I Heart Juan O Savin

I Heart Juan O Savin

In this post, I’m gonna tell you about a guy I love who’s one of my best resources for information about what’s happening in the world right now.

His name is Juan O Savin. If you don’t know who Juan O Savin is, that’s okay because I don’t either.

Wait, what? Let me explain…

Feb 13, 2021 UPDATE: Someone created a huge Juan O Savin archive channel on YouTube and they are uploading on average about 10 videos per day.

Scroll down to the bottom of this post for the link to the Juan O Savin Archive.

I Heart Juan O Savin

When I started following Q 2 years ago, I just read the boards and watched some of the videos by people like Amazing Polly and X22 Report and IPOT (In Pursuit of Truth — he’s currently my very favorite). Note: they have been deleted in the YouTube purge which is why I linked to them on Bitchute.

It wasn’t until this spring that I discovered Juan O Savin on Jennifer Mac’s channel. And I was instantly captivated.

I’ll recommend some Juan O Savin videos in this post that you will want to check out. If you’re anything like me, you’ll get hooked on them and want to listen to as many as you can.

Juan doesn’t have his own YouTube channel. He only does interviews on other people’s channels. In fact, he has no social media. Remember, he’s a high level government insider so you won’t see him tweeting or posting anywhere. If you see someone claiming to be Juan on Facebook or Twitter, it’s not him.

I wanted to write this post and include links to some of the interviews with him so you can cue up your YouTube (see what I did there) with videos to watch.

Who the Heck is Juan O Savin?

But before I share the videos with you… you’re probably asking yourself, who the heck is this Juan guy?

Well, I don’t know. And nobody knows. Actually, some people know, but they are “Q clearance”.

I have a theory as to who Juan is… however, I won’t share it in case I am right. Pretty sure I am right. But I can’t share. He’s anonymous for a reason.

But I will say this: I do NOT believe he is John F. Kennedy Jr.  Some people online think that is who Juan is and I don’t think so.

John F. Kennedy Jr. in 1998 (Source: Wikipedia)

Yes, Juan is the Spanish name for John, and I suppose that’s why a lot of people think Juan is JFK Jr. However, Juan’s voice sounds nothing like John John.  Not only that, but Juan is clearly a military insider.

I have no idea if JFK Jr. is still alive — but if he is, he’s not Juan. At least I don’t think so.

Of course, I could be wrong. As screenwriter William Goldberg said, “Nobody knows anything.”

Anyway, all you need to know is that he is, as I said, a high-level government/military insider. That becomes obvious when you listen to his interviews.

He just published a book, Kid By the Side of the Road, which I bought. You can get a copy of the e-book and/or print book by following that link.

What Does the Name Juan O Savin Mean?

I think the name Juan O Savin means 1-0-7.

As you will see when you start to watch his videos, numbers and numerology is very important to the Deep State. Numerology, astrology and symbolism are three things that they go by — now this doesn’t mean Juan or any of our government officials are into this stuff. This is what the enemy (the Deep State) goes by — it’s part of their cult.

Anyway, 1-0-7 adds up to 17.

And Q is the 17th number of the alphabet (see below for more on Q).


Some of My Favorite Juan O Savin Videos

Okay, here’s my list of some of my favorite Juan O Savin videos… I’m going to list them starting with the first one I watched, then I’ll list some of my faves, and then some of the ones he’s been making lately. He’s been doing a ton of videos lately because his book just came out.

Also, I will post more Juan videos on this post as I find them. Feel free to bookmark this post so you can come back to it. I watch them all when I see them (they appear on different channels) and I will share as soon as I can.

Note: If these videos get taken down on YouTube (due to big tech censorship), you can search for them on YouTube with the names of the videos (for example, type “Juan O Savin It’s Going to Be Biblical” into the YouTube search bar. They get reposted and echoed on other channels.

You can also try searching for them on Bitchute, since many videos are mirrored on Bitchute.

1. Juan O Savin on Jennifer Mac’s Channel: It’s Going to Be Biblical

It was sometime in April, 2020 that I first found the video below, called “It’s going to be Biblical – Boomerang from then to NOW by Juan O Savin (PREQUEL TO PATRIOTS PURIM)”:

Bookmark this video and watch it at  your leisure. It is long but so worth the watch. It explains so much of why things played out the way they did this year and how it connects to the Bible.

This video interview with Juan was recorded the second week of March, the week the storm broke.

This was also the week of Purim.

You’ll learn all about Purim when you watch this video. It is from the Book of Esther, which is the 17th book of the Bible.

The number 17 is significant. Remember, Q is the 17th letter of the alphabet.

I will write a longer post soon about Purim and how this all connects to what we are going through, which is the 2nd American Revolution — read my post about Q.

2. Juan O Savin on Spaceshot 76 (Mirrored): Patriot’s Purim

This is part two of the Purim videos. Juan goes into Purim and the symbolism in a lot more detail:

I never saw this video when it was initially uploaded back in March 2020. I only found it recently.

