Coconut Oil French Fries

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Did you know French fries cooked in coconut oil are actually healthy? Yes, you heard me right! Coconut oil is a traditional fat that is really good for you.

When fried in coconut oil, French fries are healthy and nutrient-dense. And did I mention delicious?

However, there’s a special trick to this recipe — not just any coconut oil will do.

Note: This is one of the posts that got nuked when I moved my blog after I got deplatformed – I will be updating this recipe eventually. Thanks for your patience.

The Trick to Coconut Oil French Fries: Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil

I only use expeller-pressed coconut oil. If you use regular virgin coconut oil, you can’t get the smoke point high enough to produce a crispy fry. Expeller-pressed coconut oil is refined (although just as nutritious) and has a higher smoke point.

Also, and this is important, expeller-pressed coconut oil has no coconut oil odor or taste. So it’s just like using flavorless vegetable oil. Nobody wants to eat French fries that taste like coconut!

Where to Find Expeller-Pressed Coconut Oil

You can find expeller pressed coconut oil on my resources page.

I get my expeller-pressed coconut oil delivered by mail in a 5-gallon bucket. Coconut oil has a really long shelf life — it will keep for years, and you can store it in the pantry.

When frying, you can use coconut oil multiple times. I just leave the coconut oil in a large Dutch oven and I strain it every once in a while. Since it’s stable at room temperature, you can leave it sitting on the back burner (with a lid on) for months and you don’t have to worry about it going rancid, like tallow or lard. Easy and economical!

What’s Wrong With Vegetable Oil?

Unlike coconut oil, vegetable oil contains almost no vitamins.

Vegetable oil (soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil) is a highly processed modern food. It is refined, bleached, deodorized, hydrogenated. Yuck!

French Fries fried in vegetable oil are really bad for you. Fry them in coconut oil, and you’re got a healthy side dish.

To learn more about why vegetable oils like canola and corn oil are bad for you and should be avoided, read this article: The Oiling of America.

Coconut Oil French Fries

Equipment Needed for This Recipe

Deep-fat fryer, Dutch oven, or a stock pot
If using sauce pan or stock pot, you will need a candy thermometer — the kind that attaches to the side of the pot
Cookie sheet, 1 or 2
Parchment paper, Silpat mat, or paper towels

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Coconut Oil French Fries