How to Find Discount Le Creuset

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Save money on healthy cookware: discount Le Creuset

Enameled cast iron is one of the healthiest varieties of cookware available. And Le Creuset is the creme de la creme of enameled cast iron. Unfortunately, Le Creuset has a price tag that reflects that status.

I’ve been searching for discount Le Creuset for a while — and I’ve found what I believe to be the best price on Le Creuset cookware.

From my research, the best price on Le Creuset is to find a local outlet mall with a Le Creuset store and go there when they have sales. Especially when they have sales on the “seconds”.

Sure, you can get good prices online. Amazon, Ebay, etc. But by far, the best prices I have found are at the outlet malls. Specifically when it comes to the seconds.

Look for the orange sticker (pictured below) that reads second choix (or second choice).

Save money on healthy cookware: discount Le Creuset

These pieces are defects but I swear, the flaws are so minor and unnoticable, you cannot tell the difference. I got this 6.75 oval Dutch oven, normally $375, for around $170.00 — about $100 less than the cheapest price you can find online.

Call around or search online. And make sure you go when they are having a sale on the seconds.

If there isn’t an outlet mall (also called a “factory store”) near you, there may be one close enough that will ship. Sometimes they waive shipping charges over a certain amount.

If you’ve lusting after Le Creuset as long as I have, this may be your solution.

If you can’t afford the Le Creuset, you might want to consider these more affordable options for healthy cookware: