Top 10 Fluoride Dangers: Health Hazards of Fluoride

Fluoride dangers are real. Fluoride damages health and fertility, destroy bones and teeth, and cause early puberty in children.

Top 10 Fluoride Dangers: Health Hazards of Fluoride
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Fluoride dangers are real. Fluoride damages health and fertility, destroy bones and teeth, and cause early puberty in children.

In this post, I will share with you the top 10 reasons fluoride is bad for our health.

Top 10 Fluoride Dangers: Table of Contents

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Fluoride Is Toxic
Searching for the Dangers of Fluoride
Top 10 Dangers of Fluoride
1. Accumulation of Fluoride in the Body
2. Fluoride and Bottle-fed Babies
3. Fluoride and Reproductive Problems
4. Fluoride and Brain Damage
5. Fluoride and Lowered IQ
6. Fluoride and Early Puberty
7. Fluoride and Thyroid Function
8. Fluoride and Arthritis
9. Fluoride Damages Bone
10. Fluoride and Hip Fractures in the Elderly
Sources of Fluoride
How to Avoid Fluoride
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Fluoride Is Toxic

We know fluoride is toxic. That is not in question. But they really don't want you to know that fluoride is toxic.  

They obfuscate and say things like "too much fluoride is toxic" but in reality, fluoride is toxic and it's a slight of hand trick.

The truth is, we are all ingesting too much fluoride becuase it is cumulative:  (1) it's hidden in so many different things, from our water to our toothpaste to pharmaceutical drugs, and (2) it is stored in our bodies with a half-life of 20 years.

What that means is, if you stopped ingesting all fluoride today, meaning 100% organic diet, filtered water, etc. you would still have the fluoride that is currently stored in your bones, teeth and organs for 20 years.

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Searching for the Dangers of Fluoride on Google

Know how I know they are lying to us? I just look at what they are censoring.

Look what happens if you type in "fluoride dangers" on Google.

Okay, let's walk through them...

The top 6 search results for "fluoride dangers" on Google are (drum roll):

1. American Cancer Society /  - The largest funder of cancer research grants in the United States outside of the federal government, investing more than $5B over 75 years. They are also the wealthiest "non-profit" in the world. And they have a 2% cure rate.

Here's a good article about the American Cancer Society: The Fraud of the American Cancer Society Exposed.

2. Medical News Today - This fake news company is a subsidiary of Red Ventures, an $11 billion company that is buying up independent websites.

3. NCBI / National Center for Biotechnology Information - A branch of NIH. The same people who pushed the quackzine/killer death shot on us. Need I say more?

4. Fortson Dentistry - Michigan dental office pushing the lie that fluoride is safe in low doses, but harmful in high doses.

Dentists are funny because a lot of them still believe in the fluoride scam.

When dentists fight me on fluoride, I just bring up mercury.

"Remember how you guys were using mercury fillings until you didn't anymore?" And then they give me that deer in the headlights look.

Also known as the Fluoride Stare.

5. is a subsidiary of Springer Nature, which is another one of these billion dollar companies run by the Medical Industrial Complex.

6. NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information) - Same as #3 above.

Searching for the Dangers of Fluoride on DuckDuckGo

Now look at what happens when you type in "fluoride dangers" on DuckDuckGo:

The top 2 search results for "fluoride dangers" on DuckDuckGo are:

  1. which is the website of Dr. Ed Group.
  2. which is the website of Dr. Axe.

Both are chiropractors, nutrition experts and holistic practitioners.

Of course, my blog post used to rank on the first page prior to 2019.

The summer of 2019 is when Google buried all of the natural health websites and replaced them with corporate shills and government websites.

Top 10 Dangers of Fluoride

So what are the top 10 dangers of fluoride?  Let's list the ways fluoride harms our health...

1. Accumulation of Fluoride in the Body

Fluoride accumulates in the body. Healthy adult kidneys excrete 50 to 60% of the fluoride ingested each day (Marier & Rose 1971).

Any remaining fluoride accumulates in the body, typically in the bones and pineal gland (Luke 1997, 2001).

Babies and children excrete less fluoride from their kidneys and absorb up to 80% of ingested fluoride into their bones (Ekstrand 1994).

The concentration of fluoride in the bones increases over a lifetime (NRC 2006).

