Question from a Reader About Zeolite & Aluminum (Video)

In this video, I answer a question from a reader about zeolite. I address a claim made by Dennis Crouse in his book about the net release of aluminum when consuming nano-sized zeolite.

Question from a Reader About Zeolite & Aluminum (Video)

Is zeolite good for you or bad? Does it make the body absorb aluminum?

In this video, I answer a question from a reader about zeolite:

1) I address a claim made by Dennis Crouse in his book about the net release of aluminum when consuming nano-sized zeolite.

2) I also discuss Crouse's claim that Berkey filters add aluminum to the water via the fluoride filters.

I do not believe either of these claims hold water – sorry, I had to do it.

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0:00:00 Introduction
0:05:35 Addressing the Claim
0:08:23 Expert Insights
0:13:46 Exploring Different Perspectives
0:18:09 Silica and Collagen
0:21:53 Understanding Chlorine Dioxide
0:27:32 Alternative Options
0:36:34 Examining the Evidence

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Video Transcript

Hey everyone, today, I'm going to answer a question from a reader.

I'm so excited to get blog comments again on my blog I just this is my favorite. This is why i'm a blogger because I love the collaboration that happens and people we got a I got the best comment recently from another reader who I'm going to talk to him about having him on but he's the one who Is doing the pool water and the silica water.

I think his name's Alan. I hope I got that right And he told me that In the comments that he's only sleeping five hours a night to now just like me. So that was like...Awesome, so exciting

Anyway, we got this comment today from Sophie just now literally just now and I wanted to address it because it's pretty important It's a pretty important comment, but it also it's not only as an important comment in terms of You know does zeolite actually Remove aluminum from the body, or does it make it worse?

First of all I want to go on the record saying make my disclaimer We're not trying to heat treat Anything here you need to talk to your own doctor before you try anything, any type of health thing, this is not medical advice, alright? And I always put that on every post as well. But, I want to say that I want to also say that let me read the comment here.

Interesting video about zeolite, what do you think of... What Dennis Crouse wrote about it in his silica water book on page 177

He seems to say that consuming nano sized zeolite results in a net release of aluminum in the body so we're gonna take a look at what he said and We're gonna talk about it, but I think it's a very good Comment.

I just love that. I love my readers. You guys are the best because you guys really are biohackers just like me. And that's why I feel like this is so much fun for me and so rewarding to be able to share these ideas online and have us figure it out together. That's really what science should be. And we've gotten into this whole world of sequestered ivory towers and people with their JAMA.

Oh, wasn't there a big, there was a big scandal with the JAMA recently, right? RFK was talking about it, RFK Jr. It's just, It's just so corrupt. It's just so corrupt. So let's talk about this right now. I'm going to tell you, I don't know all the answers about this and I'm still learning, but what I really love about this comment and why I wanted to answer it right away is this actually brings up questions that I have about zeolite.

And so I'm going to, I've been wanting to make a post about zeolite and why I chose the one that I did. for a while, but it's a weighty issue and there's a lot to discuss. And so I'm going to try to cover some of that in this video. So I apologize if it's a long video. I don't really know. I, you know what?

I don't worry about how long my videos are. I just figure I'm going to, it's going to take as long as it takes for me to say the things I need to say. And what I love about my readers and my viewers is you guys are into it. So it's, we're all nerds in this together. Anyway, let's go ahead and get. Into it.

So let's start by looking at what Dennis Crouse said in his book. If you don't have this book I want to start by saying how do I get there? How do I get to the, hold on, let me pause. Okay, if you don't have this book, this is one of the best books I've read in,

Decades. And it's definitely one of my top five health books. Top five. The other one would probably be... The other... I could say a couple others. Weston Price's book Nutrition and Physical Degeneration. Another one is Melissa Gallico's book on fluoride. Oh, she keeps changing... She changed the title and I'm...

I can't remember, but it's called, it was called The End of Acne, I think. But it's about fluoride and acne. That's a great book. That's a great book. Because it helps you understand. How fluoride works in the body how to detox fluoride. She's a great researcher She really is Dennis Crouse is another who is just one of the best Researchers, so if you haven't read this book, I don't think he hasn't on audio yet Which I wish he did because a lot of us moms, especially we don't have time to read books as much But wow, is this ever a great book and it's a great book because I just want to, we're going to get into this I want to answer your question, which I'm not even capable of answering your question.

I'll be honest, but I have I do know some things and I'm going to, I'm going to tell you what I know, and then let's open this up and I'm going to actually pass this up to the people that I work with at Root Brands, which is the one zeolite that I do with. Recommend now. And I'm just really curious what they're going to say about it because I think that I think it's going to help us understand what dr Christina ROM is doing with the zeolite that she's doing, because she's doing something that's proprietary and it's different than any other zeolite company is doing.

And I'll show you in a second, but she's turning it into a very bioavailable form of silica. Yeah. Which is, it's, even though I call it zeolite, we're talking about, we are talking about root brands. We are talking about, the product is, I say zeolite, because that's what it is, but it's also silica. So that's why this is so interesting, and perfect question. I'm so excited about this question. All right, it says right here And by the way, there are other brands of, so there's like TRS, there's PBX, which I've used both of those, and I was promoting PBX, Pure Body Extra, up until last year, or this year?

