and then essence.

It's just a splash on your face of that. And it's really nice. And then you're going to do the moisturizer all over.

Now, at night, there's some more things you're going to do, so I'll show you what those are. Oh, and then the other thing. During the day, you want to do this eye smooth. Especially if you are getting older.

So this, the peep, the, you can go on Google and type in before and after MONAT skincare and look up these different products. Look up the eye smooth, for example. Amazing results.

So I can't believe I've lived without these for so long. I'm so happy to be getting products again. You have no idea.

This is if, I only bought like for my birthday or Christmas, this is what I buy for myself because it makes me happy.

All women need to be treated. Okay. Night Haven is your nighttime moisturizer. So you wouldn't use your daytime. Be balanced or whatever the other one's called you would use your Nighthaven. I'm not sure about the Eye Smooth.

I'll have to read it whether you use this. Yeah, a. m. and p. m. for the Eye Smooth.

So you do that and then also do the Nighthaven. You don't have to use the Nighthaven. You don't have to use the Nighthaven, but it's wonderful. It's wonderful and especially if you have dry skin now again It's also gonna make your hair your skin less oily if you have really oily skin. Like I said, you fight oil with oil Okay.

Also, I got this rewind age control nectar Superfruit HAAs and hyaluronic acid Amazing. This again is nighttime. You don't want to wear this during the day because you don't want it reacting with the Sun

So you wear that at night and that's anti aging All right. What else do I have here? Be Balanced, that's another cleanser.

For my daughter. More Essence for my daughter. Ah, I got the Sea Radiance Sea Radiance Serum.

So you want to use this when you do your Rewind. These two. And they're anti aging. Yeah, I'm excited about it. I haven't had these since they first came out. Just because, I think it was... I think these, the skincare line came out in 2019, the same year I got blitzed by big tech.

And that's when I couldn't, I started to not be able to make my credit card payments because I lost 90% of my income, so I didn't get to keep buying all these products.

So I'm so happy to be able to again. I'm not back to where I was in terms of making money, but I will get there. all right, what else?

I got another Eye Smooth to stock up. And What else? What else? What else? Ah, I have no idea how to say this. I'm sorry. I'm not a really good pitch person but if I can do this, so can you. This is called Botanic Batch. I have no idea how to say it. Batch. I should have looked at that before. Bakuchiol.

Bakuchiol. It's a vegan retinol alternative lotion. So you might have seen people talking about retinol. You try to pronounce that. I don't know how to pronounce it. And whatever. I'm not going to worry about it. I don't know what the results are for that. I haven't been on Facebook. I've been banned on Facebook.

So I haven't been able to keep track of... What this is looking like with before and afters. I bet the before and afters on Facebook are amazing I need to find out how to get back on there so I can look at them. Eventually there will be lawsuits, so that's good. All right, what else did I get? I got...

Ah! Okay, so this is the Berry Refined Scrub. This is your exfoliator. You want to use this On your face. Not, under the eyes. I think you're not supposed to use this under the eyes. Avoiding contact with the eye area. Five minutes, one to time, one to two times a week. But I'm gonna put that in my shower.

And do it when I shower and wash my hair. all right, what else did I get? I got oh yeah, I did get a Be Balanced Daily Moisturizer. So that's my everyday moisturizer. They have sunscreen too. I already have some, so I did not get any. I, okay, this is the bomb. I'm going to do a whole nother video on this 30 second miracle.

This will go under your eyes or wherever you have deep lines. And it really takes them away and it lasts all day. It lasts all day. So you go type in 32nd Miracle into Facebook Monat 32nd Miracle or onto Google and Go look at some of the before and afters and you'll be blown away. I love that. I love that Can't wait to start using it and look better on my videos.

All right next I got this is hydrate and repair body serum with hyaluronic acid and niacinamide I haven't seen before and afters on this. Again, this came out after I didn't work. You know what is so cool? I didn't work promoting MONAT at all for three years. Three and a half years. And they're still paying me every month.

I have some I had one customer, she called a couple of times can you order me some shampoo? My thing, my VIP, or I think she was a market partner. My market partner lapsed. I didn't pay the 50 bucks. Can you order me some shampoo? And I was like, yeah, sure. Like I did that twice. But other than that, I think actually, I just posted a video when I made one of these orders, I talked about the sale.

