Flash Sale: Try My Favorite Non-Toxic Salon-Quality Shampoo

I wanted to quickly tell you about a flash sale that ends tonight for my favorite shampoo in the world. You can save 40% or more.

Flash Sale: Try My Favorite Non-Toxic Salon-Quality Shampoo
Photo by Jernej Graj / Unsplash

Hey, guys, I'm up to my eyeballs  working on a new webinar that's gonna launch any day now, but I wanted to quickly tell you about a flash sale that ends tonight for my favorite shampoo in the world.

You can save 40% or more. With the crazy inflation right now, here's a chance to save big on naturally-based, non-toxic haircare, and lock in savings going forward.

Jump On This!

If you're seeing this post before midnight eastern on Sunday, do NOT delay and go grab some right now because this is the best deal you're gonna get for a while. This is actually one of my very favorite sales they have.

There is a no-questions-asked, 30-day empty-bottle money-back guarantee, so there is literally no reason not to jump on this.

Unless you don't have the money, in which case you're gonna want to watch my webinar when it launches... any day now! Stay tuned for that...

But trust me, if you can scrape up the funds to jump on this, you will SAVE money on this shampoo!

Why? Because not only will you save over 40% today and get free shipping, and 15%+ forever, but these products are super concentrated because they are made with less water – they can last you six months to a year.

Why I Can't Live Without This This Shampoo

I fell in love with these products back in the fall of 2018. Someone sent me some samples in the mail and they totally blew me away.

My hair had so much more volume – it was noticeably more bouncy and manageable. So much so that I saved the last little bit in the sample packets so that I could use them to wash my hair for the Emmys a few days later.

Yes, we used to go to the Emmys and walk the red carpet when I lived in California. I have a lot of stories I promise to regale you with later. All the hot goss on the celebs...

I'm not too easily impressed with celebrities because I have met a lot of them. I used to live next door to Mark Ruffalo and his wife. They used to come over to our parties before I got married.

I'll tell you one of my fan girl moments though... meeting some of the sharks from Shark Tank. As many of you know, I've been an entrepreneur for over a decade now, and I love Shark Tank!

Meeting Shark Tank's Lori Greiner
Meeting Shark Tank's Lori Greiner 
Meeting Shark Tank's Robert Herjavec

You'll be interested to know that both Lori and Robert are super nice. I met Daymond John and Kevin O'Leary, too – also both very nice.

But let's not get distracted. You need to know about this shampoo!

At the time, I had been using some other salon-quality natural haircare brands. Salon-quality means you can only buy them at salons. And natural means natural, non-toxic.

While these brands worked better than the stuff at the health food store, my hair was pretty good. Not great. It was fine.

And then I tried this brand and holy smokes it was a game changer. A picture's worth a thousand words, so let me show you the before and after...


Here's the before pic... me at the Emmys in 2015 with Jon Hamm, who played Don Draper in Mad Men. Yes, he really is that good looking in person and he is an absolute sweetheart. You know like you know about a good melon.

And yes my hair looks like crap! See the thinning around the temples? That was because I had the baby the year before. But it was also just flat and lifeless and let's face it, sad.


This is me after, with my husband at the Emmys in 2017. Guys, I didn't use any special products or anything – just washed my hair with the new shampoo.

Okay, so it's a little lighter, so that's different, and the cut is better than my old cut... but can you see the difference in volume? Just wow!

Here I am below with some of the stars of Better Call Saul and I feel like I look like a TV star. I blend right in!

My husband, Rhea Seehorn, me with the good hair, and Patrick Fabian of Better Call Saul

Unlike before, with Don Draper, when I looked like a housewife. Which is what I actually am, but it's nice to be able to get dressed up and have your hair look awesome and not have to pay a professional hair stylist to get it to look good.

Anyway I could go on and on about these products and not just for my hair, but for anyone with any kind of hair: oily, dry, curly, straight, fine, thinning, damaged, anything. Whatever you have, this can fix. And not only that, but it's naturally-based and non-toxic.

And did I mention the products are all made in the USA and the family that owns the company are patriots? They fled Venezuela to start their family business here.

And people are so crazy about these products, that they hit the Inc. 5000 list of fastest growing companies in 2020.

