Online Marketing Simplified: Course Curriculum

Please note: this curriculum is still being updated and is schedule to change based on the needs of the students. I am in the process of uploading the class videos. Please bookmark this page for future reference.

Online Marketing Simplified: Course Curriculum
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1. Welcome!

  1. [OMS 1:1] Welcome! What You Will Learn In This Course
  2. [OMS 1:2] Structure of This Course
  3. [OMS 1:3] Success is 99% Mindset
  4. [OMS 1:4] Free Bonus Lesson: How to Quickly & Easily Prepare Your Taxes with Mint (free software)

2. Resources

(Students: These lessons will be posted soon. Skip down to 5:1 TikTok)

  1. [OMS 2:1] Equipment You Need
  2. [OMS 2:2] Join Our Private Support Group (coming soon)
  3. [OMS 2:3] Mindset: Books I Recommend
  4. [OMS 2:4] Software & Apps I Recommend

3. Brand Yourself & Your Business

(Students: These lessons will be posted soon. Skip down to 5:1 TikTok)

  1. [OMS 3:1] Branding: Who Do You Want to Serve & What Are Their Problems?
  2. [OMS 3:1] Assignment: 5 Categories & 100 Content Ideas (Google Drive spreadsheet)
  3. [OMS 3:2] Brainstorm Content Ideas for Your Audience
  4. [OMS 3:3] Choose a Name & Search for Trademarks
  5. [OMS 3:4] Register Your Domain Name
  6. [OMS 3:5] Create a Mood Board & Color Palette
  7. [OMS 3:6] Assignment: Set Up Accounts on Social Media

4. Publishing Platforms

(Students: These lessons will be posted soon. Skip down to 5:1 TikTok)

  1. [OMS 4:1] Which Publishing Platforms Should You Be On?
  2. [OMS 4:2] 2022 Update: The Future of Alt Platforms: TruthSocial, Getter, Parler, Gab, Rumble, Odyssey, Bitchute
  3. [OMS 4:3] Assignment: Fill Out Your Google Drive Spreadsheet With Your Social Media Accounts You Will Be Posting To

5. TikTok: The Fastest Growing Social Platform

  1. [OMS 5:1] Video: 10 Steps to Mastering TikTok (Free Sample Lesson)
  2. [OMS 5:2] Post: TikTok Cheat Sheet: Hash tags and other settings
  3. [OMS 5:3] Post: Video editing software recommendations
  4. [OMS 5:4] Assignment: Research TikTok: (1) Heart, follow, and comment on at least 20 accounts you like and (2) Save at least 20 videos to your favorites for inspiration
  5. [OMS 5:5] Assignment: Make a Duet video
  6. [OMS 5:6] Assignment: Make a Stitch video
  7. [OMS 5:7] Assignment: Make an Original Sound video
  8. [OMS 5:8] Assignment: Make a TikTok every day for 30 days

6. Create a Website & Start Blogging

  1. [OMS 6:1] Blogging Overview
  2. [OMS 6:2] Why You Need a Website To Capture Leads
  3. [OMS 6:3] Why I Use Ghost For Blogging
  4. [OMS 6:4] How To Start A Blog With Ghost
  5. [OMS 6:5] Choose & Install a Ghost Theme
  6. [OMS 6:6] Set Up Premium Membership and Connect to Stripe
  7. [OMS 6:7] Set Up Your Membership Tiers
  8. [OMS 6:8] Set Up Your Email Newsletter
  9. [OMS 6:9] Do You Need a Logo?
  10. [OMS 6:10] Design a Basic Logo Using Canva (free software)
  11. [OMS 6:11] How to Promote Your Blog Posts, Step By Step, Across All Platforms

7. Business Essentials

  1. Why We Waited to Do This Stuff Until AFTER You Started TikToking and Blogging
  2. Setting Up a Corporation: Why You Need To Do It
  3. Setting Up a Corporation: LLC or S Corp
  4. Registering a Trademark
  5. Finding an Accountant
  6. How to Delegate Tasks & Hire Help

8. Long-Format Video (YouTube, et al)

  1. Why Video is Your #1 Marketing Tool
  2. How Often to Upload Videos
  3. YouTube and The Alt Video Platforms: Rumble, Bitchute, Odyssey
  4. Set Up Your YouTube Channel
  5. How to Write a Video Script (AIDA)
  6. How to Record Videos: Equipment Needed
  7. Basic Editing
  8. Upload Your First YouTube Video
  9. Crosspost Your Video to Rumble, Bitchute & Odyssey
  10. Add Your Video To Your Blog Post
  11. Basic SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  12. Why You Need to Create Video Thumbnails & How to Do It
  13. Why You Need to Engage in Comments
  14. Going Live: Why It Works To Boost You in the Algorithms
  15. Assignment: Create a Channel Trailer
  16. Assignment: Make your first long format video and upload to YouTube and other platforms

