Q & A: April 17, 2011

Every Sunday, I answer your questions. I’ll answer as many questions as I can each week.

"Yes! Even Goggle Hasn't All The Answers"

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Every Sunday, I answer your questions.  I’ll answer as many questions as I can each week.

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Question:  Cheese Making Tools?

Are there good cheap cheese making kludges or tools… the gear is expensive!

— Elizabeth


I have never made cheese before, and I don’t know about saving money on cheesemaking equipment… but you can find cheesemaking equipment at Cultures for Health.

Question:  Brown Butter Sauce?

Is brown butter (burnt butter) safe to eat, or is it transfats? I love making a brown butter sauce, but since learning about smoke points for fats I have become concerned.

— Theresa


Brown butter sauce is safe to eat.  You are not burning the butter until the point that it smokes, just browning it lightly.

Question:  Body Cleansing?

I had a question about “body cleansing.” I wanted to know if there was anything you did after going on vacation or out of town and only were able to eat S.A.D (more or less) and/or had chemically laden foods. Anything you do in order to sort of re-set and refresh after consuming these things?

— Rebecca


Honestly, no. I don’t worry to much when I eat “SAD” foods because most of the time I eat well.

Question:  Soap?

What do you use to wash your hands and dishes? What do you use to bathe?  Also, what would you recommend using for the dishwasher?

— Becky


Hi, Becky.  I typically use the more natural soaps from Trader Joe’s for dishwashing and hand washing. Same for the dishwasher — the Trader Joe’s brand doesn’t have anything bad in it.

For bathing, I typically use soap from Soaptopia.

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Got a Question?

Please submit your questions to questions@cheeseslave.com. I’ll answer your questions every Sunday in the order I receive them.

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