New Giveaway: Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray ($80 Value)

New Giveaway: Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray ($80 Value)

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I'm psyched to announce a brand new giveaway. This week I'm giving away a bottle of Pure Body Extra Zeolite Spray, retail value $80.

UPDATE: This giveaway has been EXTENDED UNTIL May 23, 2022! I need a mental health break so I'll be taking this week off (mostly) from work. See ya'll next week with the winners announcement.

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What Is Zeolite?

What is zeolite,  you ask?

Zeolite is a naturally occurring mineral that has a negative charge, which helps the body detox heavy metals.

Why Do We Need Zeolite?

Two words: heavy metals.

If you are taking Iverm3ctin or Hydr0xychloroquine to help with symptoms from the qu@ckzine or qu@ckzine shedding, you will get getter results if you add Zeolite, because those therapeutic treatments only remove parasites – they do not remove metals.

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And, as we know, the qu@ckzine is loaded with heavy metals (graphine oxide is aluminum).

Not only that, but we are also inhaling graphine oxide and other metals from the masks, and we got them from the testing swabs.

Aluminum, But Also Fluoride

We also know they are also spraying aluminum on us (chemtrails).

In addition to aluminum, fluoride is another heavy metal that is in many other foods we eat and things we are exposed to.

Fluoride is very bad for human health. To learn why, please read my post, Top 10 Fluoride Dangers.

To learn more about all the places we are being exposed to fluoride, read my post, Top 5 Sources of Fluoride (It’s Not Your Toothpaste).

You'll be shocked by all the foods and drugs we consume that contain fluoride.

It's even in tea and kombucha! Read my post: Fluoride in Kombucha? Why I Stopped Drinking Kombucha and Tea.

Learn More About Zeolite

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How To Get More Entries

You can get more entries by sharing on social media, and by sharing the giveaway with your friends.

I'm hoping you will all share this with as many friends as possible, because the more people we can get on this pool water, the better.

People are very sick right now, due to the you-know-what (starts with a V). The adverse reactions from the V are reversed by the pool water, and this zeolite spray really helps us detoxify.

So please, share the giveaway with your friends.

Let's get the word out.

Thank you for your help!


Please note: No purchase necessary to win. I was not paid to do this giveaway. I am paying for the prizes myself. I am an affiliate for Touchstone Essentials. There are affiliate links in this post. If you order any of these products, I will earn a small commission, which helps me keep blogging.