Why I'm Buying Silver Right Now (Video)

In this video, I talk about why I'm buying silver right now. With the impending crash of the US dollar, I'm a big believer in the importance of investing in gold and silver as well as cryptocurrency. I'm especially bullish on silver and in this video I explain why.

Why I'm Buying Silver Right Now (Video)

In this video, I talk about why I'm buying silver right now. With the impending crash of the US dollar, I'm a big believer in the importance of investing in gold and silver as well as cryptocurrency. I'm especially bullish on silver and in this video I explain why.

Click here to read my article about How to Get Started in Cryptocurrency.

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Click here to read my article about How to Get Started in Cryptocurrency.

Video Chapters

00:00: Why I'm Now Investing in Silver in Addition to Cryptocurrency
8:00: Bix Weir on SGT Report on Rumble: Blood Money
20:40: Why Bix Weir Thinks Silver Will Go Up More Than Gold
22:00: Bix Weir's Road to Roota Theory
29:00: Is Alan Greenspan Satoshi Nakamoto, Inventor of Bitcoin?
36:55: Bix Weir's website, Road to Roota
39:00: Where to Buy Silver: JM Bullion

Bix Weir on SGT Report on Rumble: Blood Money
The Queen, King "Sausage Fingers" Charles & The Future of Cryptocurrency
Bix Weir's Road to Roota Website
JM Bullion Website

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    Video Transcript

    Hey everyone, it's Ann Marie and today we're going to talk about silver. We're going to talk about silver. I'm really excited about silver. I want to talk to you about why. I've been a crypto person for a very long time and I don't have a lot of it. And then I can't talk about why, but it's not good.

    It's not good. It's not my fault. I wish I had more. I wish I had been able to invest more, but I got hosed. But I'm buying as much as I can. So if you haven't bought any crypto yet. First and foremost, let me say, buy crypto if you can. This is not financial advice. This is entertainment purposes only.

    But I am 1000 percent sure that certain crypto coins are going to go up. I am 1000 percent sure. I've been right about everything. I always say that, but now people always say, Yeah, but you're not right on the dates. I've never really known any dates, really. I know biblical dates. I know high holy days, things like that.

    What year? I don't know when things are happening, although I think it's going to happen soon. I really do. I really do. That's what everybody's saying, and I do believe it's going to happen soon. What am I talking about when I say it? I say, I'm saying the dollar. Crash the crash of fiat currency, which is what we've been waiting for.

    That's what this is all about. We know this is the Jubilee year. We know this is the year that the debts get repaid. This is all biblical. If you've been watching Bo Polny, if you've been watching a lot of the prophets that have spoken, Bo Polny is one of my favorites, but I'm going to share with you someone I'm going to talk to.

    This is going to be relatively short video because I just want to get it out there. I'm about to buy some silver in addition to the little bit of crypto that I have. But if you haven't been able to buy a lot of crypto or silver yet, it's totally fine because silver is actually really low. It said at its lowest point in a long time, and I just found this out the other day when I happened upon, I just love how God shows me what I need to see when I need to see it.

    You don't have to worry if you haven't bought anything yet because you can. And even if you can only buy a little, it's still going to help you. It's still going to help you even if you only have 100 or 500 or 1, 000. What if you only have 20? Invest it. Invest it. Because we know that the dollar has to crash.

    It has to. How long will that last until things get resurrected? I don't know. It could be a matter of days. It could be a matter of weeks. I don't believe it's going to be a matter of months or years. I really don't. Because we won't have America. America will go under which then that means the whole world will go under.

    So I know that the Patriots have been planning for this. There's plans in place. I'm thousand percent sure. I'm not one of those people that believes we're going to, be ushered into camps. If we are then we will be, that'll happen, but I just don't see enough evidence of that.

    They weren't ready for us for that to happen to us until years from now, and their plan was to keep us locked down from and I'll get, the jibber jabber. That was the plan, which Mr. T disrupted. So with the, whatever operation what. I don't want to say the words.

    I might put this on YouTube. I don't know what the point is because I'm so shadow B A N E D on YouTube that it's pointless, but I might put it on there. Anyways, I wasn't really into silver and gold that much until I heard this one video that I heard the other day which I'll link to below and put all the video links below so you guys can do your own research.