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2. Fluoride and Bottle-fed Babies

Bottle-fed babies receive the highest doses of fluoride. Since they have a liquid diet, formula-fed babies have the highest exposure to fluoride. Infant exposure to fluoridated water has been repeatedly found to be a major risk factor for developing dental fluorosis later in life (Marshall 2004; Hong 2006; Levy 2010).

As a result, dental researchers have recommended that parents of newborns not use fluoridated water when reconstituting formula (Ekstrand 1996; Pendrys 1998; Fomon 2000; Brothwell 2003; Marshall 2004).

The American Dental Association (ADA), the biggest advocates of fluoridation, sent a November 6, 2006 email alert to its members advising that parents should make baby formula with “low or no-fluoride water.”

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3. Fluoride and Reproductive Problems

Question: Can fluoride cause problems with fertility and the reproductive system? Answer: Yes.

In love
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Here are just some of the studies:

  1. Fluoride given to animals at high doses destroys the male reproductive system: Fluoride’s Effect on Male Reproductive System: Animal Studies: Consistent with in vitro and human research, over 60 studies on animals (including rats, mice, roosters, and rabbits) have found that fluoride adversely impacts the male reproductive system.
  2. Increased rates of infertility in areas with heavily fluoridatated water: A U.S. epidemiological study showed increased rates of infertility among couples living in areas with 3 ppm or more fluoride in the water (Freni 1994).
  3. Fluoride lowers testosterone in men: Two studies showed reduced level of circulating testosterone in males living in high fluoride areas:

    1.) Circulating testosterone levels in skeletal fluorosis patients
    2.) Occurrence of Endemic Fluorosis in Human Population of North Gujarat, India: Human Health Risk.
  4. A study of fluoride-exposed workers reported a “subclinical reproductive effect”: Fluoride-induced disruption of reproductive hormones in men (Ortiz-Perez 2003).
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4. Fluoride and Brain Damage

“It is apparent that fluorides have the ability to interfere with the functions of the brain.” — the National Research Council, 2006 (Source)

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) lists fluoride among about 100 chemicals for which there is “substantial evidence of developmental neurotoxicity.” (Source)

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Here are some of the studies:

  1. Over 400 studies have found that fluoride is a neurotoxin (a chemical that can damage the brain).
  2. Over 200 animal studies showing that prolonged exposure to varying levels of fluoride can damage the brain, particularly when coupled with an iodine deficiency, or aluminum excess.
  3. Experiments on animals reveal that fluoride accumulates in the brain and alters mental behavior: Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats (Mullenix 1995).
  4. There have been over 100 animal experiments showing that fluoride damages the brain and impacts learning and behavior.
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5. Fluoride and Lowered IQ

2023 Update: See my recent post, US Government Admits Fluoride Lowers IQ

There have been 24 studies from China, Iran, India and Mexico that show an association between fluoride exposure and reduced IQ.

One research team (Xiang 2003a,b) estimated that fluoride may lower IQ at 1.9 ppm (parts per million), while a recent preliminary study (Ding 2011) found a lowering of IQ in children drinking water at levels ranging from 0.3 to 3 ppm.

The authors of this latter study reported that for each increase of 1 ppm fluoride measured in the urine there was a loss of 0.59 IQ points. According to the National Research Council (2006), “the consistency of the results [in fluoride/IQ studies] appears significant enough to warrant additional research on the effects of fluoride on intelligence.”

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6. Fluoride and Early Puberty

Reduced IQ is not the only neurotoxic effect of fluoride. Studies have shown an association between fluoride exposure and impaired visual-spatial organization (Calderon 2000; Li 2004; Rocha-Amador 2009); while three other studies have found an association between prenatal fluoride exposure and fetal brain damage (Han 1989; Du 1992; Yu 1996).

Fluoride also affects the pineal gland. Studies by Jennifer Luke (2001) show that fluoride accumulates in the human pineal gland to very high levels. In her Ph.D. thesis, Luke has also shown in animal studies that fluoride reduces melatonin production and leads to an earlier onset of puberty (Luke 1997).

Consistent with Luke’s findings, one of the earliest fluoridation trials in the U.S. (Schlesinger 1956) reported that on average young girls in the fluoridated community reached menstruation 5 months earlier than girls in the non-fluoridated community.