I don't remember. Whenever it was, I came, I found Root, and that's what I've been, this is the only one that I recommend now.

Not to say that I wouldn't recommend PBX, I don't know. I don't think it's bad for you, like he's saying, but we're going to get into that. Here's what's really interesting, and we're going to talk about this more in a second.

I'm not going to totally get into it right now because I want to talk about Dennis Crouse first. But, look what it says on the label. Silicon dioxide, which is silica. So they're taking zeolite and they're breaking it into silica. Which is very interesting. So that's what I think this is going to open it up into.

And we're going to, I'm going to talk to the people there and be like, can you answer this question? Because I know that they can I know Christina Rahm can, and there's people that work very closely with her. She is, let's see if they say,

yeah, there she is. So if you're not familiar with Dr. Christina Rahm. She's amazing and I would re welcome you to go and go on YouTube, type in Dr. Christina Rahm and watch some of her videos that she's she's all over YouTube. She's everywhere. They can't take her down because they can't disprove anything she's saying.

She has worked for some of the biggest pharmaceutical companies, Janssen or Johnson and Johnson, I guess is subsidiary of Janssen. Pfizer, on and on. Okay.

She's got a long list. Which, it's not here, but it's in other places, you can find it, and she actually was working on MRNA, interestingly, and she couldn't do it anymore, so she quit, after a long, illustrious, very illustrious, it's like me, I worked in advertising, for a decade, over a decade, and then I was like, I can't do this anymore, I cannot promote the things they want me to promote, I'm going to go figure out something else I can do.

And that's when I became a blogger. She's very much like me. She is really bucking the system because what she's done her today, her focus is on the pharmaceutical nutraceutical biotechnology and environmental sciences industries. As a humanitarian, her focus is the empowerment of people worldwide.

Awesome. She has re she has reverse engineered what's in the, what's the jibber jabbers and she has. And she was working in nanotechnology specifically. So that's why this question has got me so excited that you asked. She was working with nanotechnology specifically. She figured out how to reverse engineer what's in it and create products that directly fight it.

So if she's promoting, and and her husband, Clayton Thomas, which again, he's also all over YouTube.

Okay, I just came on YouTube, typed in Clayton Thomas, Root Brands, and yeah, there's lots. He goes into all this, which I've been trying to get up to speed with. Clayton Thomas spent many years. He's one of the, he was one of the original people, the OG, in Zeolite. Zeolite's not that, hasn't been around that long.

So that's why I'm so excited about the future of wellness, because all these things that are coming up. That I've been talking about stem cell activation and copper peptides and, zeolite is very new and silica.

So what we're going to talk about Dennis Crouse's book in a second, but this, he has a lot to say about if you were to type in this is really, I didn't even see this video before it was five months ago.

It's on the root brands YouTube channel. So you can go check that out. But he says nanotech looks to shape wellness industry. I want to watch that.

So if we type in Clayton Thomas, zeolite,

Oh, cleans light shape might change my life. He talks a lot. He's got a number of videos, which I've watched some of, but I need to watch more because I'm still trying to get my head around. All of this is, he talks about the difference in terms of particle size. In a lot of these videos, he compares different, the different brands.

He talked about what zeolites are, so he was involved in the zeolite business first. Oh yeah, here it is, zeolite comparisons, he talks about three different ones, but it just, okay, let me just start by saying you, we need to get into all of this. We need to like, and I've been wanting to post a lot of these videos on my blog, but it's I'm still in the phase of consuming the information and I can't yet put it together into a video or a blog post or whatever because.

I'm still trying to understand how does silica work? How does zeolite work? How are they different? How are they the same thing? All these kinds of questions that we have. But, please, start watching these videos with me. We'll continue to have this conversation. There's so many on here. Now, oh, he's even on Mike Adams.

That's so cool. He's everywhere. He's everywhere. They're everywhere. Now, let me ask you another question. If zeolite didn't work, Why is it taking the wellness, the health industry alternative health, holistic health, what do you want to call it, by storm? That's actually what Clayton Thomas said in one of these videos.

He said, he talked to Christina Rahm, his wife, about this. I don't know when they got together, by the way. I have no idea how long they've been together. But, because I haven't been doing, promoting Root very long, or, and I'm taking their products, and I'm, and I promote them.

So if you want to I'll put the links below to, to get Started on their products and you can get a referral link to you know Anyone that is using root brands you can get it helps you get money back Money towards products, which is great.

Anyway, he Not only has he been in the zeolite space for a really long time The reason he went to his wife or like I said, I don't know when he how long they've been together But he went to Dr. Rahm and he said, let's look into doing this because it works. And it's like one of the fastest growing things in the health industry now, in the health supplements industry.

If that is true, if it doesn't work, then why is it doing so well? Now, maybe I guess what you said, let me go back, net release of aluminum in the body. Okay. What's the evidence for that? So we're going to go look at what he said and where he is sourcing. Because it just doesn't make sense on its face.

It doesn't make sense because then why are people getting results? If it's releasing all this aluminum in the body, you would think people would have bad reactions or whatever, right? Anyway, don't get me wrong. I love this book, but I'm always, that's why I really love. And I think the role of a food blogger slash health.