That’s the main reason why I wanted to write this post. So many people have never seen Juan’s videos and they have no idea where to even find them. This is actually a mirrored video that was recently uploaded because the original channel (I believe it was Spaceshot 76) was censored off of YouTube.

I love this video for many reasons — it’s full of great info. But I especially love the part where Juan says he calls this time in history “Patriot’s Purim”, and how his friend Roseanne Barr calls it, “Matriarch’s Purim” because she says the mama bears and grandmas are waking up to fight for their children and grandchildren. I could not agree more.

3. Juan O Savin on Jennifer Mac: The First Interview with Roseanne Barr

This next video is from December 2019. It’s the first interview Juan did with TV star, Roseanne Barr.

I grew up watching Roseanne and I have always loved her. I was thrilled to see her show come back a few years ago; it was one of the few sitcoms I actually liked.

And then the Deep State targeted her and deplatformed her, just like they target all anyone who speaks the truth. It was absolutely disgusting what they did to her, and we, her fans, will never forget.

4. Juan O Savin on Roseanne Barr’s Channel: Livestream

This second interview with Juan was livestreamed on Roseanne’s YouTube channel on November 7th, a few days after the election.

You can see that Juan is in a hotel talking to Roseanne. In upcoming videos I’ll be posting below, you’ll see that he’s traveling around the country and apparently working with uncovering the election fraud.

My favorite part of this video is when Roseanne shows us her bird tattoo and says she got it as a reminder of in the future when she will “own Twitter”.  

Whether she means she will actually own it or just own it in terms of popularity, I’m not sure. But regardless, I know she is planning her comeback and that makes me very happy.

She is a hero in my eyes and she really inspires me. What they did to her, one of America’s greatest comic and artistic talents, is absolutely criminal. Her comeback gives me hope that I can come back, too. And we will do it!

Many people could watch Roseanne and think she’s just crazy. I know they say that about other celebrities who support President Trump (I linked to their Twitter accounts so you can follow them): Kirstie Alley, Scott Baio, James Woods, Randy Quaid, Dean Cain, etc.

But these are stars I grew up watching and I love them all. They can’t all be crazy conspiracy theorists. And guess what — they’re not! And everyone is going to find that out soon enough…

5. Juan O Savin on Jennifer Mac: Juan O Savin on Election NOTHING TO SEE HERE

OK, speaking of “crazy conspiracy theorists”… I loved this next Juan video on the Jennifer Mac channel which was posted 2 days after the election:

Juan is talking about the guy with the “BBQ Beer & Freedom” t-shirt who video-bombed the coverage of the vote counting.

I had just watched that hack late-night talk show host, Stephen Colbert, making fun of the guy in the BBQ Beer & Freedom shirt, literally the night before I watched this video. I am so freaking sick of these elitist a-holes who think they know better than We the People.

Anyway, in the video, Juan says this BBQ t-shirt guy deserves to go to the Inauguration when President Trump is sworn in in January. He says people may think this t-shirt guy looks crazy, but in reality he’s telling the truth, “Biden’s trying to steal the election!”

He said it’s like Randy Quaid in “Independence Day”: “They’re gonna kill us all!” The fact that Juan is laughing the way he is in this video just tells you the white hats are not worried about the outcome. It will be a fight, and it will be a lot of work, but we WILL win.

To refresh your memory, here’s the trailer from “Independence Day” where Randy says that (one of my favorite movies of all time) — he says it at about 50 seconds in:

6. Juan O Savin on Rogue News: Cracking The Chaos, 60 Days Of Crisis

This next video is from the Rogue News Channel which I discovered by searching for Juan videos. This video is from October 27, just before the election.

So you can see, the white hats (POTUS & Q)  knew this was going to happen — the election fraud. They obviously prepared for it and they are letting it play out so that it can be exposed. As I’ve been saying for weeks, it’s a massive sting operation.

7. Juan O Savin on Rogue News: No Mercy, No Quarter

Here’s a more recent video from Rogue News, just posted the other day, December 1st:

There are more videos on the Rogue News channel with Juan, and it’s worth watching their daily updates as well. They are very tuned in to what is going on and drop lots of good info.

8. Juan O Savin on Michael Jaco: Juan Savin delivers a stunning expose of the world wide takedown of the Deep State post election

Another channel I discovered when searching for Juan is Michael Jaco. Here’s the first video I found with Michael interviewing Juan, which was streamed on October 29, 2020:


There are more videos with Juan on Michael’s channel and you can find them by searching.

I’ve started watching more of Michael’s videos and have been watching almost daily; he is always up to speed on all the latest information.

In my mind the fact that he is interviewing Juan is more confirmation that Juan is a high-level military insider.

Jaco is no slouch. He’s a former Navy SEAL (of the famous SEAL Team Six) and former CIA operative.

Here’s his book, The Intuitive Warrior, which I intend to read soon (it’s on my list!)