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7. Fluoride and Thyroid Function

Ingestion of fluoride negatively impacts thyroid function. In the Ukraine, Bachinskii (1985) found a lowering of thyroid function, among otherwise healthy people, at 2.3 ppm fluoride in water. In the mid-20th century, fluoride was prescribed by a number of European doctors to reduce the activity of the thyroid gland for patients with hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) (Stecher 1960; Waldbott 1978).

According to a clinical study by Galletti and Joyet (1958), the thyroid function of hyperthyroid patients was reduced at just 2.3-4.5 mg per day of fluoride. To put this finding in perspective, the Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS, 1991) has estimated that total fluoride exposure in fluoridated communities ranges from 1.6 to 6.6 mg/day. This is a remarkable fact, particularly considering the rampant and increasing problem of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid) in the United States and other fluoridated countries.

Symptoms of hypothyroidism include depression, fatigue, weight gain, muscle and joint pains, increased cholesterol levels, and heart disease. In 2010, the second most prescribed drug of the year was Synthroid (sodium levothyroxine) which is a hormone replacement drug used to treat an underactive thyroid.

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8. Fluoride and Arthritis

According to studies, fluoride causes symptoms of arthritis. Skeletal fluorosis (a fluoride-induced bone and joint disease) mimic the symptoms of arthritis (Singh 1963; Franke 1975; Teotia 1976; Carnow 1981; Czerwinski 1988; DHHS 1991).

According to an article published in Chemical & Engineering News, “Because some of the clinical symptoms mimic arthritis, the first two clinical phases of skeletal fluorosis could be easily misdiagnosed” (Hileman 1988). According to the CDC (2002), 1 in 3 Americans have some form of arthritis.

Few studies have been done to determine whether the high prevalence of arthritis in America and other fluoridated countries could be related to growing fluoride exposure.

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9. Fluoride Damages Bone

An early fluoridation trial (Newburgh-Kingston 1945-55) revealed a two-fold increase in bone defects among children in the fluoridated community (Schlesinger 1956).

In 2001, Alarcon-Herrera reported a correlation between the severity of dental fluorosis and the frequency of bone fractures in children and adults in a high fluoride area in Mexico.

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10. Fluoride and Hip Fractures in the Elderly

According to studies, fluoride may increase hip fractures in the elderly.

High doses of fluoride (average 26 mg per day) were used in trials to treat patients with osteoporosis in an effort to harden their bones and reduce fracture rates. This treatment actually led to a higher number of fractures, particularly hip fractures (Inkovaara 1975; Gerster 1983; Dambacher 1986; O’Duffy 1986; Hedlund 1989; Bayley 1990; Gutteridge 1990. 2002; Orcel 1990; Riggs 1990 and Schnitzler 1990).

One Chinese study looked at hip fractures in six Chinese villages, and found an increase in hip fractures as the concentration of fluoride rose from 1 ppm to 8 ppm (Li 2001).

X-ray Hip Fracture
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Sources of Fluoride

Water fluoridation has been banned in many countries including China, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Germany, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Japan. Nearly all of Europe’s water supply is fluoride-free.

Fluoride dangers are everywhere in America. That’s because fluoride is everywhere in our food and drugs.

Many people think they can avoid fluoride by just using fluoride-free toothpaste. However, fluoride isn’t just in toothpaste.

Close-up of a toothbrush with toothpaste in high key, shot against a white background
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Fluoride is in our water, in juice, soda, wine and coffee, in soups and processed food, and in baby formula. The majority of American cities have fluoridated water.

Almost all of the beverages sold in stores and restaurants are made with tap water. People who drink those beverages ingest a fair amount of added fluoride.

We consume fluoride and are exposed to fluoride dangers from the following sources:

  • Toothpaste with fluoride
  • Baby formula
  • Foods cooked in fluoride
  • Canned soup, or soup in restaurants
  • Mechanically deboned chicken (i.e. chicken nuggets)
  • Food cooked in Teflon cookware
  • Soda pop and soft drinks
  • Fruit juice (unless it is fresh-squeezed at home)
  • Beer and wine (unless they are imported from Europe or other areas that don’t fluoridate the water)
  • Coffee (if made with fluoridated water)
  • Tea (all tea except herbal tea is naturally high in fluoride, even organic tea)
  • Kombucha (kombucha is made from tea)
  • Packaged and processed foods
  • Anesthetics
  • Fluoridated salt
  • Cigarettes
  • Many pharmaceutical drugs
  • Pesticides
  • Animal feed

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How to Avoid Fluoride  

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