I don't like the word influencer really. Cause it sounds gross. Content producer also sounds like so boring. I don't know what I, what we should call ourselves, but people like me who would have been authors before, I guess now we're bloggers. There's just an exponential. Growth of knowledge that happens when we communicate online.

Why? Because of what's happening right here, this conversation, being able to communicate with readers and then other people read it. And then we were collaborating, right? It's so important. And it's just if you put a book out and people read it, but they don't get to comment and they can't communicate, it's like crowdsourcing. Like that Waze app, where you can see, Oh, okay. Everybody's there's traffic here. Cause other people are reporting. That's what this is. That's what blogging is like.

It's like crowdsourcing. So we're able to make discoveries faster. We're able to come to realizations faster. It's why they locked us down for as long as they did. Cause they don't want us to talk anyway. All right. So I love this book. Let me just start by saying, I love this book. If you don't have this book, get this book.

He, he goes into a lot of, I want to read it again, to be honest, because there's so much goodness in this book about how this works, and he's not the only one saying this, okay? Dennis Krause is saying this, but I think he actually found this information. Originally, I can't remember, but I I could be getting this wrong, but I'm pretty sure it was Christopher Exley who published his research finding that Carol Cross, a woman who died of aluminum poisoning as a result of 1988 Camelford Water Pollution Institute, had brain levels of aluminum over 20 times higher than normal. He asserted that if victims of the poisoning consume mineral water that contains high levels of silic, silicic, I can't even say that.

Silica, basically silica water even if they did so 24 years after their initial poisoning, it could help to remove aluminum from their brains. So he's got a ton of information. You can go read his, he's got a book as well, which I'm still reading. Again, if they would put these on audio, it would make my life so much easier.

I can't get to the ones that are not on audio as fast, but anyway, he's got tons of studies. And of course, when he got to the vaccines, which I'm not going to put this on fluff tube, so I can put it on rumble. I don't care if I say it. Because when he talked about vaccines, that's when they got rid of his funding for his lab and now he's completely canceled.

But yeah, silica. So back to ROMS, again, proprietary methodology of our process of actually I can show you in my webinar. So this is the webinar that I'm in the middle of finishing right now, which I'm going to be launching it's ASAP, God's timing, of course, but like, whenever I can finish it, I'm making good progress, almost done, and I'm going to record it, and then I'm going to get this out to people, but I cover 10 different ways to detox, not only the COVID vaccine, but all of them, all the vaccines, and I talk about, let me get down to the root brands part.

Okay. Okay, I talk about silica water in here, I talk about the chlorine dioxide, but I also talk about So this is it! Three part supplement program, including the clean slate zeolite slash silica, designed by a former pharmaceutical science nanotechnology expert, who re verse engineered the solution.

Now, I already told you that, but Yeah, there's some of the companies that she worked for. Hold on, where did I put it in here?

Zeolite helps to detoxify the body of heavy metals and other toxins. We know that. There's so much research out there on that. And again, even the companies that aren't as good as this one, it still works. It still works. And it's not I don't know how you can say, like this is years later, people get the aluminum out and they keep it out using zeolite, so we'll look at what he's saying in his book in a second, but I just wanted to cover this first. There's just so much research on it. Again, go watch Clayton Thomas talk about his experience, because he's been in the zeolite industry this whole entire time, working with all these other companies. He knows all the competitors.

He knows what they do. Are their products bad? No, they work. But this one's better. This one's the best. This is a natural, not synthetic zeolite, so I say that because TRS is synthetic. And there's people that say that's better. I don't think so. Do not think so. I wouldn't, I don't want synthetic. Anything.

Ha. I'm trying to think of an example of when I would want something synthetic, but I don't know. It's been made more, this is my wording, okay, so I hope I got this right. At some point, one day we'll hear from, maybe Clayton and Dr. Rom and see what, if I'm getting this right, but it's been made more bioavailable using a proprietary nanotechnology process developed by Dr. Rahm. The reason nanotechnology is so important, that is what they weaponized against us. Especially with this latest jibber jabber. They have created the graphene oxide.

Nanotechnology. It's a weapon. It's a bioweapon. And really the issue with minerals, as I say here, minerals are hard for the body to take in. That's why, if you guys know who Dr. Circus is, Sorry, there's one thing leads to another and I can't just... He's awesome if you guys have ever followed Oh, I think that's like what you use for the library hoopla, transdurable magnesium therapy. I followed him back in the day when we were all doing like spray on magnesium. Magnesium is a miracle mineral, but it's very hard to absorb it. So he was saying all these years, like one of the best things, the very best way to get magnesium is.

Yes, we need to eat foods with rich in magnesium, and that's why I'm not a proponent of, carnivore diets or something like that. You need carbs and you need grains, right? Foods that have magnesium. But also, we want to get it from, we want to get it transdermally. And if we were living out in the wild the way God created the Earth, we would be getting magnesium and silica from water, we get vitamin D from the sun, we get light, there's all these benefits from the natural world. So anyway, interestingly about Dr. Mark Circus is that he is now a big proponent of chlorine dioxide. And you don't, you can't see him saying it because you can't Google it. But if you go on Telegram and you go into the chlorine dioxide groups, which is what I call pool water, he's talking about it.

