Question from a Reader About Silica Water & Water Filtration (Video)

In this video, I discuss making silica water with a reader and talk about different water filtration options and why I personally choose the Berkey filter over the Zero Water pitcher filter.

Question from a Reader About Silica Water & Water Filtration (Video)

In this video, I discuss making silica water with a reader and talk about different water filtration options and why I personally choose the Berkey filter over the Zero Water pitcher filter.

Based on this reader's feedback and our discussion, I have decided to change my silica water making process and I talk about why and how I am going to change it.

We will be doing Friday Zoom calls soon to continue these conversations about biohacking, so stay tuned.

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Video Transcript

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Video Chapters

0:00 Introduction
0:32 Aluminum Concerns
01:13 Fluoride Filters
03:14 Choosing the Berkey
06:27 Changes to the Silica Water Recipe
10:09 Final Filter Debate
11:08 Different Water Filtration Options
11:32 EPA's Decision on Berkey Filters

Recipe: How to Make Silica Water
Silica Water the Secret of Healthy Longevity in the Aluminum Age by Dr. Dennis Crouse
My Berkey Water Filter Review

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Video Transcript

Hi, Jim. Thanks for all your messages. I just wanted to make a quick video to say what is like a lot faster than typing.

So I see you sent this and zero water, which is good. If you like it, like I said, that's fine. It's way too small for most moms. It's just way too small.

And I do know that, the aluminum is being removed from Even if it's only 86 percent which he said you're still going to be removing it all with the With adding silica, and then we're also recommending doing chlorine dioxide, which is going to remove even more I can't I as a mother. I just cannot do this

Plus they're so expensive those filters, and you know it's just we a lot of my friends. We have like big families I have two kids. She's I've got another friends got six kids, and I've got ten kids like It's just too small.

So if that works for you, that's great. I did notice this is what I don't know what they're, I guess maybe does he have, no, I'd like to see the actual results, the actual info. And maybe we could hear from some of the Berkeys about this because they're using the. Fluoride filters, those do leave aluminum, and that's the big discussion that everybody's talking about online.

But, it's not, it's called activated aluminum, sorry if my keyboard is noisy, I don't have my headphones on. This is the type, you can research this yourself, but it's not water soluble. It doesn't dissolve in water.

And I think that's what builds up on the filters on the Berkey. When you're using this, I don't know. Cause my Berkey over time does get slimed up a little bit, but, and especially when I'm adding the silica anyway, it's not, it doesn't really dissolve in water, which means it's not going to also. I don't know if it's an issue. I just don't know. That said, I'm not using the fluoride filters.

That's only going to be there with the fluoride filters. It'd be interesting to see if he, when he tested what type of aluminum are they removing and what is it active or, what type of aluminum. are they taking out? And what would happen if they didn't use the fluoride filters? Because I know that does add.

My take on all of this is it's never going to be perfect. Like when I was in France, I was drinking mineral water, which wasn't completely pure. Big, but it had a lot of silica in it and other minerals. So I don't, even like seafood has a ton of fluoride, but it also has a ton of iodine.

So to me, this is really what the argument that we're having here. It's not really an argument, we're just discussing it, but is really you're on the germ theory side of things. And I'm more on the on the what's his name?

I always forget his name... because they wrote him out of our textbooks... Terrain Theory, I think it's called, He's the one... Beshamp. Henri Beshamp. You can't even find it! They call it Germ Theory Denialism! They're ahhhh! They're so horrible. Louis Pasteur. Antoine Beshamp. I always want to say Henri, but I can't remember his name because they wiped him off the history books. Just like Tesla, Nikola Tesla. You're coming from the past, or we have looking at things, the germ theory. I am a germ theory denialist.

I'll say it loud and clear. I don't believe that everything's bad, and it's all about the right balance. There's a lot of factors that make me choose the Berkey. And so I appreciate your comments. And But yeah, this there's a lot of questions I have about this and I think The other thing I wanted to say though is I appreciate all your comments. I'm gonna send you this video I may also post this video just so people can see but Hold on.

Let me go back. So The other thing I wanted to bring up about the Berkey and why And why I'm gonna actually change my recipes because of your comments, so it's good that you're a squeaky wheel I like people like that because you there's something that's driving you to keep writing to me about this and just no But what about this? What about this? And so no, I really appreciate it because This is what I want in our community, not just on my blog, but on other blogs.

