Skincare & Haircare Labor Day Sale: Save Over 50% (Video)

This weekend only you can save over 50% on my favorite natural skincare and haircare products.

Skincare & Haircare Labor Day Sale: Save Over 50% (Video)

This weekend only you can save over 50% on my favorite natural skincare and haircare products.

In this video, I'll share all the details about the discounts, how long the sale will last, and the amazing benefits of using MONAT products.

I'll guide you through the process of becoming a VIP member or Market Partner and how to choose the best products for you and unlock the most savings.

Don't miss out on this opportunity to save money and achieve healthier, more beautiful hair and skin. Take advantage of the sale and start your MONAT journey today...

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I can even set up a cart for you and send it to you to complete.

Learn more about why I love MONAT:

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Video Transcript

Okay, everyone, just a quick video to tell you about the MONAT sale that just dropped. So if you've been wanting to try MONAT, now's the perfect opportunity. We just got this in the last hour.

There is a 30% site wide sale, 30% off. That's in addition to your other discounts. So I want to show you how much you can save and show you some of the products that you might want to try.

I'm going to link you to the video that I did just recently doing a Monat unboxing. I just bought a lot of stuff and I think I ended up saving, I think it ended up being around 70% off, but this, I just did the math. And if you were to jump in on this you can save about 70% as a VIP. So I'll explain what that means in a second, but this, these are the best.

Hair care and skin care products in my opinion that are out there. So depending on what you're interested in if you want to get started I am available this weekend this sales gonna go I bet you it'll go all the way through Monday today is Friday September 1st, and I bet you it'll go through so so you could save anywhere from Okay, let me back up as a VIP customer.

You're gonna save 15% all the time. That's the benefit of becoming a VIP customer. There is a 20 initial one time fee that gets you in. It's like a Sands Club membership or Costco.

But then, for the rest of your life, you're gonna save 15% all the time. Now, when you take advantage of our flash sales, and this is a really good one, they're not, some of them are better than others.

Some of them are really great. Some of them are good. This one's really great. Because you're gonna save 30% on everything.

So I, even though I bought enough Monat to last me a very long time, I'm actually gonna jump on a couple things. Because 30% off I really like to take advantage of the discounts.

Sorry, I didn't even wash my hair today, you guys. I just got up out of bed. Anyway. I'm going to show you some of the things that you might want to start with.

Some good options for you, whether you have curly hair if you have hair like mine that's oily and fine if you have damaged hair, if you are looking for a skin care regimen, I love their skin care.

I would use nothing else. It is. I've been using it, I didn't buy it for a few years because I went through divorce and that's a long story, but I'm back to my MONAT skincare. I absolutely adore it and you're going to fall in love with it. You're going to fall in love with it, not just because of the fact that it's natural, right?

Like almost all of these skincare lines out there are not. But the fact that it, the results that people get. You can type in, go to Google and type in, MONAT skincare before and after. You can also type in MONAT hair care before and after. And see the kind of results that people are getting over time, just absolutely phenomenal.

Okay? Go look it up. You can also do hair care. Okay? Please go look at what the results people are getting. Just phenomenal.

I've been using MONAT Since 2017, and there is nothing like this line. There is absolutely nothing. There's no other hair care or skincare line that is using this particular the rejuvenate, which is what in most of the products is the oil that's made from 13 natural plant based oils.

And, everything out there is synthetic. Everything else out there is just synthetic petroleum based.

We don't have any petroleum. We don't have any phthalates just none of that stuff that you don't want and you're just gonna get like it's just curly hair amazing. All right, go look it up. And Then let's just jump.

Let me help you show you what's available... Show you how you could get started.

What you want to do is you want to go to Cheesesslave dot my monat dot com. That is my link Now if you want me to help you order, I will help you order you can email me monate In the subject line, here is my email address right here, annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com.

You can email me this weekend. I'll be around. I'm going to be visiting my family, but hanging out and available and I can make a cart for you. I can also make a short little video like this and just send it to you and answer any questions. If you have, send me questions in email and I'll answer any questions for you because I know this company and his products.

Oh, that's what I want to get. I want to get the BB cream. I didn't, I forgot to order at my last order and I'm going to get that this weekend since it's on sale. You have to spend what did they say? 84 or 99. So when you spend 99, you're going to get everything for 30% off, which is incredible. Plus 15% off as a VIP.

And I'll explain how to do that. Amazing. Okay.

Now as a VIP. You do not need to order every month. You don't even need to order every year. You can order whenever you feel like it. Just every two months, you just push your auto ship out. You just go in there and go to the furthest date out, and you push it out.

It's very simple to do. But then you never have to pay anything again. You only ever have to make three purchases that are not flash sales of 84 or more. That's it. So it's the savings are incredible.

