Book Review: Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza (Video)

A friend introduced me to this book in 2019, and I recently read it. It's all about achieving health, success, and happiness by learning how to tap into our full potential. I'll give you a brief overview of the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and share some powerful insights from the book.

Book Review: Becoming Supernatural by Dr. Joe Dispenza (Video)

In this video, I want to share with you a book recommendation that completely blew me away.

A friend introduced me to this book in 2019, and I recently read it. It's all about achieving health, success, and happiness by learning how to tap into our full potential.

I'll give you a brief overview of the author, Dr. Joe Dispenza, and share some powerful insights from the book.

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Video Chapters

00:00 Introduction
01:00 The Power of the Mind
03:21 An Exorcist's Advice on Meditation
05:22 Stem Cell Activation Patches
06:33 My Personal Experience
09:25 Understanding Brain Waves
12:59 Joe Dispenza's Story
15:13 Mind Movies and Conclusion

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Video Transcript

Hi everyone. It's Ann-Marie.

In this video, I want to talk to you about one of my favorite books of all time for mental, physical every kind of wellness. And it's this Dr. Joe Dispenza Becoming Supernatural. I was told about this book. Somebody, a friend of mine told me about this book back in 2019.

She was suffering from stage four breast cancer. And she told me about this book and I got it on audio audible. I'll put a link below. You can use my affiliate link if you want to order it every time you guys order from any of my links, it helps me. So thank you so much for helping me continue to do what I love, which is to help people with this kind of information.

Anyway, I read it and was just blown away. If you haven't read this book, you got to get it. Now I want to stress.

That really this is gonna be a book review. I think that's what this is It's a book review of becoming supernatural and my experience of meditation and what it's doing for me and how it can help you.

That's what I want to talk about today this book if you don't read books if you're not a book person get the audio version In fact, if you join audible with my link, I think you can get they have a free deal Yeah, it looks like they have a free month On Audible.

So click that link. I've been using Audible for over a decade. I'm a big reader and I do believe that reading is so important. If you want to be healthy, if you want to be successful, you got to read because, and that's why I love what I do. Cause I'm teaching people. It's you've got to convince yourself.

You've got to learn about things. You can't just say, Oh yeah, that'd be nice to be healthier. That'd be nice to be successful. That'd be nice to be happy. You can actually learn how to do it. But you gotta learn Whatever it is you're studying, whatever it is you want to accomplish, you have to learn how to do it.

This book, he is a genius. Okay, first of all, Dr. Joe Dispenza He, so I'm just gonna tell you a little bit about him And then I want to read you a couple parts of this book that is so good, that are so good This is science. First of all, this is not religion. Okay, this is not religion. Not that I have anything against religion I am a Christian.

I'm a believer, but if you're not, that's not what we're talking about here. And there's no reason why you can't be a religious person and also do meditation. In fact. I was listening to an exorcist. If you guys haven't read the X, listen to the exorcist files path podcast. It's great.

I highly recommend that podcast. I finished listening to the first season when I was in France this summer. Amazing.

But one of the, one of the biggest extras, there's only so many exorcists out there in the world, but one of them, he said, I forget which one he, they asked him what's the best thing you could do to Ward off demons and demonic influence and Other than you know praying the rosary going to mass all the things that we know to do he said Deliverance prayers.

He said meditate and I thought wow, that's so interesting. That's actually probably what brought me back to it I started this doing reading the book and doing the meditations in this book back in 2019 and then we got hit with the lockdowns and things went crazy for a while, and so I stopped.

You want to know the real reason I stopped? The real reason I stopped was because I didn't, I felt and I don't even know if this is true. It's probably not true. My ex, didn't want to go there with me. And so I was trying to stay on his level. And maybe he was trying to stay on that level because of, his parents or whatever.

I don't know. And I'm probably wrong. He, I'm just probably completely... wrong, but again, I feel like everything that happens to us is for a reason. And so I think whatever the reason that we got divorced, like it's meant to be, I really believe that there's somebody else for me, somebody else for him and it's meant to be that's, I'll tell you something.

I have become so much more intuitive since this whole great awakening thing started happening. And I'm doing. You can search on my website. I'll try to put the links below if I remember, but pool water, silica water. It's decalcifying my pineal gland. I know it, because I am so much more intuitive now.

Also these stem cell activation patches, which you can find, search on my blog for that. It's definitely making me more intuitive, like I'm having dreams that tell me so much. Just in everyday life I'm just having a completely different experience as someone who's awake and open and hearing the words of God.

And if you don't like the word God, then my higher power, okay? But when I do this meditation every morning, it's just that times a thousand. It's just so powerful. Now, I want to talk a little bit about... I'll talk a little bit about Joe. I'll talk a little bit about why this meditation is different and then my results, which I didn't like, I didn't do it for very long.

I was only doing it for maybe six or eight weeks and then I stopped, but I'm getting back into it. I've been doing it for a week now. I'll talk about my, my, I'll talk about my experience first.

