Weekly Giveaway Winners + Coupon Codes

Weekly Giveaway Winners + Coupon Codes

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Thanks to everyone who entered the weekly giveaway this past week.

Keep reading to find out who the winners are... and get coupon codes to order!

The winners have 72 hours to contact me via email to claim their prizes (see below).

And I apologize to the past couple of weeks' winners. The first week back to school has had me busier than a one-legged man in an a**-kicking contest. I'll be emailing you all later today and sending the prizes out tomorrow.

What The Winners Get

I'm giving away three prizes to three lucky winners:

  1. Grand prize: A free bottle of naturally-based, non-toxic, salon quality shampoo and conditioner of your choice from our absolute favorite haircare company, valued at $122 including shipping. (Note: I have to keep it a secret because I'm not allowed to do public giveaways – per their terms – but you'll find out after you enter the giveaway.)
  2. First prize: A free box of Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray, valued at $95, including shipping
  3. Runner up: A free case of H2Bev HydroShot– a Molecular Hydrogen Infused Water + Natural Supplements which increase blood flow, stimulate brain function and provide energy.  Retail value: $40.

Total retail value of this giveaway: Over $250

Step Right Up & Get Your Coupon Codes

Before I tell you who the winners are, I have some coupon codes for you!

If you didn't win but you're interested in these products, now is the time to place an order. Save money with a coupon code!

Not only will it help you and your health, but your purchase also helps me keep blogging and running these giveaways. Thank you!

1. Save 15-30% on the Shampoo & Conditioner

Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com with the subject line SHAMPOO and I'll get back to you ASAP to help you order. I'll also show you how to save anywhere from 15-30%.

2. Get a Pure Body Extra Zeolite $50 Coupon Code

Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com with the subject line ZEOLITE and I'll send you a $50 coupon code to use on your first purchase of $75 or more.

Note: I only have a few coupon codes left so it's first come first served.  

Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray

3. Order H2Bev

H2Bev HydroShot– a Molecular Hydrogen Infused Water

Click here to order Hydro Shot.

Go read my review and learn why you need this: This Drink Could Save Your Life

Sorry I don't have a coupon code for the HydroShot but you gotta order some!

Announcing This Week's Giveaway Winners

And the winners are...

  1. Grand Prize Winner: oneblkcoffee@xx.com - A full year subscription to my new online course  Online Marketing Simplified ($199 value)
  2. Second Place Winner: 4shoppingemail@xx.com - A free bottle of shampoo and conditioner of your choice from my absolute favorite naturally-based, non-toxic, salon quality haircare company (retail value: $112).
  3. Third Place Winner: zetaret66@xx.com - A free bottle of Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray, valued at $80, plus $15 shipping.

I will contact the winners via email. They will have 72 hours to get back to me with their address to claim their prize.

If you see your name as a winner and you haven't gotten an email from me, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com to claim your prize.

Enter This Week's Giveaway...

If you didn't win this past week, head on over and enter the current week's giveaway. It's a brand new week and a brand new giveaway!

Find out what we're giving away this week...

Click to enter this week's giveaway!

There is no limit to how many times you can win, and you can enter every week if you want.

The only limit is you just can't be a current customer of any of the products I'm giving away.


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