    Do your own research, but I'll put the videos below. I'm going to share my screen and show you a couple of clips of them and then you can go watch them for yourself. And then but I think the evidence is so convincing. Now is gold worth investing in? Absolutely. Absolutely. But I think silver is going to be better.

    I think crypto certain types of crypto is going to be really good. It's going to increase a lot when the dollar crashes. And if you want what I believe are going to be the coins that the ones that I'm investing in, I have a link below to a article that I wrote a year or two ago called getting started in cryptocurrency.

    So that link is below that is. One of my paid subscription links. Now, the reason that I make it for paid members only, these are my members. It doesn't cost much to become a member on my site. It's 17 a year, very cheap. I kept it that way because I wasn't, I didn't know how much I could actually be writing, cause we've been going, I've been going through a lot personally got divorced, had to move again.

    Move twice in the last few years. So very hard times. And so I didn't know how much I could be publishing because my family comes first, but so that's why I made it really cheap. It'll go up eventually. I'll make it more, but you can get in for 17 a year. I think it's 3 a month if you want to pay monthly, but so you could pay 3 and get this article.

    I don't care if you unsubscribe But what's coming in the future on my blog will be more premium videos more. Oh what I really I'm looking forward to starting is writing books and anybody that is a member of my blog is going to get just for that 17 a month. And I'll leave you guys at that level.

    I won't, I think I can leave you at that level and you don't have to pay more. And if anybody's paying more because they originally paid more and they want to pay less, just tell me, just email me and I can change it for you. Cause I don't. I don't, I'm not doing this for the money, obviously. If I was doing this for the money, I would, there's a lot of other things I would do than, get banned on every single platform.

    But I do need to make a living, so it helps when you guys do become a member. And I'll be putting all, anyone who's a member is going to get excerpts of my books as I write them, and a lot of other stuff. I'm looking forward to it. I'm looking forward to launching my webinar which I've been talking about for a long time Detox the And once I do that, then I'll be able to start writing my books once I get that off into the ether.

    Alright, so in, in that article, though, I do talk about which crypto I like and why and which ones I am investing in. My favorite's XRP. I also really Bitcoin, but Bitcoin, I think XRP is going to really go up a lot more than Bitcoin for a variety of reasons. And for anybody that had their doubts about XRP before now, they, after this year, they really should believe in it because of.

    What's happened. What's been playing out. But anyway, let me we're going to talk about Silver. We're going to talk about Bix Weir. So let me queue those up. Hold on.

    Okay, here's the video that I watched, that I listened to the other day when I was cooking dinner. Just happened upon it. Again, God keeps guiding me to things and I think it's so miraculous. I keep having these experiences and things are just working out. And they will. They're not all worked out yet.

    But they are working out and I'm sure you guys are starting to have these kinds of experiences too. If you're listening to him, he will lead you and he led me to this video and I saw the name Bix Weir and I remembered that I had made a video about Bix Weir a year ago and I'm going to show you a little clip of that as well.

    This is the video that I made. This this whole like, thumbnail really is my mind lately. The king, the queen, king, sausage fingers in the future of cryptocurrency was what I called it, but it's all over the place. That's when the, that was when the I mean his fingers are so crazy.

    What is that? He's got to be some kind of fat suit. That's not normal. All right. So anyway, this was a year ago and I talk about Bix wearing that, but I don't really, I didn't even talk about what. is really so interesting in this video. But it rem but I and I'd forgotten completely about BixWeir until I saw this and I was like, oh yeah!

    Okay, so one of the things he says in this video hold on, let me see if I can Get a clip here.

    Okay. I'm just gonna show a little clip of this, but you really should go watch the whole thing. I'll put the link below. Just go watch the whole thing and then watch the other video that I'm also gonna show you. I'll show you where to start watching that. They get it through JP Morgan buying, 1.2 billion ounces while they were rigging the price and then the Trump administration took them down there.

    I think that silver is gone. I think it was set up in a deal to go through. Bank of America, who all of a sudden took out this monster silver derivative position into the hands of, I think it was Warren Buffett. Warren Buffett all of a sudden went full on Bank of America back at the time.

