Still Fighting The War Against The Silent Enemy

Still Fighting The War Against The Silent Enemy

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this picture is worth a hundred million, maybe a billion. Take a gander….

That graph is from Open VAERS, and it shows the deaths from vaccines over time. If you’re not familiar with VAERS, it is the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System managed by CDC and the FDA.

You want to know the really scary part? Only about 10% of adverse events are reported to VAERS.

So if VAERS is showing over 12,000 deaths so far from vaccines this year, it’s in reality more like 120,000 deaths. They just aren’t getting reported.

And now they are pushing this experimental injection that is not approved by the FDA onto pregnant women and children.

This is unconscionable. If you can’t see yet that the Medical Industrial Complex is a globalist racket of thieves, you need to start opening your eyes.

Stay In The Fight

Lord, it’s been a long, hard battle and we ain’t done yet. I’m tired, as I know many of you are, but I won’t stop until it’s over. We can’t stop.

As David “Comin’ At You Live From the Apocalypse” Nino Rodriquez said yesterday (paraphrase), “This is the championship match we’re in right now. Stay in the fight.”

Honestly, I can’t understand why more people are not fighting with us. But I guess ignorance is bliss for most people. They can’t see because they don’t want to see.

And yes, I understand, so many people are afraid. They’re afraid of losing their jobs, afraid of not being able to support their families.

Faith Over Fear

I believe that God will always provide for me. My faith is stronger than my fear.

If you are feeling paralyzed because you want to speak out but you’re afraid, ask God to support you. He will.

I was demonetized (lost 90% of my income) in the summer of 2019 when Google and Pinterest deplatformed me. I was repeatedly thrown into Facebook jail from 2018 until 2020 when I was finally permanently banned. (I am still banned on Facebook, but I did manage to open a new Instagram account — you can follow me here.)

The Silent Enemy

When COVID hit back in March 2020, President Trump said we were fighting a “silent enemy”. If the enemy was really China, he would have said it was China. He implied as much.

But I knew even then that China wasn’t the real enemy.

The real enemy is so much bigger than China. It’s a globalist cabal of 13 families who have been ruling the world since Adam & Eve.

It’s funny that people call us conspiracy theorists. The conspiracy is real, ya’ll, and it’s not a theory. The elites on every continent around the world conspired against us and they’ve been doing it for millennia.

Wakey Wakey, Eggs & Bakey

The real battle is not physical. It’s psychological. A psyop.

And the war is trying to wake people up.

Sadly, about 30-40% of Americans are still deep asleep. Why do you think they call it the DELTA variant? Delta brain waves are when you are deep asleep.

Juan O Savin said in a recent video that we need 80% of Americans to wake up in order for the military to take action and end the illegal occupation of the globalist puppet, Joe Biden.

Wounded Warrior

I’m still here fighting. I will continue to fight. I am a wounded warrior, but I will solider on.

I’m hoping to post more now that my kids are going back to school. We have been busy all summer traveling around and enjoying our time together.

Thank God for my very smart husband who moved us out of Commiefornia last year. Our kids are going back to school this week without masks.

I don’t blog as much because nobody can see my blog. It’s buried on Google and people can’t share my links; they are marked as spam by Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

You can find me on Telegram (that’s where I post the most, although now my phone won’t allow me to access Telegram; I can only do it from my laptop). I’m also on Gettr which I post on daily. I stopped posting on YouTube for now because I have so many strikes. I’ll try to post on there but I’m so bad about “saying the right thing”. You can also find me on Rumble.

I’ve been spending more time on TikTok lately because although they are censoring content and banning people, they are doing it less than some of the other platforms.

Here’s the full list of ways to find me.

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The End Won’t Be For Everyone

I pray that more of you will join me so we can win this war faster. But I know if you’re still on the fence about speaking out, you probably won’t do it.

For many people, their “reputation” is more important than helping to save the world. They don’t want to look bad or lose their status.  They don’t want to be wrong or look bad. That is, in fact, what controls most of us.

And so the movie is gonna have to play out. And it will get uglier.  It will get a lot uglier.

As Q told us years ago, “The end won’t be for everyone.”

I always interpreted that to mean, “some people won’t want to watch the end of the movie”… or perhaps, “some people won’t make it to the end and they’ll die.”

While those two interpretations are probably true, I have a different interpretation of this quote now.

I think it means this: The end of the movie is not playing for us. It’s playing for the normies.

Those of you who chose to stay asleep this entire time.

Those of you who have continued to believe in the vaccines and wear your masks and believe the blue checks and fact checkers and refuse to even look at a URL unless it’s sanctioned by Lord Fauci.

Even though Snopes was just busted for plagiarizing content. Ha!

You’ve watched us get censored and banned and you still sit back on your ass and call us “unhinged conspiracy theorists”.

The horror show that’s coming up next is not for us. It’s for you, normies.

Enjoy the show. You earned it. Your silence is your complicity.

God Wins

And no, I don’t think we will have a bad ending. It’s a happy ending, as I’ve been saying for a year and a. half now.

Read the Book of Revelation. The last chapter is “Eden Restored.”

God wins, as Q has told us over and over again.

But the dead asleep normies are gonna have to watch a horror show first.

Just remember, you’re watching a movie. And we know how this movie ends.

Why I’m Feeling Cozy

I made a short video the night before last to share my thoughts on why it’s all going to be OK.

In the video above, I referenced the movie, Wag the Dog, which I wrote a post about.

I also mentioned 2 executive orders: 13818 and 13848.

Read those two EOs and then ask yourself, if Biden was really the POTUS, why didn’t he reverse those. Wouldn’t that be the first thing he would have done?