Sashimi with Miso Soup

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Seth wanted Japanese last night so I made sashimi. Sashimi is just like sushi only there’s no rice. So basically you’re eating raw fish dipped in soy sauce with wasabi.

I found wild-caught shrimp, wild King salmon, and wild halibut at Whole Foods.

Seth could probably eat this every single day. I try to make it for him once a week or at least once every two weeks. I do love the rice and I wish we could have regular sushi, but we are going to try to stay off grains for a while.

This meal is pretty much GAPS-friendly. The only thing I’m not sure about is the soy sauce. Soy is not technically legal on the GAPS diet. I have tried to serve plain raw fish without any soy sauce — but Seth wouldn’t eat it. So we cheat.

Oh, and the miso soup has soy as well. Sigh. But we just can’t go without Japanese food.

Anyway, here’s the meal… We started with homemade miso soup:

Miso Soup

Miso soup is so good for you. It’s a real bone broth made from whole dried fish.  Bonito Flakes are made from bonito, which is similar to mackerel. Since it’s the whole fish, you get all the organs and the heads, which means you’re eating the thyroids. This is one of the biggest sources of iodine in the Japanese diet, and this is why they traditionally eat miso soup with every meal — even breakfast!

I’ve made miso soup a bunch of times now. Sometimes it’s come out great and sometimes not so great. I think I’ve finally mastered it. Seth asked me last night, “Did you make this soup? It’s really good.”

The other great thing about miso is it’s a bone broth that you can do in a jiffy. Unlike other bone broths that require a minimum of 8 hours of simmering, you only need to simmer bonito broth for a few hours.

I also made some steamed baby bok choy:

Steamed Baby Bok Choy

I dressed it with a little rice wine vinegar. I’m not actually sure if this is GAPS legal.

I bought this seaweed salad at Whole Foods. It did not have anything bad in it. I used to buy seaweed salad at Mitusuwa Japanese grocery store — but then I read the label and found out that they put sorbitol and MSG in it.

Seaweed Salad

Luckily, Seth loved this salad just as much as the one from Mitsuwa.

I need to get a recipe so I can make it myself, since they sell it for the ridiculous price of $13.99/pound. (!!!)

I don’t mind paying a lot for good quality wild-caught fish. But $14/lb for seaweed?

I’ll post a recipe soon for miso soup — it’s so easy to make.

I gave Kate a slightly different dinner.

Kate ate:

Seaweed salad
Baby bok choy sauteed in grass-fed butter
Shrimp sauteed in grass-fed butter
Homemade strawberry ice cream (with local organic strawberries, raw grass-fed cream, pastured egg yolks, maple syrup, organic vanilla extract, and sea salt)

Here’s the new angry face she just started making:

Kate Eating Dinner

I think she knows she is being funny when she makes it, because she always smiles after she does it:

Kate Smiling