My Little Brother Died Suddenly Yesterday

My little brother died yesterday. On a vent in the hospital. He was only 53.

My Little Brother Died Suddenly Yesterday

My little brother died yesterday. He was on a vent in the hospital. He was only 53. It's just now hitting me, the fact that he is gone. He will always be my little brother.

He died pretty suddenly. Not sure why. People have theories. There was no autopsy. I don't trust the medical system as far as I can throw it.

So who knows what really happened. But I can't say anything because I am the black sheep in the family. I wasn't even invited up to see him in the hospital when he was in a coma. I'm sure they knew that I would "make trouble."

Sorry not sorry.

My family is so broken and destroyed, I don't even have a photo of him on my computer to add to this post.

I'm sure I have some in boxes somewhere, but I just had to move again for the third time in three years. No idea where anything is.

Oh, wait, I have one framed photo on my counter. A photo taken of me, my brother and my sister when we were in high school. Or maybe it was college? I can't remember which year I had that punk rock hair cut.

Anyway, I'll take a picture of it and add it... here you go...

I did get to see him one last time last September. We got a cake and we had them write "Happy Family Reunion" on it. I think that was my nephew's idea.

It had been 8 years since I saw my brother. My family was torn apart by political ideology.

That weekend last September, I took my son, and my brother's son, my nephew, to confession and Latin mass that weekend. It was really nice. It was so great to see my nephew go to confession.

He's a great young man. Born on Valentine's Day, which this year was the first day of Lent.

I wish my whole family went to church but I was glad the three of us got to go.

I'm the last Catholic in a very long line of Catholics, going back hundreds of years, on both my mother's French and my father's Polish side.

It's really weird because I had planned to launch my new company, Eden Revival, on his birthday. March 24.

I planned that not because of his birthday, but because it just felt like the right date. And then when I realized it was his birthday, that seemed like a nice thing.

This was before he went into the hospital, which was the week before Lent started.

And then I found out that both Palm Sunday and Purim land on March 24 this year. The day Jesus flipped the tables and the day the tables turned.

This is not a coincidence. Not at all. I feel like this is a sign of something.

Like maybe we're gonna make a big splash. Like maybe we can use all of this pain and suffering to help others and rebuild America.

My brother helped me a lot with my last company, the blog network that I started in 2008.

He was our graphic designer for a few years. He was very talented. I will make a special dedication to him when I launch the new company. His life will not be in vain.

I was glad to hear he had his last rites by a priest in the hospital. He was cremated. There will not be a funeral. Not sure why. I pray that he gets a proper burial.

Everything is so torn apart right now. So many families wrecked by propaganda and brain-washing.

And yes, America was the target. They did everything they could to hurt us.

"They tried to bury us. They didn't know we were seeds."

God bless you, Matt.

You were a causality in this war but you will never be forgotten. Rest in peace. You are missed and you are loved.