But that's it. Otherwise, I have not promoted it at all, and I get paid every single month. Now, it, you can't, it's, this is not a get rich quick thing. This is something you do a little bit over time. I built my business over a couple years working part time. And I didn't have a huge audience because I had lost everything when they destroyed my business the first time back in 2014.

So when I started this in 2017, I didn't have a big audience. I have okay audience, but not, very big. And I was trying to rebuild it and then they took me down again. So the point of it is I was able to bring, I was able to create a recurring passive income. From just talking about these products, which is amazing.

It's amazing. All right smooth and renew body Lotion with niacinamide and green coffee now I haven't even read about those ingredients on what they do, but I'm very excited because MONAT makes the best products They have the best fragrance and by the way, these fragrances are Natural I met the guy who makes the fragrance like I got to have dinner with him.

I was sitting with the Oh gosh, I forgot his name. The guy who formulates all of these products, he's a genius. And he was sitting with the guy that does, that they outsource all the The fragrance, it's natural. It's not petroleum based. So people always talk about fragrance being bad for you. If it's not like it's an essential oil, if it's, they say it's bad for you.

Not if it's not petroleum, we don't have any petroleum in any of these products. So if you don't have petroleum, you're not going to have those. I forget the term. I forget the word that it is that, is toxic. Phthalates, I think. Yeah, we don't have any of those. All right. What is this?

When, they're 12, you gotta get, you gotta get all the things. Monat Body Care Bakuchiol. Again, I don't know if I'm completely messing that up. Body Butter. Wow, I just want to see if I can smell it. Oh, I met the woman also who formulated this whole line. She helped. Oh, so good. So good.

Amazing. This is so good. I don't know, this is a kind of a a vegan all our products are vegan too. If that's important to you. It's not important to me, but, they're it is animal cruelty free, which is important to me. Bakuchiol, however you say that, is a kind of anti aging product.

It is similar to retinol, but it's not, it is not retinol. Okay, what else did I get? We're almost down to the wire here. More revitalized conditioner, because the volumizing, I love that. Love to give that to my daughter as well. She has curly hair, but it's she like she actually has curly hair that is oily at the roots.

So it I'm not saying that you definitely have dry hair if your hair is curly more volumizing shampoo and By the way, once you have these you can also order from them. Sometimes they send them The little pumps and you can save those and you can save these bottles and then you can order bigger bottles

They're out of stock right now, but you can order bigger amounts of the shampoo and then refill these bottles and it's actually cheaper These products are so inexpensive with all the things that you take into account More volumizing shampoo.

All right, so we're good to go. How many shampoos do I have? Let me count one two, three, four five six seven shampoos And 5, 6 conditioners plus the, leave in here. So I'm going to be good for quite a while. Quite a while. And lots of, this actually, this skincare will last me quite a while as well. I, think this is going to last.

The cleanser. Again, you're using a very small amount. So that's it for this unboxing. I'm so happy to be getting back to work and after everything we've been through. I know things are still going to be rough for a little while, but I'm very confident that things are going to turn around. And we're going to see the biggest renaissance.

In wellness and health, natural health that we've ever seen in the history of the world. You guys, this, that is what's coming. That is what's coming. And we're going to see the biggest renaissance of small businesses and people being able to run. small businesses and make money from home, especially online.

This is going to be huge. There has never been a better time to start a small business from home. Even if you don't do anything for the first few years, you're just getting started slowly setting up a home office. That's what I'm doing right now. Setting up my new home office.

And just doing something that you can do 5, 10, 20 hours a week, very part time, maybe having some friends over showing them products, getting them started on the products doing videos like this that I do, writing blog posts, whatever, putting things on Instagram, whatever.

But it's about sharing the products and then making money. Now, what if you don't want to make money? What if you just want to buy the products? Like I said, you can sign up as a VIP customer. I am happy to help you. I'm here for you. I'm really dedicated to all of the products that I represent.

MONAT is one of my favorite lines. I have other products that I represent as well. And I consider myself I don't like the word ambassador necessarily. I really consider myself a partner for you to help you. Get the products that you need that are gonna help you. So if you have questions, ask me. I'm gonna start doing a weekly Zoom call where you guys can join me and ask any questions about anything any anything health related These products are health related.

Why? Because they are Toxin free. They don't have all the toxins you're gonna get from every other Almost every other skincare line out there.

They don't have that and they're then they have these healthy oils that are so good for you and these other ingredients that are So so good for you. So that's the end of this video and I hope you enjoyed it and I will see you on the next one.