Twitter Spaces Are The New Netflix

Last night, instead of watching Netflix, I listened to two different Twitter Spaces before bed. In this post, I'll briefly share my thoughts about what I heard.

Twitter Spaces Are The New Netflix

Last night, instead of watching Netflix, I listened to two different Twitter Spaces before bed.

I got a baguette and some Brie cheese and a decent bottle of red and I listened as I looked out the window, watching the deer in my backyard here in Texas.

One of the spaces was about the Hunter Biden laptop photos that were just released and the other was a debate about whether v@ccines cause autism.

In this post, I'll briefly share my thoughts about what I heard.

Twitter Spaces: Much Better Than Netflix

If you're not familiar with Twitter Spaces, you need to check them out. They are audio only, which makes it convenient to listen while you're doing other things.

It's kind of like podcasts only they are live and there are multiple people talking. So like a zoom call but audio only and you have only designated speakers.

If you miss them live, they are always recorded so you can listen later.

This is a much better use of my downtime than watching MK Ultra programming.

It's interesting to listen to people discuss these topics. It needs to happen. We have been censored for too long. And I enjoyed listening to people get triggered and try to resist the information, attack others, etc.

It was like being at Thanksgiving with everyone fighting. But this is the way people get un-brainwashed so we need to continue this.

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My Thoughts on Last Night's Twitter Spaces

What they were talking about last night is nothing new to those of us who have been paying close attention.

We saw the Hunter Biden laptop on Telegram last summer when it was censored everywhere else.  And we have known that v@ccines cause autism for over a decade.

Anyway, I wanted to briefly share my thoughts about them. I'll include the links below so you can go listen to the replays.

1. Hunter Biden Bombshell

In this space, they discussed the "new" Hunter Biden photos from the laptop that are spreading like wildfire online.

Click here to listen to the replay

Like I said, most of us "conspiracy theorists" already saw everything on Hunter Biden's laptop last summer when the Marco Polo website came out. It was all out there on Telegram and censored everywhere else.

But people who were not banned and de-platformed were not on Telegram so they didn't see it.

And it just hit the news yesterday.

National Review: Hunter Biden Laptop Photos

If you try to go to the website,, it probably won't work for you, because it is getting hammered with traffic.

However, the Marco Polo website that came out last summer still works just fine. You can see everything.

Summary of This Twitter Space

It was interesting to listen to this space because of the people who were getting very triggered. People immediately started arguing that the photos might not be real. But that was quickly squashed because there is too much evidence proving that it is real.

And the owner of the Twitter Space, Nelson Epega, created a thread with the proof that the laptop is real. He also did a Twitter poll which showed that like 90% of people thought it was real.

Nelson Epega made the most important point, which Grant Cardone agreed with. His point was, bottom line, the Hunter Biden laptop was out back in the fall of 2020, and the information was CENSORED on every platform prior to the 2020 election. Which right there proves that the 2020 election was rigged for Biden.

In fact, many people were banned on social media for sharing the Hunter Biden laptop info. I was one of them. I was permanently banned on Facebook and Instagram in the fall of 2020 because I shared a tweet about Hunter Biden's laptop. In one fell swoop, I lost over 250K followers. Which definitely damaged my business and my income. (Lawsuits are coming.)

Triggered Guy Smackdown

One very triggered guy on the space attacked Grant Cardone, calling him a pedo. Then he accused him of being a Scientologist.

It was ridiculous and Grant and a couple of the other guys immediately smacked him down.

Like, first of all, where is your proof that Grant is a pedo? Secondly, this is about Hunter Biden, not Grant Cardone. Thirdly, what does Grant's religion have to do with Hunter Biden's laptop? (And, an aside, as I've been saying for 3 years, the Scientologists are white hats – this will be revealed.)

People can't logic anymore. Again, this is why I love Twitter vs. other platforms like Facebook and Instagram that are predominantly women. Men don't put up with sh*t. They are logical, focused on getting to the truth, and they cut to the chase.

Finally, Grant said to the guy, "How come you lost your job? Get a job, man."  

LOL it was funny. I loved watching Grant Cardone on Undercover Billionaire. If you haven't seen that, I highly recommend it. It's one of the only shows I've watched in the past few years since I gave up TV.

I don't know who the guy was – some muckety muck who used to work at a Fortune 500 company but I guess he's unemployed now.

Anyway, who cares. He got booted off because he was triggered and crazy. Which we are going to see a lot of over the coming weeks as more and more truth comes to light.

Anyway the bottom line is, people are finally waking up to the truth of what is on Hunter Biden's laptop.

I've been looking forward to this day for a very long time. So I am enjoying every minute of the unraveling of the lies.

2. Do V@ccines Cause Autism

In the other Twitter Space I listened to, hosted by Steve Kirsch. They were debating whether or not v@ccines cause autism.

Click here to listen to the replay

Before I tell you about what happened on this Twitter space, I want to take my hat off to Steve Kirsch, a man among men.

He was one of the first people on Twitter to tear apart the fake C0VID narrative. He is lightyears ahead of other people who are still talking about masks, the virus and gain of function.

Steve Kirsch on Twitter

He's now been waking up to the truth about all v@ccines – and questioning whether they cause autism, SIDS, etc. He now says they do. And I agree with him.

Tons of evidence to prove it. It just got censored. But it is all going to come out.

Summary of This Twitter Space

This was a bit disappointing at first, to be honest. So don't get discouraged in the beginning – stick with it because it gets better.

In the beginning we hear from a Scottish woman named Cat who is a defender of v@ccines. You can read her pinned tweet thread with Steve Kirch here.

Cat's tweet thread on Steve Kirsch

The part that was boring and tedious was in the beginning – Cat's whole diatribe on how autism is "neurodivergent."

If you haven't heard this tired, manipulative argument before, it's the claim that autism is good because people with autism are special and gifted. They claim that autism is not a disease but rather a bonus.

Yeah whatever. Tell that to a friend of mine whose daughter is 18, non-verbal and still wearing diapers. Her life was destroyed by her v@ccines.

But beyond that, why are we even having a conversation about whether autism is good or bad? The question was, Do v@ccines cause autism?

So the whole discussion about neurodivergence is a red herring logical fallacy.

But hang in there, it gets better.

Another woman came on named Joy (sorry, I did not catch her full name or Twitter handle) and that's when things got spicy. She started laying out the science of how v@ccines cause autism.

Sadly, and predictably, Cat immediately retaliated with an ad hominem attack.

Cat  said Joy's argument was invalid because she doesn't have a Ph. D. or science degree and she's not a doctor.

Same story every time.

They can't show us the science to disprove the overwhelming evidence that v@ccines cause autism.

So they make personal attacks.  Which are illogical.

Twitter Spaces FTW

Anyway, bottom line – I love Twitter Spaces.

Both of the spaces worth listening to if you're into this kind of thing. Which I am.

At the end of the day, the evidence that the Bidens are a debauched organized crime family and v@ccines cause autism and SIDS and other disease will become so overwhelming that the brainwashed cultists on the left will have to surrender.

In the meantime, I'll be enjoying my popcorn and Twitter Spaces.

Twitter Spaces About Health

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