That's how he got hit with COVID really bad at one point. And he had thrown everything at it. Nothing was working. And he got, he just decided I'm going to try the chlorine dioxide and it worked. He like had an, he's a huge proponent of it. So I just feel like there's all these different pieces coming together.

Silica, Zeolite, Magnesium, like all the various things and they're coming together. Anyway, okay, let's get back to, talked about Christopher Exley, talked about Christina Rahm and Clayton Thomas and, but like I say, I don't think that it makes, on it's face, doesn't make any sense. That it would be releasing more aluminum because then we wouldn't see the results that we're seeing.

And we wouldn't have this growth industry, which zeolite, that's what he said when he told Christina that he wanted to do this and he wanted her to create products that, a zeolite product he said, it's hockey stick growth. So you don't see that if something doesn't work, you just don't.

Also but what they did, what Christina did was to work with this nanotechnology. Proprietary method of, breaking down the zeolite into a silica. So this is what you would really need to ask. Dennis Kraus is, what about this? What about Dr. Christina Rom? Although I still don't think that it would make sense for any of these zeolite products.

Okay. But let's go to what he says and 177. Okay. It's. Safety of low bioavailability untested and zeolite containing products. So he's talking about these products that I've never heard of. Biosil. Let me look it up. Okay. I've never heard of this. But what's interesting right off the bat, just finding this is interesting. It's look what it says. Collagen generator. Isn't that interesting? So what that tells me is.

This silica helps create collagen, which is really cool. It says here, it's important to note that biocell is not made of collagen, made out of collagen. It works to generate collagen. Interesting. What it says here is that it's a chl choline stabilized orthosilicic acid.

Sounds interesting. And I guess it's something to do with the choline that is stabilizing the silica. Again, all these type of things, silica, magnesium, it's all about how do you get it into, how do you get it to penetrate the cells? How do you get it into the body and make it usable? That's why I really like the chlorine dioxide so much.

If you read Andreas Kalker's book, sorry, I wanted to show it to you. I'll just come back. This is the book, Forbidden Health, and it's hard to find, but you can order it from him directly. I also, somewhere on my website I have a link to, I think it's on one of my chlorine dioxide slash pool water pages where I talk about how you can find a copy of this on telegram, a bootleg copy.

But this is a, this is one of my other top five favorite books. He's just a genius, but chlorine dioxide is also a nanoparticle. Did you know that? Because it's a gas and it's very oxidizing. So when you take chlorine dioxide in your water, it's going to penetrate into your cells. It goes everywhere in your body.

He talks about it in the book in more detail, but it's really cool because it's a thousand times smaller than nanoparticles because it's a gas. There's m. S. Which you take Directly in your water as drops, which I find very good results with as well. But again, the gas, it either way, it's a gas and it's a water soluble gas.

And what that means is saturates water. It's soluble in water and it's very, it gets very saturated in water. So when you make the CDS, which is what he has there, that yellow stuff, which he does it, in the hermetically sealed jar, the way I talk about. As pool water, or you make the Jim Humble original method of MMS, which is just putting the drops into the shot glass and putting it into a hermetically sealed jar filled with water, and then it doesn't actually touch the water, but it just, the gas saturates the water.

It's nanotech, that's nanotechnology in a sense, because it's so tiny that it's able to go around everywhere in the body and sequester stuff and take it out. Okay, so great another great book. Anyway, let's go back to Dennis Crouse. So he's saying that He's talking about choline diet. So this doesn't apply at all because he's talking about a completely different product I don't know anything about that all right, fine.

We're not gonna take bio. So I haven't even looked into it. Never heard of it Let's move on JRO formulas has developed a product called JRO. So that contains molecular clusters of stabilized Silicil... Sili... Cilicic acid. GER acid is less... Expensive per ounce of bio sil, but GER acid only contains 0. 4 mg of silicon.

Silicon is cilistic acid. Okay, now... I want to say one more thing. This is really good. This is really good. And if you're tracking with me still, then this is going to be exciting. This is a big breakthrough. Here's what's interesting. And then I figured out a while ago, he's saying that the choline... I guess is what they're using the choline to help them make a silicon, the silica, silicon absorbable.

That's similar to what Dr. Christina Rahm is using vitamin C to do and the way that she breaks it down. This is my understanding. I'm sure I'm not getting it exactly right, but I bet you if Clayton Thomas or Dr. Rahm were here, they would probably agree with what I'm saying. It's something to do because I've read about vitamin C and silica working together to help you absorb it.

I know the same is true with collagen. You have to take collagen with vitamin C. And that's why I love the type of collagen that I recommend, which is Bella Grace. I didn't, you know what? I didn't look to see what kind of collagen they have at the other, the root brands. They also have a collagen, which I've heard is really good.

So I'd probably rec I do recommend that as well. I recommend any of their products, cause she's a genius. They do have a collagen, Gimme Back My Youth, I think is the one that also contains colostrum.

Let's see. Hydrolyzed bovine collagen and whole colostrum powder. Great product. I'm gonna order some of that at some point. A friend of mine was telling me about it today and that she loves it. She orders that. But, bottom line... And it may be the colostrum helps you absorb that. That's interesting. I know that with collagen, you need to take vitamin C with it.

