Kidney Doctor Says V@ccines Have Never Been Safe

Kidney Doctor Says V@ccines Have Never Been Safe

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Kidney specialist, Dr. Suzanne Humphries says v@ccines have never been safe:

"I have been studying v@ccines for the last three years of my life when it came up in my professional life, and my current opinion about v@ccinations is that they’ve never been safe. Never has there been a safe v@ccine. Never will there be a safe v@ccine, and it is not possible to have a safe v@ccine."

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She continues:

"The reasoning for that is that the actual process of v@ccination defies the natural function of the immune system of living beings. It thwarts the immune system into a balance that’s very unnatural and that leaves it susceptible to more things than just what you’ve maybe v@ccinated supposedly for.

Putting a disease matter into a body and thinking that the manner of which it’s going in (i.e., usually through a muscle through the skin using a very unnatural thing, a needle combined with all the chemicals, antibiotics, and things the manufacturing companies may not even know about it at the time that they’re being injected into a muscle), there’s no possible way that that can be safe.

Now when you’re bypassing the normal immune system by putting this disease matter into a muscle, you are stimulating yet another abnormal response at the site of the injection, the pooling of all sort of metals and things that call in the immune cells in a very unnatural way."

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