Net Shut Down

Net Shut Down

Anons know what is about to happen… a shut down of the internet. Well, not the whole internet — but all the big social media sites.

In this post I’ll give you a heads up of what we think is going down over this next “10 days of darkness”.  And why the best is yet to come.

Net Shut Down

We heard from President Trump in 2 tweets this morning, both signaling a “net shut down” in his comms. In this post, I’ll explain how anons decoded his tweets.

We may also have an idea of when this may happen. Of course, with military operations, we never know exactly when things will happen. But one of the tweets this morning makes it very clear, at least to me, when it could happen, as you’ll see below.

If you missed my last post, I highly recommend also reading it, Learn Our Comms, to learn more about how to read the comms (coded communications).

Everyone is freaking out thinking that Joe Biden is going to be inaugurated as our 46th president on January 20, 2021.

But anons know that ain’t happening.

How do we know? Because we remember all the Q drops. And the drops told us what would happen. Let me walk you through some of them…

Video From POTUS

We anons watched President Trump’s video on Thursday night and we understood his comms.

Here is the speech, from George News (noticed it was posted on January 7th (1/7, which is 17):

Here are the things I noticed, and my responses:

Infiltration, Not Invasion

President Trump says at 25 seconds in: “The demonstrators who INFILTRATED the Capitol…”

Infiltrated is an interesting word to use.  Q has been telling us for years that this is “irregular warfare”. “Infiltration, not invasion.”

“Infiltration, not invasion”

Reports are now coming out that Antifa and BLM protestors dressed up as QAnon/Trump supporters and they were the one who broke in and committed violence.

Watch this YouTube video from one of my favorite patriots, Millie Weaver demonstrating the proof that Antifa infiltrated the MAGA rally at the Capitol on the 6th:

This has been confirmed by Rudy Guliani:

But wait, there’s more. Now people are saying that the guy in the Viking costume at the Capitol is actually a patriot who infiltrated Antifa.

Protester in Viking headdress ID’d as Trump supporter, not Antifa (Source: AJC)

I know, it’s confusing. But stay with me.

We know that black hat communists were hired by the Deep State to infiltrate the Trump rallies back in 2016. I know this because I researched it back then and found tons of evidence.

That’s what led me to ultimately vote for Trump, because I was able to find evidence that the only violence at Trump rallies was caused by people being bussed in and paid to incite violence.

We also know that our patriots have infiltrated their side — Antifa and BLM — and have been working as moles to learn their playbook.

You can see evidence of this in the undercover videos by Project Veritas. Some of the videos have been removed by YouTube (I just searched) but I remember watching the videos in November 2016 about Bob Creamer and Scott Foval, Democrat operatives, admitting that they hired fake protesters to incite violence at the Trump rallies.

Screenshot from Project Veritas undercover video

Even the leftist Deep State-owned Washington Post reported that Foval and Creamer stepped down after those videos came out.

We know why the Deep State operatives  infiltrated the rallies — to incite violence and try to make Trump supporters look bad. It’s the same thing they always do. That’s their playbook.

OK, so why would the good guys (white hats) infiltrate the bad guys groups (Antifa and BLM)?

David Daleiden

Perhaps to get evidence on them? Exactly the same way Project Veritas infiltrated to get evidence…

And how David Daleiden infiltrated Planned Parenthood to get the horrific videos of them talking about selling baby parts. The only way to expose these criminals is to catch them in the act.

What if the Viking guy and others were actually white hat patriots who had infiltrated the black hats so they could get information?

Do you think it’s a coincidence that he was dressed just like a Simpsons episode? Read this article about the Simpsons episode.

What if this has been planned for years? Or even decades?

Take a look at the photo below… People on Twitter said that is obviously not an Antifa guy because he is too muscular (LOL!):

Another comment pointed out that he he is carrying plastic zip ties. What would those be used for? Perhaps to package up the laptops, drives and computer equipment?

We also know now that Pelosi’s laptop and one other laptop were stolen during the Capitol invasion.

