Q & A: August 14th, 2011

Welcome to CHEESESLAVE Q & A! Every Sunday, I answer your questions. I’ll answer as many questions as I can each week. If I didn’t answer your question this week, please check back next week.

Welcome to CHEESESLAVE Q & A! Every Sunday, I answer your questions.  I’ll answer as many questions as I can each week. If I didn’t answer your question this week, please check back next week.

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1. Question: Too Much Gelatin?

Hi Ann Marie,

A few questions for you… see below.

Thanks SO much for taking the time to answer my questions


1.Can you consume too much gelatin… .if you eat quite a bit of jello every day, as well as lots of broth and gelatin in beverages — could it be too much? Never would have thought of this before the bone broth challenge but want to make sure it’s OK… Are there any consequences such as loose stools or constipation that could occur?


Yes, I have heard of people having “die-off” reactions from eating too much gelatin. It’s easy to figure out why when you think about it. Gelatin helps to heal and rebuild the mucous membrane of the intestines (or the gut lining). The healthier your gut becomes, the easier it is for the good bacteria is to thrive, and the good bacteria kill off the pathogenic or bad bacteria (hence the name, “die-off”). During times of “die-off,” you are likely to experience loose stools, constipation, skin rashes, or other symptoms.

Here’s a good article on gelatin and digestion.

2. Question: Udo’s Probiotics?

What is your opinion on Udo’s probiotics?  I have some left over but am currently taking Bio-Kult due to the overwhelming recommendations for it, which by the way I am getting fantastic results from!!


I have no experience with that probiotic. I have tried a variety of probitoics but I don’t use any that I haven’t personally tried and had success with (many of the ones on the market don’t work at all in my experience).

3. Question: Tomatoes on GAPS Diet?

I cannot find when tomatoes are supposed to be introduced into the GAPS diet… can they be introduced sometime during the intro or do I have to wait until I am on full GAPS?


Cooked vegetables, including tomatoes, can be added during stage 2 of the Intro Diet. Raw vegetables, including tomato, can be added during stage 5 of the Intro Diet.

This might sound like a dumb question, but do you know if the regular cookie sheets like the Wilton brand made of aluminum?  I looked on mine and can’t find anywhere that says what it’s made out of.  Long term I would like to replace all my stuff ones made from good material but am wondering about them for now.


I’m pretty sure they are aluminum. Cookie sheets are typically aluminum unless they are marked stainless steel, since aluminum is cheaper. The best thing to do with aluminum pans is to line them with parchment paper or Silpat mats.

5. Question: How to Heal Adrenal Glands?

What are some of the best ways to heal the adrenals? mine are shot.  I am currently on GAPS intro… anything else?


Please see Dr. Wilson’s site: adrenalfatigue.org. He also has a book you can buy or check out from the library. He lists a number of ways to help the adrenals rebuild including:

Reducing stress
Getting more sleep
Quitting coffee and other forms of caffeine
Quitting refined sugar and carbohydrates
Taking supplements such as vitamin C, cod liver oil, glandulars (such as adrenal gland), and maca

And of course you want to be on a nourishing diet such as GAPS or the WAPF diet. You want to eat plenty of good, nourishing fats such as butter, lard, tallow, etc. Your body needs cholesterol to heal the hormonal system.

After eating a traditional diet, giving up coffee was the number one thing I did to help heal my adrenal glands.

7. Question: Nursing and No Menstrual Period for Three Years?

I have a 2 year old son who nurses 2-3 times a day, and has not nursed at night for about a month.  I have not had a period since I got pregnant with him about 3 years ago now… not complaining as I don’t really mind, but from a health standpoint, is that OK?  I am a former vegan as of about 4 months ago and basically wrecked my body in many ways due to the lack of “real food” so I don’t know if my lack of menstrual cycle is a result of that or still from nursing?  If it’s likely from the foods I used to eat, or not eat actually do you know how long it takes to repair the body to be regular again.


From what I have read, when your period returns is a very individual thing. It is hormonal, and I know that people who have been or are vegan have a tough time hormonally (losing your period is one of the first things that commonly happens when women adopt a vegan diet). I would talk to your pediatrician or holistic practitioner.

8. Question: Overcoming Candida Overgrowth?

If someone had massive candida issues to the point of yeasty skin rashes is that person (yes I am referring to me) always going to be sensitive to sugars of all forms or through GAPS can someone “go back to normal” and by normal and tolerate a moderate amount of sugars… I also mean eating a very WAP not an SAD diet.


Absolutely not! I had terrible candida overgrowth in my 20s. I had it so bad, I had a thick white thrush on my tongue and had sores in my nose that would not heal.

It took me about two years of avoiding sugar, starches and gluten, and taking strong therapeutic grade probiotics and other supplements, but I did heal my gut. Now I can eat whatever I like. I can eat as much sugar as I like with no symptoms. Of course, I don’t recommend eating lots of sugar, but if I do overindulge, I have no symptoms (I used to have immediate symptoms any time I cheated even a little bit).

9. Question: Is Roasted Dandelion Good for You?

Is roasted dandelion root tea a good thing to drink… can someone drink this long term or should it only be temporary?  I really like it with a bit of milk but don’t know if it’s safe to consume frequently.


Roasted dandelion root is really good for you. You can definitely drink it long term. Here’s a post I wrote a long time ago about Dandy Blend.

10. Question: Why Is the Birth Control Pill Bad for You?

9. I have a friend who is getting married beginning of next year and will soon be going on birth control pills… she knows nothing of health really but listens to what I say and is learning so I was hoping to have a few articles on why BC pills ruin gut flora and how… and any other consequences from taking them.


Migraines, PMS, or breast cancer anyone? Check out this site called Ditch the Pill that explains the risks of the birth control pill in everyday language. Also, here’s a post from Kelly the Kitchen Kop about what damages gut flora (including the birth control pill).

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