Deidre Currie Festival Photos

I will be doing a few posts about the Deidre Currie Festival. I took a lot of notes at the seminars and will share as much as I can with you all.

I will be doing a few posts about the Deidre Currie Festival. I took a lot of notes at the seminars and will share as much as I can with you all.

Today I’ll start with a few photos…

Here’s Archie with Baby Jack:

Archie and Jack

And here they are the morning of the festival:

Archie and Jack

Archie played a slideshow of Deidre which made us all cry. Baby Jack’s mom, Dee, passed away in childbirth last January. She never got to hold her baby.

Archie is carrying the torch passed to him by his beloved wife, Dee, and held this festival in her honor. What a brave man he is to honor his wife like this. He didn’t want all her work to go to waste.

The good news is, last year they had only 100 people at the festival, but this year I heard they had 400 people. A lot of new people were there, too, so that was wonderful.

Archie and Jack are both great spirits. Jack is so lucky to have a daddy like Archie to look up to, and a mommy like Deidre who watches over him from Heaven.

I was so pleased to get to know John Wood this weekend. Grass farmer and founder of US Wellness Meats, John has such a passion for helping people and producing healthy, nutritious food from sustainable farms. He drove 9 hours just to get to the festival. He’s a real hero.

John Wood of US Wellness Meats

And don’t you just love that photo of that cute baby eating beef jerky?

Here’s the link to US Wellness Meats:

Here’s Dave Wetzel of Green Pasture Products, selling cod liver oil and butter oil. I bought a LOT — the prices were so good.

Dave Wetzel of Green Pasture Products

I’m personally in love with the new fermented cod liver oil. It’s fabulous stuff!

UPDATE: I no longer recommend fermented cod liver oil and I actually think it may be dangerous to human health. Please see my more current posts on the fermented cod liver oil scandal.

Here’s Karen Lubbers, Sally Fallon, Jerry Brunetti, and Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride at a panel:

Deidre Currie Festival Panel

Here’s Kelly the Kitchen Kop, blogging away:

Kelly the Kitchen Kop

And here I am with Kelly and our laptops, taking notes:

Me and Kelly the Kitchen Kop

Kelly was so much fun. She’s a real powerhouse, so passionate and motivated — such an inspiration to me! And she’s a joy to be around. You can read her post here about the festival.

I also got to spend time with Diane of Peaceful Acres blog. Diane is such a sweetheart. Truly an amazing lady. I sat with her and talked about herbs and natural healing for about 15 minutes and in that short time, learned so much — many things I’ve never read in books.

You can see more photos from the festival on her blog here.

More photos coming later today. And I’ll also be posting about all the seminars we attended.