Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride (2023)

Here's my roundup of the best water filters to remove fluoride, updated for 2023.

Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride (2023)

Here's my roundup of the best water filters to remove fluoride, updated for 2023.

Looking to Filter Fluoride from Your Water?

Looking to filter fluoride from your water? Not sure which system to choose? In this post, I walk you through all the options.

Whether you live in a rented apartment or own your own home, there is a fluoride water purification system that is right for you.

Do you want to know how to filter fluoride from your drinking water? In this post I review the best fluoride filters that are affordable and easy-to-install and will work to filter fluoride from your water.

Table of Contents

In this article, I  cover the following:

Why Filter Fluoride

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while you’ve read about the dangers of fluoride, and how fluoride causes acne, cysts, hormonal problems, cancer, bone loss, cavities, and many other health problems.

I use water that is filtered for fluoride for the water we drink, the ice in our ice maker, and all the water I cook with.

The reason I think it is so important to use a water filter to filter fluoride is because fluoride is cumulative. It’s not only in your drinking water, but in processed foods, non-organic foods, etc.

Please see my post on the Top Sources of Fluoride.

How To Find Out If You Have Fluoride In Your Water

Finding out if you have fluoride in your water is easy. First, you need to determine whether you get your water from a utility or you get it from a well.

If You Get Your Water From a Well

You need to have it tested. I recommend that you order a well water testing kit from Tap Score.

Order a Well Water Test from Tap Score

Remember, just because you have well water does not mean your water is free of fluoride. Some ground water is naturally high in fluoride, and that kind of fluoride is every bit as toxic as added fluoride.

If You Get Your Water From a Utility

If you get your water from the city, you have to contact your local municipality to find out how much fluoride is in the water.

You can go to their website or call them, but I have an even easier way.

How to Easily Find Out If Your City Water Has Fluoride

Simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Environmental Working Group (EWG) Tap Water Database.
EWG Tap Water Database

2. Enter your zip code. The website will take you to a page with the city utility that provides your water.

3. It will show you the Featured Water Utility in your area. If that is your utility you pay, click on the orange button, View Utility.

If that is not your utility, scroll down and click on one of the correct utility in the listed Additional Utilites in Your Area.

4. This will take you to a page that shows you all the contaminants in your water that exceed the EWG health guidelines.

5. Next, click Other Detected (next to Exceed Guidelines).

6. This will take you to a page with other contaminants that don't exceed the Search on the page for Fluoride.

As you can see with this utility in Los Angeles, it shows that fluoride doesn't exceed the EWG health guidelines, but that's because they don't have an EWG health guideline for fluoride.

If there is fluoride added to your water, it will be close to 0.7 ppm (parts per million). Which is how much they are allowed to add to city water. (Way  too much, since fluoride is bioaccumative and has a 20 year half life.)

This report from Los Angeles shows that the water has 0.699 ppm fluoride – so that's just under 0.7 ppm.

Here's a report I pulled from my utility here in Texas.

As you can see, the fluoride is only .23 ppm which means they are probably not adding fluoride to the water.

Optional: Order a City Water Testing Kit

It is not necessary, but if you want to be extra sure about your water, you can also order a city water test kit from Tap Score.

Order a City Water Test Kit from Tap Score

How to Choose the Best Fluoride Filter for Your Family

Now that you've found out if you have fluoride in your water, you need to know how to filter it. If you do have fluoride, you will want to filter it out. Most of us already consuming way too much fluoride, not just in water, as you can see in my other post: The Top 5 Sources of Fluoride.

First and foremost, you need to know that most water filters do not filter fluoride. They will remove lots of other contaminants, but you have to get special fluoride filters to remove fluoride from your water.

And it’s not so easy to research… when you search for “fluoride water filter” on Amazon, a bunch of water filters come up in the search that actually do not filter fluoride.

For this reason, I wanted to write a comprehensive post listing all the water filters you can use to filter fluoride.

However, I don’t want to list any fluoride filters that I don’t trust so I’m going to limit this post to the ones I know are good. I will update this post over time, as I find more fluoride water filters.

But you can be sure that the fluoride filters I recommend in this post are quality filters that will work to remove fluoride, along with other contaminants.

Best Water Filters That Remove Fluoride

I have spent over a decade researching water filters and after spending waaay too much time on this.

I have decided that there is only one fluoride water filter I recommend: The Berkey. This is my number one choice for pretty much everyone, based on a lot of criteria.

My second choice is a very distant second: Reverse Osmosis Filter.

Read on and I'll explain why...

Best: Berkey Gravity Filter

The Berkey water filter is what I currently use in my own home.

They are the best and really the only water filter I recommend at this time for filtering water.

Click here to read my Berkey review after using Berkeys for over a decade.

How to Filter Fluoride: Affordable Fluoride Water Purification Systems

Why Berkey is My Number One Choice

Here are a few reasons why Berkey is my number one choice for a water filter.

1. Great for Renters

This is the perfect solution if you rent or don’t have room for a reverse osmosis system under the sink.

2. Berkey Keeps the Minerals Intact

I also like Berkey water filters because they do not remove the minerals from the water like reverse osmosis systems do.

3. No Energy Required

Another benefit of Berkey water filters is they don’t require any power to run. If there is an emergency and you lose power, you will have access to clean water. If you have a pool, you can literally run pool water through your Berkey! You could also gather water from a local creek or river and purify it with your Berkey. (How cool is that?)

4. The Most Economical Water Filter for Fluoride

Berkey is far and away the most economical water filter. I will write a whole post about this because it needs to be shouted from the rooftops.

Here's a spreadsheet I made recently showing the true cost of water filters based on the cost of the replacement filters.

How To Order a Berkey Water Filter

For around a few hundred dollars, you can get everything you need to filter your water on your counter by ordering  a Berkey with the fluoride filters included.  

I don't recommend buying a Berkey on Amazon because they have had issues with fakes.

I am an affiliate with Big Berkey Water Filters and I am very happy with their customer service. If you order a Berkey using my link, I will earn a small commission, which helps to keep me blogging.

Order a Berkey Water Filter

Second Best: Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Purification Systems

A reverse osmosis filter is my second choice to filter fluoride. I will explain why this is a good choice, better than not filtering at all, but still, a distant second to the Berkey.

Reverse Osmosis Fluoride Purification System on Amazon

You do have to change the filters periodically but it’s very inexpensive to do so, especially when you compare the cost of buying filtered water or spring water.

We used to have a reverse osmosis fluoride filter in our home. We switched back to a Berkey when we moved into a rental.

You can either install it yourself or hire a plumber or handyman for not much money to help you install it under your sink.

You can also connect your reverse osmosis filter via tubing to your fridge, and it will also filter fluoride from the water you get from your fridge dispenser, and it filters the water you use to make ice.

Please note… the reverse osmosis filter does remove the minerals from the water. Minerals are good for you, so this is not ideal.

For this reason, ideally you will want to replace the minerals at least in the bone broth you make, your cooking water, and your drinking water. You can easily do this by ordering Concentrace drops.

It will cost you under a few hundred dollars and stores conveniently, out of sight, under your kitchen sink.

Order a Reverse Osmosis Filter on Amazon

Water Filters That I Do Not Recommend

There are lots of popular water filters out there that don't remove fluoride. Including the Brita.

For that reason, I do not recommend the Brita.

Got Questions?

Do you have questions about how to filter fluoride from your water? Please comment below.

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