Homemade Flour Chicken & Dumplings

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Homemade Chicken & Dumplings is classic American comfort food. It was one of my family’s favorites when my mom was growing up. Where we come from in Ohio, we call it Chicken & Slippers. I’ve read that it is French Canadian in origin, and that it was very common during the Great Depression. So this makes a lot of sense — since my family settled just east of Toledo. It’s also a very popular in the American South.

Sprouted flour is much better for you than regular white flour. For one thing, it’s a whole grain. So you’re getting all the benefits of whole wheat including fiber and vitamins and minerals. Because the flour is sprouted, it’s easier to digest and the minerals are much better absorbed.

This really is a one-pot meal, so there’s no need to serve anything with it. If you wanted to, you could garnish it with some sauerkraut or other fermented vegetable and/or sour cream.

Sprouted Flour Chicken & Dumplings

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Sprouted Flour Chicken & Dumplings