The Future Of Currency Is Digital

The Future Of Currency Is Digital
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As we used to say when I worked at Razorfish, "Everything that can be digital will be."

I started my career in digital media in Silicon Valley back in 1995. And I watched that play out.

Everything went digital. From corporate websites to email to retail shopping and travel reservations to banking. Everything you used to have to do in person or via snail mail was now being done online.

And now we are seeing the same thing happen with currency.

So point number one, how do we know currency will go digital?

Because it has to.

Witness the Past Few Decades of Digital History

So we know everything that can be digital will be. How does that translate into making money?

Back when I started my career in Silicon Valley, I watched a lot of people get rich investing in tech start-up companies.

If I had invested in Apple stock the month I graduated from college and started my first job in Silicon Valley (April, 1995), I'd be a millionaire.

Let's say I invested $1,000 back then when the stock was worth 16 cents.

If I had done nothing else but just hold on to my Apple stock, those shares would now be worth $1,024.062.50.

Me, age 31, working at Foote Cone & Belding in San Francisco. If only I had invested in Google and Apple back then.

Isn't Cryptocurrency Run By the Deep State?

No. No, no and no.

First and foremost, the Deep State (Federal Reserve Banksters) can't control crypto.

Why? Two reasons: Decentralization and transparency.


The Federal Reserve is a private corporation and is not a part of the United States government.

The reason we have had "endless wars" for decades is because the countries we have toppled were countries without Federal Reserve banks. The plan was to take over the entire world and have all the money centralized under one control.

Most cryptocurrency is decentralized. Meaning it is not controlled by one entity. That is not true of all coins, but it is true of many, including Bitcoin.

There are Bitcoin mines all over the world (not just China, as the Deep State-controlled media likes to pretend) and they are run and controlled by lots of people.


Cryptocurrency runs on the "blockchain".

What is the blockchain? It's like a digital ledger. Everything that happens on the "blockchain" is transparent to everyone.

"A blockchain is a digital distributed, decentralized, public ledger that exists across a network." (Source)

The Deep State, by its very nature, is anti-transparency. They hide in the darkness, lie about who they are, wear disguises, change their names, and even fake their deaths.

The Deep State bankers don't want you and me to make money, which is why they do everything they can to keep us down.

Inflation is just a shell game that they do to keep us poor. By taking our money off the gold standard, a dollar can be worth whatever they want it to be.

Taxes are another way they keep us poor. I think those will go away too. They have to. But I'll save that for a future post.

With a digital ledger (the blockchain) we have transparency and no monkey business.

Watch My Video

I could make a list of more reasons why crypto isn't Deep State but it is easier for me to show you in a video I made back in February, 2021:

In this video, you can see a few very prominent people have endorsed cryptocurrency, including General Michael Flynn and former Trump campaign manager Steve Bannon.

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