My (Free) Trip to the Bahamas: Day 2

This is the second post in my 3-post series about my recent trip to the Bahamas. YES, it was FREE! This is the second day of our trip… which started with French pastries and donuts, mimosas, and a lot of inspiring lectures… and ended with the most amazing sushi.

My (Free) Trip to the Bahamas: Day 2
Photo by Fernando Jorge / Unsplash

This is the second post in my 3-post series about my recent trip to the Bahamas. YES, it was FREE!

This is the second day of our trip… which started with French pastries and donuts, mimosas, and a lot of inspiring lectures… and ended with the most amazing sushi.

Read on for all the details…

If you didn’t read the first post in this series, go read it first: How I Got a Free Trip to the Bahamas

My (Free) Trip to the Bahamas: Day 2

We woke up at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar to the beautiful shining sun and the sound of the ocean waves. Ahhhh…..

Of course we had a morning training session that day… but we knew we could all sleep in a little bit later… because we all had our MONAT Dry Shampoo. (Haha — I didn’t wash my hair in 4 days! And it looked great.)

But enough about my hair.

Let’s talk French pastries, shall we?

Huh? What?

Are you kidding me?

Will you just look at that?

Oh, and in case you don’t like pastries, they had granola yogurt parfaits with fresh fruit.

For those of you who are gluten-free.

Don’t like grains? OK, how about some fresh fruit?

And for those of you who don’t give a crap about any of that health food stuff — how about a Donut Wall?

I mean… how cool is that?

Ya’ll this is what we woke up to. In the Bahamas.

Did I mention this is a post about my FREE trip to the Bahamas?

With a Donut Wall?

(You can’t see it but if you pulled back a little bit they spelled out MONAT with the donuts.  Yes, they did.)

But enough about donuts, let’s get busy with some mimosas.

I’m sorry, you don’t like pineapple mimosas?

How about cranberry?

Or guava… or the regular orange juice mimosa?

You see, MONAT couldn’t just do regular old orange juice mimosas. Because that would be ordinary. And as they always say, they don’t settle for ordinary.

And neither do I.

I don’t remember which kind of mimosa I had… along with coffee, of course…

But I did take a picture of my breakfast…

After breakfast, we headed into the convention center  for our training.

This is my friend Brenda, a Market Partner we met the night before at the beach party. Yes, MONAT gave us these cute hats.

Honestly, I’m really glad they gave us the hats because I literally did nothing to my hair that morning (just a little dry shampoo).

We listened to some inspiring speeches, and we worked on our goals.

After that, it was time to head back to the pool for lunch.

On the way, we ran into our upline mentor, Senior Executive Director (that’s the very tippy top of the comp plan), Greta Murray.

Greta was a single mom when she found MONAT. Now she supports her 2 children and just bought a new house.

Leah, Greta and me

If you didn’t see Greta’s story on yesterday’s post, here it is…. Warning: get your Kleenex ready! This is so inspiring, I cry every time I watch it. Greta is such an inspiration for all women!

We headed over to the pool for lunch, and yeah, more adult beverages. It’s vacation, ya’ll!

We literally had no other planned events for the weekend.

MONAT just had the party for us the first night, and then the morning training — and then we were on our own to relax and enjoy!

Yeah, I don’t remember what I ordered to drink… but  I do remember what I had for lunch:  the Fried Conch.

I had never eaten conch before; it was very tasty!

Leah and I ate lunch with our our new friends, Chanti and Suzanne, MONAT Market Partners from North Carolina.

Like I said in yesterday’s post (Part 1), the bonding on these trips is what it’s all about.

How gorgeous are these ladies?

Me, not so much — ha ha! Hat hair, don’t care!

Below is Chanti’s before and after pic… MONAT helped her with post partum hair loss.

After lunch, we got a text from Jewely Stephens, MONAT’s top earner. She said she rented a cabana by the pool and we could come hang out.

Here’s Jewely’s Meet MONAT Video and watch how she grew her business from scratch:

We headed over to Jewely’s cabana and I got to spend some time with her and her sponsor, Anne Fisher. I posted Anne’s MONAT story yesterday but in case you missed it here it is:

We also got to hang out with Greta and her fiance, Anthony.

That’s Daleen below… she’s a hairdresser from Boston. I just had to include her photo because she’s so cute.

It is just so much fun to hang out with ambitious ladies who are creating the lives they want by dreaming big dreams and working hard. Honestly, it was fun to go to the Bahamas, but getting to spend time with these women was the most fun part of the trip.

After a long day of lounging, taking photos, and lots of learning from our upline mentors and crossline team, we headed to dinner.

Every single meal I ate at the Grand Hyatt Baha Mar was amazing.

The next day we had another day of pool time planned… stay tuned for Day # 3 in the Bahamas.

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Read the Rest of My Adventures in the Bahamas

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How I Got a Free Trip to the Bahamas
How I Got a Free Trip to the Bahamas
How I Got a Free Trip to the Bahamas
How I Got a Free Trip to the Bahamas