You might think he sounds a little “out there” (like the aforementioned BBQ Beer & Freedom T-shirt Guy) because he talks about reincarnation and using your intuition to see things in the future (also known as “remote viewing”), but what I am waking up to as part of this whole “Great Awakening” thing is this…

The Deep State wanted us to believe we were not powerful. They wanted to keep us in mental and emotional cages. So when someone like Michael Jaco or Juan O Savin or Roseanne Barr or Kirstie Alley speaks, and they do so in an authentic, powerful way, it comes off to many people like they are “crazy”.

They want you to believe that Barack Hussein Obama was “presidential” and Trump is a lunatic. They want you to trust Stephen Colbert and Anderson Cooper and Jake Tapper and Don Lemon, Rachel Maddow, Chris Cuomo, and that whole gaggle of copycat fakes. They all parrot the same lies.

And then when someone authentic speaks out, you think they’re crazy. Do you remember when Randy Quaid spoke out against the Deep State attacking him?

He called them “Star Whackers”. I had forgotten all about this but now it makes sense.

Of course celebrities were being killed and robbed and blackmailed. They were doing the same thing to people in the natural/alternative health world.

Remember all the blog posts by Erin (Dr. Joe Mercola’s girlfriend) over at Health Nut News?  She wrote for years about holistic doctors and natural practitioners ending up dead. And like me, they practically censored Dr. Mercola off the internet.

If you watch that video above with Quaid and if he sounds crazy to you, that’s because you’re so used to listening to smooth-talking liars.

I’m sick of the liars. I’ll take a “crazy-sounding” guy in a BBQ Beer & Freedom t-shirt any day of the week over these Deep State criminals who lie to us on a daily basis.

Randy Quaid is a hero, just as Roseanne Barr is, and so are all the others who are risking their reputations and literally their lives to stand up and fight back.

But I digress.

Or do I? I think that’s the point of this whole post.

Find authentic people to follow and listen to them. Get used to listening to them and what they sound like. And then when you turn on CNN, you’ll see how freaking fake it sounds.

I’ll leave you with one more Juan video and then wrap this up for now…

9. Juan O Savin on Michael Jaco: The amazing Juan O Savin joins me to talk deep state insider intel and child trafficking

This video with Juan and Michael is from late October 2020. Juan talks a bit about child trafficking.


OK, gosh, I hate to end this list at 9 — I’d rather stop at 10. But I gotta go pick up my kids from school and the Juan (one) I’m looking for, I can’t find right now.

It’s the one about Obama’s birth certificate. I’ll find it and add it here below. It’s a shocker — and one of my faves.

I promise to update this with more videos soon. And I will send an email to my subscribers every time I write a new post — or whenever I update a post.

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New Juan Video Updates Below

In this section I’ll update as often as I can with new Juan updates, and any old ones I find that I want to add (there are a couple gems that I want to include but I need to go dig for them).

Gonna just continue on with the numbering from above.

By the way, one thing you can do is click on all the videos in this list and “like” them which will save them to your “liked” videos in YouTube and then they will be there waiting for you and anywhere you are you can just open up your YouTube account on your phone to watch. I watch videos in little snippets throughout the day, whether I’m on a walk or doing dishes or cooking dinner, etc.

10. Juan O Savin on Rogue News: The Plan Is Working Flawlessly

This video with Juan was aired just yesterday. I’m still watching it. It’s about the election fraud and currently lawsuits going on.

I started watching it yesterday when it was live and within an hour or so, I got confirmation that what Juan said in the video came true.

A little after 13:00 into the video, Juan said:

“…Certain states have conspired to steal the national election… Certain states are alleging that other states are conspiring together to control the outcome of the election. Those go straight to the Supreme Court. They don’t go to a local jurisdiction. They don’t go to a federal court. They go to the Supreme Court. They bypass all the other courts.”

He said they have all the evidence of different Secretaries of State conspiring to rig the election for Biden. And it’s going to start coming out.

This makes perfect sense. It’s just confirmation to us that everything is happening according to plan.

We anons have known for a while that the end game was the Supreme Court. In fact, I changed my Twitter header pic to this one I created on November 11, 2020:

Anyway, a little while later I got home and was cooking dinner and saw this tweet from George Papadopoulos:

Right after that I saw this tweet by Praying Medic:


OK I’ll end this here and I promise to update with post more Juan videos as I find them. Including the bombshell Obama birth certificate one. Coming soon!

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More Juan O Savin Videos Below

I’ll be updating this soon. Lots more videos have been posted but unfortunately some of them are getting removed from YouTube. I’ll look for them on Bitchute and update here when I find them. Bookmark this page and check back.

OK guys, someone out there just made my life a whole lot easier!

Thank you, whoever you are — the person who started this Juan O Savin Archive channel.

Whoever it is has been posting new Juan videos every day for the past — on the average of 10 videos per day.

Go and subscribe and get your Juan on before the channel gets deleted. In the next few days, I’m actually going to start downloading them onto a hard drive so I can mirror on Bitchute in case they go down.

Juan O Savin Archive on YouTube