I want people to be able to communicate and come up with ideas and come up with better ways of doing things and be Innovative, right? And that's how we do it. So here's what I want to share about this recipe. Let me scroll down. It's a long post, but I'll go down to the recipe. Did I have a jump link?

I probably did. All right, so I want to bring up a couple of things that you brought up that have made me actually change my recipe. And so I'm grateful. I'm going to stick with the Berkey. Why? Again, big family. I don't even have a really big family and I can't live without, I can't, I'm not going to, I just can't do one gallon at a time.

It's just not me. So I'm going to stick with the Berkey, my dirty Berkey. But I'm going to change my process. Let me show you, and it's thanks to you. See, I had changed my process. And I went to using this setup, this crock dispenser, and I was adding the silica ingredients to that.

And I was, so I was filtering my water in the Berkey and because my Berkey kept getting clogged up with all the, when you're adding all those minerals, it clogs up the filters.

It's not ideal. But So then I changed to this way of doing it, where I was putting all the, so I was filtering the water in the Berkey and then putting it into the container, the blue, like all those big blue containers that go on top of the crop. And then I was adding the silica ingredients to that, but I wasn't doing a final filter, like you're talking about doing.

And I've had one other person, Alan, who reads this blog, he said same thing. He's not doing a final filter. He... I think he's using reverse osmosis water. He may be, which is another option, right? Yeah, there's the blue bottle. So I fill up the blue bottle from the Berkey. You could also fill it up with reverse osmosis water.

There's lots of different ways to do this. So that's why I want to change my recipe. I'm actually going to. include the different ways to do this. If you've got a reverse osmosis water, if you're using a zero water, if you're using, cause I think, okay. The truth of the matter is you and I are a lot alike.

Cause we're like, what's the best way to do this? I, this is what's best for my family. Using the Berkey. Other people might want to use a reverse osmosis because they already have one. Other people might want to do a zero water. Maybe they're just them and they can do one gallon a day or something. It just depends on the person.

So I want to list out the different ways to do this if you have the different things. That said, I think it's better. Again, you could add your, you could add your silica to your zero water filter or Brita, which I don't recommend Brita. Let's just put that out there. I don't recommend Brita because it's not as good.

Is Zero Water better than Berkey based on the stuff you sent me? Yeah, maybe. But still it does, they don't have, it's not big enough for me. It's not going to work for me. So let's use whatever we can use, like like raw milk. Like it's best if you can get raw milk, but if you can't get raw milk, get low pasteurized, or getting grass fed at least, even if it has to be pasteurized, we do the best we can given our situation and what we have.

So here's what I'm going to do. I'm going to change it to have different things that say, if you have. Reverse osmosis. Do it this way. If you have a Berkey, do it this way. If you have a zero water or a Brita pitcher, although I don't recommend Brita, do it this way. Okay. Maybe people are starting, maybe all they have is a Brita filter and that's what they want to start with.

That's fine. That's better than nothing, right? That's better than nothing. And then what I'm, but what I'm going to do with my Berkey is go ahead and filter the water in the Berkey. And then. Add the silica to this. Why? Because it just keeps clogging up my Berkey and I don't like it. And you know what? I'm taking the final filter out because what you said really made sense to me.

In your email, I hope you don't mind me showing emails. Let's send that to you in a separate. We have an email thread here. Yeah. This is what nerds do, right? We have these long conversations about stuff like this.

The sodium bisulfate may have a half of a percent of impurity. So again, I can live with that. I agree. And that's what Alan said too. So I think let's skip the final filter. That allows for people to do it with reverse osmosis as well, which is great. You just need to get one of these crocs and some bottles and then you can make extra. And then you got your silica water. So I just want to thank you, Jim, for all your comments. This is exactly what I want for this blog.

This is what we used to have before we got taken over by all the big tech, social media companies that now are banning our speech. I want, this is what we want online, to be able to have conversations and figure out better ways to do something. The fact that the EPA, here's one more thing I just want to say.

