Planting Our Fall Garden

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I got inspired to plant a fall garden. It’s especially fun with a 5-year-old, who thinks gardening is fun.

Starting a garden is a great way to get kids to eat more vegetables. If you can get them to plant the veggies, and help cook them, they are much more likely to want to eat them.

The neighbor kids came over to help and we had a great time.

That morning, we went to the Venice Beach Farmer’s Market to pick up the starters.

We got English peas, thyme, two kinds of cabbage (green and purple), asparagus, artichoke, maiche (a kind of lettuce), and lemongrass.

We also got some fresh organic strawberries and raspberries (for smoothies and ice cream), cabbage (for sauerkraut) and Soledad Goat Cheese, one of our favorite local cheeses — to die for!

This is our neighbor, Adrian, pulling up the roots of some fennel plants. They also pulled up a lot of celery, which also grows like a weed.

Kate, Cassidy and Adrian doing all the hard work while I took pictures. They had everything planted in 30 minutes flat.

Adrian admiring the roots of a starter.

Potatoes growing in pots.

Our lime tree.

Planting Our Fall Garden

Lots of mint.

Planting Our Fall Garden

Our strawberry patch.

Afterwards, we made sprouted flour pizza. That post is coming soon…