Are Parasites in the Vaccines Causing Heart Disease?

Are Parasites in the Vaccines Causing Heart Disease?

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What if it's parasites in the qu@ckzines that is causing all this heart disease we are witnessing? In this post, we take a look at the evidence. The good news is, there is a cure.

Happy St. Valentine's Day, everyone.

Odd that I am compelled to write about heart disease on a day about hearts. God is funny how He lines this stuff up the way He does.

I'm going to keep this quick and dirty so I can get the message out.

I covered this in part in my blog post called 17 Ways to Fight the Shedders. You can go read that post after this one and learn more about this.

I intend to write a lot more about this topic, as I feel it is the most important thing I can write about at this time – because we can save lives.

If you feel moved to do so, please share this post on your social media networks, and/or text and email it to people. I am very badly shadowbanned and can't reach very many people at this time.

Okay, let's get it into it and then I have to run to the grocery store. I am a mom first and foremost, and secondly I am Dr. Google.

Parasites in the Qu@ckzines

We found out a while back that there are parasites in the C0VID qu@ckzines.

I'll link more later but you can type "Stew Peters" and parasites into the Rumble or Bitchute search bars and find all the info.

The fact-checkers who are bought and paid by Big Pharma are pretending that this is not true, but we know they are complete liars. They literally lied about everything, so why would we trust anything they say now? It's actually gotten to point of being comical.

Comical like absurd. Not funny at all. Because people are dying. Innocent people. And lots of them.

Like this man.  

Brandon & family

Real People Are Dying

A friend sent me this Instagram post this morning about this poor father of two little girls who recently died. This story saddens and sickens me.

Before I get into the science – and when I do, I promise, I'll won't get techie – I want to quickly show you a story of someone who was likely killed by the parasites in the qu@ckzines.

Hey, I'm not a doctor, but since the doctors are effing up so bad lately, some of us have got to step up. You can call me Dr. Google, it's fine. I have gotten used to the title.

Scar Tissue in the Heart

One thing in the Instagram post stands out like a sore thumb. She says there was a lot of scar tissue.

She says his heart was damaged "top to bottom" and that it had been "fully attacked, for multiple months."

Okay, are you ready to get into the science? Let's get into it.

Which Parasites Did They Find in The V@x Vials?

There are a bunch of videos on Rumble and Bitchute about the parasites and gra@phene oxide in the quackzines. I don't have time to link them here if I want to get this post up – but please go search for them.

Here's a good write up on what they found – and it will give you more details about what to search for on Rumble and Bitchute. Don't try searching on YouTube – everything is being banned and censored.

They found 4 different parasites in the qu@ckzine vials.

One of the deadly parasites they found is called Trypanosoma cruzi, or T. cruzi for short.

Four Deadly Parasites Found in the Jabs

What Is Trypanosoma Cruzi?

T. cruzi is a parasite that carries Chagas disease (named after the person who discovered it).

T. cruzi in human blood

It burrows into your heart and brain and other organs and causes a lot of damage.  It can go undetected for decades, with no symptoms. And then one day you die of a heart attack.

In fact, the vast majority of people don't even know they are infected.

You can read more about T. cruzi here.

Did T. Cruzi Kill Brandon?

OK so back to Brandon, the young father who died of myocarditis. Strike that.

He didn't die. He was killed. Murdered.

He had scar tissue in his heart.

Chantelle & her husband Brandon before he was killed

This is exactly what the parasite, T. cruzi does.

Read the excerpt below from this study: Pathology and Pathogenesis of Chagas Heart Disease.

I highlighted it below but here is the quote:  "Residual abnormalities of acute myocarditis include scarring (interstitial fibrosis) and myofiber hypertrophy, with a minimal, or low-grade, ongoing inflammatory reaction." (Source)

Pathology and Pathogenesis of Chagas Heart Disease

It's all right here on the Chagas disease Wikipedia page:

"Early in the course of the disease, T. cruzi is found frequently in the striated muscle fibers of the heart. As disease progresses, the heart becomes generally enlarged, with substantial regions of cardiac muscle fiber replaced by scar tissue and fat."

Large scale anatomy of a heart damaged by chronic Chagas disease

This Explains Why Ivermectin & HCQ Work

Guys, it's parasites. This explains everything.  Yes, the gr@phene oxide, too. but the parasites are what is making people sick and killing them.

And we know there are p@rasites in the masks and swab tests, as well. Go and read my post about the 17 Ways to Fight the Shedders.

Go and dig into the 4 different parasites they found in the qu@ckzine vials. And then think about the symptoms (besides heart disease) that people are having right now.

Four Deadly Parasites Found in the Jabs

I have to run and pick up my kids but I want you all to think about this and think about why we are seeing the symptoms we are.

There Is a Cure

The good news is there is a cure.

(1) Killing the parasites and (2) healing the heart and other organs.

I made a video this morning to talk about how you can cure heart disease with Linus Pauling's vitamin C protocol.

Again, quick and dirty but I share all the info.

Here's my recipe for Homemade Liposomal Vitamin C. You can also look into getting IV vitamin C treatments in your area.  

Here's a chain of spas that offer IV vitamin C.

Please spread the word and share this article. Thank you!

More posts to come about how to kill parasites and more about vitamin C, heart disease, and c@ncer.