I swear, you're gonna fall in love.

In the interest of time, because this sale ends tonight, I will stop blabbing on and just link you to my original shampoo review, which I wrote back in 2018, a few months after these Emmy pics.

Don't spend too much time reading, just go for it and get some of this shampoo. If you are unhappy for literally any reason, just send it back within 30 days for a full refund.

What's The Sale?

Here's all the deets...

Buy any conditioner at full price and get a shampoo for only $12.

You can order more than one set, to stock up, to try different varieties, or if you have others in your household, you can get a second set. And you'll save more, because they have a volume discount (you'll see when you get into the cart).

You do need to sign up as a VIP customer, which has a $20 enrollment fee. However, you're going to save so much on shampoo, it's totally worth it.

Not only will you get 15% off on all the MONAT products for life as a VIP customer, but you also get access to all of our flash sales which are fabulous and happen about twice a month, and you get an annual birthday discount, and you get free shipping on flash sales.

You do have to pay a one-time $20 enrollment fee, but you only have to order TWO more times in your entire life as a VIP. That is your only obligation. You will enroll in the Flexship program, but you can push it out for 2 months. You NEVER need to make a purchase unless you want to, and you're only required to make 3 Flexship purchases ever to stay in the program.

So if you only order products once a year, that's fine.  (Note: flash sales do not count as Flexship orders.)

And as I said, if you are not happy for any reason, send the products back for a full refund – including your $20 enrollment fee.

I haven't even told you about the skincare yet, guys, which is mind-blowingly good, and non-toxic.

How Much Will You Save?

Your savings depends on which ones you choose so let me give you an example. I'm super excited about the brand new Smoothing Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner.

I have fine, wavy, oily hair and it gets frizzy when I don't straighten it. So I can't wait to try this.

I usually use the Revive Shampoo and Revitalize Conditioner which is the volume line – that's my favorite. However, I also love the Black two-in-one shampoo/conditioner, the Restore leave-in conditioner, the Champ Dry Shampoo (totally in love – and there's no toxic talc in it). I mix it up between these different products.

Okay so anyhow, if you order the Smoothing Anti-Frizz shampoo and conditioner, you would normally pay $117. Plus shipping. Which I think is around $10 (or it used to be) so that's $127.

As a VIP using this flash sale, you get the Smoothing Anti-Frizz conditioner for only $44 (15% off) and the shampoo for only $12. Add the $20 enrollment fee and that takes you to $76.

And you get free shipping! That's a 40% savings!

And you'll save 15% or more going forward.

And I didn't even factor in the Only For You gift, which you get for free.

MONAT Shampoo Lasts A Very Long Time

And as I said above, this shampoo and conditioner is VERY concentrated so most people find they can go for 6 months or even a year on one bottle. I have friends who use MONAT and only wash once a week and their bottles last them a full year.

I have oily hair and wash usually twice a week (I used to have to wash daily before MONAT) and so my shampoo lasts me about 6 months.

You only need to use a half teaspoon of shampoo. Wash twice, so you're using about one teaspoon total per wash.  

There are 48 teaspoons in an 8 ounce bottle. So you get 48 washes from a bottle of MONAT shampoo.

If you wash once a week, the bottle will last you for 48 weeks – that's almost a year!

If you wash twice a week, like me, the bottle will last you about six months.

So if you spend $56 on this shampoo and conditioner today (plus the one-time $20 enrollment fee), and you wash once a week, it will only cost you $4.87/month to have absolutely gorgeous hair.

MONAT Is Actually Less Expensive Than Competitor Products

Head & Shoulders recommends on their website to use 2 full teaspoons of their shampoo.

So if you think you're saving money by buying "natural salon-brand" (I won't say the name) on Amazon for $59 for the 9-ounce bottle of shampoo, you're actually not... here's why... because you need to use 2 teaspoons per wash with other brands.

So when you spend $59 on a 9-ounce competitor shampoo, that gets you 54 teaspoons. And that only gives you 27 washes, compared to 48 washes with MONAT.

The competitor brand lasts you 13 1/2 weeks, or a little over 3 months washing twice a week.