I did this for six weeks in the beginning of 2019 before we had the lockdown and I lost 15 pounds. In six weeks, sorry about my hair. I haven't washed it in three days. I didn't really do anything to lose the weight. I'll be honest. I was walking, but I usually walk. It's my exercise of choice. I was not doing any kind of dieting.

I was not doing any kind of restriction, nothing. And I lost six pounds in five eight, six weeks. All I was doing is every morning when I would do this meditation, I say this meditation, he has multiple meditations in this book that you can learn how to do. He also, you can go to his YouTube channel, if you want to just start there, you can go to his YouTube channel.

But I was doing some of the meditations, and I was also sometimes, I occasionally, I was doing the walking meditation, not every day.

He has a walking meditation, and then I was doing the, 15 to 30 minutes in the morning, usually 20 to 30 minutes in the morning, and all I was imagining was like my clothes feeling loose, feeling how I would feel when I

Lost the weight and being grateful for already having lost it and Stepping on the scale and seeing the numbers drop and they did they just did it just that was it now I don't have a lot of hang ups about weight I'm not like I didn't have a lot of baggage around that I'm like, oh, I'm so overweight I can't lose it.

Whatever. I didn't have any of that. So it wasn't hard if you have more trauma, and baggage around that it might take you longer, But there's people it takes a year and they overcome things or six months or whatever. I don't know how long it'll take you. I can't say you're going to, it's six weeks, you're gonna lose weight.

But I'm just saying like whatever it is you have in your life, it's just because either you've been programmed by your traumatic experiences, the mainstream media, the news, the TV commercials, all the things, your family members see you in a certain way. You see yourself in a certain way.

We have all these, ways that we've come to believe about ourself. And so what this is Really reprogramming your subconscious mind. That's why I say it's not a religion This is a they and they've done they have studies in here. They have they do all this like monitoring this is really about Wavelengths when You're the way your brain works You're vibrating at a certain frequency, and your brain, you're in the I think they call it beta waves during the day.

It's funny, because beta is like not alpha. That's where you're alert, you're awake, you're doing your thing, you're focused on everything else, and you're not focused on you're just distracted you're but you're productive you're doing stuff when you get to the I believe I'm saying it right beta And then alpha I'm trying to look for it in the book When you get down into the alpha waves like a deeper relaxation

That's when you are able to I can't find it that's when you're able to Reprogram your subconscious mind okay, so so you can do tell yourself all the affirmations you want, but if you're in a beta It's not going to stick. It's not going to it's it's almost like when you're fully relaxed and you use these meditation techniques that he has to just completely take you to a slower brainwave frequency.

You... Are able to just write over re rewrite the programming and you think about it your subconscious mind is like a computer And it's recording everything.

So all the trauma that you've had all the pain that you've had, you know All the things that you think about yourself based on something somebody else said or somebody else told you when you were a kid or whatever Stories that you made up i'm never gonna make money.

i'm a failure. I don't know how I don't know how to get a job. Just whatever. You can rewrite all of that. And recreate a new life for yourself. Came out of a bad relationship. You've been alone a long time. You want to find a relationship. Whatever. You want to start a new career.

You want to make a lot of money. You want to get healthy. You want to you, you cannot believe. Go to his YouTube channel and just read all, let's watch all the testimonials. Read in this book. He has case studies. So many case studies of people. Who literally just by lying down and relaxing and thinking about what they want, they were able to completely manifest completely different outcomes.

Reverse disease. The mind is so powerful, but it's hard to know what to do. It's hard to lie down and just meditate. This book is going to show you how to do it. And again, I'm reading it again after I went years without reading it and It's just so much that I forgot So I'm only my first week.

I know when you start doing this you don't usually see results right away So I'm not expecting anything right away. I think you know, it usually takes You know at least a few weeks But I don't know because I've done it before maybe it'll happen faster So I want to just talk a little bit about Joe Dispenza and what in his background so he Was A chiropractor?

And I believe he started out as a chiropractor. And he was running a marathon and he got hit by a jeep. And he completely destroyed his back. He was going to have to get all these steel, the doctors were saying he was going to have to get steel rods in his back. And he was never going to walk.

Did I ever tell you? He was going to be on in a wheelchair for the rest of his life, and he was not going to be able to work. Anyway, he had to decide, what am I going to do? They wanted him to do surgery, he didn't want to do that. And so he decided to try, and every horrible experience we go through, it's always, it always leads to something great.

I really believe that. I don't think, there's any opportunity that's wasted. He... Started meditating and he was doing it not a little bit, not 30 minutes a day. He was doing, probably six hours a day or something. I don't remember, but it was a lot. And anyway, six weeks later, he was cured, completely healed his back.

And so that's what I like to think of. If he can do that, what could I do? With 30 minutes a day, maybe, an extra walking meditation once a day or once every other day, whatever. Think about what you could do. It's amazing. I just encourage you, even if you don't want to get the book, go listen to the YouTube videos that he talks.

