Best of Expo West: Blake’s Grass-Fed Shepherd’s Pie

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Blake's Grass-Fed Shepherd's Pie

This post is part of a series, Best of Expo West 2009: My Favorite Things.

Ever have one of those nights when you really don’t feel like cooking? Ever wish you could just go to the grocery store and pick up something healthy to feed your family that doesn’t require any work on your part?

I was thrilled to find Blake’s Organic and All-Natural Meals. I sampled everything they had and it was all delicious.

Even better, it’s all organic and non-GMO. The beef in the Shepherd’s Pie is grass-fed, from cows on pasture. The chicken in the pot pie is from “free-range” chickens (not pastured) but they are not fed any GMO feed — only organic.

Blake's Grass-Fed Shepherd's Pie

I picked up a couple of the Shepherd’s Pies in the frozen section at Whole Foods. Twice this week, I served it to Kate for dinner. She devoured them. Layers of yummy mashed potatoes, corn and ground beef. They’re very tasty, gluten-free, and so easy. (40 minutes in the oven.)

And you know how picky I am about what I give Kate. This is a meal I can stand behind.

They also have a Franks & Beans (also gluten-free) coming out this summer. The meals cost about $5-6. Sure, it’s more expensive than making it yourself but I really love having these on hand for those nights I’m too pooped to cook and tempted to order a pizza. I love knowing we can eat healthy grass-fed beef instead of a pizza topped with cheese made from growth-hormone milk and pepperoni full of nitrates.

Blake’s Organic and All-Natural Meals are available at most Whole Foods across the country, as well as many specialty stores and conventional grocery stores. If you can’t find them at a store near you, ask your grocer to carry them. You can also order online from Wellness Grocer.