9. Alt Social Media Platforms

  1. Intro to Alt Social Media Platforms: Why They Are Critical & The Future of Social Media
  2. Gab
  3. Parler
  4. GETTR
  5. Telegram
  6. TruthSocial

10. Instagram

  1. Set Up an Instagram Account
  2. What Types of Content Work on Instagram: Reels, Lives, Posts & Stories
  3. How Often To Post on Instagram
  4. Creating Carousels on Canva
  5. Creating Stories on Canva
  6. Why I Recommend Later
  7. Scheduling Posts & Stories with Later
  8. Adding Reels
  9. How to Increase Engagement on Instagram
  10. Adding Archived Stories to Highlights
  11. Setting Up Flowcode (and why I like it better than Linktree)

11. Facebook

  1. Do You Need a Facebook Page?
  2. What Types of Content Work on Facebook
  3. Why You Should Do Facebook Lives
  4. How to Do a Facebook Live
  5. How to Download Facebook Lives for YouTube
  6. How to Grow Your Facebook Page Audience
  7. How to Schedule Facebook Posts & Stories
  8. How to Increase Engagement on Facebook
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12. Publishing Process

  1. How to Publish Across Multiple Platforms Without Getting Overwhelmed
  2. Assignment: Create a Publishing Calendar

13. Email Marketing & CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  1. Why Email Marketing is Still #1
  2. Why You Need CRM (Customer Relationship Management) & Marketing Automation
  3. Choosing CRM Software: Why I Recommend ConvertKit
  4. ConvertKit: Basic Set Up
  5. Create a List in ConvertKit
  6. Create a Form in ConvertKit
  7. Connecting ConvertKit to Ghost
  8. How to Use Tags in ConvertKit
  9. How to Create a Sales Pipeline in ConvertKit
  10. How to Write Emails
  11. Create Your First Email "Soap Opera Sequence"
  12. Engagement is Everything
  13. Deliverability & How to Incentivize Engagement

14. Basic SEO -- Search Engine Optimization

  1. How SEO Works Across Platforms (Google and Alt Search Engines Duck DuckGo and Brave, YouTube, Instagram, etc.)
  2. Creating a List of Questions Your Audience is Asking
  3. Using Keyword Phrases in Your Titles and Headlines
  4. Using Keyword Phrases in Your Content
  5. SEO Plugins: Yoast for Blogs & TubeBuddy for YouTube: Do You Need Them?
  6. How Engagement Helps SEO
  7. How Site Structure Helps SEO
  8. How Some Topics Hurt SEO & What to Do If You Get Algorithm-Slammed
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15. Monetization (Making Money Online)

  1. How I Made Over a Million Dollars with One Spreadsheet
  2. When Should You Start Monetizing?
  3. How to Decide What You Want to Sell
  4. Stop Calling It Selling! Instead, Educate & Entertain (AIDA: Attention, Information, Decision, Action)
  5. The 5 Ways to Make Money Online: (1) Advertising (2) Affiliate Marketing (3) Network Marketing (4) Selling Digital Products (5) Marketing Physical Products
  6. (1) Advertising (Paid Ads & Sponsorships): Pros & Cons
  7. (1) Advertising: Getting Started
  8. (2) Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started
  9. (2) Affiliate Marketing: Pros & Cons
  10. (2) Affiliate Marketing: Getting Started
  11. (3) Network Marketing: Pros & Cons
  12. (3) Network Marketing: How to Choose the Right Company
  13. (3) Network Marketing: Should You Promote More Than One Company
  14. (3) Network Marketing: Getting Started
  15. (4) Marketing Digital Products (Ebooks, Online Courses & Membership Sites): Pros & Cons
  16. (4) Marketing Digital Products: Getting Started
  17. (4) Marketing Digital & Physical Products – Setting Up a Shopping Cart & Affiliate Software on Ghost
  18. (5) Marketing Physical Products (Amazon, Etsy, T-shirts, Your Own Shopping Cart): Pros & Cons
  19. (5) Marketing Physical Products: Getting Started
  20. (5) Marketing Physical Products: Managing Inventory

16. Funnels & Lead Magnets & Landing Pages, Oh My!

  1. Why You Need a Marketing Funnel
  2. Why You Need a Lead Magnet
  3. The Giveaway Lead Magnet
  4. The Ebook Lead Magnet
  5. The Webinar Lead Magnet
  6. Assignment: Create Your First Lead Magnet
  7. Creating a Landing Page with Ghost
  8. Using Autoresponders to Nurture Your Prospects in the Funnel