Now, you're also going to get VIP discounts and Monat Purchase Plus discounts. Let me show you what it looks like in the cart and let's get started.

Okay. So you're going to come to cheeseslave. mymonat. com and then you're going to join. Now, if you wanted to join as a market partner, you could, let me show you.

There's two ways to shop. You don't want to be a retail customer. Why would you do that? It's just it's six times a year You just push your VIP thing and you only pay that initial twenty dollars to become a VIP and you're going to save money forever So unless you just want to just buy one thing, but you can't get the flash sales either So I don't I would always go to at least VIP or you can become a market partner.

All right, so vip 15 off retail free shipping You're going to get free shipping on all of your, all the flash sales and, right? You get them on the flash sales and free shipping when you order anything and then you get other perks. Okay?

Let me just walk you through those real quick. Go to the monat. global. com slash VIP and It's going to walk you through all the info. 15% off, free shipping, VIP points. Okay? Those are points that you get. You can read up on that. Birthday treat, they send you Money towards buying products every year flash sales Purchase plus and only for you every time you buy a product including your first order you get to choose a free Product valued at 25 bucks only for you that pretty much pays for that initial 20 that you have to do right the flex ship program It's like auto ship, but again, you don't you can push it out You only ever have to order three total times including your first order that's in your lifetime and they don't bug you There's no pressure.

Okay, so VIP is gonna be good for most people. It's gonna be great You're also buying products that are made in America unlike most of these big multinational corporations These are cruelty free, all natural products. Alright, if you decide you want to become a market partner... This is where you're going to pay you're going to get 30% off, right?

So a lot, you're going to save a lot more and you're going to be able to start a business, which I recommend to everyone. Everyone should have some 1099 income. And because of taxes, you're not going, you can, this is, I'm going to be talking a lot more about this going forward on my blog, but I've had my own business from home for almost 30 years.

And it's unreal what you save on taxes when you don't have to pay, when you get a 1099 income and not just W 2 in your household. This is something you can do very part time and build up an extra income. Okay. And basically you're just earning money from referring your friends to or people online, right?

I'm clicking. Hold on. Learn more. Okay. This is the MONAT opportunity. You can read more about this and how it works. It's just every other type of thing like this, I just want to see if we can get to the starter packs.

Okay, so if you look if you want to look for me I think I'm cheeseslave, but you know and then you can sign up. Hold on.

Oh, yeah, there I am. It's not coming up as cheeseslave anymore It's just Ann Marie Michaels Round Rock, Texas.

So if you wanted to enroll That's how you could do it. Or just will take you and then you can just hit join. Let's follow these four simple steps. Select your product pack.

You can also just do the starter kit, which I think is like a hundred bucks. Customize your product pack. Add anything else on that you want. Take advantage of this. That's where you take advantage of the sale. Unlock your product bundles. Unlock savings on product bundles if a product pack is selected. I will help you with this if you have questions.

But anywhere, it's anywhere from 6. 50 is the biggest product pack, all the way down to the starter kit, which is 99. You don't get full products with the starter kit, you're just gonna get samples and stuff, but Or you could do like this 149, that'd be a better deal, because you get actual product. You could get one of these 200 Essentials Combo Product Pack.

Take a look at them, and if you've got questions, let me know. This is what I would do personally.

I would always sign up. I always sign up as a Brand partner or a market partner because yeah VIP is great But to me the tax savings make it worth it. Hi tax deductible hair care skin care everything else, right?

All right, but let's go back. Let's say you don't want to be a market partner. You just want to be a VIP So you're gonna go back to you're gonna say join now and let's go to walk you through how easy this is You wanna do retail, you just wanna do retail, you can do that. But if you wanna take advantage of the flash sale, you know what?

I think it's my brave browser. I think it's my brave browser that's giving me hiccups there. Make sure you use Chrome. I think it works better for this join now. Let's see. Oh yeah. It doesn't like the Brave Browser.

All right, here's all the stuff I was trying to get to. So you're just gonna pick, for the flash sales, you need to be either v i p or a market partner.

So say you're gonna be v i p. It's going to say, okay, this is what you need to do. So it's going to walk you through in the cart, setting up your initial order. And then it's going to have you set up a flex ship order, the flex ship order.

You're not going to have to, you could push it out two months and then another two months and then another two months.

So don't worry about it. You just put whatever in there. You can always change it. All right. So first thing it says sitewide sale, 30% off. This is this weekend only. It will probably end on Monday. Let me make myself a little smaller.

What do we have here? These. Oh, these look like special kit, tools, special tools. We've got a hot air brush. We've got curls, curling iron. Looks like the curling wand is sold out. And the thermal blowout is sold out. And hair lifter. You don't, I don't believe you have to order the, add those.