And that's why I love Bella Grace. And again, that's I think, yeah, this is my post about collagen. Best collagen supplement. There's nothing in my opinion. Maybe the Root Brands is also really good, but I, this is what I take is this collagen, which is by Bella Grace. Hold on. Just such a long, my posts are so long I can't help it.

I talk about it, but they have here it is astaxanthin, which is very high in vitamin C. And together with that in the collagen, that's what allows you to really absorb it. So that's why I think it's interesting that, she's using vitamin C also in the zeolite. Slash silica, the clean slate, there's something about it that is making it more absorbable.

All right. So anyway, I, as I said, as I always say, I am not a scientist, I'm not a doctor. I'm just, and that's why I think I'm good at what I do because I try to make this, how can we understand it and talk about it in everyday terms and not talking, science y terms. So he is saying here hold on. Where was I? I lost it. Okay. Back to what he's saying. Bio cell roil and something else's Silicium Laboratories, a non-natural silica. Monomethyl Citri, MST absorbed by the gut made 64% bio bioavailable. When dissolved in alcohol free beer, there was no data showing that MMST facilitates elimination of aluminum from the body. Okay. I don't know anything about that either, so let's move on.

Zeolites microporous aluminum, no silicate minerals, are both produced on a large scale industrial and also occur in nature. So we're talking about synthetic versus natural. Depending on how they are made, they can exist in different 3D frameworks. Zeolites, when inhaled, can cause lung cancer.

I just hate that he put that sentence in there because it's completely irrelevant. You wouldn't inhale it. Okay. Zeolites, when taken orally, and keep in mind, I love this book. I already told you this is one of my top five books. So I'm not trying to pick on the guy, but I would take that sentence out.

He's obviously biased against zeolites, which I don't think is even fair. And it's not. It doesn't make sense because there's so much evidence about zeolites. But anyway, let's see if he can prove his point. Let's see if he can actually say, where's the proof that it's causing harm for people.

And I want to preface this by saying this is a whole nother video that I need to make about this issue. Not this issue. Dennis Crouse specifically said that he doesn't believe in Berkey Berkey because he thinks that the fluoride Elements in the Berkey add aluminum to the water. Now, I've seen a lot of bloggers and YouTubers and people saying this, but there's no evidence of it.

That's a whole nother, that's a whole nother blog or video or whatever. But I'm just injecting it right here because what this really comes down to is can you prove your point? Do you have evidence that zeolites are not gonna remove aluminum from the body? Do you have evidence? You need to have scientific evidence, have you done studies?

Can you show it? Or also, let's look at the, let's look at the evidence of people using the products. Are they getting better? Are they getting worse? And over time, like I said, zeolites have been around for a while. Not a tremendous amount of time, but they've been around for a while. And are we seeing people get worse?

No, we're not, because otherwise we wouldn't see this growth in the marketplace. Alright anyway, I'll Berkey issue. It is it is completely incorrect because, for two reasons. Number one the type of aluminum, even Chris Exley has an opinion on this too, and he doesn't like the Berkey, but I don't think either one of them makes any sense, because, okay. Number one, the type of aluminum, and I forget, it's aluminum, I want to say chloride, I can't remember. Here, hold on. Not to go off on a tangent, but just really quickly.

Aluminum okay. Does Berkey leach aluminum? No, it doesn't. It reduces aluminum, so they're using activated aluminum alumina to which is an EPA approved method of fluoride removal. And what he is saying is that it produces more aluminum in the water when you use these filters, these fluoride filters, Berkey fluoride filters.

And it says residual aluminum oxide from the filter media can cause test results to spike aluminum showing up. Okay, if aluminum, this is the issue and people have gone on YouTube saying, including Dennis Crouse he didn't go on YouTube saying it, but he says, he didn't, he said to me, his wife emailed me and said, don't, I don't, we don't like that. You're meant that you're promoting the Berkey because of this issue.

And I was like, it's a valid issue, but you're wrong. If aluminum does show up in test results, it's usually because there's not a separate category specifically for aluminum oxide. And the real issue about aluminum oxide is this is not, it's not water soluble. There's multiple articles on this. This is Dan DeBaun. This is actually the company that I work with as a Berkey affiliate. And I think he was the one that said it's not water soluble. He goes into detail about it. But the other issue is that if that were true, okay.

My whole thesis is that the reason, and it's the same as Christopher Exley, and it's the same as Dennis Crouse, is that yeah, it's not water soluble. That's where he says it.

Look it up. It's not water soluble. It's not, it's a non issue. But again if I was, the other ish, the other art argument is if it, if I'm sleeping five hours a night and have tons of energy because I'm removing aluminum from my body by adding silica to my water, And by and I'm taking zeolite, although I've tested both ways without the zeolite and with still only sleeping five hours a night, why would that be happening?

If I was using fluoride filters, we have to look at results in addition to studies. All right. So anyway, let's go back to what he's saying. This whole, this, oh, sorry, this paragraph drives me insane. The more I read it.

