Dressing Your Truth:  How I Knew My Daughter Was a Type 3

Dressing Your Truth: How I Knew My Daughter Was a Type 3

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For those of you who have been following my Dressing Your Truth posts, I recently read Carol Tuttle’s other book, The Child Whisperer, The Ultimate Handbook for Raising Happy, Successful, and Cooperative Children.

Dressing Your Truth and The Child Whisperer are based on Carol’s “energy profiling system”. She says there are 4 types of energy movement that people have. You can read more about it in this post.

In The Child Whisperer, Carol helps you determine what type your children are.

Dressing Your Truth:  How I Knew My Daughter Was a Type 3

After reading the book (book review coming soon), I was pretty sure my 6-year-old daughter, Kate, was a Type 3. She has all the characteristics…  She’s busy all the time. She’s very independent. She is not one to sit still. She is all about adventure and very determined to get things done.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

The other day, I was looking through some of her baby pictures and if there was any doubt about her being a Type 3, it was erased from my mind as I looked at these photos.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

She is not shy, and not afraid to speak her mind. That’s her on the right. The other two babies are boys. I have another picture in which she grabbed one of the boys by the face and made him cry.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

She likes to stay busy and loves to accomplish things.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

When she wants something, she’ll find a way to get it. Even though it would be easier (and less messy) to ask for help.

When she’s ready for something, she does it — and asking for help doesn’t occur to her. For example, when she wanted bangs, she cut them herself. She never let me cut her nails and then one day I found her clipping her own nails.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

She loves to be outdoors and is very active.

Did I mention that at age 6, she’s already a Green Belt in Tae Soo Do (Korean martial art)? She’s committed to getting a Black Belt.

Dressing Your Truth: Type 3 Child

She’s always on the go.

This photo was taken the day she learned to walk. I think she must have walked for 8 hours that day. We could barely keep up with her.

How Understanding Kate’s Type Has Helped Me

Learning that Kate was a Type 3 has helped me tremendously. I now see that she’s not just being fidgety or mischievous. It’s just her nature to MOVE.  Now I understand why she she hates it when I say, “Settle down”.

So I don’t say that anymore. I tell her how much I love how much energy she has.

In fact, right now she’s watching Sims YouTube videos on a computer while she plays the game Sims on her iPad.

She just looked up at me and said, “I like doing two things at a time. Keeps me busy.”

Oh yeah, she’s a Type 3 all right.

Want to Learn More About the 4 Types?

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What Energy Types Are Your Children?

How has Dressing Your Truth or  The Child Whisperer helped you with your children?

What types are they and what type are you? How did you know?

Please share in the comments! I love hearing about your experiences with Dressing Your Truth.