I don't know if you saw this, but EPA, Berkey, why? Why is the EPA suing Berkey, or coming after Berkey? Now Berkey is suing the EPA, but it's because they're treating them badly based on the EPA's decision this year. This is, by the way, this is Dan DeBond. This is I am an affiliate for Berkey and. This is the company that I chose to work with because I love Dan.

I've known Dan for over a decade and his dad, and they're really good people. So I trust him just for an aside personal relationship. Anyway, let's see what he said. For more than a quarter of a century, Berkey, let's see, wait a minute. Based on the EPA's decision this year to treat Berkey water filters as though they are pesticides rather than water filters.

Persecute the market leader, huh? CBS recommended the Travel Berkey system, both in print and their broadcast news, based on the Environmental Working Group's testing, and found Travel Berkey systems remove toxic PFAs to below detectable limits. Mike Adams recommended Big Berkey, 99. 99 percent of radioactive cesium 137, EPA region eight is actively working to make these systems unavailable to the American people.

Interesting. I'll tell you this. Zero water might be good. I don't know. I felt that I had to change the filters way too often to use them. And I'm also just very That this is just me. I could be wrong. This is my having been, a conspiracy theorist as long as I have been. That's what they call me.

Really, I'm just a, someone who thinks. Sorry if my typing's noisy. I don't have my headphones in. This is what drives me crazy. Alright, why do we only have Britta? So I'm talking like Target, Walmart. We have Breda, we have Zero Water, we have Pure. That's it.

That's all they have. Doesn't that make you suspicious? Now, I'm not saying they don't work. I think they do work. I think they have to work, but I think they're a lot more expensive. And they're not really conducive to filtering a lot of water. It's basically like allowing you to filter your drinking water to make it taste better and take out the contaminants.

But you're not going to be able to use it to cook with. You're not going to be able to make broth with this. Like the kind of stuff that we do, us moms, that are like... Real food moms. It bothers me. Why are they keeping Berkey out? Because Berkey's privately owned. Because Berkey's not owned by these big corporations.

We could go do the research and see who owns these companies. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with Zero Water. I just feel like for me, personally, I it was about three, maybe four weeks. I'd have to go back and look at my notes. Which, of course, I just went through the divorce, so I don't have the notes.

I'd have to do it again, and I got rid of the filter. But I did buy it. I did test it. It only lasted three or four weeks. And then my son was like, it smells like my water bottle smells like rotten eggs. And I was like, Oh, why the TDS is still showing that it's still good. But then I researched, I Googled zero water smells like rotten eggs.

And it turned out that that happens if it starts to go bad, but it doesn't show on their little meter. So that was annoying versus my Berkey, which is going to last me, my Berkey last five years, the filters. Now, if you use the fluoride filters in here, it's not going to last as long. This is my article. Berkey on my blog. If you use these white filters for the fluoride, it's, those don't last as long. I think you have to replace those every six months or every year. But the black, the main black filters are going to last you like five years.

If you, it could last over seven years, depends on how often you fill it, how many people, in your family. So it's extremely cheap. It's extremely cheap. And I talk about the zero water issue on here. And by the way, I do not recommend alkaline water. Just so people know your stomach acid is supposed to be.

acidic, not alkaline. Anyway, I'm not saying that you shouldn't use a zero water. I'm not even, I would not recommend Brita because I don't think they filter as well. If you were going to choose between those two, if you want to pitch your filter, I'd say go with go with zero water. But personally, I'm going to stick with the Berkey.

If you already have a reverse osmosis, you should add some minerals back to it. You can use concentrates. Or you can use sea salt. I don't know if that's going to put all the minerals back. I'm not really sure. I haven't spent a lot of time researching this. But yeah, you can, I, this is what I used to use this and then I add the silica, the extra silica, so you can do that, but anyway, that's my thoughts on all of it.

I'm grateful, really grateful that you contacted me and and I hope that we will continue these conversations. I'm going to be starting a Friday Zoom, hopefully next week. It's got my kids finally back to school. Hopefully next week. I'm going to start a Friday zoom call where we talk about this kind of stuff from water filters to Silica water to you know, my patches.

Oh gosh, it's 11 o'clock. I forgot to put my patches on I gotta go do that All the things right all the things that we like to talk about in health. So thank you so much for all your feedback I'm genuinely serious like I love the squeaky wheels in the world. The people like us that are, no why are you doing it this way?

Anyway, thanks again.