That has been confirmed by 3 star General Thomas McInerney:

So this is why Pelosi is freaking out and calling for the 25th amendment to impeach POTUS. If she was so sure that Biden was going to be our next President in a fortnight, why is she flipping out? She should be calm, no?

OK… so hang in there, I have more…  check this out…

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command

POTUS posted this video Thursday night at 7:10 Eastern (I’m Central time which is why my screenshots say the wrong time — one hour earlier):

One of the things we anons have learned to do is look at time codes. When I see a time code, I always go to the Q board to see what the post is.

So first I looked at 710:

Clown means CIA (Clowns in America). Not sure if this is related or not. We know there is a lot going on in Asia right now…

OK, the military time stamp is 19:10… lets look at drop number 1910:

That drop leads us to 2 websites:

U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command and United States Army Intelligence and Security Command.

Why two websites? The first looks like a part of the official Army website. What is the second one?

I punched it into the Wayback Machine and see that the website was launched in 2001. Hmm…

The United States Army Intelligence and Security Command on the Wayback Machine

Wikipedia says:

The United States Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM) is a direct reporting unit that conducts intelligence, security, and information operations for U.S. Army commanders and national decision-makers. INSCOM is headquartered at Fort Belvoir, Virginia.

INSCOM is an organization within both the United States Army and the National Security Agency, the United States’s unified signals intelligence organization. Within the NSA, INSCOM and its counterparts in the U.S. Navy, U.S. Air Force, and Marine Corps Intelligence are known as the Central Security Service.

Huh. Interesting. A organization that is made up of the Army, the NSA, and counterparts in the Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps Intelligence.

It also says they were founded in 1977 and were involved in remote viewing.

That is very interesting because Admiral Michael Rogers started his career in 1981 in the Navy. And he went on to become the 17th Director of the NSA.

Yes, I said 17th. We know what 17 means. It means Q.

If you recall, Admiral Rogers was in the original Q movie twice.

The video has been taken down off of YouTube but you can watch it on Rumble.

Also Michael Jaco, former Navy Seal and CIA operative and now patriot (he has had Juan O Savin on his show multiple times), talks a lot about remote viewing.

I’ve kept silent on this for months but I’m gonna say it now since we’re almost to the end of this show.

While many people think Juan O Savin is John F. Kennedy Jr., I really don’t think so. If you listen to his voice, it’s very distinctive. Sounds nothing like JFK Jr.

Go and listen to his voice and compare to a certain military operative who has been notably silent for the past couple years. I think you’ll figure it out. Here’s my Juan O Savin post with a bunch of his videos.

OK, back to POTUS’s video message… at 55 seconds, President Trump says, “My campaign pursued EVERY LEGAL AVENUE to contest the election results.”

We gave been told repeatedly that it has to be the military. Once you exhaust every legal avenue, the only option is the military.

Who is the Commander in Chief right now? DONALD J. TRUMP.

Who commands the military? DONALD J. TRUMP.

New Administration?

At 1:24, President Trump says, “Now Congress has certified the results. A NEW administration will be inaugurated on January 20th.”

New administration? This had a lot of people freaking out. But many of us knew for months or even years that Pence is a Deep State traitor.

So when President Trump says there will be a new administration, that doesn’t mean Biden. It means without Pence and other turncoats.

But it goes beyond that. Anons know that NESARA is coming. That means we have to have new elections within 120 days of the announcement.

The Best is Yet to Come

At the very end of the video, POTUS says “To my incredible supporters, I want you to know that our incredible journey is only just beginning.”

Also note what it says in the video description on YouTube:  “A message from The President: We have only just begun.”

POTUS Friday Morning Tweet Number One

Okay, so in addition to the video from Thursday night, there were two tweets from POTUS Friday (FRY-day as we call it in QLand).

