Shop: Fitness Products

Shop: Fitness Products

I'm not a big gym rat. Nor am I into competitive sports. I walk pretty much every day, now and then ride a bike, and I like to swim. I believe it's important to stay in shape as you age. Here are some of my favorite fitness products.

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Weighted Vest

This is my secret weapon when I want to lose weight and get in shape fast. I discovered this trick when I was “baby-wearing” my son, Ollie after he was born.

When I was walking and carrying him in a carrier, I would lose more weight than when I wasn’t carrying him. Eventually he got to be too big and didn’t want to be carried… so I thought, why not buy a weighted vest? And voila, I found it on Amazon.

I've tested the different types of weighted vests and this is the best and most comfortable one by far, and it's designed to fit women. I recommend getting the 30-pound vest – I don't think most women need 40 or 50 pounds. I personally can't go higher than 30 pounds.

When I'm out of shape, I start with 10 pounds of weight and work up to 30 pounds. I usually only have to walk 30 minutes to one hour with this vest on and I see amazing results.

Weighted vest on Amazon

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