Pool Water FAQ

In this FAQ, I explain what pool water is, how it works and answer other frequently asked questions.

Pool Water FAQ
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In this FAQ, I explain what pool water is, how it works and answer other frequently asked questions.

Note: I have to speak in code on this page so I don't get cancelled. Please read between the lines.  If you want more info, please attend or watch some of our weekly zoom calls (see below).

What is pool water?

Pool water is C - D - S. Sorry, I have to write in code because I don't want to get censored.

C - D - S is the acronym for chl0rine di0xide s0luti0n (I used zeros for os to outsmart the algorithms).

How long has "pool water" been around?

Pool water is not a drug or a medical protocol. All it is is a way to disinfect water. You can find the kits to make it at camping stores.

Jim Humbl3 discovered that M - M - S could heal people from all kinds of disease. You can read his story by searching for him.

Type "Jim Humbl3" (swap e for 3) into any search engine. Actually, type his name into Google first, then do it on DuckDuckGo. (See screenshots below)

Illuminating. Notice how the Google search results show lots of hit pieces designed to scare you. They are manipulating the results to make those rank higher. You don't see that on DuckDuckGo.

When you start to see the patterns of how they lie to you, only then can you begin to see the truth.

I also recommend watching the documentary, Quantum Leap.

What is the difference between C - D - S and M - M - S?

M - M - S was what Jim Humbl3 and others used to treat people in developing countries around the world including Haiti and Africa.

M - M - S just involves taking the water disinfectant kit (the kind you can get at a camping store) and mixing the drops together, then adding to water and drinking it.

You could literally do this while camping with any kit like this. People do it all the time. So why is the media telling you it's bleach?

C - D - S was discovered by Dr. Andre@s Kalcker (@ = a) as a better way to ingest the M - M - S drops. Search for him on DuckDuckGo and you will find his website. You can't find him on Google search – they have buried him.

Andre@s K@lcker method for making C - D - S

Is there a video I can watch to learn more about this?

The best video I have seen on the "pool water" is a documentary called Quantum Leap.

You can also search for videos of interviews and testimonials on Bitchute, Rumble or Odyssey. You won't find videos about this on YouTube because they have been censored.

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How do you make the C - D - S?

Here's a simplified version of the C D S recipe.

For an uncensored, more complete version of this recipe with all the ingredients and equipment you need listed, please click here to get my recipe. The full recipe is for my subscribers only so I don't get cancelled. 

You can also get the recipe from Anre@s K@lcker's website (@ = a) – search for him on DuckDuckGo.

  1. Take a hermetically sealed jar (the kind you use for paté).
  2. Put a shot glass inside of it.
  3. Add spring water or distilled water to the jar, all around the shot glass, but not in the shot glass.
  4. Leave about 1/4 to 1/2 inch of room at the top of the shot glass, so the water doesn't get into the shot glass.
  5. In the shot glass (not in the water), add the drops from the water disinfectant kit. Using 2 plastic syringes, add 5 ml of s0dium chl0rite and 5 ml of hydr0chloric acid to the shot glass. The chemicals will NOT touch the water. (Note: Use different syringes for the different ingredients so it doesn't react. Also, don't use metal in any of this process since the chemicals will react with metal.)
  6. This will create a chemical reaction when the salt (s0dium chl0ride) mixes with the acid (hydr0chloric acid). The chemical reaction creates a gas, which will saturate the water in the jar.
  7. Close the lid and let it sit for 12 hours in a cupboard. Because the jar is airtight, the water will get permeated with the gas, and it will become very concentrated.
  8. After at least 12 hours, take the shot glass out, discard the liquid in it (I pour it into a spray bottle which I add water to and use for household all-purpose cleaner).
  9. Now do a second saturation, doing exactly what you did the first time: Add 5 ml of the s0dium chl0rite and 5 ml of the hydr0chl0ric acid to the shot glass.
  10. Close the lid and let sit in a cupboard for 12 hours.
  11. Now you have chl0rine di0xide s0lution (C - D - S) or what we call "pool water".
  12. Pour it into an amber or dark blue or dark green mason jar, cover with a plastic lid and store in the fridge. It will keep for a long time in the fridge, up to a year.
  13. It needs to be kept cold (under 51 degrees F) and sealed and in a dark place because the gas will evaporate when exposed to heat, light and oxygen (just like fish oil). Unlike fish oil, it will not go rancid, it will just evaporate and become useless.
  14. To consume, use a syringe and 3 ml of the C - D - S to 200 ml of spring water or filtered water to a glass. That's about 1/2 teaspoon in about 6 ounces of water. You don't have to be exact. Do not use a metal spoon to measure; use a syringe.
  15. Drink immediately. It needs to stay cold and out of light and the gas will begin slowly evaporating you take it out of the fridge, following one of Andre@s K@lcker's protocols, which you can find on his website. I will also include the basic protocol below.

What is the protocol for taking pool water?

The basic protocol for beginners from Andre@s K@lcker is as follows:

Day One: Drink 3 ml C - D - S in 200 ml water.
Day Two: Drink 3 ml C - D - S in 200 ml water, anytime of day, in two separate shots, at least one hour apart.
Day Three: Drink 3 ml C - D - S in 200 ml water, anytime of day, in three separate shots, at least one hour apart.

Continue with 3 shots of 3 ml C - D - S in 200 ml of water daily, going forward.

This gives you 3 ml the first day, 6 ml the second day, and 9 ml third day.

You can take your doses anytime of day, just as long as you don't consume vitamin C or other antioxidants within an hour of your dose. This is a pro-oxidant and therefore antioxidants will weaken the effect.

C - D - S only stays in the body for one hour. So you can do all 3 doses in the morning if you like, or evening, just spaced out one hour between shots.

This C - D - S process seems complicated. Can't I just take the drops like they do with the M - M - S?

We do not recommend taking the drops the way they used to do with the M - M - S. (The Humble meth0d.)

This is because you are very likely have a detox reaction (fatigue, brain fog, diarrhea, vomiting, flu like symptoms, etc) from the M - M - S. 

Detox happens when pathogens are attacked and excreted from the body.

People don't get detox reactions from the C - D - S.

I am not sure why, but think it's because the gas is more absorbable by the body. 

I'm reading K@lcker's book right now, Forbidden Health (you can find it on his website or on Amazon – someone put up a bootleg copy). I'm sure he explains why there is less detox. When I find out all the reasons, I'll update this page.