MONAT Shampoo with this flash sale: $4.87 per month washing twice a week
Competitor Salon Brand: $19.66 per month washing twice a week

Even if you bought MONAT as a retail customer and got no discount, you'd still save! MONAT Volume (Revive) Shampoo retails for $45.

Competitor Salon Brand: $2.18 per wash
MONAT Shampoo with this flash sale: $0.61 per wash
MONAT Shampoo Retail: $0.93 per wash

This flash sale is over. Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com with MONAT in the subject line to learn how to sign up as VIP Customer or Market Partner and save anywhere from 15-30% off retail.

Most Haircare Companies are Owned By Multinational Corporations

Did I convince you yet? No? Did you know that 7 corporations control virtually all the beauty companies – except for independently owned companies like MONAT?

Source: Business Insider

So, no, that natural product you're buying isn't so great after all. And they're probably made in China.

Did I Mention MONAT Is Run By Patriots?

I did mention it but it's so important, I want to say it again. MONAT loves America and all the products are made right here in America.

Also, your purchase helps me keep blogging, since I will make a commission if you order. And I've lost most of my income due to being cancelled.

So thank you for helping me out if you choose to order something. And if you don't, no worries! Thank you for reading my blog. I appreciate each and every one of you.

How To Order

If you need help setting up your cart, email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com with your phone number ASAP and I'll call you. Do it before midnight Eastern / 11 pm Central / 9 pm Pacific tonight or you will miss the sale.

Here's are the steps:

  1. Go to the website using my link.
  2. Click on JOIN NOW.

3. Click on VIP Customer.

4. Confirm that you are in the United States. If you're not in the United States, you can select from other countries (see below which countries MONAT is in).

You can also choose your primary language.

5. On that same page, it walks you through what you will do to sign up as a VIP.

As I said above, you're paying a one-time enrollment fee of $20, you're going to select the products you want.

Then you are going to set up your Flexship, which you can always change later and you can push it out for 2 months as often as you want.

Click JOIN NOW and move onto the next page...

6. Click Promo Qualifier Conditioners.

7. Choose the conditioner you want.

If you have curly hair, you should choose something more moisturizing. The leave-in conditioner is great for curly hair, too. If you have oily hair, go with the volume conditioner. Intense Repair is for hair loss/thinning.

G0t questions? Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com.

8. Next choose the shampoo(s) you want. If you buy more than one set, you will save even more with the volume discount.

9. Next choose your "Only For You" item. This is another perk of being a VIP – you get "Only For You" items with VIP enrollment and also with any Flexship orders (they are so good to us).

The Only For You products change every month. This month they are all favorites of mine. They are all travel sizes which are hard to get your hands on so snap up one of these!

The choices are:

- Travel Rejuvabeads, which is a split ends mender that is AMAZING.
- Travel Eye Smooth - I love this product – seriously makes my under eyes look younger)
- Travel Renew Shampoo & Super Moisture Masque - This is a great option for normal or dry hair. I would not choose this if you have oily hair, though.

10. Next, set up your Flexship order.

Start by selecting the date – you can push it all the way out 2 months – so set it for August 13 if you want to push it out.

You can always keep pushing it out so there is no pressure.

11. Next, add your Flexship products.

You may want to try different shampoos or skincare (which is awesome) but I usually recommend people get the Rejuvenique because it satisfies the amount you need to order and I am in love with Rejuvenique Oil.  

It's the oil that is the basis of almost all the MONAT products and it's the closest thing to sebum. I'll write a post another time about how I started doing oil treatments on my scalp and that's how I went from super-oily scalp (had to wash daily) to now only needing to wash twice a week.

Oil treatments are easy to do and you should do one every week, regardless of whether you have dry or oily hair. It balances and nourishes your hair and scalp.

12. Finally, enter your personal and billing information and you are good to go!

Got Questions?

Email me ASAP at annmarie @ annmariemichaels dot com and I will be happy to help you out.

Again, if you want help setting up your cart, or deciding which products are right for you, email me with your phone number and I'll call you.

This flash sale is over. Email me at annmarie @ annmariemichaels.com with MONAT in the subject line to learn how to sign up as VIP Customer or Market Partner and save anywhere from 15-30% off retail.


As I said above, I am a MONAT Market Partner and I do earn a commission on purchases. Thank you for helping me continue to blog and make videos.