50 Ways to Eat More Bone Broth

50 Ways to Eat More Bone Broth

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Are you eating enough bone broth? Did you know it can improve your skin, and harden your bones and teeth? Did you know it can even reduce cellulite?

50 Ways to Eat More Bone Broth

Here are 50 ideas to help you eating more bone broth.

1. French onion soup
2. Poutine – A Canadian dish consisting of French fries smothered with homemade gravy and cheese curds — recipe coming this month!
3. Japanese miso soup made with homemade dashi
4. Roast duck with cherry reduction sauce
5. Homemade JELL-O made with gelatin powder and fruit juice or coconut water — recipe coming next week (I use Bernard Jensen or Great Lakes brand)
6. Split pea soup
7. Cold gazpacho
8. Biscuits and gravy
9. Head cheese (see my post on How to Cook a Pig’s Head)
10.  New England clam chowder
11. Yogurt with gelatin powder
12. Mashed potatoes and gravy
13.  Aspic on liver pate
14.  Risotto
15. Pot roast with gravy
16.  Reduction sauce, served with any roast meat
17. Kefir smoothies with added gelatin powder
18. Minestrone soup
19.  Chicken soup with rice
20. Brown rice cooked in broth
21. Drink it straight!
22. Homemade Vietnamese pho
23. Crockpot pork & beans
24. Brisket tacos
25.  Butternut squash soup
26. Lentils cooked in broth
27.  Chicken noodle soup
28.  Greek Avgolemono soup
29.  Scottish Cock-a-leekie soup
30.  Prime rib au jus
31. Tomato soup
32.  Hungarian goulash
33. Tortilla soup
34.  Mulligatawny soup
35. Carrot ginger soup
36. Thai soup with coconut milk, lemongrass and shrimp
37. Corn chowder
38. Fried risotto — leftover from the night before and then fried in bacon grease or duck fat
39.  Bangers and mash with gravy
40.  Gelatin powder added to beet kvass
41.  Giblet gravy
42.  Cream of mushroom soup
43.  Manhattan clam chowder
44.  Refried beans made with chicken stock
45.  White bean chicken chili
46.  Lobster bisque
47. Egg drop soup
48.  Tuscan white bean soup
49. Shrimp gumbo
50. Texas chili

Share Your Favorite Ways to Eat Bone Broth

Please comment below and share your favorite ways to eat bone broth. Those of us who are taking the challenge need the inspiration!