Let me see. Hold on. Okay, I'm going to wrap this up in a minute. I, you, this is good. I've been wanting to talk about this, all this stuff for a while. So thank you. Here it is. Zeolites are microporous, blah, blah, blah. Okay. And then he says, zeolites when inhaled can cause lung cancer. So he's using that as part of his argument.

Nobody's inhaling this. Zeolites, when taken orally, decrease immune activity in the body, facilitate the removal of essential minerals from the gut, dissolve aluminum into the gut, and decrease the effectiveness of some oral medications. Therefore, zeolite Where is your source for all of that stuff you just said in that paragraph?

That paragraph, whoo, where's the source? That's like a lot of claims right there. Where are your claims? Are you taking that from WebMD or something? I'm gonna look real quick.

Okay. That's not an argument. This is not an argument. It should not even be. So the fact that he included that in that paragraph really bugs me we're not nobody is going to inhale this so this is the Sloan Kettering website purported benefits side effects and more I'm suspicious Zeolite has not been shown to treat cancer or other conditions in humans. Eryonite? A type of fibrous zeolite can cause certain types of Okay, so that's where he's pulling that from, clearly.

It's from rock formations. We're not And similar to asbestos, that's not how we're going to be consuming it. We're not even taking this type of zeolite. This is from the National Cancer Institute.

He lost me. On that paragraph. That paragraph completely doesn't make any sense. Now, we could go on and try to figure out where he got this other stuff from. And don't get me wrong, I'll say it again. Love this book.

Absolutely love this book, but he's, there's parts, I'm not right about everything, and I'm totally willing to admit when I'm wrong on anything, and that's why I like being a blogger, because you guys challenge me, and I'm grateful for that. Okay, I'm gonna see where this came from, if I can find it. I'm not saying he necessarily got this from these places that I'm saying, I'm just saying it's interesting that there's no source. Delete that. Okay, NIH decrease immune.

I don't know. I don't know where he got this. Anyway, I'm going to move on, but you get the idea. You could go and pick this apart and see where he got these ideas from, but it's very suspicious that that particular paragraph has no sources. I shouldn't use the word suspicious, that's too strong of a word, but what? Facilitate the removal of a sent Okay, I'm just gonna do this one more, and then we'll move on. Cause I don't want this to be a five hour video. As much as I could make it a five hour video, cause you know me. I won't do that to you guys. I don't know, maybe you'd like it. Alright.

I don't know where he's pulling this from. I'd love to hear his reaction, his response. I don't know where he's pulling this from. All right. It's strange. All right, let's move on. Clenotillot

I don't, still don't know how to say this even though I've been an advocate of zeolite for years and have watched many Clayton Thomas videos.

I think zeolite as nanoparticles has been commercially promoted under the trade name TRS for toxic metal detox. I already told you about TRS. They were one of the first companies and they're synthetic. And I believe that Clayton Thomas was involved with all these different companies. He was at TRS. He was at all these different companies.

But I think, you can go watch him talk about all these different companies. He talks about them. He's not saying they're necessarily bad. He's just saying, there's stuff that's better. He does say that he wouldn't take TRS because it's synthetic. And I've seen people trying to make some kind of argument that synthetic is better.

And I'm just, I just don't. I don't know why. I don't know. Maybe they could convince me if I dug into that more, but... We should have a debate. Wouldn't that be cool to have somebody promoting synthetic debate? Clinton Clayton? That'd be kinda cool. However, Oral Administration of Clita Leolyte has not been shown to facilitate elimination of aluminum.

Source? Let's see where he goes with these sources. In fact, it has been shown that there is a net release of dissolved aluminum from clen clenotillolite in simulated human gastric fluid. 482. Okay, let's go look at that.

Okay, let me skip ahead. Okay, here it is. Let's take a look.

Alright, now, we've got, I had I've seen this before. Let's make it bigger.

Let me pause and read this first. Okay. We go to the conclusion first. This is how I always read studies. I read the, I scan the beginning and then I read the conclusion. Simulated digestion studies. We need to go find out what exactly they were doing. Were performed in order to investigate the behavior. Clinotillolite.

Rich zeolite. I hope I'm pronouncing that right. Rich zeolites are in vitro stimulated, simulated digestion conditions. So what does this, what is a simulated digestion study? Don't know. Have to find out. Possible interactions with digestive media and cytotoxic effects. Of their non, digested slash non digested forms of colon cancer cells were analyzed.

Overall results in the study indeed showed that the zeolites preserved their structural ability under given simulated digestive, digestion conditions. Additionally, cell culture studies indicated that clenitolite rich zeolites and its digestive forms were both effective to inhibit colon cancer cell proliferation.

Proliferation percentage is reduced and varied in the range of 96 to 29% with respect to zeolites, treatment time, however, agglomeration, science, so funny the words that they use formulation, formation suggested the existence of possible and complex interactions among the protein structures, enzymes and aqueous digestion media phase as a result of zeolite treatments.

Considering potential biomedical applications as in drug systems or cancer therapy, this study is a primary step to understand possible interactions with complicated digestive media and their cytotoxicity against colon cancer cells. Alright it really depends on how they did this study. What were they using?

I'd love to show this to Clayton Thomas and see what he said, but oh. They're using actual, just clinitolite rich specimens, mineral specimens, ground up and sieved at that size.

