Gluten-free Beef Stew

Gluten-free Beef Stew

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Looking for a Gluten-free Beef Stew recipe that’s easy and and delicious? This is a one-pot meal your whole family will love.

Because this recipe uses pan drippings from the beef, red wine, broth, and concentrated tomato paste, it has a depth of flavor (also known as umami) most beef stew recipes don’t have.

This is the perfect meal for a brisk fall or cold winter night. Serve with a glass of red wine and crusty (gluten-free) bread with butter.

If you’re going to be gone all day, just make this in the morning and transfer to the crockpot to slow cook all day.

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Note: This is one of the posts that got nuked when I moved my blog after I got deplatformed – I will be updating this recipe eventually. Thanks for your patience.

Gluten-free Beef Stew

Gluten-free Beef Stew: How to Make It Step By Step

Start with the beef, sirloin or stew meat, cut up and dredged in  gluten-free flour.

Heat up a Dutch oven very hot and then add a couple tablespoons of butter, bacon grease, or refined coconut oil.

Next add sirloin or stew beef, cut into cubes. Sear a few minutes on each side, until well-browned. Transfer the beef to a bowl and set aside.

Gluten-free Beef Stew - Searing

Add a couple more tablespoons of fat and then add chopped onion.

Gluten-free Beef Stew - Onions

After the onions are soft, stir in the chopped carrots and celery.

Gluten-free Beef Stew - Mirepoix

Add red wine to deglaze the pan and scrape up all the meaty bits. Stir in the tomato paste.

Gluten-free Beef Stew - Red Wine
Gluten-free Beef Stew

Finally, add the seared beef, the potatoes, bay leaves, and organic beef broth (you can substitute chicken broth).

Gluten-free Beef Stew - Adding Gluten Free Flour

Bring to a boil, then cover and let simmer for a couple hours — or you can transfer to a crockpot on low for several hours if you want to slow cook it.

My little sous chef, Ollie (age 2), gave it a thumbs up! He said, “Yum, yum, yummy!”

Gluten-free Beef Stew - My Sous Chef

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Gluten-free Beef Stew