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Shop: Cookware

It's critical for our health that we avoid Teflon and aluminum cookware, and instead use non-toxic cookware, such as stainless steel, cast iron, and enameled cast-iron.  

In this section, I share with you what I personally use in my kitchen.

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Baking Sheets

I like these aluminum baking sheets because they are lightweight, inexpensive and work well. I use them with silicone baking mats (see below) so they are also non-toxic.

Le Creuset Cookware

When you are ready to level up your cookware game and start investing in the fancier, more lovely pieces, I can’t recommend Le Creuset highly enough.

It is my absolute favorite cookware line, with the most beautiful colors and designs, plus it’s sturdy and will last you for decades, even generations.

Since it’s made of safe enameled cast iron, you don’t have to worry about leeching toxic chemicals like aluminum or fluoride.

Roasting Pan

My favorite roasting pan is not expensive or fancy. It’s just good old Graniteware, which is not only safe (no toxic chemicals), but it’s very inexpensive.

But what I love most about it: it’s lightweight (which you want and need when hefting a 20-pound turkey in and out of the oven).

Roasting Rack

I used to use a steel roasting rack with my roasting pan, but I don’t anymore because I can’t find one that is solid stainless steel. I switched to this safe silicone roasting rack, which is also a lot easier to use than the metal ones.

Silicone Baking Mats

I have been using Silpat silicone baking mats for 20 years. I swear by them because they make cleanup so much easier. Instead of having to soak baking pans full of crusted, baked-on food, you just simply wash these in the sink or dishwasher.

Make sure you use my link below to order these real Silpat baking mats. I have bought knock-off brands that are made in China and they are just not the same.

Stainless Steel Cookware

Stainless steel most economical type of healthy cookware. Unlike non-stick Teflon cookware or aluminum, it doesn’t leach fluoride or aluminum into your food.

I started with a basic set like this 20 years ago, and it is still the cookware that I use the most.

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