Let's see. Ah, okay. That's just what comes up first. It's a little confusing, alright? But, if you go here you can either search for what you want or you can go here and it'll show you all the products. Depending on what you have, let's just start with we can start with skin care or we can start with hair.

Let's see. They have hair care systems. That's usually what I recommend for people to start. Let's say you want to start with hair care system, skincare system, wellness system, wellness, we're not even going to get into.

We're just going to focus on hair care and system and skincare. I don't really use the wellness products myself.

So let's go ahead and start with hair care systems. This is usually you're going to save more because the way they package them, you just save more. If you don't want the third product, which is usually a styling product or a mask.

You can go with a duo. Sometimes they have duos or you can buy the shampoo and the conditioner Separately it just depends on what you want.

But oftentimes this is a better deal So I'm gonna show you I'll show you the 30% discount this weekend only and then you're gonna get Volume discounts as well. Plus you're gonna save your 15%

As a VIP, it says select 84 USD for, or more products for today's enrollment order. But because I think I said for the sale, you want to spend a hundred, okay.

Plus your 20 for your initial signup fee. Now, basically these are the main systems that you could order from and you can just click on them and read about them and what they are particularly what they're for.

This is for hair thinning. So if you've got thinning, This would be a good choice. I personally use multiple, as I said in my unboxing video, which I'll link to, I use multiple different shampoos and conditioners.

You should see my shower right now. I've got like a bunch. It just depends and you could maybe get a couple different systems and then, we always do two washes. We always do two washes with our shampoo. And you only need a half a teaspoon. If you have really long hair, you might need more, but I don't think so.

You really only need half because you're focusing most of your suds on your roots and you're gonna get water and go like this and it just gives you so much suds You really don't need more than half a teaspoon for each wash... So oftentimes I'll use one shampoo for the first wash and a different shampoo for the second I'm gonna go wash my hair right after this.

This is a hydrating system So if you have dry hair, this is really great also for damaged hydrating system This is the one that has hyaluronic acid. Awesome. This has got the mask. I love the masks. They're good to use once a week. You can read about the differences between those two, but dry and damaged, right?

And if you have curly or coily hair, those are going to be great for you. Voluminizing system. This is my favorite. I use this as my mainstay as, thin. I don't know if my hair's thin. I say fine. I don't have thin hair. I have fine hair. And and it's oily. Okay? This is what I use most of the time.

I like volume. Those of us who have hair that are, it's fine. We usually want more volume. That has a volume, volumizing spray, which you use when you blow dry. And it works really great to give you more volume. This is the anti frizz. If you've got humidity, if you've got frizzy, curly hair, you won't, you'll want to get that.

Again, you could mix and match. Get a couple and try. These all have a 30 day money back guarantee, by the way. If for any reason... You're not happy with it. It's you're not the angels aren't singing send it back and get something else, right? This is system two. What's the difference between these two shampoo deep?

Okay, this is just good different things Let's see what you got the anti frizz people swear by this people who have frizzy, you know curly hair this gets frizzy This one has the shampoo and conditioner.

I love these by the way the smoothing I love they really do make your hair. I find that like even if I don't blow dry when I'm using the smoothing shampoo and conditioner It just it gives my hair a weight that it's not because my hair is actually wavy.

I have to Use tools on it to make it straight But this gives it a weight where it's not as it's not as wavy Anti frizz shampoo deep conditioner and blowout spray. So this is gonna reduce your frizz So this would be good if you got frizz. Now, System 2 is gonna have the blowout cream. I swear by the blowout cream.

I will not use blow dry or hot tools without this blowout cream. It is going to protect your hair from damage from these tools. Alright? Damage repair, I just bought this because during COVID when I wasn't getting my hair cut, I actually did. Sorry, my hair looks terrible today. But you guys, it's fine.

It got damaged on the end. Cause it wasn't getting trimmed often enough. So I did just get this and it's amazing. My hair looks so good when I'm using that, not that it looks it looks bad right now, but not that it looks bad. It's just on the end, start to get really, not great. Cause I went so long.

Okay. This one's sold out scalp purifying system. Oh, most people must really like that. All right. So those are if you have dry hair, go with hydrating or hydrating system. The only difference between these two is this is the shampoo with the leave in conditioner that you don't wash out. And this is a shampoo with the hydrating conditioner that you wash out.

Both of them have a mask. So that's either one of that is for dry hair. And if you have thinning hair, go with this one. If you have oily or normal hair and you need more volume, go with this one. And then if you have a frizzy or curly, you can go with these. You can also go with the hydrating if you have curly dry hair and then finally damaged.

Okay, so I would just choose one of these. You can also buy them a la carte. Like I said, if you don't want the third product try it and see what you think. So let's say you're going to go in and add a shampoo and conditioner. Let's say you want to go with this one. You want the washout conditioner and the mask.