    And I'm like why was Buffett doing that? Buffett, I always thought was working with the good guys to try and take down the bankers starting with, the 1999 purchase of all that silver, the second largest at the time, besides the Hunt brothers. And it's really interesting. If Buffett is the one ultimately ending up with this physical silver, I think he's going to give it back to the United States.

    Just from what I. Understand about Buffett and his dad, Howard Buffett, who was a congressman in the forties trying to get the people to go back to a gold standard. Buffett lies when he says gold's nothing. He lies when he says, Oh, the only reason I bought silver was a supply and demand deficit. There's a supply, huge supply and demand deficit now.

    So I think it is Buffett. I don't know yet. I don't have proof of that, but from the information I've gleaned from many different sources I think he's in there and he got all that silver away from J. P. Morgan. Where does Buffett live? Is that Omaha, Nebraska? Omaha, Nebraska, yep. He refused to go to New York.

    He hates New York bankers. If you know anything about the deep state and the bloodlines they always have, white hats and black hats that are fighting each other. You look back at Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison Steve Jobs and Bill Gates. There's always one who's good and one who's bad.

    So I think this is really interesting. I had not heard that about Warren Buffett. Very interesting, JP Morgan, he's bad. He's the one that started the federal reserve. His father taught him well, his father was an amazing American. And if you read Buffett's biography, you'll know exactly what Buffett thinks down deep about the criminal banksters and all that.

    And he's definitely a Patriot working to save America. If that was the case at one point in human history, I wouldn't doubt it. But I wonder if that's the case anymore, because first of all, I think you're right. Buffett was basically cornering the silver market. Wall Street basically said to him enough.

    He sold his position for a small profit and in 2008 at the peak of the global financial crisis, you'll recall the legendary investor invested 5 billion in Goldman Sachs, one of the heads of the snake. And what do you get in return? A 3 billion profit. So when Wall Street needed help, who bailed him out?

    Warren Buffett. He provided liquidity to one of these criminal banks. And they survived. But the question would be that I have, is a lot of this stuff, behind the scenes, who do we know? Maybe it was that was the bad guys trying to, the good guys weren't prepared yet and maybe they were trying to take it out so that the only choice we had was to go to them being in charge of the next monetary system.

    Remember this was before cryptos too. There was no CBDC in the works. Now there, there is, I don't think the people would ever stand up and say, okay you guys, you people who. Got us in all this trouble. The banks, the BIS, World Economic Forum, you guys are going to be the deciders of the next monetary system.

    I don't think so at all. As a matter of fact, it looks pretty much to me from what the Mint has said and what the Mint has done in preparation for the changing of the guard as far as monetary system I think we're going back to gold and silver, constitutional money. And will it be attached to some kind of blockchain so it's easier to use?

    Yeah, you can do that pretty easy as long as you. Understand the blockchain you're using. Is it okay? So I'm just going to explain what he's saying. This is exactly what I've been saying. For years now, we have to go to a sound money system really is what it is. Because right now, the reason that there's so much inflation is because the money is not attached to anything so they can print as much as they want.

    And it's all made up. There's no you. You, we used to have the gold standard, but I'm going to show you a little bit of a clip from the other video that I made last year about the gold standard. I'll link to that as well below. I'll link to this one below. And then I'm also going to link to another video in its entirety that I referenced in the other video.

    The reason is there's just. Some key information points about the history. And once you start looking at these points, you're going to see things a lot differently. We, yes, we went off the gold standard in the seventies and people think that was the problem, but it's not that simple as you're going to see in a minute when I show you the other video crypto.

    Is actually the future. And as Judy Shelton, who was Trump's pick for the Federal Reserve Board she didn't make it on because they just kept, she, I don't know what happened with that, but, maybe when he's back, she'll be back or maybe she'll be in a different role because I don't, I guess the Federal Reserve is going away.

    But It has to. It has to. When everything comes out, it has to. If you go read The Creature from Jekyll Island, that's the whole history of the Federal Reserve, and I highly recommend that you read that. But you can get it on Audible if you like to listen. And there's lots of movies about it on YouTube and Rumble as well.

