Reversing Food Allergies Class: Last Day to Save $20

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Do you suffer from food allergies? Do you have children with eczema, ADD or learning disabilities, or on the autism spectrum?  Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?

Starting next Wednesday, April 6th, I’m teaching on online cooking class called Reversing Food Allergies.

And today is the last day to save $20!

About the Class

This is a class that will help you learn how to cook if you have food allergies (and all the problems caused by food allergies) and are trying to recover.

If you’re already following the GAPS diet or SCD diet, this is the perfect class for you.

If you want to do GAPS, but you’re overwhelmed at the idea and don’t know how to get started, I created this class as a bridge to help you get there.  I know it can be scary at first, wondering what will I eat? And how do I get my family on board?

In this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Make kid-friendly allergen-free meals and even desserts
  • Make broth, to help soothe and heal the gut lining
  • Turn that broth into delicious soups, stews, pot roasts and gravies
  • Make homemade yogurt and other fermented foods to help rebuild beneficial bacteria
  • Find less toxic cleaners and personal care products — and learn to make your own!
  • Help the body detoxify with juicing and salt baths

You’ll also get support from other students in our private online forum.

I shot this 13-minute video to tell you more about it:

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Sign Up TODAY and Save!

This is a special introductory price.  The price will go up from $149 to $199 next week.

If you sign up this week, you can save even more. I am offering $20 off the $149 enrollment fee.

Click here to sign up now and use coupon code HEAL at the checkout and you will save $20.

Hurry because this coupon expires tonight at midnight!

Sorry, I’ve been meaning to get this post up for a while but I’m busy answering emails — we have a lot of interest in this class!  If you don’t see this post until Saturday, and you have trouble using the coupon, you can email me at annmarie AT

However, Saturday is the LAST day I will allow folks to use the coupon.

Monthly Payment Plan

I have gotten a few requests for an extended payment plan from people who can’t afford to pay for the class up front.

In order to help you guys out, I set up a monthly payment plan. Please click here to sign up for the monthly payment plan. You’ll be auto-billed each month — 3 payments of $50.

And yes, you can still use the $20 off coupon code with the monthly payment plan.  Your first payment will be only $30, and then you will be billed 2 more payments of $50.

Click here to sign up with the payment plan.