This is completely not the same thing, is it? You're gonna grind it up and just, how are they, what's this, how are they do this Oh okay. Simulated digestive experiments were performed. Gastric fluid was prepared with hydrochloric acid.

And digestion experiments were performed with zeolite against control experiments without zeolite. Final zeolite concentrations in simulated digestion conditions were 3 grams. Blah, blah, blah. Gastric fluids were incubated. They tested it in a test tube with simulated digestion with like hydrochloric acid.

Okay, and they're using ground up I don't know what that means. Ground at 45 to 75 size, whatever that means. I think that, that's probably not at all the same thing. Because he's talking about nanoparticles a minute ago in the book. I don't know if that's at all the same thing.

I don't know. But I don't think so.

Okay, where was I? Let me go back to the book. That's one study. He did say it reduced cancer. But I don't, I would have to try to understand that study better to understand. What he's saying they didn't do a study with real people. They were using a simulated experiment. So there's all kinds of things that could be different. All right. Anyway,

again, that, that horrible paragraph, therefore zeolites cannot be recommended as an oral supplement. All right. Anyway, back to this part. 482.

Accumulation of zeolites in the body during long term use of TRS is a health risk, as dissolution of slowly accumulating zeolites will increase aluminum exposure to organs in the body, such as the brain.

This is evidenced by the amount of aluminum in urine being proportionate to the number of years ingesting clinotolite zeolites. For example, no zeolite ingestion. Alright, so this is another study, 483. Let's go look at it.

Proximan and F. E. Safety and Efficiency Evidence. Test report on the examination of a long term application of natural zeolite.

  1. Let's see if we can find it. Hold on. I can't find this. Here's the company. I don't know what this is. Exceptional products based on zeolite? Proximon.

Is this even zeolite? Looks like a German company. I don't know.

Oh, okay. Again, is this just like what, how is it made? How is it processed? So that's what he's basing his study on. That's what this, that's what he's saying. It's staying in the body over time, based on a study they did with this particular product. But this is just pure clonatoate and it's not necessarily absorbable. Is the first thing that I think.

I'd love to hear Clayton's opinion on this. Maybe at some point he'll see this video and he could respond. There's so many different types of this, of zeolite. So this is one type. Okay.

Again, I don't know. I'd like to see the study he's referring to. I'd love to hear him comment. I'd love to see Clayton Thomas comment. We need a debate. We need a debate. But I'm just skeptical about about that. That particular study because who knows how that's even processed, whether or not it's even absorbable.

These are all so different. Oh, okay. Yeah, I'd just love to see that study. Simulated digestion of clinotillite zeolite as particles larger than nanoparticles has been shown to result in net release of dissolved aluminum. In spite of the proven ability of zeolite to absorb aluminum. 482 and 484.

Okay, let's continue. Okay, again, this is 482 is the simulated digestive condition, who knows what that even means? What does that even look like? How can you say? I don't know.

Wait, where was I at? Okay, Where is he referencing that? Okay, hold on. Yeah, the simulated digestive study. 482, 482, 484. Let's look at 484.

Hold on. Okay. Serotiaxorption kinetics of selected heavy metals. This is from a research paper from Bratislava.

Okay. This is the last one we're gonna do. This is where you get to join me on the extra fun, welcome to my brain. This is what I do for hours upon hours. Researching junk like this. Okay, here we go. Okay, is it still recording? I guess so. It says 101. I guess we're still recording.

Let's see.

What is this? Deposits? Water solutions prepared from PA chemicals. Again, this is not at all relevant. Not at all relevant. They're doing tests with flasks, with water and pure zeolite. Again, it's just like him saying, if you inhale it, how you take it matters. How you process it matters. How you prepare it with what things Dr. Rom using vitamin C to make it more absorbable. There's so many factors. I just, honestly, wait. Honestly, I'm annoyed. I love this book. I love this book. And I didn't even tell you all the reasons why this book is so great. Like he gets into the best part of this book, to be honest, is no there's so many good parts of this book.

It's all so good, but he talks about longevity. This whole part is amazing. He gets into, the blue zones. You know that book, The Blue Zones, remember? And it was all about. There's a guy who wrote a bestseller. And he was basically saying, trying to make sense of the fact that there's seven different.

I think there's seven. However many there are. Blue Zones in the world that are, people have lived the longest. And he was trying to connect that they were all eating the same type of diet, but they're not. It was basically like, hold on. Blue Zone's book. If you look that up, you'll find it. Yeah, this guy. He wrote all these books on it. He's like super, like he wrote multiple books on it. And it's all false. There are blue zones in the world where people live the longest in the world, but it doesn't have anything to do necessarily with what they're eating, or at least the way he tried to make sense of it. I read this book years ago. Sardinia, Italy, Greece. Sardinia, Italy.

Icaria, Greece. Okinawa, Japan. Costa Rica. So it's five. Five different places. And he tried to say that they were all eating a Mediterranean diet. He didn't talk about the fact that they eat a lot of lard traditionally in Okinawa. This is, I could just go on. This is I would like to see Denise Minger take this apart because he doesn't, none of his arguments make sense.