    JP Morgan and all that. But anyway, she said we need the gold standard in a cryptocurrency kind of way. That was her quote, her famous quote. And we will have the blockchain. The blockchain is a ledger. It's a digital ledger. So we will have the blockchain and we will have precious metals as well, but we're going to have real.

    Currency that is tied to reality instead of this crazy made up fiat stuff, right? So we're going to talk in this video. We're going to really though, focus on silver, but I want to cover a little bit about gold in a second, but I just wanted to show you a clip of this. This is Bix Weir, a CBDC that is controlled by The Fed and the treasury, or is it a standalone blockchain like Bitcoin?

    We can run gold and silver off the Bitcoin blockchain. And Bitcoin is literally, you can see every transaction. There's nothing hiding. You can't create more than 21 million tokens. And yeah. So he's talking, so he's a big proponent of certain types of crypto, gold and silver. That's the really the things that he recommends.

    And that's what I recommend too. If you want to learn more about crypto, go read my article and it teaches you how to actually get started investing. It's not hard. You guys, it's really not hard. And it's not hard to buy gold and silver either where I'm going to actually order. Today or tomorrow, start ordering some silver because I haven't bought any yet.

    But when I do that I will let you know below cause this will probably happen before I post this video where I'm ordered, where I'm buying it from. But you can, there's lots of dealers online where you can just buy silver bars or silver coins. Right now, the price of silver is really low. It's like what he says in his video is it's not, hasn't been this low in a long time.

    It was in the thirties and now it's down to 23. And he is predicting that it is going to go above 5, 000 to 10, 000. Now, if that happens, you can do the math just divide if you buy five ounces of silver for a hundred bucks, a hundred times. 10, 000, you can do the math like, and he actually says in another article I found today, he thinks it's going to go as high as 100, 000.

    Will it? I don't know. Nobody knows, right? But we know that it's not going to decrease. We know that it is going to go up. Same thing with certain crypto coins, Bitcoin, XRP Ethereum. I'm a believer in doge. Not everybody is. I don't have a ton of money in doge. I don't have a ton of money in anything. I have very little money, but of my portfolio and I'm going to be updating my portfolio in that crypto article as well.

    As I've just been adding a little bit more as I can afford it, the little money that I have, I put in there. But my, but what I want to do before we see the crash of the dollar, which I'm. Thinking we're going to have any time now. We cannot go on much longer. It's got to happen soon. And we know that, they're saving Israel for last, all that this has to end soon.

    So that's why I want to go ahead and buy some silver. If it really is going to go up to 10, 000 from 20, about 20 to 10, 000, that's a 500 X. Return, which is crazy. Good. You're not going to even see any kind of crypto that's going to go up that high and certainly not gold. So I really think if you're scared of crypto if you're not scared of crypto, why not get some, especially if they're solid coins, like I'm talking about, I know XRP.

    It's just, that's going to replace the SWIFT system, Ripple. So it, to me, it seems like a very obvious, you can reach research SWIFT and and Ripple. Bitcoin, obvious. There's only so much of it. And we know we're going to the blockchain, but as far as silver and gold. So what Bix Weir says is that he thinks silver is going to go up more than gold.

    And I'm going to show you why. You can create. Different kinds of blockchains. We just have to be, he's got I'll put a couple of links to a couple of articles below as well. I won't read them here, but he's got a couple of articles, like 10 reasons to invest in silver. All right. So this one is this is his channel, the Road to Roota.

    I see at the top here, Ruta that's from route a. And this is fascinating. Nobody saw this video because I, have whatever 400 followers on here. Nobody saw this video, but this whole, I think it's about 17 minutes into this video. I start talking about the crypto stuff, but it's not just crypto.

    Again, he's talking about gold and silver, and he's talking about why he thinks. Gold is not gonna go up as much as silver. Partly because we don't know how much gold there is. And this whole thing about Alan Greenspan and Bitcoin is absolutely fascinating. , it makes so much sense. So let me just skip ahead and I'll show you.

