Support Me on GiveSendGo

Hi, everyone, just an announcement to let you know that I have started a GiveSendGo fundraiser to help raise money for my legal fund.

Support Me on GiveSendGo

Hi, everyone, just an announcement to let you know that I have started a GiveSendGo fundraiser to help raise money for my legal fund.

I am launching this fundraiser for Giving Tuesday.

Please support me if you are able. In this post, I explain why I'm launching this fundraiser and how you can help.

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Thank you for your support.

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I need to ask for your help: Please share this post.

I am invisible, since I am so censored and blacklisted.

I am device-banned (banned to the device level) on every major social media channel. This means I cannot even get on Facebook or Instagram – even with a VPN – because they can see it is my device. They also use facial recognition and they have banned me by name.

Why I'm Launching a Fundraiser on GiveSendGo

I have always told the truth about health and never stayed quiet in order to protect my reputation and income. I am now paying the price – I have lost 99% of my income due to Big Tech censorship. 

I have supported my family as an independent natural health blogger for 15 years. I used to run the largest health blog network in the world.

Within 5 years of founding the company, we had over one thousand blogs in our network and we were grossing over $1 million per year.

The year we hit $1 million in revenue, our company was targeted by 3-letter agencies (IRS & FTC) and we went out of business. I was able to avoid personal bankruptcy but am still in debt to the tune of almost $500,000.

I also lost my life savings, but I am not allowed to talk about that due to a gag order.

I lost 99% of my income from my blog back in the summer of 2019, when Google buried my blog (along with all the health bloggers I know) in the search results.

Things went from bad to worse: Pinterest, Facebook & Instagram marked my blog links as spam, and then I started getting shadow-banned, censored and suspended on every platform.

I lost 250,000 followers on Facebook alone. I have been banned on Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and even Amazon and Patreon.

I am now device-banned which means I am banned on the device level. I cannot even get on these platforms, use my real name, or show my face. They can see my computer and phone, they use facial recognition to see my face, and they have me on a very special list for those who they want to silence and erase.

The worst part is these Big Tech companies leave my pages up so it looks like I haven't been banned – but that I just haven't been posting. So I have had people contact me via email or on my Telegram page and tell me that they have been trying to contact me on Facebook Messenger, because it looks like I'm still on Facebook.

But I cannot login to Facebook. I am completely banned. I am a pariah. An outcast. It's impossible to run a business this day and age without an online presence. And it's especially difficult for a blogger, because social media is the way that we get traffic to our blogs. Nobody can find me anymore.

I believe that I got this extra special device-ban is due to the fact that I ran the largest health blog network in the world. I have learned from others who told similar stories, when you make over $1 million in a year, that's when they target you. That was when I got put on a special "social credit score" list, and I was deplatformed in 2019 before COVID even started.

I have since gone through divorce last fall and am now a single mother raising 2 children. I am working to rebuild my business but am having a hard time due to constant social media bans. I lost my YouTube channel last year and I was just banned again this summer on Twitter and Instagram. 

I am creating a webinar and an online class to help people recover from the bioweapon (quackzine) attacking us right now. I have the proof to show you that anyone can recover from vax injuries – yes, even this latest one. I myself am a vax injury survivor from when I was in my 20s and I completely healed.

Your donation will help me stay afloat, support my children, and support my legal fund.

Thank you for any financial contribution you can make and thank you for prayers.

If you can share this, it would really help me since I am banned and cannot get the word out about this fundraiser.

Click here to donate to my GiveSendGo fundraiser.