Here’s the first one, tweeted at 9:46 am Eastern. You can also see the decodes from anons:

POTUS Friday Morning Tweet Number Two

OK so I took this screengrab and the time code is wrong. It is set to central time. For the life of me I couldn’t figure out how to change my Twitter time settings — whatever, that platform is dead anyway what with the mass exodus happening now.

Anyway, it should be 10:44 because my time is central time so it shows 9:44.

So let’s look up drop #1044…

Net shut down. This drop actually refers to the drop right before it, drop number 1043. Let’s look at that.

We anons have known for years that the net will go down. Not the entire internet, so don’t worry about your online banking and stuff like that. Just all of the social media platforms.

But POTUS is telling us right here in the comms that he won’t be going to the inauguration BECAUSE the net will be shut down.

We will also see MSM (mainstream media) go down. We know this from drop number 34:

Here are all 3 drops that relate to “My Fellow Americans”:

Look at drop number 55. It says:

“Look to Twitter:
Exactly this: My fellow Americans, the Storm is upon us…….”
God bless.

This is a signal to anons that the net is going to get shut down.

This Twitter account called @John_F_Kennnedy (with a third N in the handle) tweeted this out at 7:17 pm, or 19:17 military time on January 6th:

Remember, in drop 55, Q didn’t say the tweet had to come from the President. And I remember Jennifer Mac talking about this Twitter account in one of her videos.

Juan O Savin also said in one of his recent videos (in the past couple days) that January 6th was “Patriot Day”. That was the day they stormed the Capitol.

And since

So I think it’s pretty clear the storm is officially here. Net shut down is imminent.

POTUS Locked Out of Twitter

Finally, we also knew that when POTUS got locked out of Twitter, that would be the sign that we have to take back control of  information. And Trump got banned last night, along with General Flynn and Sidney Powell.

Remember what General Flynn said.

He said, “The American people decided to take over the idea of information… and they did it through social media.”

“We have an army of digital soldiers: citizen journalists. Because this was an insurgency — irregular warfare at its finest in politics. The journalists we have in our media did a disservice to themselves. More than that, they did a disservice to our country. So the American people decided to take over the idea of information. They took over the idea, and they did it through social media.”GENERAL MICHAEL FLYNN

Do you really think we would go down this easy?

Go on Twitter and watch some of the videos of Americans attacking the traitors who didn’t object to the election fraud.

Here are just a few of those videos… there are lots more on Twitter:

10 Days of Darkness

I think we are officially in the 10 Days of Darkness, which kicked off today. As I keep saying, this is a digital information war.

Last night President Trump was banned off of Twitter, and he’s being banned on practically every channel out there.

If they can silence POTUS, that is their way of killing him off. He always refused to speak through their Deep State channels, and always insisted on speaking directly to We the People.

Traditionally, in the Bible, holidays always start on the Eve before — at sundown. Like the traditional Sabbath, which starts with Shabbat on Friday night.

Or Like Christmas Eve leading into Christmas Day. Or Halloween, All Hallow’s Eve, leading into All Saints Day (yes, Halloween is a Christian holiday).

So POTUS was banned on a Friday (FRY-Day), which is Shabbat (and that’s when the news cycle always starts every week).

So we have 10 days of darkness starting today leading up until the 19th of January, the day before Inauguration Day.

Yes, January 19th is a real thing and yes, Q told us about it. And Q talked about popcorn in multiple drops.

Make sure you’re stocked up on popcorn, frens.

I could go on with more comms but I want to get this post up.

I’ll post another one soon…

Where to Find Me

I was banned on Twitter a couple of days ago — both my main account and my backup account. And I was banned by Facebook and Instagram months ago.

I will write a post soon about why I am not using Parler and am using Gab instead. I am also on Telegram and Signal. POTUS also just posted his final Tweet before he was banned saying he will be letting us know where he is going.

Social media is a mess and who knows what is going to happen — but you can always find me here on my blog. I’ll be posting as often as I can.

For now, be sure to sign up for my email updates so you can get an email automatically whenever I post.

Hang in there, patriots! The show is almost over, and as POTUS says, the best is yet to come!