    There they look, but up here they look really. Okay. I'm just talking about King Charles' fat fingers here. 'cause I think it's a fat suit, but right after that, around 17 minutes in, I talk about the Road to Roota. So I'm gonna share this with you. And then we'll wrap up. Thank. Alright, so let's move on to the Queen.

    Actually that's enough. I don't need to talk more about the Queen. We know what's happening. I know I think you guys. I shouldn't say we know what's happening. We know that it's not a coincidence. That this is all happening when it's happening. We know that it means a lot. We know there's a lot of comms, and we just have to keep our eyes on to see what's going on.

    But what I wanted to talk to you about was something I saw online. I posted on my telegram. Hold on, let me change my screen here, and I'll show you. Alright, I just watched this, and I thought this was so interesting. So I want to share this with you. There's a lot of talk about the economic crash that's coming.

    And the reset and all that great reset versus the great awakening. And I think that you just have to watch this. Okay. Let me just open it. After reading G. Edward Griffin's book, The Creature from Jekyll Island, Bix Weir began his own research and developed an alternative theory, which has a different motivation for the creation of the Federal Reserve banking system, and involves patriots infiltrating the Fed to destroy it from within.

    President Woodrow Wilson, who strongly opposed private banks, signed off on the Federal Reserve Act. Something he deeply regretted soon after. According to the Road to Roota theory, Wilson signed off on it out of fear of catastrophic inflation. The amount of gold being found in the late 1800s was causing an endless rise of inflation.

    By 1900, several mining companies were harvesting gold from the Grand Canyon, which was a major undertaking. An 80 mile long road was built to access a coal deposit for power, and barges and steamships were assembled in the canyon to deliver this coal every day. By 1912, the New York Times reported that billions of ounces of gold were estimated to be dredged from this operation, and at this time, there was only 64 million ounces of gold in the U.

    S. Treasury and 160 worldwide. Adding billions of ounces would have been economically catastrophic. It would have driven the value of gold to zero, devastating the world's economies and destroying the wealth of the world's most powerful people. In 1913, the Federal Reserve Act was signed into law, the cornerstone of today's fiat currencies and debt based economy.

    And in 1919, President Wilson banned all mining in the Grand Canyon. The massive influx of gold alone would have been enough to compel a new financial system. But there is more to the story. In the late 1800s, local homesteader Seth Tanner claimed to have seen mummies and artifacts in a cave within the Grand Canyon's Marble Canyon.

    When the Hopi learned he had seen the sacred site, they blinded him, sparing his life because of his Hopi marriage. In 1909, the Arizona Gazette reported that the Smithsonian was researching a man made cave structure carved deep within the solid rock, 1, 480 feet below the surface in Marble Canyon, big enough to house 50, 000 people, with rooms full of ancient golden artifacts, mummies, and Egyptian hieroglyphs dating back 3, 000 years to the Ramses dynasty.

    This is the same area that Seth Tanner described seeing the same thing. It's the same area where the famous lost city of gold was thought to be. And it's the land of the Hopi, whose ancestors once lived in the great hole Sipapu, commonly known as the Grand Canyon, where several geological formations have been given names from ancient Egypt.

    In 1956, two planes collided in midair, directly above the alleged cave system of Marble Canyon. And over the next two weeks, a dozen helicopters worked to haul out debris. And yet, debris is still scattered everywhere. There were no witnesses, and the bodies of the victims were all buried in a mass grave.

    The Leak Project's investigation of this cave shows what appears to be the remnants of this recovery operation. The Grand Canyon is full of caves, 90 percent unexplored and off limits, protected by the U. S. military. Every president since Bush Sr. has tried to secure mining rights within the Grand Canyon, and all have been denied.

    This leads us to the second part of the Road to Roota theory, that the Fed has been infiltrated by patriots on a mission to destroy it from within. Our main character is Alan Greenspan. Who is friends with Ayn Rand, who published his 1966 essay, Gold and Economic Freedom on the importance of a gold backed monetary system.

    Greenspan was a gold bug. In 1969, a Swedish economist published On the Road to the Golden Age. which concludes that the best way to return to sound money is to run the fiat system into the ground by printing money into infinity so that gold will restore stability and faith in the money supply and fiat will be exposed for what it's always been.