But really, the testimonials, you might want to start there. Just listen to what people say of their experience. Unbelievable. And it makes sense. The part that I am reading right now, Oh, he has a whole chapter on the pineal gland. It's really good, but I'm gonna wrap this up the part. I want to talk about I was just reading this chapter There's the walking meditation, okay right before the walking meditation chapter There's a chapter about mind movies, and that's what I was listening to today and it's about like creating an intention that you want to create in your future and then programming your conscious and unconscious mind into that new future And basically, what you do is you create a movie.

I'm going to be doing this, and I might share my movie with you guys if you want to see it. I'm going to be creating, I might create a few different mind movies. Maybe more than one, because I've got four different things I'm working on to rebuild my life. But he was talking about how one day he was in a Hotel and there was, he turned on the TV to catch up on news while he was packing.

He was talking about programming, TV programming, like programming your subconscious mind. And he was talking about, a TV commercial about shingles and this whole actor. It's a really good, I'm not going to read it to you. You should get it. You should get it and read it or listen to it on audible, but it's so good.

He's talking about how they are doing these TV commercials about people getting sick from shingles. And this old man is like falling down and he's sick and everything. And they're like, you need to get this shot, for the flu shot for the shingles or whatever. Some type of shot and, but he, but, he was talking about how it impacts your subconscious mind, all these techniques that they use on TV, on a 30 second spot commercial is going to have all this techniques of And he said, it really does open up your self conscious mind and put the messages right in there.

And he says, if you're watching TV late at night, that's really bad, because that's where you have your pineal gland is creating melatonin and you're, it's just much more easy to impress. That's why he does his meditations. He says the pineal gland is at the height at one to four in the morning.

So he's, he said, he does his meditation like four in the morning. And that's when I've been doing it. I get up at like between three and four and do my. My meditation for half an hour But yeah, he's talking about like Really putting you in a trance and that's how we've all been Programmed Good rule of thumb He says don't watch anything on television or the internet or participate in any mode of entertainment that you don't want to experience Not only before bed, but ever Nowadays, we're all just scrolling like in a trance, it's so interesting.

So what if you could use that to reprogram your mind, and start creating what you want? I found a video right after I read this. It was. Easy to find. I just found a video of some woman saying she created her own mind movie. Here's how she did it. So I'm going to do what she did. It's just using Google drive Google sheets, and you just find pictures and videos of what you want to have in your life, whether it's, love, money, success, whatever, weight loss, health, and then you get images that you like, and then you lay those out and then you can add music that you like to it.

Anything that's inspiring to you and then you can put statements on there of your affirmations and and then you just watch that every day, you just watch it every day. So I'm going to be making mine. If you guys want me to share, let me know in the comments. Or, I don't know where I'm posting this or wherever.

Just let me know in the comments that you want me to share and I will. I think I'm excited about the future. I don't know why things happen sometimes that are tragic, but I don't think we need to get so hung up on the tragedy of it, whether it's divorce or losing a business or getting sick.

The, don't get hung up on that part of it. Get hung up on the fact that experience is launching you into wanting something better, for yourself. I guess that's why I'm feeling so happy right now. Even though I don't have any results yet of success, money, relationship, whatever, like I just know it's coming and I'm just every day spending more time in that space of imagining it.

You can even do this in the shower, by the way, you could do it in the bathtub. It doesn't matter. You're just trying to spend time in the space of imagining that it already happened. And what you would feel like if you can do that, and then if you start taking action, okay, like I had this friend who friends of mine that got ended up getting married this, they were like, it was like a sitcom, like when I was, it was just out of college.

I was in my twenties and we were all working. And He had a crush on her, but she didn't like him. She didn't think he was her type. So they ended up getting married and having twins and everything, but when they were just friends, she didn't really like him. You know what he did?

He really wanted to get married. He really wanted to get married and have kids. He was in his twenties, young guy. And he went and bought a station wagon. He was just like, I know this is coming, so I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna... When you can do that, when you start taking action towards what you are creating that's awesome.

What do you want to create? If you want to, if you want to take a cruise around the world, start looking at cruises. You don't have to buy it yet, if you can't afford it yet. But you could think about which one you would get, be ready to buy. I don't know. I'm just, I'm in the phase now where I'm starting to get grateful for everything that I'm that's coming.

And I'm starting to think about what I want to, what I want to do and start taking actions. So anyway, that's my review of becoming supernatural. This is my favorite. He has other books too, but this is my favorite. And I think what I'm going to put in my movie, one of the things I'm going to put is to go to one of his, Retreat.

He has these retreats and you get to go and meditate all day with people and the breakthroughs that they have at these things.

Like I said, go watch his YouTube channel. Watch the testimonials on his YouTube. So that's it for this video. I hope you enjoyed it and let me know what you think in the comments.

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