It's like the China study. But anyway, what was so great about this book by Dennis Crouse Is he gets into the, his whole theory is silica and that's why they live so long. It's fascinating. Then he talks about, why silica works. He talks about silica water, which, Christopher actually talks about as well.

And if we know that, one of the biggest issues for us right now is all this aluminum, which is not just from the vaccines, but it's also. Sorry if you want to call me a tinfoil hat, but we know they're spraying it into the atmosphere. All you got to do is go research because people think, oh, camp trails aren't real.

Go research. Go look at what they're spraying into the clouds over ski resorts. And look at that snow. It doesn't melt when you try to burn it. Have you tried that? That's why I knew it was fake when they did the snowpocalypse here in, in Austin, in Texas, when it snowed in 2021.

The snow didn't burn. It was just like a ski resort snow. So obviously they're seeding the clouds. We already know that. Anybody can Google that. If there's a lot of aluminum in the clouds and it comes down as rain and snow, then, we're getting it. We're getting tons and tons of aluminum. It makes sense to me why men are going bald so early.

It makes sense why we have so much autism. It makes sense why all these things. It's, it's aluminum and he goes into great detail about that in here and I love it. I love it. But he goes into all the disease and he talks about, taking silica water and this is why, like I said, I, here's my theory, just like Christina Rahm.

So this is my theory and then I'm going to end this video and we can, hopefully hear more from people in the future about all of this and talk more.

My theory is that Christina Rahm has figured out a way with nanotechnology, and so that's why none of those studies make any sense. Because they're literally doing it in flasks with ground up zeolite and water and hydrochloric acid to make it seem like the digestive, she is taking...

Nanotechnology methodology processes, which I don't even know what that looks like, and most people don't because they're not nanotechnologists, nanotechnology people, scientists, but she is. And so she's taking it and she's breaking apart the zeolite. They said the closest thing to compare it to was fracking on a nanotechnology level, which is very interesting.

And she's breaking it apart in a proprietary, patent pending way of doing it. And then makes it absorbable silica, and then also adds vitamin C. Very interesting. I don't know. I just don't see how, this is apples and oranges to me. But here's what's interesting. If she's able to do that with the zeolite, and that's what I attempted to try to talk about on this post, let me show you.

If you're still with me by now, you're awesome, whoever you are. You're awesome because I know my brain. This is my brain. Welcome to my brain

Let's see, hold on Zeolite. Okay, this one. This article that I wrote Zeolite and bioavailable silica the holy grail of health. You can go read this one But this was me trying to write about it.

Again, dig into this if you're interested in this stuff. It's We're going to find out more, we're going to find out more, but this is what, so this, if you read this article I say, fundamentally, like if she's doing this with nanotechnology and vitamin C, I think maybe that's why I'm getting the good results and not just me, but also Alan, our other reader that is getting results of only sleeping five hours a night, because I noticed when I just did silica water, I didn't get that result when I just did it.

Chlorine dioxide. I didn't get that result. It's when I did chlorine dioxide and zeolite that I only sleep five hours a night and I've tried it multiple times, when I've gone off of one or the other, it doesn't work.

So here's my theory that the chlorine dioxide, because it's a gas, so functions as a nanotech type of deal that can get things into the cells, It goes wherever it's needed, is what Kalker says, Andreas Kalker.

If you combine silica and chlorine dioxide, I believe that the gas, these particles, thousands of times smaller than nanoparticles, is going to take... The silica wherever it needs to go in the body. I think that's why we're getting the results of these things, these two things together. Now, should you, that's why I think people taking zeolite alone, the, especially the root brands, are getting incredible results.

Now, should you do one or the other? No, I would do them all, not at the same time. I don't take my vitamin C, my, my Root Brand's Clean Slate that has vitamin C in it at the same time that I consume my chlorine dioxide, pool water. I'd take them separately, but why not take both? Anyway, alright.

That's that's my, that, I'm like, okay, let me just talk about it for a few minutes, and then it turns into be an hour. But, I would love to have a debate. But I don't think there's any need now that I've looked at what he said, there's no need to have a debate cause he's not talking about anything that has, it's not relevant.

It's apples and oranges, the type. Now I can't speak to TRS. I don't know what they're doing. I'm sure if you go on Clayton Thomas TRS, he talks about it on multiple videos. You could dig into some of these and see what he says. Again, it's time consuming cause you can't, we don't have a tool yet.

Here's one. There's a couple of them. I watched both of these. We don't have a tool yet to scour, YouTube and be able to find exact things, but he knows about all this. So I'd love to hear what he has to say about those studies, but I don't think they're relevant, because I think that they're not even using the same type of stuff. Trying to think of an analogy, but I can't, it's just not at all the same thing. Anyway, I hope that helps.

And thanks for going on the journey with me to my, on the inner workings of my brain. And I love you guys. Love that people are nerds like me out there.

And that you guys are interested in this kind of stuff. And That's all for this video. I'm going to be doing a weekly call starting next week. I'm going to make a video about it, but I'm going to be doing a weekly call to answer questions. So I will have be putting that post up and you guys can answer, put any questions on that post, just in case I do miss your comments, which I'm sure I do sometimes.

That will be a forum every single Friday where you can join me on a zoom call and you can also just send in your questions and I'll answer them. All right. Thanks for joining me today.