    A scam. In 1971, President Nixon ended dollar convertibility to gold, which invited the money printers worldwide to let loose. Not only was Greenspan a renowned gold bug, he may be the most unsung hero of the computer age. He was childhood friends with the inventor of the first shareable computer programming language called BASIC.

    Which Greenspan used to write the very first banking computer programs at his firm Townsend Greenspan back when punch cards were still being used by 1985. Alan Greenspan was the expert on computer banking. I suggest an Apple to see an Apple modem.

    So go watch the rest of this video. You can start at 17 minutes. I had to watch that three times to understand what he was saying. Right there, I want to interrupt though. He was friends with Steve Jobs. He's recommending Apple, not Windows, Bill Gates. Steve Jobs was a patriot. So let me show you a little bit more.

    And it's a lot, it's a lot of information, but once you absorb it, it's going to, it's mind blowing. Hold on. They were finding, okay. And apparently, hold on. There was a story of Roota. Okay. The bitcoin white paper is published. And while nobody knows who authored it, Alan Greenspan with his 60 years of expertise in digital banking, certainly could have played a part.

    So was Alan Greenspan Satoshi Nakamoto, the guy, the mysterious guy, who invented Bitcoin. Wouldn't that be an interesting turn of events? But let's continue. Reporting for InfoWard. Okay, so basically what he's saying is that this comic book that came out by the Federal Reserve I believe it was 2007, and there was one that came out before that, the 80s, exactly the same.

    This story of Ruta which is Route A, which has to do with hold on, let me show you. Okay. Road to Roota. This is the website which I'll put below, BixWear, and this is fascinating. So he's got a YouTube channel as well. I was checking that out this morning. So there was, let me try to break this down for you.

    Because I felt like I did watch that. I had to watch that three times the other video to absorb all the information he was throwing down. Cause it was a lot in a short amount of time, California gold rush happened. There was all this. Gold that they were finding. Okay. And apparently there was a lot of gold.

    They were worried. He was saying that there would be too much gold. What would happen if there's too much gold inflation? Because it would be worth less. And if our money was tied to the gold standard, if we had the gold standard, our money was tied to gold, then our money becomes worth less. That's what he's talking about in that video.

    You can go back and watch it. I'll put the link to. to the one that I was linking to on American Media Periscope and tell you the time stamp on that. And then I'll also link to the, this other channel where this information comes from. So vast riches in the Grand Canyon. Okay. This was a New York Times article that came out.

    They're talking about all this gold. All right, so this again, this is all on the other channel. You can dig into this. If this is true, if there are pyramids and ancient civilizations in the Grand Canyon, what all is down there in these caves, right? Immense, rich cavern being brought to life. So they talk about all the caves down there and that nobody could find what they had down there.

    A city of gold. Alright. So now we get into Alan Greenspan. If you're not familiar with who he was the chairman of the Federal Reserve. And he's postulating that maybe he was an undercover patriot, which is very interesting. But if it makes sense, if we had, and here, so here's what I think is interesting about this.

    Again, how will we know? We won't know. We don't know, but it's worth looking into. It's worth digging into this. Apparently Greenspan was a gold bug, which means he was a pro gold.

    Advocate of tying the money supply to the gold sound money is what it's called. Where you, your money, the reason we have inflation now is because money's not tied to anything. So they can just manipulate it all they want. If money's tied to how much gold we have, then They can't manipulate it, right?

    Cause there's only a fixed amount of supply of gold. But what he's saying is they found all this gold, not only in the gold rush, but in the grand Canyon. And suddenly that's when they locked down the grand Canyon. That's when they Nixon. Ended the gold standard all around the same time.

    And then this article, the road to the golden age. So it's possible that we did have too much gold. Now here's another thing that they, he didn't mention, but I have to say another factor is outer space. I wrote an article a while back let me get to that in a second. So yeah, I'll go back to this.

    Okay. I wrote an article a while back. And I will share that here. Okay, here it is. It's called Rocket's Red Glare, Why We Need Space Force. And I wrote this in 2020. But what I talk about in this, it's a long article, it covers a lot. But I highly recommend reading it, especially those of you who are engaging in this whole conversation about Whether or not the earth is what, if the earth is round or not.

