Dressing Your Truth: Before and After Photos

Back in December, I interviewed author and energy therapist, Carol Tuttle. Carol runs a company called Living Your Truth.

Dressing Your Truth: Before and After Photos

Back in December, I interviewed author and energy therapist, Carol Tuttle. Carol runs a company called Living Your Truth.

Part of what she teaches is Dressing Your Truth, which is a simple program that helps you dress in a way that is in tune with your true nature.

I can’t tell you how much this information has transformed my life. It’s not just about how I look. In fact, that’s just the frosting on the cake. It’s about how I feel. I feel powerful, strong, confident, assured. I feel more energetic and more alive. I feel like I can take on the world.

Do you want to feel more attractive and more in tune with who you really are? Read on…

Dressing Your Truth

There are 4 types that are based on the 4 elements:

Type 1: Bright and Animated (Air)
Type 2: Subtle and Soft (Water)
Type 3: Rich and Dynamic (Fire)
Type 4: Bold and Striking (Earth)

Carol says these aren’t “looks” — they’re energy movements. What that means is, on an energetic level, you resonate in a certain way. You have a certain type of movement.

For example, Type 1 people are light, bright, energetic and animated. Full of ideas and fun and laughter. If you put them in black, they feel and look heavy and uncomfortable.

Type 4 people are bold and powerful. If you put them in pastels or flowing fabrics, they will feel and look muted and drab and inept.

The best way I can explain it is that Dressing Your Truth helps you dress in a way that connects with who you really are.

What Type Am I?

When I skyped with Carol in December, she took one look at me and said, “You’re a 4.”

Since then, I’ve been slowly changing the way I dress to be more in line with the Type 4 energy movement. And I have to tell you… I’m having so much fun with this!

Before Dressing Your Truth

Here’s what I looked like before:

Dressing Your Truth Before

Notice I had on no makeup and I was wearing a brown t-shirt. Looking at the photo now, it makes me feel like I look frumpy and muted and like I blended into the background.

Here’s another before picture:

Before Dressing Your Truth

The green is a good color for me (it’s a saturated green which is Type 4) but the pattern is too much. The Type 4 energy is still and calm, and too much animation doesn’t fit who we are.

And again, no makeup, and my hair didn’t look right.

Before Dressing Your Truth, I didn’t know how to dress myself and wear makeup. Deep down, I think I was afraid to stand out, afraid to be seen.

After Dressing Your Truth

I took the Dressing Your Truth online class (Carol was kind enough to gift it to me).

I learned how to dress like a Type 4, I went and got some Type 4 frames, as well as some Type 4 lipstick (bright red).

I took a picture with my new frames and lipstick:

Dressing Your Truth After

A week later, I got my hair cut and colored to match my Type 4 energy:

After Dressing Your Truth

I have never worn bright red lipstick in my life. I always felt like it was too bold and that I couldn’t pull it off. I thought I didn’t have the right coloring to wear bold colors. Not only on my face, but also in my wardrobe.

Since I started dressing my truth, I donated all my blah clothes to charity. I ditched all the grey and brown and beige and I started wearing bold, saturated colors like black, white, red, turquoise, and hot pink.

I’m picking out skirts and dresses with bold lines and clean cuts. Now I know why Steve Jobs’ (also a Type 4) favorite designer was Issey Miyake and why he always wore his signature black turtlenecks.

The bold striking energy is calm, clean, simple, and perfect.

And I’m surprised that it really doesn’t take long at all to put on a little powder, eyeliner and lipstick. Just enough to make me feel pulled together and in control. And it makes such a huge difference in my day!

My Results with Dressing Your Truth

One of the things I love most about Dressing Your Truth is that while I used to feel overwhelmed by shopping and felt like it was a chore, now I have so much fun with it. It’s a breeze to walk into a store and see the pieces of clothing that are right for me light up in front of me.

I feel like I actually show up now. My biggest complaints have always been that people didn’t listen to me and that people didn’t take me seriously. Well, no wonder they didn’t. I was fading into the background. I looked frumpy and tired and blah.

Now I feel like I stand out. I feel like I can be who I really am. I am comfortable standing out and finally being heard. I feel like I am living in the integrity of who I am.

Dressing Your Truth and Realationships

It’s also really helpful to learn about my family members. Now that I know my daughter is a Type 3, it helps me understand why she is so high energy and always in motion (and why she breaks all the arms and legs off of her Barbies).

It also explains why she hates all the Type 4 clothes I was buying for her. I was buying her pleated navy jumpers, crisp white blouses and bright red structured jackets. She wants leopard prints and hot pink and orange and purple!

My mother-in-law and sister are both Type 3s as well, and now I know why when we go on vacation with them, they like to plan the itinerary jam-packed with activities.

Not so with my husband, also a Type 4 like me. When we go on vacation, the most we want to do is walk to a restaurant. Otherwise, we just like to nap and rest and not do much of anything.

Learn More About Dressing Your Truth

If this interests you, I highly encourage you to check it out.

Click here to learn more about Dressing Your Truth.

I know it may seem to some that it’s just a fashion thing, but it’s so much more than that. It’s a way of dressing that actually changes how people react to you in the world, how you feel about yourself, and the results you are able to create.

Are You Dressing Your Truth?

What type are you? Please share in the comments! I want to hear from you!