Giveaway: Pool Water Kit ($126 Value)

Giveaway: Pool Water Kit ($126 Value)

I'm psyched to announce a brand new giveaway. This week I'm giving away a Pool Water Kit, retail value $126.

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Why Pool Water?

What is pool water, you ask?  Pool water is code for a phrase we cannot say, because if we do we will get censored.  

But I need to tell you, without any exaggeration, pool water is the best thing I've ever done for my health. I've only been taking it for 2 months, and the results are absolutely astounding.

When even your husband and daughter start telling you your skin looks good and you look pretty, you know something is really happening.

Just look at my before and after – mind blowing!

I am taking 15 ml (about 1 TBS) of this "pool water" per day in a liter of filtered water throughout the day.

This is the only thing I changed -- no other changes in my diet. Not currently taking any supplements and just using drugstore skincare.

My Experience With Pool Water

Other benefits I have noticed in the past couple of months:

I only need sleep 4-5 hours of sleep per night
Tons of energy
I can run again
I can do squats again
All pain gone
Vision is starting to improve
Fatty tumor under right arm is gone
Post nasal drip is gone
Short-windedness and heart palpitations are gone
Lost 7 pounds without diet or exercise within the first 6 weeks
Body odor has disappeared

Guys, I make no money from this. I'm not even using affiliate links on Amazon because they cancelled my account.

I only put a $3 paywall on the pool water recipe just so I don't get cancelled and lose my website. I have to keep the trolls out.

It costs under $5 per month to make pool water – yes, that's all! That's why they don't want you to know about it!

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How To Get More Entries

You can get more entries by sharing on social media, and by sharing the giveaway with your friends.

I'm hoping you will all share this with as many friends as possible, because the more people we can get on this pool water, the better.

People are very sick right now, due to the you-know-what (starts with a V). The adverse reactions from the V are reversed by this pool water. So please, share the giveaway with your friends.

Let's get the word out.

Thank you for your help!