Shadow-banned on Twitter

I'm at my wits end. The end of my rope. On my last raw nerve. My goat has been gotten. I honestly don't think I can take anymore. It appears I am now shadow-banned on Twitter.

Shadow-banned on Twitter
Photo by Joshua Hoehne / Unsplash

I'm at my wits end. The end of my rope. On my last raw nerve. My goat has been gotten. I honestly don't think I can take anymore.

It appears I am now shadow-banned on Twitter.

A follower messaged me yesterday on Twitter to let me know – I shared his DMs in the thread below:

I'm really sad about this because I had such great hopes for Elon and Twitter.

The Receipts

Here are his messages and the screenshots that were sent to me:

How sad is it that he actually followed me because he wants to read what I tweet. And he can't even do that?

And even worse, I am a paying Twitter Blue subscriber. So what am I paying for exactly?

Paying to be targeted and have my tweets hidden? Paying to be unreachable and unsearchable?

I Need Help!

I have contacted Twitter Support and Twitter Blue, as I am a paying Twitter Blue subscriber. If this doesn't get fixed soon, I think I have no choice but to sue them.

I felt like things were looking up for me, having just gotten divorced and moved into my new home.

I am a single mother now, with two children to support. I don't get spousal support – only rent for one year.

I only have a short runway to try to rebuild my business that was systematically destroyed by Big Tech.

Big Tech Censorship

It all started back in 2017 or 2018 when I started getting repeatedly thrown in Facebook jail for questioning anything about v@ccines. I remember watching Polly Tommey, the mother of a v@ccine-injured child, get completely banned on Facebook... that must have been around 2018.

I knew it was only going to get worse.

And it did. In the summer of 2019, my blog was completely buried in Google search results, along with Dr. Mercola and all the health bloggers I know.

By the way, Mercola is still search-shadow-banned on Twitter. You can't find his account by searching for him – you have to know his handle --@mercola – to find him.

You can't find me on Twitter by searching for @cheeseslave though. Because my original account was axed.

And you can't even find me by searching for my current account, @cheeseslave2, because the libtard weenies working for Elon have made my account unsearchable.

Literally exactly like they were talking about in the hearings the other day:

They all lied under oath. They said they weren't shadowbanning people. Not only did they shadowban people, but they still are.

The Creature From Jekyll Island

Anyway, when Google buried us in search results in 2019, they effectively deplatformed us, we all lost 90% of our traffic, and our income. We just disappeared.

And our spots in the Google search ranks were taken over by the likes of corporate pharma-shill websites that pimp for Tony Fauci and the Medical Industrial Complex, like Healthline and Medical News Today, which are owned by monolithic multi-billion dollar companies like Red Ventures.

Red Ventures has a valuation of $11 billion and it's owned by private equity firms.

Literally The Creature from Jekyll Island.

Which is a wonderful book if you haven't read it:

The Creature from Jekyll Island by G. Edward Griffin on Amazon

It only got worse in 2020. I went on to be censored, banned and cancelled by Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Patreon, Amazon, and Mediavine.

These are the same people who are pushing masks and v@ccine mandates.

The same people who are trying to destroy America.

Fight, Fight, Fight!

But we are not going to let them, are we? Hell no!

Because if America goes down, the whole world will be enslaved.

And we will not let that happen.

As long as I am alive and breathing, I'm going to keep fighting.

A lot of people are complacent and brainwashed, and that's really sad and frustrating. Because that means people like me take more blows.

But I know God sent me here for a reason. I was born on the fourth of July.

My Battle Plan

I'm not giving up. I'm going to launch my GiveSendGo fundraiser, because I really need help. I'm going to do it this week.

I want to work on writing my book about how to heal from v@ccine injuries... but I can't work on writing when I spend every day trying to be heard on social media.

I want to just raise some funds so I can focus on writing and creating content.

All I want to do is help people, and I know how to detox the quackzine. I'm so tired of fighting to try to get my voice heard.

So I guess I'll just focus on writing the book, and pray that God will help me amplify it. And, if it's meant to be, I know God will also find me a good lawyer.

I have so much PTSD right now that it's hard to focus on writing my book If I raise money for my book, then I will sit my butt on the couch and get it written. Because if ya'll send me money to write it, then I'll feel guilty if I don't.

Please pray for me, ya'll.

And please, when I launch my fundraiser, donate if you can, and share it.

I really appreciate everyone who has stuck with me through all of this.