10 Ways to Take Advantage of Sprouted Grains

We live in what might be called a “grain-intensive” culture, as have most human societies throughout history.

We live in what might be called a “grain-intensive” culture, as have most human societies throughout history. Unfortunately, unlike all other societies who have historically used grains as a food base, we have largely forgotten the art of sprouting grains in order to get the most health benefit from them.

In this post, I’ll show you how you can make the most of sprouted grains.

10 Ways to Take Advantage of Sprouted Grains

10 Ways to Take Advantage of Sprouted Grains

1. Get the minerals you need by using sprouted grains in place of whole wheat or bran. Grains that have not been broken down contain phytic acid, which works to prevent the absorption of important nutrients and minerals, such as zinc, calcium, magnesium and iron. Eating foods from sprouted grains reduces the phytic acid content that is usually contained in the bran, and allows the body to absorb the good nutrients that it needs.

2. Get vitamins from sprouted grains that you would not be provided otherwise. An increase in antioxidants, as well as Vitamins C and B result from sprouting or using sprouted grain flour products. I recommend To Your Health Sprouted Flour Company as a great resource.

3. Get enzymes that help in digestion that are produced in grains that have been soaked.

4. Make delicious wheat bread from sprouted grains that is actually good for you. While white bread was once regarded by many to be a staple in the diet of an American family, it tastes bland and has about the same nutritional value as paper. It is also hard to digest, as are all breads made from refined flour. Not only does sprouted wheat bread provide the nutritional value you need, but it tastes great, too.

5. Make sprouted flour pasta (see my recipe here). White flour pasta doesn’t provide nutritional value, and brown rice pasta is laden with arsenic. Sprouted flour pasta is an excellent alternative.

6. Alfalfa sprouts can be used liberally as an addition to salads, scrambled eggs, and in sandwiches.

7. Make healthy snacks, such as cookies, muffins,crackers and other enjoyable edibiles from sprouted flour. Here’s one healthy chocolate chip cookie recipe from Holistic Squid.

8. Get energy from your sprouts. When whole grains are sprouted, starches are converted into sugars that the body processes for energy. Unprocessed starches from unsprouted grains may be stored in the body as fat.

9. Enjoy the flavor of sprouted grains, which is more fully developed than that of unsprouted whole wheat flours, which often have a bitter edge.

10. Make sprouted grain pizza, topped with nutritious cheese and veggies.

What’s Your Experience with Sprouted Grains?

There are many more benefits and ways to take advantage of sprouted grains; these are just a few. What is your experience? How do you use sprouted grains? Comment below!

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