    I have very strong opinions on that. And so far I've never seen any evidence to show me that the earth is anything but round. So that's my. Take on it. I have not people have sent me, four hour long videos, five hour long videos. I've tried to watch some of them, but I don't, I just don't buy it.

    There's just not enough information there. Now, if you go to this article, which most people haven't read this article but if you take the time, cause it's been very censored as of all my stuff that I've written, why we need space force. This is an excellent video by Steven Quast from Hillsdale college channel about space force.

    I, okay. So I talk about metals there being in space, which is going to come, that is going to come, but it's not going to come just yet. So that's why I think metals, gold and silver are good thing to purchase. in the short term when we have this crash crypto as well. But over time, it's not going to, the price will go back down because we'll have more.

    Let me see, skip ahead. Oh, okay. That's when I have to get into the whole, this is about Judy Shelton. Talk about Judy Shelton in here. And then I get more into the rest of that Road to Roota theory. And he does have a channel called Road to Roota on YouTube. So you can go follow him. But let me just show you also So interesting.

    He's one of the smartest people, I think, out there. Let me just show you the other thing you can go look up is Road to Roota. com And this... article, hold on, buy silver now. Okay. So you can go check his site out. He talks, this is where he gets all into the Road to Roota theory. I'm going to be watching more of these because I haven't seen all these. And oh, he's got Cliff High. They're great. Learn about what he's talking about. But what I wanted to show you was oh, Ooh, I want to sign up for an affiliate.

    What is he doing? Friends of Road to Roota. Okay, cool. There's an article here, where the price of silver is going and why.

    I have it on my phone. So let me type it in here. I could do it on his site if he's got it. Yeah, here it is. Okay. This is the article that I was looking at this morning, 20 reasons to buy physical silver. So I'll put this link below as well. This is awesome. This, no. This is the other article. This is the other article, which is called 20 reasons to buy gold silver. Physical silver. Not shares of silver. Not the fake silver. Real. Actual 0. 999 silver that you can order. And I'll tell you where to get it. I don't, I'm not an affiliate of any silver or anything like that.

    Yeah, then there's this article. I'll put this link below as well. 20 reasons to buy physical silver and why he thinks it can go 100, 000 an ounce. That's wild. You guys, that is so wild. So this is a great article just because he goes through all the history and all the fraud that's involved in this.

    All right JM Bullion is where I'm going to order. I think there's a place in town as well that I'm going to maybe go check out and call them. You can find it locally. My friends! He just, I told her to get some and I think he just bought it on Walmart, which I didn't even know you could do that.

    But I have a number of friends who use this site and that's where they've been buying it. So I'm going to start with bars. 26, 27, 26 to 28 is what I'm seeing pretty much. And I'm just going to start buying a few bars and it's, and I'm going to get myself a safe and this is what I'm doing. So just to help you guys visualize, What this looks like, what if it really did go up to 10, 000 an ounce?

    He's saying it could go up to 100, 000 an ounce. What if it really did go up to 10, 000 an ounce, which is a 10, a fraction of 100, 000. Let's say, like I said, if you let's right now, it's about 20. Okay let's just 20 for, we'll say 30. Maybe you're watching this later and it's 30.

    Okay. So if you invest 1, 000. 33 ounces times. 30 is about 1, 000. Okay. 33 ounces. If you had 33 ounces and it was worth 10, 000, that's 330, 000. You can buy a house. You can buy a house by investing 1, 000 right now. Is this going to happen? I don't know, but I guarantee you it's not going to go down. It's not going to go down. Fiat's going to go down.

    We know that. It's just a matter of time now until this bottom falls out. What if you invested, 10 times that? Think of what you could... Be able to do. I don't have a lot, but the little that I have, I'm gonna put some money into silver in addition to the crypto that I already have. And and anyway, I think this Bix Weir is just so interesting. He is really, has some great theories, some great and it's based on all the actual history.

    He they go into route A and all of that and how they basically it's like the beginnings of the cryptocurrency blockchain. So very interesting. It makes a lot of sense. Anyway, do your own research and exciting times ahead, you guys. All right. I'll leave you here and I'll see you on the next video.