Okay, it's going to take you now to get your only for you product, but let's just say let's see. We want to go ahead and let me try to go back. Oh, no, that's not it. Sorry.

Oops, I messed up. I messed up. It's okay. It's okay. We can still do it. We have something in our cart now. Okay, so we have it in our cart. Oh no, that's just the 20 registration. Okay, so let's add it again. See, this is good, because you're seeing, if you mess up, it's not a big deal. Again, I'm happy to help you with your cart.

You just have to email me with MONAT in the subject line, and I'll get right back to you as, as soon as I can. To get, to take advantage of the sale. And don't wait to the last minute of the sale, because it can get a little stressful. I'll be there for you, but, okay, which one are we going to go with?

Let's say we're going to go with this one. And there it is in the cart. And, oh, okay, we just have to go up here, and now we want to, let's say we want to go ahead and get some skincare. I don't want to treat myself. I'm going to get skin care and hair care. You can buy them a la carte. There's the cleanser.

There's three different types, right? If you can read about them and what you would need for your specific type of skin. Then there's the cleanser, the essence, and then the moisturizer. Where's the basic? Here.

Any of these depending on if you have. oily, like super oily acne, regular, be balanced or if you have sensitive skin and dry skin, you go with the gentle.

There's also the eye smooth. There's the night haven. I talked about all this in my unboxing. So you can go watch that if you want to, if you need more information to help. This is the bombs guys, this 32nd miracle. I might buy another one of those just to have it on hand because it really is amazing. Okay, let's just pretend that we want to get the be gentle.

And that's going to give you four products. So I'll just show you what they are. That is the cleanser essence, the rewind, which is a serum that you use at night and the moisture. This is a basic system that you could just start with and we'll get you started. Okay. Let's just say, that's what we're going to do.

We're going to get those two to start our VIP membership and wow. Retail price, five 11. Okay. That's what you would pay if you were buying this at the department store or whatever, or if you were buying from a. Anybody. It's not to mention that these are natural, okay? 511, you're only going to pay 239.

That's including your 20 first time fee. You're saving 30%, which is 125, because it's this flash sale. And then you're also getting your purchase plus discount, which is 73. And you're going to earn VIP points. You can read more about how that VIP program works and purchase plus discount. Purchase plus discount is a volume discount.

Alright, so there we go. 200, that's amazing. That's amazing. By the way, all of our products are super concentrated. You're, this is gonna last you months. Months. Okay, we only use, like I said, a half teaspoon of the shampoo.

So a total teaspoon every time you wash that huge bottle is gonna last you. I know people that it lasts a year Okay, amazing And then the skincare you're only gonna use a pea size of everything put it in your hands same thing Like even the moisturizer everything you use very little.

This is an amazing deal Let's go ahead and get our Only For You. You get to choose between the Sun Veil, amazing sunscreen, love this sunscreen, love the scent, all of it. You can get a travel size black shampoo and conditioner. I love this, I actually use that, I have that in my rotation, the black, even though it's for, it was originally for men, but we love it.

as a clarifying shampoo. So that's a travel size, or you can get the texturizing spray to try. And that is phenomenal. That's if you're wanting to do beach waves just whatever, you can use that to give you a little bit more. Let's pretend like we're going to get that and or, and yeah. So now the next thing it's going to do is ask you to set up your flex ship.

So what I do is I'm just going to push it out as far as I can, so I don't have to worry about it. I think. November 2nd is in. So then I'm just going to put on my calendar, open up my calendar and put a reminder just like I would do with a chiropractor appointment or hair salon, maybe put it a few days before, push my flagship, right?

And that way I can put it every other month and it'll get pushed out and I don't have to worry about it. Okay? So I'm going to go ahead and put the be gentle on there because I know I'm going to be ordering it again. So let's go ahead and add that. But if in two months you haven't used it, okay.

You still have leftover. Fine. You're going to just push it out and you'll get it. You'll maybe get it the next month or the month after that, depending on how much you have. Okay. All right, good. Now you just get into account creation. Here's where you put all your info. And that's how easy it is.

So easy. Maybe you're going to start with a shampoo system. Maybe you're going to start with a skincare system. That's where I would start. For most people, if you haven't tried MONAT yet.

If you have tried MONAT, if you're one of my customers already, go watch my unboxing video where I talk about a lot of different products that you may not have known about.

There are so many great products, and you can take advantage of this sale this weekend. If you have any questions, email me,, and if you put in the subject line MONAT, and you can even say, please help me set up an order, I don't know how to do this. I have questions.

I'll happy to talk to you on the phone too. Okay. I don't have little kids anymore I have still you know, my eight year old but they are very self sufficient at that age. I have a lot more time and You're really not inconveniencing me at all. I am happy to help you. All right.

Thanks guys I hope you get to take advantage of this.